Jullien early return unlikely. Bolton sign off CVA


I doubt that Christopher Jullien was included in our Europa League squad is an indication that he will appear in a Celtic shirt near you anytime soon.  The final group game is three months away, a timeframe that is more likely for Chris to be ready for European action.

The player was a crucial addition to the team that won our ninth successive title, performing memorably heroics in that season’s Europa League group.  His goal in the League Cup Final that season resulted in one of the sweetest Hampden moments in a clutch of several in recent seasons.  You will recall, though, that his early season form in the summers of 2019 and 2020 was far from his best.  He is a player who takes a month longer to get up to match fitness than others.

Having not kicked a ball since December, the work required to get him back to his peak will be considerable.  It will do him no favours to force him into a level of competition he is not ready for.

I was delighted to hear Bolton Wanderers agreed a CVA with creditors two years after going into administration.  Chairwoman Sharon Brittan said; “After a very challenging two years we are absolutely delighted to confirm that the Club has reached agreement with its unsecured creditors.

“This ensures that we have met our obligations, satisfied the EFL requirements and are therefore free of any embargoes and penalties.”

Bolton faced a number of winding-up orders but clung to survival long enough to meet creditors’ requirements.  It is remarkable how few football clubs actually go to the wall, most fans find a way to pay creditors and keep their linage intact.

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  1. What seems to have started with my glib quip that Austria were the original diet huns, has taken some legs.



    Visiting Vienna on holiday as a mild rover, I was astounded by its history, majesty, scale and well-to-do ness.


    Alas, it wasn’t too far after our Old Trafford escapade and I near got a belting in a Vienna pub for my forthright condemnation of the city’s Rapid team: ‘Cheatin bassa’ was the gist of my assertion about the goalie Feurer.



    Like any city, I’m sure there’s good yins and bad yins. Just not a country me or my uniformed biases have ever felt much affinity for, despite admittedly wowed by its civic grandeur.



    Midge Ure? Another v gifted Weegie muso, here in rockin partnership with ex-Pistol Glen Matlock:



  2. SIONNAIGH on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:13 PM


    Think it’s about time we had Alba dispayed on our anglo saxon “Scotland” jerseys. If it’s good enough for our Poileas, it’s good enough for our fitba team. Infact, I’d go the full hog, Alba should be announced as Alba, not the Unionist preferred term, “Scotland” (bought and sold for English gold.




    Surely your posts should be in Gael8c 😄😄😄

  3. Good morning all from a very overcast Garngad



    2 Days to we see the bhoys again.



    Hope some of our injured bhoys are back in contention and ready to push for 1st team football, along with the newbies Ange will have a decent wee squad to pick from.



    Play nice now, work beckons as the wheels of industry never stand still. :)



    D :)










    not forgetting Salvation…





    great band, used to watch them up clouds disco. Midge could really play kick ass rock guitar!




    I saw SALVATION many times in CLOUDS Disco on Renfrew Street, although part of the previous Picture Hall The Greens Playhouse on Renfield Street, which later became The APOLLO, and of course CLOUDS Disco on a separate floor.



    Salvation had a Lead Singer called Brian McGinley, and he was okay, and Midge Ure was on Lead Guitar and backing vocals. Brian McGinley ( with his Feather Haircut…would try and show off the the Girls etc). When they played many folk STOPPED dancing and just stood watching them near the stage…it was like a mini concert, with the Girls screaming for them etc.


    At some point during their “act” McGinley would stay off stage and Midge Ure would take over LEAD Vocals with his guitar and sing and play Two Songs with the rest of the Band.


    The TWO Songs that Midge Ure played and sang were ” Lets spend the night together” by The Stones…and ” Johnny B Good” by Chuck Berry….the Girls in the audience would go radio rental…and I must admit that Mr Ure was pretty good.


    Many of the Girls loved Midge ” doing his thing onstage”, but many Guys ( including me) were a bit jealous at the attention that Midge Ure was getting from OUR Burds !


    One night while Bopping and Jumping aboot like a Maddy playing ” Johnny B Good” ( I think ?)….Midge Ure lost his balance and stumbled backwards into Two Marshall Speakers, that had one on TOP of the other onstage.


    When he HIT the speakers with his Guitar STILL in hands…he ended up on Top of One speaker…with the other speaker on Top of him….HE became the MEAT in the Sandwich….LOL !


    Many girls cried out for Midge and his mis fortune…but many of us Guys were laughing out loud, at the sight of wee Midge lying ” Trapped between Two speakers as the other band members and one or two Roadies went to his aid….


    THAT incident MUST have been HIS first venture with ” Band AID”…although it was around 1972/1973…?





  5. I saw the fantastic T-REX in the old Greens Playhouse ( later the Apollo) TWICE ….both times BEFORE they released their best ever song ” Get it On”…one of the greatest Rock and Roll songs EVER made.


    On the 2nd gig that I saw them, they ” introduced” the Song ” Get it On” as their ” NEW Single” that was about to be released soon after.


    On that record, Elton John played Piano and backing vocals…I believe ?


    Sadly, Marc Bolan went downhill from around 1975…too much Champagne and Cocaine according to TV Documentaries etc ?


    His ” Music” became very poor and I stopped buying T-REX records because they were Crap …compared to his earlier works.


    Sad times, watching one of my all time heroes on a downhill spiral…


    R.I.P. Marc.



  6. When I first saw T-REX in The ” Greens”, it was 50 PENCE for a Ticket in the Stalls. It may have risen to 65 PENCE by the time I saw them the 2nd time ?


    I also went see SLADE in the Greens Playhouse ( which held around 3,000), with my Burd ( Later my first wife…sadly ! LOL).


    Slade were Top of the Billing….with Suzi Quartro and her band…AND THIN LIZZY as support acts !


    It may have been around 75 PENCE for a Ticket. We hadnt heard of Suzi Quatro at that time, but Thin Lizzy had already had a hit with ” Whiskey in the Jar”…I think ?




  7. And now a local primary school near me where the teacher is no longer allowed to address the children with, good morning boys and girls!


    Will the Celtic Bhoys & Girls be banned too?


    We’re being run by science denying freaks.

  8. OOOPS….


    it appears that I have been WRONG all these years as the Piano section on T-REX’s hit ” Get it On” was actually played by RICK WAKEMAN….according to ” Wiki” ?


    1971 was the year.


    When T-REX were on ” Top of the Pops” to play the song it was…Elton John….who only MIMED the playing the Piano ?


    its taken me 50 years to find that out !





  9. SQUIRE …


    Cheers mate.


    I feel that I am spending half my life in and out of Taxi’s to go to different hospitals and my health centre etc.


    I had a Hospital appointment in the Royal Infirmary yesterday morning at 9am, when I got a Taxi home, there was yet another letter for me to attend my health centre about my kidneys !



    The taxi drivers must love me ?




    HH Mate.

  10. At the time of my going to see T-REX etc in 1971 , I was working on a building site and my Take Home pay was £5.00 one week…and £5.50 the following week for a full year… until I became an Apprentice electrician in January 1972, when my wages automatically went up to £9.50 a week…


    I felt like a Millionaire !


    So 50 PENCE and/or 75 pence a ticket to see T REX and/or SLADE etc wasnt too bad.



  11. GALLAGHER on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:13 AM



    If this sort of lunacy isn’t stopped the very name of our club will come under threat.




  12. Political Post –



    I’d like to punch Helen Whately, MP, Care Minister, in the fucki’n’ face.

  13. Greenpinata


    Only the tip of a very large iceberg, this affects all who love & value their children & grandchildren. I despise fish face more than I did Thatcher, Tramp the dirt down.



    SIONNAIGH on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:13 PM





    Think it’s about time we had Alba dispayed on our anglo saxon “Scotland” jerseys. If it’s good enough for our Poileas, it’s good enough for our fitba team. Infact, I’d go the full hog, Alba should be announced as Alba, not the Unionist preferred term, “Scotland” (bought and sold for English gold.










    Surely your posts should be in Gael8c 😄😄😄








    He should not be concerning himself with a Garrison Sport.



    He’s obviously a Unionist BritNazi MI5/6 plant.

  15. Didn’t we always say that we moderated our language here because some of the young team read these Blessed pages?




  16. In ither news………………



    Weird weather in corcaigh,


    it looks like Autumn, feels like mid-summer………




  17. Parkheadcumsalford…….



    Yup, most stick to it……………


    We get away with just about everything else to the extent that the sleekit trolls can have a field day.



    In my opinion that one rule keeps us, in the main, different from the smaller, fringe sites where big mooth bullies hold court over a shifting cast of revolving performers.




  18. I remember seeing an up and coming group called Status Quo play at Glasgow Uni mens union in 1968.

  19. BANKIEBHOY1 on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:10 AM



    An interesting conclusion about the perceived absence of “big mooth bullies hold court over a shifting cast of revolving performers.”



    I certainly do not feel bullied by anyone on here but there are plenty regulars with plenty to say for themselves.

  20. Big Jimmy,


    Rick Wakeman tells the story of being skint at the time , Marc Bolan asked him to play piano on Get It On as a session musician. ( which had a set fee per day , no matter how much (or little) the musician was asked to play.



    When Rick checked the score for GIO, he saw that all that was required was to run his thumb nail along the keys ( if you care to listen it comes in 7 seconds in to the song, and a few other times)



    He asked Marc why he didn’t just do it himself instead of getting Rick in for a 5 minute job that was going to cost a lot.



    Marc Bolan told him if he knew Rick was short of funds and he knew he would not accept ‘charity’ from anyone….. this way he was “earning it”.



    Nice guy.


    Great song.



    The Onlooker

  21. GALLAGHER on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:13 AM


    And now a local primary school near me where the teacher is no longer allowed to address the children with, good morning boys and girls!





    Will the Celtic Bhoys & Girls be banned too?





    We’re being run by science denying freaks.




    Can you tell more as WHY would ANYBODY be banned for addressing Boys and Girls…as…Boys and Girls ?


    Im stumped ???



    Does this mean that Panto actors and Punch and Judy shows are NOT now allowed to say ” Hello and/or good morning/afternoon Boys and Girls ?


    Punch and Judys everywhere will be ” Up in Arms” about this..if the had any ” Arms” ?





  22. GALLAGHER on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:13 AM



    That`s news to me !


    Where did it come from?


    I have to go out now but I would be interested in who introduced this `idea` and why they did so.



  23. BIG JIMMY on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:38 AM



    HOT SMOKED on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:38 AM



    I imagine the issue is that the advocates of such a move would argue that the use of “boys” and “girls” is gender-discriminatory in that it discriminates against – to use the technical term – “non-binary” children. That is – children who perceive themselves neither one nor the other.



    I am not defending this, only seeking to offer a potential explanation.



    This is where the usual suspects jump in and accuse me of



    1) automatically supporting this on the basis I am a “cult member” and


    2) never criticising the Scottish Government.

  24. Austria- Germany were the centre of world culture in the 1930’s . Te best writers ,artists, music and science.


    Then almost over-night facsism appears on the scene . Was it a fault in teutonic make-up that made them embrace Hitler? I doubt most of them could for-see the horror that was being unleashed. But the majority willingly went along with it . Orders had to be unquestioningly obeyed.


    I see the similarities to whats happening here – today ?


    People so easily giving up their basic human rights and accepting totalitarian rule.


    Humanity at the cross-roads again.

  25. THE ONLOOKER on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:37 AM


    Rick Wakeman…I only read about it this morning as for 50 years I thought it was Elton John….as he and Marc were ” Pals”.



    Ive always thought that ” Get it On” was NOT only my favourite ever T-REX Song but, it was and STILL is one of the greatest Rock and Roll songs…EVER…By anyone !


    In my opinion of course.


    I say that as someone who loved Marc Bolan in his PRE T-Rex days, when he was part of TYRANNYASOUS REX ( Forgive my poor spelling)…and I bought every one of their LP’s BEFORE they became T-REX.


    I loved those T-REXASTY Days in the early 1970’s until wee Marc went aff the rails big time by making very poor records from around 1975 onwards, and he also had his own TV Show on around Tea Time each week…that was also a HARD WATCH…..as Marc looked stoned outta of his nut every week…and the ” New” songs were mainly crap…SADLY !


    in 1971 my Dad ( A Glesga Taxi Driver)…took T-REX from the Central Hotel in Glasgow to the Greens Playhouse for their 1st Concert in Glasgow….he didnt know who they were at the time, but he has always said that he would NOT have driven them to to the Concert IF he had known…as many of young lassies were wrecking his Black Hack taxi on arrival…trying to get at Marc and Mickey Finn.


    The young lassies wanted momentos and were pulling off his wing mirrors and hub caps etc.


    Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn had Two women with them in my Da’s taxi that night, and on arrival and paying the fare…marc and Mickey offered my Da TWO FREE Tickets for their concert in Edinburgh the next night….My da said ” No Thanks” ????


    I couldnt believe it when my Da told me all of this… the morning AFTER T Rex had played Glasgow !


    IF my Da HAD ACCEPTED the Two FREE Tickets, my cousin and I would have went thru to Edinburgh that very night, and worry about getting home later ?



  26. Bamboo Spot on



    Big Jimmy


    Hot Smoked



    Shirley Anne Somerville via the Fish faced liar & her odious magpie watching weasel.



    Bamboos words are reality.

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