Jullien early return unlikely. Bolton sign off CVA


I doubt that Christopher Jullien was included in our Europa League squad is an indication that he will appear in a Celtic shirt near you anytime soon.  The final group game is three months away, a timeframe that is more likely for Chris to be ready for European action.

The player was a crucial addition to the team that won our ninth successive title, performing memorably heroics in that season’s Europa League group.  His goal in the League Cup Final that season resulted in one of the sweetest Hampden moments in a clutch of several in recent seasons.  You will recall, though, that his early season form in the summers of 2019 and 2020 was far from his best.  He is a player who takes a month longer to get up to match fitness than others.

Having not kicked a ball since December, the work required to get him back to his peak will be considerable.  It will do him no favours to force him into a level of competition he is not ready for.

I was delighted to hear Bolton Wanderers agreed a CVA with creditors two years after going into administration.  Chairwoman Sharon Brittan said; “After a very challenging two years we are absolutely delighted to confirm that the Club has reached agreement with its unsecured creditors.

“This ensures that we have met our obligations, satisfied the EFL requirements and are therefore free of any embargoes and penalties.”

Bolton faced a number of winding-up orders but clung to survival long enough to meet creditors’ requirements.  It is remarkable how few football clubs actually go to the wall, most fans find a way to pay creditors and keep their linage intact.

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  1. I was once told by a lonesome boatman that the best cure for sea-sickness is to sit under a tree.

  2. BSR



    Funnily enough I was thinking about her. Never saw her in the Troc but remember meeting her in a very popular pub in Almada Street. The name of that pub escapes me now.

  3. Pioneering thought that St Stivs :-)


    Any swimming lessons doled out?,other than when it’s alright to take yir foot off his head.:-)




  4. Went to Argyle street store to redeem my £50 voucher. They didn’t have what I wanted, but suggested that I go to the superstore at CP.



    I suggested that better than that I order from them and come in and pick it up next week.



    They demurred, ….well hummed and hawed and hawed and hummed….so before I fell into a similar catatonic state I headed for the Superstore…..they didn’t have what I wanted either, so I headed home.



    Went on-line and ordered my stuff and arranged to pick it up ….aye that’s right….at Argyle Street store on Saturday am.



    Still at least I got a good ten mile walk in!




  5. it’s Called… from earlier ..The one i used to play was round about 59.60ish…Ihad another fav Bside by him


    The Golden Vanity……over the years i discovered real gems by various artists and bands..


    Cannae remember the Aside tho lol..

  6. Back 20 odd years ago midge ure helped set up studio setups to encourage the young in some Lanarkshire councils to practice,learn an instrument.learn bout desk/mixing production.etc.The youth workers at that time said he was well active in not only helping them on,’he helped in gaining a lot of svqs on the technical side if not interested in playing and would turn up the odd time.



  7. BSR



    That’s the very pub.



    Bizarre coincidence. I know the woman in conversation with Marie. Monica is the niece of a very close friend of mine. Thanks for sharing. I’ve just forwarded the link to her uncle. Hope that’s ok.

  8. Ole Midge was a talented fellow …no doubts there.


    But…….He was fathoms out of his depth when he was drafted into Thin Lizzy


    Some shoes to fill there for sure…..

  9. Fantastic touch by the Welsh support on the 52nd minute of their game, a minutes applause to remember Gary Speed on what would have been his 52nd birthday today.






    Gary Speed RIP




  10. BBC headline



    “Charles and Camilla visit Glasgow museum”



    No mention if they were kept as exhibits.







    seen the old Thin Lizzy at Apollo in 1970s.


    My neck seized after 20mins.


    Ma days headbanging retired lol




  12. An Tearmann ..lol naw good for the Ole brainbox either..


    One memorable gig..although not so frantic…was Wishbone Ash 73 ithink ….superb..








  13. SIPSINI on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:15 PM


    Your head was probably hitting the roof




    Sipsini – Having had the pleasure of meeting AT and knowing he is a tall bhoy that is funny.



    An Tearman – Danny sorry.



    D :)

  14. A lot of comments on here today directed at Austria’s willingness capitulating to Nazis, whether that be Hitler or Jorg Haider.


    Last night, the only fans sicker than the Austrians were Der Hun. Well done Alba.

  15. Coney bhoy at 3.56 today. I’m with you regarding Vienna. Two pals and I were in Vienna for the first leg of our game against Rapid in 1984.



    Architecturally a lovely city but the locals lacked hospitality and warmth. However they were very welcoming compared to the Rapid fans around us at the match , incredibly miserable and dour not to mention aggressive.

  16. Think it’s about time we had Alba dispayed on our anglo saxon “Scotland” jerseys. If it’s good enough for our Poileas, it’s good enough for our fitba team. Infact, I’d go the full hog, Alba should be announced as Alba, not the Unionist preferred term, “Scotland” (bought and sold for English gold).

  17. An Tearmann


    Also saw Thin Lizzy at the Apollo early 70s, supporting Jethro Tull. Awesome 👌



  18. Re Vienna etc, the Teutonic mindset takes a wee bit of acclimatisation. Good people once you get used to them 🇦🇹


    HH, or is that…😉🙄😊

  19. “Good people once you get used to them….” . Aye, this way Adolf/Jorg, mind the flowers being thrown at ye.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    This man is the perfect personification of the ineptitude, stupidity, privilege and racial & social exclusivity of the inner circle.



    Can’t tell two (physically VERY different) black guys apart.



    If he had an ounce of decency he’d resign.



    If Johnson had an ounce of leadership or integrity he’d sack him.



    Was at the last play in the Apollo before the demolitioners moved in.


    An “unofficial” gig by the Wolfe Tones.


    A money maker for all concerned apart from the punters. Enjoyable none the less.

  22. Felt as though the balcony was going to tumble down. Security going ape trying to get people to sit down…

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