Juranovic and the Tierney lesson


Suggestions that Josip Juranovic was a target for English clubs reached me from Poland last month and hit the Twitter rumour mill yesterday.  I have no doubt there is substance.  Celtic players provided Kierna Tierney and Virgil van Dijk to the Premier League, both outstanding successes.  If we are regarded as a rich seam of talent, we will continue to see our players targeted in this way.

What I heard last month was little more than a trawling exercise.  Josip is a quality player with a reputation that continues to grow.  He is under a secure contract at Celtic, who will be suitably compensated if he ever insists Glasgow is no longer the place for him.

After Kieran, we should all know the game.  The lure of the lucre in England is too much for any of them to hang around.  Celtic’s task is to stay on the front foot, be ready for when the time comes.


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  1. C40M @ 12.04



    When are the season tickets going up by 10%?



    Why would main stand season ticket holders expect their tickets to go up in cost if the main stand is rebuilt?



    Current — MS has 8,500 seats ‘ish.


    The two 1990’s wings with the restricted views are 3K plus in total.


    Consequently 12K plus seats all in.



    From memory / fading fast …



    North Stand = 26K


    JS / LL Stands = 11K each.


    MS and wings = 12.5K all in.


    Current total = 60.5K approx.



    New Main Stand would have 19/20K seats — enough for a new paying capacity of 67,525.



    Enough for all the current season tickets at similar money plus 5K better seats / free pie seats made available for bigger money.



    Top dollar in the new stand which would allow the existing free pie seats to be sold at a lower cost — dynamic situation but it will all settle down in time but allowing more people into premium seats.



    The North Stand lounges are too small and seating can be an issue so people will migrate to newer seats with better facilities in a new main stand — paying a premium if they make that move.



    Existing season ticket holders would have first dibs on the better / more expensive seats then an open sale.

  2. P67 — loving the KT angle.



    Would that be the KT that we sold injured to the EPL?


    The same KT that needed 6 months of therapy to bring him up to full fitness?



    We really are some club — take a bow NL and PL.

  3. C40M @ 11.58



    You are commercially / economically illiterate with you comments about the shop / superstore.



    You invest money in your merchandising operation because the rate of return is so great with the installed fanbase.



    You then use the surplus generated to improve the team / facilities.



    If we have a strip it is better to sell it / offer it ourselves than give all the sales revenue to the high street.



    I fear that you work in the Health Service — similar attitudes abound.

  4. DB @ 12.28



    The RM deal you mention looks like a sweetheart deal from the Spanish financial establishment.



    When they are stuck for cash they usually sell their training ground so they are at least trying something new..



    However good spot — shows what is possible.


    My thoughts are 3% rate plus a performance bonus.

  5. “CELTIC40ME on 21ST JUNE 2022 10:19 AM





    The stadium isn’t in desperate need of a rebuild. It functions perfectly well as our ground, it’s capacity is fine.”







    I ,too,am happy with the stadium as it is. I am in the North Stand and have NEVER heard even some of the real Negatrons around me complain about the stadium. Likewise in the pub after the game or on the Supporters Bus on the way home. All Celtic talk is about the performance , goals scored, chances missed etc. The stadium doesn`t get a look in.





    I KNOW that does not mean the stadium ,catering and facilities could not be improved but it does suggest the vast majority are fine with the way things stand at the moment.

  6. HS @ 12.36



    No wonder the old board got away with what they did.


    Happy clappers easily pleased by a CEO phoning it in.

  7. Toaty Trumper @ 12.41



    Why don’t you come off that fence and tell us what you really think?



    How is your monetarism homework coming along?


    Still waiting for the Ladybird book of Economics to arrive?

  8. MADMITCH on 21ST JUNE 2022 12:28 PM


    C40M @ 12.04




    When are the season tickets going up by 10%?



    Why would main stand season ticket holders expect their tickets to go up in cost if the main stand is rebuilt?




    If ticket prices were to keep up with inflation, and inflation is 10%, why wouldn’t they?



    I dont understand your logic, of course you’d pay more to sit in better seats in a better new stand. Why wouldn’t you?

  9. If Jura goes we need to understand that it wont be for anything like the same money we’d get for a player under 25 with champions league experience.



    Jura’s 27 before the end of the window, he’s played all his football in Croatia, Poland and Scotland. He’s a very good player in a problem position for a lot of clubs but he’s got no resale value and he doesn’t have big league experience or development potential.



    I think he’s worth more to us than the transfer fee we’d receive, not that that would stop him or more likely his agent pushing through a move, were anyone to show an interest

  10. Anonymous non attending press play troll



    I just did idiot,still wondering bout those Celts running ice cream van.you are a fake dantasist



    Monetarism- you didn’t know your party introduced it in 1976.



    Ladybird books I think not,non attending shite talking fan..



    Run along,take your fake politics and your fake motions on Celtic with you.






    Your blog is getting some name for its shill trolls



    What are you doing about anonymous trolls?


    Anonymous skanks thinking they can hide behind Internet when in reality they are limited,stinted nonsense talkers


    Is it bout the clicks?

  11. I think Bassey isn’t as good a player as JJ but he’d go for more, perhaps considerably more than him

  12. C40M @ 12.54



    You mentioned a discretionary spend squeeze in your original post.


    Wages struggling to keep up with inflation leading to a cost of living crisis.



    Answer 1 = Affordability.


    Answer 2 = Affordability.



    Consequently surprised that you suggest season tickets should / will go up by 10% to match inflation — football is more of a luxury that food or fuel so any raise ahead of wages will be difficult to deliver in the face of falling living standards.



    People giving up their season tickets in those circumstances could / will be replaced by others on the waiting list so the net effect to the club will be positive but at the cost of potentially pricing out part of the support which would not be the vibe we should be aiming for.



    Then you mentioned about people in the Main Stand not wanting to see their ticket prices increase when the new Main Stand comes onstream — again affordability comes into play and a step change in prices would be outwith some in the support..



    Fair point but my response is that the new bigger main stand would have enough seats at existing prices to deal with the existing customer base if that is what they want plus the option to trade up to better views / facilities.



    Hope this answers all the sometimes conflicting — to me anyway — viewpoints that you have put forward today.

  13. C40M @ mentalness incorporated.



    JJ vs CB / TFOD2.1 — you really are howling at the moon.

  14. Tom McLaughlin on

    I see Celtic are bringing in Alfa Semedo on loan with a mandatory purchase after a year.



    I don’t see the point of a loan with a madatory buy at end of loan term. If it’s optional, the borrowing club can say no at end of the loan term. If it’s a mandatory purchase, why not buy immediately, as a year of inflation will cost more in real terms.

  15. Semedo.26 games,7 yellows 3 Reds.


    The cards will be getting polished up for this season.


    Just looking at those stats.Lundstrom could have beat that in the Semi Final.

  16. Paul67



    Not surprised if Josip Juranovic has designs on the mad money in England, as he already had Mo Bangura type quotes out there in his soundbites.



    Problem for him now is whether suitors will meet Celtic’s valuation, and if he wants to go then I’ll drive him to the airport myself so long as the Celtic model of buy and sell for huge profit, is met.



    You can’t keep down toolers like Edouard and Christie when they want that money we shuffle them through the revolving door and move on. Celtic are good at this now and there’s plenty more out there content to play for a mere 18K a week under the disco lights in Parkhead.



    C’est La Vie CSC

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  18. More worryingly Semedo looks a level or two lower than a Souza, which is disappointing.



    We have an untapped football tourist population for European nights (and domestic derby) that would pay big dollar to attend one of our games and savour the atmosphere over and above the normal Celtic fan population (a different demographic)



    Some of the smaller teams that tap intp that across Europe have put us to shame in recent years.



    Like Chelsea and Man Yoo, you could offer them an adjoining hotel as part of the experience.



    There’s a lot of untapped potential out there that would boost our revenue.




  19. Celtic40Me,


    His performances for the Croats are what has catapulted him into the,very good RB market.Not many about,and for £ 15 million nowadays,many will be thinking its a snip.Managers are not really interested in long term.3 years of JJ playing for their team,will suit them lovely.Maybe outlive them in the job.Good 5 years in him at the top.Very fit guy.

  20. Toaty Trumper @ 1.00



    Monetarism was not introduced into the UK in 1976.


    You are just parroting Trot / Militant tripe that is a slogan and nowhere near the truth.



    Public spending was cut in 1976/77.


    Public spending was increased in 1977/78 and 1978/79.



    HW and JC with help from DH sorted out the inflation spike that was generated by the Oil crunch after the Yom Kippur war.



    That inflation spike was helped by the cost / cash overhang of the Vietnam War / the post colonial raw material inflation and in the UK itself by the 1972 Barber Boom.



    HW was given a hospital pass in 1974 but managed to keep the show on the road.



    When JC took over the City / Financial Establishment / Treasury invented a debt / liquidity crisis to shock the then government into cutting public spending.



    The IMF was involved but guess what we didn’t need to draw on their debt facility.



    it was a political drive by from an establishment that was scared fartless by the thought of a Labour government getting its hands on the North Sea Oil dividend — you know money that would have allowed more investment in public services and improve the lot of the underemployed / the sick / the old.



    In reality we had to wait 23 years till TB / GB started investing in the public realm in 1999.


    The problem now is that BoJo is living of the fat that they put into the public service sphere.



    But you knew that anyway — just a case that you would rather howl at the moon that admit political reality.

  21. Always keep it in your head when talking about transfer money,Man U,paid a combined total of £ 180 million,for Pogba and Big Harry.


    It really is a ridiculous,mugs market out there.

  22. I demand to know the names of the “Trot/ Militants on here.


    Own up,ya wee buggers.

  23. MADMITCH on 21ST JUNE 2022 1:12 PM


    C40M @ mentalness incorporated.




    JJ vs CB / TFOD2.1 — you really are howling at the moon.





    In the last 4 transfer windows only one player over the age of 25 has moved from a non top 5 league to the EPL for more than 6.75m. That was a Brazilian International full back who moved from a better league than Scotland, and had played 34 times in the Champions League. He went for £13.75m.



    Nathan Patterson cost Everton more than £6.75

  24. Tom,



    In my industry , if we lease and asset with an option to buy; it will not be classed as an asset on the lessee balance sheet so no liability/amortization etc, just an operating cost to pay the lease. (companies play games with loans, assets, costs all the time based on cash flow, balance sheets, gearing, etc all the time to suit overall needs)



    If there is an obligation to buy at a certain point then this is a finance lease and as such it will go on the balance sheet at the lessee i.e. like a loan with a balloon payment. Sometimes the obligation is a nod a wink outside the contract



    Same with a football player so Maeda would have been book as a sale in Jan



    In terms of the cost of money angle (real terms), all that gets flung in the spreadsheet when agreeing the price so the buyer doesn’t lose out



    The only reasons I can think of that we would do it is



    1. we are managing our obligations cash to go round all our purchases and other expenses (big re-build)


    2. there is a third party clause (the player) where he can say he doesn’t like the move and the transaction has to be back out


    3. I’ve no idea and I’m talking rubbidge

  25. C40M @ 1.36



    Football is bigger than the last 4 transfer windows.



    JJ is a much better talent / player than CB @ TFOD2.1.


    He is a stand out for a NT that has made it to the WCF this century.


    Consequently your rules don’t apply.

  26. Non attending scum abuser of Celtic fans.



    Can’t help you.Monetarism was introduced by Denis Healey,as basis for UK economic bail out.structural adjustment programmes(saps) was rolled out.1976.


    It allowed Tony’s hero to say her cuts were not as swinjin as hers.



    Your making things up idiot.



    Tell me in your world were you dishing out ice creams?


    You are flatulence personified.


    An answer for everything,knowledge and experience of nothing

  27. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Is Alfa Semedo a replacement for the Parks of Hamilton coach?



    I used to drive an Alfa mysef – great engine but dodgy electrics…

  28. Coney @ 1:37


    Many thanks for the explanation (or at least a theory or two)


    Must admit to being somewhat unclear about the whole compulsory purchase idea.


    I think you’ve cleared things up for me

  29. Toaty Trumper @ 1.43



    You are talking tripe / Tory propaganda.



    JC / DH cut public spending in 1976/77 — quite deep cuts in places.


    JC / DH increased public spending in 1977/78 and 1978/79.



    Maggie cut public spending from 1979 till 1983 — in some departments beyond that.


    That was 4 years of solid cuts to the extent that she left the Falklands defenceless.



    As you note her cuts were on average less that 1976/77 but they lasted longer and generated a very British recession — beyond irony that she kept BL afloat but sunk 30% of UK private sector manufacturing.



    Regarding your base point 1976 was not monetarism.


    That was Maggie and her UK experiment of 1979.


    You know that but you cannot admit it to yourself.



    City bean counter talking Trot — that takes some doing.

  30. Toaty Trumper @ 1.43



    So what experience do you have?


    The City bean counter angle — that was you in the late 80’s?

  31. MADMITCH on 21ST JUNE 2022 1:40 PM



    More exceptionalism. As in, the rules dont apply when it comes to Celtic, because it’s us.



    “Football is bigger than the last 4 transfer windows.”



    How about 6 windows over 3 years not a bad guide to what we might expect to happen this summer. 2 players over 25 from non top 5 leagues, Telles and a striker, Jimenez who had 82 caps and 22 champions league appearances have moved for more than 6.75m.



    As good as he is, nobody will be paying decent money for Jura this summer

  32. Semedo looks like a decent back up for Calmac, who, in case we’ve forgotten was the voted the best player in Scotland by his peers playing in the middle of our midfield last season.

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