Juranovic and the Tierney lesson


Suggestions that Josip Juranovic was a target for English clubs reached me from Poland last month and hit the Twitter rumour mill yesterday.  I have no doubt there is substance.  Celtic players provided Kierna Tierney and Virgil van Dijk to the Premier League, both outstanding successes.  If we are regarded as a rich seam of talent, we will continue to see our players targeted in this way.

What I heard last month was little more than a trawling exercise.  Josip is a quality player with a reputation that continues to grow.  He is under a secure contract at Celtic, who will be suitably compensated if he ever insists Glasgow is no longer the place for him.

After Kieran, we should all know the game.  The lure of the lucre in England is too much for any of them to hang around.  Celtic’s task is to stay on the front foot, be ready for when the time comes.


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  1. AN TEARMANN on 21ST JUNE 2022 4:15 PM



    You may well be correct about DD’s dividend but I’m sure that NED, Tom Allison, falls into the extremely minted category. I would certainly like the role of the NEDS to come in for a bit more scrutiny. Are they just own version of the House of Lords ? Sleepy Brian Wilson only appears to come alive when there is a bit of Nat bashing to been done. That’s every week in his Herald column.



    Will be interested to see what the “remuneration committee” award Michael Nicholson for his year one efforts. The Lawwell years of salary and bonuses were, in my opinion anyway, an affront to everything that Celtic should be about. A view not shared by everyone I admit, and certainly not this blogs host.

  2. Toaty Trumper @ moon howling central



    Iraq inflation — the number is now 1mill and rising …



    Aye right ya rocket.


    Funny how SH could gas / torture with impunity and you say / said nothing.

  3. AM at LB — not for me / not this season.


    He does appear to have a lot of talent but he collapsed badly after a few games.



    Consequently needs more time on the park.


    Hopefully with a loan.

  4. Toaty Trumper @ 4.59



    Should be out and about in August so a couple of games at P/head are on the agenda.


    Would make my day to say hello in the flesh if you can make it.



    CQN Corner or BB’s — your choice?

  5. Adam Montgomery at Aberdeen consisted of being subbed after 66 minutes, being a sub for 13 and 5 minutes, not getting off the bench and then picking up a hamstring injury in April as a season ender.



    Another lost soul not good enough for Celtic…




  6. Tom McLaughlin on

    Alexandro Bernabei on his way to Paradise. Liam Scales to Aberdeen depended on a deal for the Argentine.

  7. AM — what got him noticed?


    Talent vs attitude — he did seem quite confident in the beginning.



    Some stuff on KDS a month ago pointed to the youth system / B team losing their way regarding discipline / desire / attitude / confidence.



    Discipline — not sure if that was onfield discipline or application at training or honking BBB / look at me attitude out of training but JMcI really seems to lost the training field / the canteen / the dressing room.



    Hopefully SMcM will make a big difference.



    Something was lacking last season.


    At least the B team put the failures on public display.

  8. Neustadt-Braw on

    Herr moderator…wee question…



    why is Eddie Howe,s puss all over this site..



    smiley asking for Mackem thing



    Herr Braw

  9. BW @ 5.03



    If AM doesn’t make it then the club has to take some of the blame.


    He does have talent and he did have confidence.


    I fear that the youth set up is not working.



    Hopefully the jaunt to the Sheep has provided him with some focus.

  10. AN TEARMANN on 21ST JUNE 2022 4:48 PM



    You’re a Scottish nationalist. Socialism doesn’t come into it. Stop pretending. Come out of the closet.

  11. IniquitousIV on

    In the bastion of nepotism that constitutes Celtic Park, does anyone have any information on what Lawwell Jr. has done for us since his arrival?

  12. MM,



    At Aberdeen, he didn’t feature.



    Too lightweight for a LB and not enough in him for a LW.




  13. Toaty Trumper @ 5.15



    Oh well — lets see how things turn out.


    If the worst comes to the worst then I can always say hello to Yeti.

  14. I’ve not seen enough of Scales to know if he has a long term future with us. Initial impression is that he is better going forward than defending. Hopefulilly, he’ll play every week at Aberdeen at centre back. Gut feel is that he’ll be good enough for them but not us. I hope I’m wrong and he comes back as a very good centre back.

  15. BW @ 5.18



    I had AM down as more of a left sided MF.


    He looked a bit lost at times but he did try to stretch the game when he first came in.



    I think there is something there / something to work on.


    My fear is that the Youth / B team set up is not working.


    Holding players back / not allowing them to develop.


    JMcI came across as a bit weak — pal rather than coach.

  16. IniquitousIV on



    The problem with Scales is that he is slow, with no recovery speed. Would be fatal for us in Europe.

  17. We wont sign the Argentine, going to Italy


    As far as JJ is concerned, in the realms of the fantasy league that is the EPL, he must be valued at around 60 million.


    These greedy bastards will offer around 6 or 7 million.


    Don’t do it Celtic




  18. IniquitousIV on

    I note that the Huns, with their usual luck, will meet one of the following in the 3rd qualifying round for the CL: Monaco, Sturm Graz, Union Saint-Gilloise, or one of Midtjylland/Fenerbahce/AEK Larnaca.



    They have disposed fairly easily with the Danes and Turks in the recent past, and I expect them to traverse this hurdle, with Monaco offering the largest threat.



    The play-off round could see them draw Dynamo Kiev or PSV Eindhoven, and the latter would constitute a tough draw. Last season, I expected them to fall at every hurdle, and I was wrong every time. So what do I know?

  19. ERNIE LYNCH on 21ST JUNE 2022 5:15 PM



    AN TEARMANN on 21ST JUNE 2022 4:48 PM



    You’re a Scottish nationalist. Socialism doesn’t come into it. Stop pretending. Come out of the closet.







    Oh please can you fit into one of my categorization




    I am a socialist,now I understand you as a member of labour/noolabour/baktaelabour marketing exercise have difficulty in accepting that.



    I will repeat this as I do know you have read before.


    But your pretending to be thick


    I never was and now will probably be a member of a political party.


    I did vote for Scotlands independence in 2014 .



    I have never voted for the snp.



    Anyway enough asking



    No answers on Blair,



    Do stop attempting to categorise people into shoddy little boxes/pigeon holes



    Explain Iraqi dead- “new” form of international socialism Was it?



    Explain no repeal of union law- not a letter



    Explain nationalisation of Bank Debt.



    Socialism my arse,start explaining you mongrels history in power and what it does zero for the weakest poorest and most needy.




  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Vogue. A meeting tomorrow at the 8 ball pool hall at 12 above the Scotia Bar. Leggy and myself talking about the state of the world. Or absolute pish as usual. All welcome, no exceptions.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Scales is naturally a left sided CB,i would have kept him as back up for that reason.

  22. “TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 21ST JUNE 2022 5:08 PM


    Alexandro Bernabei on his way to Paradise. Liam Scales to Aberdeen depended on a deal for the Argentine.”



    Is that an opinion,Tom ? If not, where does it come from?

  23. Toaty Trumper @ 5.37



    You are not a socialist — you are an uber Trot on an ego trip and a erse even with that low bar.


    I don’t think you actually vote as no-one in your eyes is good enough.



    As noted previously you might have been a City bean counter just after the Big Bang but you have been a member of Socialist Vanguard back in the day to wind up Wee TS before he got into his hyperactive social engagement / playpark phase.



    I fear that he didn’t invite you to Manchester and you have never forgiven him.


    Regarding your bile towards GGG — again I fear that he got the burds and you didn’t.


    The TB angle — his mother’s da must have done your ma out of a sausage back in the day.


    Muirhead can do that to people if you get sucked in.



    Your efforts at political analysis are comical at best / farcical at worst.


    Just a case that there isn’t any analysis — just moon howling at the usual suspects.


    Not good and not pretty — but you know that already and that is what is eating you up.

  24. More Bert Lynch than Mick Lynch



    Though could identify as Bett Lynch under new proposals…..

  25. Hope LS does well with the Sheep.


    He deserves more games and he has a fair bit of talent.


    Slow developer so he has some way to go.

  26. Inquitous , Thought I read somewhere that Lawwell takes up his appointment on 1st July , but I imagine he is at work already.


    Bernabei transfer ,if it happens, coming from the same stable as where he previously worked would possibly have his fingerprints on it.




    Missed some of the blog yesterday. Please pass on my condolences to the fine man, sad news.



    I’ll have some ‘merican things with as a wee token of appreciation for FAIRHILL BHOY. No, not my American wife.



    HH and thanks.

  28. park the bus 442 on

    The most corrupt custodians in CFC’s history.


    But, but, but…..


    Oh but the audited accounts are 100% trustworthy?


    Go to SC and see if the dodgy wanklepicker


    or Let’s all move on – Mahe


    see if they’ll allow THE LIONS ROAR to enlighten you about the trustworthy CFC audits?


    Or keep reading the Celtic View.


    No wonder the clubs been a soulless carcass since 2012.

  29. KINGLUBO on 21ST JUNE 2022 5:36 PM



    We wont sign the Argentine, going to Italy






    That’s the spirit 👍

  30. Multi-moniker


    Why don’t you go on to SC and bad mouth them there – or have you been barred.

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