Juranovic and the Tierney lesson


Suggestions that Josip Juranovic was a target for English clubs reached me from Poland last month and hit the Twitter rumour mill yesterday.  I have no doubt there is substance.  Celtic players provided Kierna Tierney and Virgil van Dijk to the Premier League, both outstanding successes.  If we are regarded as a rich seam of talent, we will continue to see our players targeted in this way.

What I heard last month was little more than a trawling exercise.  Josip is a quality player with a reputation that continues to grow.  He is under a secure contract at Celtic, who will be suitably compensated if he ever insists Glasgow is no longer the place for him.

After Kieran, we should all know the game.  The lure of the lucre in England is too much for any of them to hang around.  Celtic’s task is to stay on the front foot, be ready for when the time comes.


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  1. Evening all.



    The speculation surrounding the singing of Alexandro Bernabei, I’m sure some of us would have caught SKY’s interview with Phil Vickery, apparently he is a South American football expert.



    Right at the end of the clip he was asked about Celtic’s interest on the player, he responded by saying that, and I paraphrase. ‘It’s a clever and under the radar approach by Celtic, he would be a massive success in Scotland’



    I hope Mr Vickery is right if the move goes through.




  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Gene on 21st June 2022 8:05 pm








    Why don’t you go on to SC and bad mouth them there – or have you been barred.



    You need to narrow it down….

  3. fairhill bhoy on

    Thank you for all the good wishes yesterday.Much appreciated 🙏



    AIPPLE @6-55pm -There is no need for any ‘Merican things’ buddy. I will be in Florida in September and New York in March for st paddy’s,but I appreciate the gesture.Maybe a wee donation to a charity of your choice instead. I hope you have a great time when it comes 👍




    That’s a most proper awesome suggestion, will do so.



    Thank you again mate. Appreciate the reply today of all days for you.

  5. Just a quick one before a retire to my cot.



    The quandary I will now ask you is this.



    You are in charge of an SPL football club, you require an experienced free agent goalkeeper, do you go for a 40year old, dyed in the hun bigot, or a 30 year old Swiss, tried and tested SPL goalie.



    Answers on a card to., well, I don’t know :)




  6. What I have heard about the Argentinian”,fantastic going forward,brilliant feet,not the best crosser,not the greatest defender,but could be.Playing on the same side as Jota,Maeda,could be a nightmare for opposition”


    Right up our street.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Faldo ‘retires’ from commentating on the US Golf……..let me think where he’s going?🤔

  8. The presenter getting mauled by Mick this morning.


    Always fancied her. Xxxxxxxxxxxx..Hope she reads this.

  9. IniquitousIV on

    CORKCELT @ 6:45



    “Inquitous , Thought I read somewhere that Lawwell takes up his appointment on 1st July , but I imagine he is at work already.



    Bernabei transfer ,if it happens, coming from the same stable as where he previously worked would possibly have his fingerprints on it.”




    Corky, thanks for the reply. Didn’t know Lanus was part of the CityGroup cartel. 😊

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    We are delighted to announce the signing of Swiss Goalkeeper Benjamin Siegrist on a four-year contract! 🇨🇭🧤

  11. IniquitousIV on




    “You are in charge of an SPL football club, you require an experienced free agent goalkeeper, do you go for a 40year old, dyed in the hun bigot, or a 30 year old Swiss, tried and tested SPL goalie.”




    Seems a simple decision. If the Swiss keeper can’t prove he’s a dyed in the wool hun bigot, it has to be the 40 year old.

  12. See we’ve signed Siegrist. What are the benefits of signing a player from Switzerland?



    Well, the flag’s a big plus……🙃

  13. Posted last night that Cork City Under14 Academy had skelped the Huns 4-2, well they followed that by beating Celtic 3-1 tonight.


    Some achievement from Academy of a First Division Irish side,


    My Grandnephew played in both games.

  14. The jigsaw is slowly being assembled,


    If Bernabei & Jota are got over the line, we are on our way,


    Can’t wait.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    INIQUITOUSIV @ 5:37 pm



    Last season, I expected them to fall at every hurdle, and I was wrong every time. So what do I know?





    More than you give yourself credit for Iniq?



    They struggled over the first hurdle and fell at the second.

  16. Gene, Got a picture of the team posing behind Celtic back drop, sent on to me.


    One of the team is holding up a Celtic Pendant, Guess who.

  17. CORKCELT at 9:03


    Did young Craig score again or does he just keep that for the huns?

  18. GENE



    Koepka is injury prone but the money about $150ml. is guaranteed.Long way to the bottom of that barrel.

  19. No Scaniel, Didn’t score last night, don’t think he scored tonight either, if he had I would surely have heard it,

  20. Bain contract ends 2024 (then 33)


    Hart ends 2024 (then 37)


    Siegrist ends 2026 (then 34)



    Where’s the succession planning?


    Where’s the young un ?







    “They struggled over the first hurdle and fell at the second.”




    Which is why I kept expecting them to fall at the subsequent Euro hurdles.😊

  22. What is the Starz on

    Young goalkeepers don’t come cheap.


    Would have loved to see Celtic push the boat out and buy Gavin Bazunu. Too late now, Southampton have paid Man City 13 Million for him.


    The lad will be a superstar…

  23. Hopefully young one is in Academy,


    We do have 3 or 4 years to buy a younger Keeper if we need to.


    Problem in splashing out on a really talented younger Keeper now is they wouldn’t be prepared to be a long/medium term back up.

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