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Roy Keane’s “Celtic wanted me but they weren’t showing how much they wanted me” comment in his second autobiography about being courted to replace Neil Lennon as our manager in the summer is no doubt accurate on one level, but inaccurate on another.  Some within Celtic certainly wanted him, but I’m sure the reticence he picked up (and was shared by many of us on the blog at the time) was also very real.  Celtic wanted him, but their approach showed him how unconvinced they were.

Keane’s managerial CV is at best considered patchy and his reputation has sold more autobiographies of former team-mates and managers than the two volumes he has now published.  Few were convinced he was the right manager for the job, although I’ve no doubt Keane’s claim that Dermot Desmond wanted him, and told him “The job is yours” is accurate, whether anyone else at Celtic was in on the plan or not.

Many thanks to everyone who sponsored me for Sunday’s Great Scottish Run 10k in aid of Celtic Foundation.  So far, £677 has been raised to help OUR foundation’s work with poverty, education, learning and equality.  The help and messages of support kept the legs moving.

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  1. Tractorbhoy



    If you stay on the blog I could tell you some stories about when I worked for Guardian Royal Exchange.



    I spent a lot of time at their HO in Ipswich.



    The Great White Horse Hotel could also tell you a few tales!



    Keep on keepin’ on buddy!

  2. Celtic wanted him, but their approach showed him how unconvinced they were.



    Few were convinced he was the right manager for the job, although I’ve no doubt Keane’s claim that Dermot Desmond wanted him, and told him “The job is yours” is accurate, whether anyone else at Celtic was in on the plan or not.









    I have no reason to doubt you. In fact those lines ring true. Too true.


    Doesn’t this strike you as being alarming and a striking example of how not to run a PLC let alone an FC?



    Personally I think it’s pretty damning…..



    Penny for your thoughts Sir….



    HH jamesgang



    PS hope the run went well…..or went!


    Bognorbhoy disnae bugger about!






    If DD holds so much sway at the club-his 37% is regarded,unfashionably,as a controlling stake-that he has the say on strategy,how come he was so easily railroaded on Roy Keane?



    And as he is so easily railroaded there,who IS pulling the strings?

  4. Paul67



    Thoughts on our ceo/boards/scouts performance past couple of seasons?



    Footballing side of things.. Not accounts. Their excellant

  5. tomtheleedstim on

    If we (as a club) are offering the manager’s job to someone despite being unconvinced that he was the best manager for the job then we are truly in a terrible situation in the boardroom.

  6. corkcelt



    10:36 on 7 October, 2014





    I think your right.



    Also there is no chance Desmond told Keane he would only be boss for a year then ronnie woulc take over.



    Ronnie i think was told he had number 2 job and lenny was hally with it so everything was in place, probably ronnies contract aswel.. Iv no doubt ronnie would have been told your number 2 for couple of seasons and if all goes well you’ll be number 1 when lennon moves on which isnt far away.



    I do think lennon decided very late on he wanted ou leaving celtic with trying to get a manager who couldnt appoint his own number 2… Not bery easy.



    Strange ongoings the padt couple of seasons.



    Thompson left …



    Mjailby decides he’s had enough…



    Lennon runs for the door



    15k fans wont cross the door.



    Something stinks.


    Unfashionably is unfathomably how my iPhone spells the word I wanted to use!

  8. Did Neil Lennon reccomend Roy Keane?



    He was to be asked for his input. From his comments regarding Ronny it is pretty clear that he didn’t champion him for the role.




  9. Some real correspondence this morning with a Villa supporting colleague:




    Hi Steve – Not talking to you until you take Tonev back.



    Hi Jim, – I’ll swop (sic) him for Roy Keane – deal?



    No deal – you can keep him also.

  10. lennon's passion on

    Desmond says jobs is yours if he had wanted it he would be manager. No one at Celtic will disagree with Desmond. Keane said NO his loss.


    Mr 67 you say his managerial record is patchy. Would argue it’s better than RD just Ronnie got the gig and us fans are the one’s suffering.

  11. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on




    crown hotel… wootton bassett …any thoughts ?

  12. Ger57



    I agree with what you say. But on a technical point, I think that Mr Stein was returning fro a holiday in Menorca when he had his car crash, not a scouting trip. Tony Queen was also in the car, along with Jean Stein and the Shankleys (Bob). Tony Q said that the recuperation was the worst period of their lives, two busy, involved men, with nothing to do. They used to phone one another up to discuss the happenings in “Crossroads”, apparently.

  13. I wouldn’t discount Keane’s version of Desmond saying the job is yours.



    I have known some hard-headed businessmen who would spot a chancer a mile off and were as shrewd as they come but went all starry-eyed when in the company of top footballers or even ex-greats.




  14. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on

    Lisbon Lion Jim Craig made his Celtic debut


    7 October 1965


    It was on this day in 1965, Jim Craig made his Celtic debut against Go Ahead Deventer in the European Cup-Winners’ Cup. Celtic won the first leg 6-0 on September 29, and a Joe McBride goal gave the Bhoys a 1-0 win in the return leg at Celtic Park. This was also the first time the back five of Simpson, Craig, Gemmell, McNeill and Clark played together.


    As well as being a full-back for Celtic, Jim was also a trained dentist. During his time at University he showed his great athleticism, in fact he narrowly lost out in the long jump to Lyn Davies, who went on to win Olympic gold in 1964.


    Jim could match precision tackling with great drive down the right flank, and perhaps one of his most famous moments was when he cut the ball back for Tommy Gemmell to score Celtic’s equaliser in Lisbon. He was a player who thrived on the big occasions as he confessed he “needed to be under pressure mentally” to perform to his best.


    During his time as a Celt, Jim made 231 appearances and scored six goals. He won seven league titles, four Scottish Cups, three League Cups and the European Cup.

  15. Cathedral View on




    12:15 on 7 October, 2014



    Our first team squad huge (40 players), result of a scatter gun signing policy. I hope those responsible for signing these duds have it reflected in their end of year reviews and bonuses.





    Roy Keane is becoming increasingly insignificant to even those like Roy Keane. I’m sure several people were approached regarding the Celtic job it’s just not all of them will put the details in a (second) autobiography. Maybe he needs the money! If so, I am sure he will thank everyone for the publicity.


    I’m gonna wait for the third instalment and buy the trilogy.




    Peace and love,







    Decent enough wee place,and some good pubs in the town.



    Only a twenty minute bus trip from £2 pints of Guinness,Sir Daniel Arms in Swindon.

  17. Want me……



    love me……



    cherish me…..



    make me feel special Peter, Desmond said you really fancied me……



    ‘Ok Roy, I’ll call you back….soon….next couple of days…..definitely….need to go….’



    HH jamesgang

  18. A multi-millionaire can choose to do whatever he likes really…..like an indulgence…..cos it doesn’t really matter if he botches it….repeatedly.


    It’s not the same as getting and keeping the job that’s right for you…………………….

  19. Stevie May, Ryan Gauld and Andy Robertson.



    For me, May was attainable. I don’t think he is as good or better than Pukki, Stokes, Guidetti or Griffiths tho. Don’t see the point in signing him.



    Gauld would have been hard to get. Large transfer fee and the boy wanted to go abroad. Remember, he is straight in the B team at his new club. He looks a prospect but i doubt he’d be troubling our first team right now.



    Robertson certainly looks good. But 3 million and 40 k a week? And i watched him play against West Ham and he looked great going forward but lost out on a back post header for West Hams first goal and then was miles out of position for their second.



    He is very similar to Izzy. It would be no certainty he would do as good or better there.

  20. Big Nan


    Goooooooooooooooooooood afternoon to you Sir :)))


    Till later all


    Couple of days off fae watching the wee mhan



  21. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on




    doing an overnight to visit the nephew ( 1st nov )



    no doubt we will be in swindon at some point




  22. Good news,



    I’ve just won the lotto……………..mega-bucks!



    This evening I’m going to be a Rock Star………..tomorrow I’m going to buy a rocket


    and try my hand at being an astronaut.



    I’ve always liked gardening, so next week I’m going to buy the Beechgrove Garden sack Jum McColl and call myself a a gardener.

  23. Have to have a wee chuckle at those sage’s who describe as having dodged a bullet re Roy Keane…



    Bet old Dermot isn’t quite thinking like that just now !!!!!………


    No way on god’s earth would peter lawwell have wanted Roy Keane ……in fact the very thought makes me laugh………..If he thought Lennon was a tough nut etc……



    Dodged a bullet ……….and walked straight into tank fire !!!!!!!………..its too crazy for words….

  24. I’m assuming “Didn’t want me enough” translates as “Didn’t offer enough”. This man should never be considered as suitable for any role at Celtic. Anyone who goes on to a park with the intention of maiming someone, gloats over his victim as he writhes on the ground, uses this crime as a core element in the marketing of his autobiography and then defiantly refuses to apologise or recognise how barbaric his behaviour and attitudes are should have no place anywhere in football. If that isn’t serially bringing the game into disrepute then waht is.



    Can anyone say that this thug is “Celtic-minded” in any real sense? Why was he ever considered?

  25. tomtheleedstim




    12:26 on 7 October, 2014




    If we (as a club) are offering the manager’s job to someone despite being unconvinced that he was the best manager for the job then we are truly in a terrible situation in the boardroom.




    It’s been evident for years that our boardroom is a mess and the club has been mismanaged on a scale not seen since the Kelly/White years. At least they has the excuse the they were skint and the huns could outspend us at will. Every managerial appointment even MON’s has been carried out in a toatlly amateur fashion.



    When we appointed MON, our then CEO had secured the services of Gus Hiddink but got hi-jacked by the late intervention of Desmond who rode rough-shod over the board to bring his man in.



    When MON left, it was a chance meet between Gordon Strachan and Eddie Jordan at a pro-am golf tourney that led to this appointment.



    After GS left we had the embarassing spectacle of Own Coyle turning down the job to stay at Burnley which left us paying £2m. for the services of Tony Mowbray. Nuff said.



    When Mowbray got sacked after 9/10 months, we had the unedifying spectacle of NFL being paraded round the country to sell him to fans’ groups and subsequent endorsement of Jeanette Findlay.



    Now we hear of the farce surrounding the events leading to RD’s appointment. A man orginally identified as a number 2 ends up becoming the number 1 because the number 1 candidate turned the job down. Where there no other number 1 candidates?



    At each AGM, we keep being told about the wealth of business talent inside our boardroom and how the club will benefit from having these people on our board. The reality is that these people may have skills in the world of business but they seem to set them aside whenever they step inside the CP boardroom. I regard the current board of directors as surrogate huns who couldn’t do a better to run the club into the ground if they were actual huns.

  26. lawwellsacountant on

    Did not want Keane but hell he would be miles better than the idiot we appointed,why he is still in a job after sunday is unbelievable ,we will be lucky to sell 20,000 season books next season if something radical does not happen

  27. The Roy Keane revelations tell us one thing relevant to our present position. Initial plan was to have Ronny as No.2.


    Apart from that talking about Roy Keane is a red herring. The man who was meant to be our No.2 is now our No.1 and his lack of experience is showing. In any profession a Manager has to have the respect of those he leads. The way he talks to and about his players is important, and they have to have a belief in his tactics and formations.


    Most of us bams on here have serious doubts about tactics and formations and one would expect professional players to share those doubts.

  28. …and the followin’ week I’m buyin’ a tank, changing my name to Gary


    an’ you guessed it………



    ………..I’m Gary Tank Commander.



    GTC CSC.

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