Keep Kyogo out of the squad


It is five weeks since Kyogo Furuhashi pulled up with a hamstring injury.  Almost four weeks since he returned for the League Cup Final and nearly three weeks since the recurrence of his injury forced an early exit against St Johnstone.

You and I have been watching football long enough to know that from the off, we are told players will need three weeks to recover from even a mild hamstring strain.  Kyogo may well be superhuman, but he has not been permitted this recovery period.

A return against Hibs on Monday looks foolhardy, I would also be reluctant to play him against Alloa the following weekend.  The Hearts game at Tynecastle on 26 January is exactly a month after his last outing, that should be his target.


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  1. Novak and Celtic both failed to win 10 in very similar ways.



    We went to Dubai hoping it’d help us win our tenth.



    Novak turned up to win his tenth and now he’s headed to Dubai.

  2. IniquitousIV- it’s definitely a question worth asking, i think the Celtic Star website the other day questioned him as a game Collum done a couple of weeks ago, was being investigated re dodgy betting on bookings

  3. park the bus 442 on

    Well said that girl. 👇




    Bernie’s Tweets (@BernieSpofforth) Tweeted:


    I don’t care what you choose for yourself. It’s up to you, not anyone else to decide!


    Decisions you make for yourself should be made without fear, without coercion and without threats or blackmail.


    Only you should be in charge of you.



  4. The hand of God on

    Has Kev J lost his original CQN password or does he just enjoy using £49 different identities?

  5. joe craig ibrox 76🎆 on

    If lock stock and barrel of the corrupt beyond belief UK western colonial Brexit hating media are painting Novak as the bad guy?


    Then surely that must mean that Novak is actually the good guy?




    Why not?


    Have you all been sucked so far down the rabbit hole that it is “you” who has forgotten who you actually are?




    Why not?


    A corrupt beyond belief government full of kangaroo courts, or is kangaroo courts in that other corrupt govt just up the road fae oz a wee bit, NZ, were the swingers confuse the masses with their kangaroo teeth!


    Not Nippy face, and her end times ticking clock face?


    They always start off as charmers, darlings of the media, and then….


    Matters not because the five eyes countries are as corrupt as you will find anywhere on this flat earth.


    Its not a planet, its a plane t = trick!


    And you all fall for their guff and lies. Why do you think they show you a globe? To inform you? They couldn’t give a monkeys about you. Wisen up!


    Novak is the good guy here because his resistance to the kangaroo court / 1930’s Germany fake narrative is showing the lying corrupt swamp that you can’t take the meds if you’ve recently acquired antibodies.


    They make it up as they go along, and if Celtic supporters are falling hook line and sinker for the narrative of a western media were truth is banned then you’ll believe their lies then they’ll mug you as often as their narrative dictates, what happens when you have to take meds monthly, weekly, daily???


    Pfizer CEO wants you to take a [daily] tablet that’ll connect to the NHS app on your phone.


    But how does an app connect to a tablet that you swallow? Is the tablet chipped? If not, then how would it show up on a phone?


    I wouldn’t put a link on here but search and see what comes up, probably better to check on any search engine apart from Google. Only saying.


    It all stops when you stop it.


    My calculation is that this generation is now too far gone and they don’t possess a psychological emergency stop button.


    I only have prayers to offer. 🙏 🍀



    P.S. The western, colonial, imperial, media hate Brexit because the poor folk voted for it, and Brexit can only happen with no deal, so it hasn’t happened yet. Brexit means a united Ireland, which will lead to a ulster scot overspill into Scotland, killing stone dead indy2 prospects, the voters know that neither, Labour, or Tories, will prosecute a workers Brexit, ie: out of EU all together zero deal as EU will soon be one big concentration camp, as c19 has ripped the diplomatic mask’s off of EU countries and their all little Hitlers and Mussolini’s underneath, and they’ll eat each other. So well out of it. Rumours that Jeremy Corbyn might finally leave the disgusting Labour party, and there might be a socialist, workers rights, alliance, Corbyn, Galloway, Chris Williamson, and a few others as, Tories do what, Tories do, Labour happy clapped the Tories disastrous policies for 2 years, now Labour are trying to present themselves as electable, lol, a party on the verge of £ liquidation that the corrupt media don’t report this, what apartheid country fae the desert got all the missing Jeremy Corbyn generated £millions of Labour members £contributions, and all 600,000 members data from the recent breach that media didn’t want you to know about either? Eye.


    Red / Blue = Purple = Mason 33°


    A revolution is needed sparked by a general strike = tools down let it fall, jail the crooks, rebuild it.


    But with so many citizens easily brainwashed by corrupt media, with what might end up being utterly devastating outcomes.


    A figure who can be trusted, who hasn’t shown a lack of integrity has to emerge.


    Only Jeremy Corbyn can be trusted.


    Even George Galloway showed weakness at the start of the pandemic. He’ll be judged for that. A nurse who was struck off for speaking out, looked for somewhere to tell her story, no media would allow her to speak. So she called GG’s phone-in show and started by saying that “ambulances were sitting in queues outside hospitals with no no one in them it was all for BBC drone footage to lie to its viewers.”


    GG called her a nutter, and banned her. Turns out she was right.


    Galloway calling worried citizens “Tin foil hat wearers!”


    Galloway doing a Clyde SSB routine, banning people experiencing after effects as lunatics!


    Galloway promoting the meds as folk were having a difficult experience altogether!


    Galloway banging the drum for big pharma “Go get your meds, don’t listen to conspiracy theorists!” he screamed through a big megaphone!


    Yeah he jumped into the narrative hook line and sinker!


    Or,…. was he a performing seal to keep hold of his huge social media status and over 1 million followers?


    Was he of the mind, as I was thinking he probably should do, play along until the three weeks are over and the curve would be flattened?!?! ah mean lol


    As it unfolded and grew more arms and legs every day, the conspiracy nuts had called it correct.


    Give them the three weeks to flatten the curve and it’ll never end! The nutters said! Hmm.


    Looks like the conspiracy nuts are the fountains of wisdom after all.


    But the swamp has blown it! Hopefully! 🙏


    When after 2 years and they want to introduce a 3rd, 4th, 5th,…..where does it end?


    The boosters have hardly been taken up, despite media lies, as the penny drops and human nature kicks in folks eyes are starting to be opened up.


    Its not that folk are idiots, its that they believed a story which was only allowed to be heard from one side, and because fear had overwhelmed a lot of people, but where was that fear coming from?


    It was coming from the TV box which always lies to us. But the sheer volume was just overwhelming, and there was no balanced views allowed, as the stricken off nurse found with GG, in fairness to GG, if he would’ve attempted to bring someone onto any of his shows to speak against the media bias, then GG would’ve been hounded by the woke media,[especially the CQN wokies] and he’d be banned and then where would the socialists and working class go to hear a like minded voice? Nowhere! Because there is nowhere else.


    The Guido Fawkes website tried to get Jeremy Corbyn banned, claiming he hadn’t taken the meds, but high heid yins of the right decided to ‘drop’ the Corbyn story, as “we might score the ultimate og that will bring the house down” whatever that meant? Hmmm.


    A media campaign smearing Corbyn for not taking the meds, would’ve stopped millions of folk in their tracks, questioning why he wasn’t taking the meds? “What does he know that we don’t?” Etc, etc.


    As I said it was rumour, or was it, that the swamp rowed back from, and whether Jeremy Corbyn, or anyone else hasn’t taken their meds is none of mine or anyone else’s business.


    God bless Jeremy Corbyn and whatever decision he took.


    Jeremy’s brother Pierce was invited onto ITV GMB to offer his alternative views to the healthcare proceedings, and not a single word from Pierce was allowed to be heard, as an orchestrated attack from, Suzanna Reid, Pierce Morgan, Dr Hillary Jones, all start asking Pierce Corbyn a different question each, all at the same time, each time PC opened his mouth to speak. It was what we’d call, an oldfirm game being refereed by, David Syme, JRP Gordon, and Bobby Davidson, all at the one time.


    It looked on TV as though the three getting into PC we’re all dressed in masonic aprons, blue sashes, bowler hats, and RUC batons setting about Pierce Corbyn.


    That sort of infuriating vibe!


    We Celtic supporters used to have a built in PhD which would enable us to see a set up a mile away.


    I say we used to have, well we did. Then university degrees arrived and created a generation of marshmallow minds which are more than likely to believe what their told.


    Its as though the leaders of the swamp establishment sat round their big round table and worked out that, “give them uni degrees, and it’ll wipe out their streetwise edge, then we’ll go for them?” Too far? Hmmm.


    But what does it say about a society who thought nothing of letting these folk give meds to five year olds?


    What type of humans are we really? Scots schools? Oh dear!


    Who knows because remember that every single word that you’ve been told [especially] over the last 2+ years, has been told to you by vested, planted, on the make, liars.


    If the meds campaign falls apart, what’ll be next?


    The tsunami might be next…..

  6. The hand of God on

    Oh dear.In other news huge game for Celtic tonight,will be a very interesting team selection with the players now available to Ange.Will Julien play ,is Jota fit has Forrest fully recovered? Can’t see Kyogo being back until the end of the month so will our new Japanese striker start?

  7. Celtic supporters can avoid the the impact of ” Blue Monday” ( Monday 17th Jsnuary, most depressing day of the year ) by an inspired performance under the lights with fans roaring them on.



    Team selection will be very interesting. Will our big Greek striker Gio play ?


    Will Christopher Jullien make his long awaited return?



    A great day for a game, let’s hope its the desired performance and result.



    HH, the journey resumes.

  8. THOG @ 06.21 hrs AM .



    Apologies for virtually repeated what you have just posted.



    Great minds think alike or fools seldom differ ?????




  9. Morning game day Celts.looking forward to it.



    BSR.Thanks for the sad but true summation of Brian McLaughlin hh




  10. AN TEARMANN on 16TH JANUARY 2022 8:53 PM


    Bada 8.26.👍












    Enjoyed your post on joemcbride.ol thomthethim used to say there was always a goal in him,kind of garunteed.Blighted then medically as at that time it meant end of career,seem to recall joe scoring for hibs vs us when he moved on





    Back ion the day, I clearly remember travelling on a Easterhouse Supporters Bus from GRIERS Pub, to Easter Road for Hibs v Celtic.


    There was a lot of fighting and bottles being exchanged between both sets of fans as HIbs won 2-0.


    Hibs No.9 scored BOTH Hibs goals.


    His name was Joe McBride.


    Many years later in the 1990’s, Joe was working in Bairds Bar and at this first meeting with him, I told him about that game and how I thought my fellow Celtic fans on the Bus MAY have been angry with me as I had picked HIBS No. 9 out of a Celtic tammy, for the sweepstake.


    I won a ” Kerry OOT” !


    When I told Joe of this game and how I had won the sweep etc…His face lit up and he replied….” I remember that game Big Yin….my 2nd goal was a real cracker”… he then attempted to relive THAT 2nd goal whilst behind the Bar in Bairds.


    I stopped him in his tracks, as I said to Mr McBride…” Naw Joe, dont bother, I dont need reminding of your 2nd goal against the Celts” !


    We both had a good laugh about it and Joe bought me a Beer.




    R.I.P. Joe McBride.

  11. Dhia dhaóibh, from a frosty SW Ireland.


    3rd Monday of January, supposedly the gloomiest day of the year.


    Not for me.


    I haven’t looked forward to a Celtic match as much for some time.


    Can’t wait to see the “new” Celtic. There is only so much EPL bullshit a person can take.

  12. Tom McLaughlin on




    Typical of you to get it wrong again.



    Your vaccine passport is valid if:



    a) You have had 2 vaccines plus the booster.



    b} You have had 2 vaccines but haven’t had a booster because your 2nd vaccine was less than 4 months ago.

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    PARK THE BUS 442 on 16TH JANUARY 2022 11:27 PM



    The huns taking the moral high ground?



    Ridiculous to think that would ever in any way happen….

  14. Trying to catch up – was it big Jimmy the human or big Jimmy the horse who was on the satellite?


    PS I have met big Jimmy the horse : hoping to meet big Jimmy the human one day

  15. Asked whether or not he will resign, Joe Root states that we need to await the Sue Gray report

  16. martin o'seville on



    If it works why do you need a booster?


    I took one lemsip a year ago and not a sniffle since.

  17. Team selection is often fairly obvious but, owing to a combination of new signings and injury recoveries,tonight`s, for me anyway, is not.


    Almost certain:




    ……… CCV,,,,,,,, ………


    Rogic, McGregor…….


    …….. ……… ……….






    Three from Ralston,Taylor ,Starfelt,Juranovic,Hatate and .Jullien at the back.



    McCarthy or Ideguchi in Mid-field,



    Maeda and who else is fit for up front?

  18. FRED COLON on 17TH JANUARY 2022 9:12 AM


    Trying to catch up – was it big Jimmy the human or big Jimmy the horse who was on the satellite?





    PS I have met big Jimmy the horse : hoping to meet big Jimmy the human one day




    So you shall FRED….after my health becomes better ? When I do feel better, I hope to meet Big Jimmy the Gypsy Cob Horse asap ?


    I enjoy a good laugh over many Beers.


    HH Mate.

  19. Tom McLaughlin on



    I took one lemsip a year ago and not a sniffle since.


    So everyone who died from Covid, including my cousin, were kidding on then?