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  1. Stringer Bell says:


    15 October, 2011 at 19:34



    Is the manager happy?. How often has bangura played?. A player that was in the middle of a season and arguably more match fit than the rest of the squad comes in as our big summer signing and cant get a game, strange.



    There is a different look of Neil this season, think of all the players he spoke about and think how many he got. I’m not trying to convince anyone about anything, I know what happened with this signing.



    How many managers and players do we go through before the penny drops?



    Hail Hail

  2. the glorious balance sheet on

    Just back from the game via the pub,



    We got out of jail twice today.



    Firstly, getting back to 3-3. Secondly, Rangers dropping points. What a turn-around from 1.15pm :)



    To the game itself:-



    1st goal – Long aimless ball up the park, Cha Du Ri doesn`t judge the flight of the ball properly, allows the Kilmarnock man to get on the ball, Majstorovic drawn out of position to support Cha, Killie player releases ball to Shiels standing in big hole vacated by Dan, goal.



    What happens next is telling:- Dan tears strips off Kayal. Kayal gives him some back and points the finger at Cha. Charlie Mulgrew also has a go at Cha. Kayal and Dan still arguing as we take kick off. Very reminiscent of Charlie and Kayal`s set-to after the first Hun goal at Hades last month.



    Kilmarnock shot touched onto the bar by Forster:-


    Cha Du Ri caught miles up the park. He waddles back, doesn`t run, doesn`t even jog, as Kilmarnock attack leaving our defence exposed, allowing the man a good shot on goal.



    2nd goal:- Kilmarnock player gets the ball on our right hand side, Cha does not apply enough pressure, gives the man enough room to play a decent ball into the box, big journeyman in acres of space, slots it away, Forster claims offside, goal given.



    3rd goal:- Carbon copy of 1st goal lost in 0-2 reverse at Fir Park last season, same two players involved. Fowler gleefully accepts his one goal for the decade. Goal again occurs on our right hand side.



    Throughout the first and second half I counted numerous occasions where Celtic players were left on the ball in tight spots, 2 and 3 Kilmarnock players harrying them, no team mate showing for them or supporting them.



    We showed no signs of scoring until Stokes took the free kick superbly well. I`ve no doubt it`d have finished 3-0 but for that.



    Too many times Celtic players fell on their backside. Strange but the worst offenders seemed to be wearing shiny colourful boots – if only they paid as much attention to the studs worn as to the colour of the boot, eh?



    Take a bow, James Forrest. Kilmarnock could not contain you, and you are the main reason why we salvaged something out of that game. Imposters in that dressing room could learn from you, such a shame that a 20? year old lad (who is our only ever present this season) has to carry the team.



    By the way – Kilmarnock has 6 shots on target to Celtic`s 0 in the first half. That`s shameful and should never be repeated again.



    Conclusion- real problems in that dressing room. Apparent from players on each others back, lack of support and cover. I wouldn`t be fussed if Forrest, Ledley and Matthews apart none of the rest of that starting 11 ever played for Celtic again.



    Too many of them don`t get it, don`t have it, or never will get it.



    And no results from Ibrox will ever obscure that fact.

  3. Paddy Gallagher says:


    15 October, 2011 at 19:27



    Agree totally, i’d also be tempted to employ an out of contract player from a lower league, someone i knew well enough to instruct them to kick, hard and often at training, any malingering shysters with big egos taking our money under false pretences.




  4. Gordon64 says:


    15 October, 2011 at 19:40



    I’m pretty sure the bevvy helped to ease the pain.



    Hail hail big buddy

  5. Just logged back in and pleasantly surprised by the result at Ibrox.


    To think that we could win a game in hand and bring this back to 7 fills me with trepidation. We should not be 7 points and 3 titles behind this team.


    I think a winner for us today could have turned the season around. Neil Lennon only asked for one more at 3-2. Fine at other clubs to ask for 1 more but if the foundations of your Celtic youth are spent watching Roy Aitken galvanising his colleagues you expect more. A 4-3 win and a draw at Ibrox would ahve spun the season on its head when we looked out on the floor. Now we need to wait until the next league game to find out if this is a team we have at Celtic Park or a collection of hyped millionares playing in a bankrupt league in front of the best support in the world.


    Well done to Anthony Stokes for todays game. I doubted you but you sure showed some metal that our team has been missing. Well done also to James Forrest.


    Kayal and Hooper need a long spell on the sidelines.

  6. Paddy Gallagher on

    gallagher says:


    15 October, 2011 at 19:43



    You’ve got it mate, time for good Celtic men.

  7. notthebus says:


    15 October, 2011 at 19:36



    Having not been present at the work permit hearing I would need to say that I don’t know for certain. What I do know is the person who was there and told me I trust 99.9%, there’s always room for doubt.



    What makes you so sure or even give the benefit of the doubt after the lies that we’ve been fed the past few years?



    Hail Hail

  8. Lets not look at the hun; we have manifestly our own problems. We were absolutely dire for long periods today. We need positive solutions…….what is our Club going to do?



    HH Gerry

  9. VP


    It might numb the pain a little.


    But it will still be there in the morning.


    Someone needs to tell the players and the board


    how much we love this football club


    and how much it means to us.


    I don’t think they get it.

  10. Jinky was my hero on

    Good evening all; don’t really want to go over old ground which has been the main thrust of the post Killie game debate, however;



    I Agree that Big Dan should never pull on a jersey again, I would venture you could pull a few fans from the stands who would be more effective!. Kayal punt him, he believes his own PR, Hooper can go also, Bangura (Words fail me).



    Lenny needs our backing as I think this is Davie Hay all over again with someone plotting in the background, he needs to pick a settled back four with Rogne and Charlie at the middle to have a chance of forming some understanding with Matthews and El Hadge until Izzy is fit. The remainder of the team can be as previous posts and my exceptions highlighted above.



    I would sign Faddy he is a “Springburn Tim” and we lack players who understand what pulling on the “Green and White” means.



    Come January I would seek a leader who can drive the team on ( a Big Roy, TB, DMcG , Big Billy etc), you should look to the lower leagues as decent talent can be found.



    The one glimmer of hope if we can stop the bleeding at the back is the next quarter of games with the “Currents” playing the following games away from home: Aberdeen, Hearts, Celtic, St Mirren, Kilmarnock, and Hibs. As demonstrated, today they are not a good team and in my opinion, they carried a fair bit of luck in the first quarter, the aways I have listed will not be easy and with a few injuries a couple of suspensions etc we can pull the gap back.



    Keep the Faith fellow posters.

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    the glorious balance sheet



    First goal both Cha and Majstorovic played the move per the othodoxy. No issue with either of them. When you see the TV replay, watch where the scorer starts from, and the player who decided not to bother matching the run. there’s the trouble.



    2nd goal Maj played too deep, allowing the Killie striker to appear onside, while Matthews didn’t follow the line played by Maj.



    3rd goal… down to charlie I’m afraid, although he did compensate for his error by scoring our third.

  12. celtictom



    I am genuinely asking for some sort of evidence that would support these claims.



    If the manager is being force fed players then the whole structure at Celtic Park is seriously flawed.If you are correct, neil should resign immediately citing these acts.The celtic support wouldn’t stand for it.



    However, and with respect, you and others have claimed as fact that this is the case when there is no evidence to support it.On the contrary, all the factual evidence, such as quotes directly from the manager, would suggest the opposite.



    I like a rumour and a conspiracy theory as much as the next man, that’s what makes the world of football go round but I think making statements of “fact” like that without the ability to back them up are destabalising.

  13. Today was further evidence that there is something seriously wrong at our club


    The only acceptable result today was a win – preferrably a convincing win


    Instead we were lucky to escape with a draw – a better team than Killie would have taken 5 or 6 off us



    The manager is either incapable of getting a response from his players or some of the players are deliberately performing below par in an effort to get the manager sacked



    In these circumstances the board have either to decisively back their manager or get shot of him




    In the first half today both Kayal and Ki played as if they had already packed their bags



    Hooper is either injured or part of the group unhappy with Lenny



    Apart from CM, JF, and the two ht subs – far too many of the rest just go through the motions



    In the summer we had to stiffen the spine of the team – GK – CB – CF



    We spent an age in getting FF



    KW – was poor to appaling before his injury



    CF – what we needed was a CF capable of playing with his back to goal – hold the ball up and be a more physical presence for Hooper/Stokes to play with – instead we got Bangura at the last minute. He might become a player for us but so far the evidence doesn’t suggest it!



    Ideally the board – i.e. DD would come out early next week and tells how how we are going to progress



    If the manager is staying then 2 or 3 players should be told to prepare their bags for January



    If the manager is leaving then the board need to identify a replacement and get him


    in asap – so he can assess who is staying and who is going



    Despite the huns dropping points today – we can have no real confidence this group of players and management team have what it takes to win the league



    Unfortunately we all know that nothing will be done and we will stumble on until even the most optomistic among us have to concede the league is gone



    Hope that I’m wrong!




  14. Back again, can’t get rid that easy.





    Times have changed mi amigo, not that I agree with it, but they have, the days of big Jock and MON are gone.


    MON left for compassionate grounds first and foremost, but he won’t ever be back as long as PL is around.





    Never suggested he was lying, but he has to toe the party line.


    Bangura was signed by PL, I know this to be true, and Lenny was fuming, this I also know to be true.


    The night Paul had a leader up about Diawarra signing, I came on and posted that Bangura was in the process of signing, spin mi amigo spin.





    Your comparrison with BP was spot on.


    PL has failed on so many levels, but he has the balance sheet bit A ok.


    He seems to me to be too complacant, his percieved arrogance does him no favours imo, he has failed to deliver what the life blood want, and sad to say, I can’t see any change.


    The policy he is adhearing to is flawed, the jam tomorrow one, it needs to be looked at, and rectified.


    Sadly it may be harder to shift the power brokers than when the Celts for Change were around.





    Aye, ok then :>)

  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    celtictom says: 15 October, 2011 at 19:42



    “Is the manager happy?. How often has bangura played?. A player that was in the middle of a season and arguably more match fit than the rest of the squad comes in as our big summer signing and cant get a game, strange.”



    I’m not sure why you think it is strange. We are talking about a young player who is still settling in at the club. Bangura has still not scored since his arrival – not a criticism, just an observation. And Lenny was always likely to start with Hooper and Stokes for most of the SPL games after they shared the majority of our goals last season.



    There is nothing unusual about any of these things, but there is always someone in Glasgow who has a good story to tell because the truth is too mundane.




    How do you know this to be true? These are incredible allegations.Please share your evidence

  17. Lenny will have learned alot about certain players today,


    Kayal should never pull a celtic jersey on again !!!


    I’d sooner play a hungry youth player than that wee charlatan.


    Come January we need to bring in leaders,winners and Celtic men!




    Lenny??? Needs help and his current back room staff are not doing it!


    Two men not working at moment walford and Robertson ! Lenny you could do with those two

  18. Gerald 766.


    Well not playing Wanyama from the start for one. Arguably our best player two weeks ago and played a position essential to protect a fragile defence.


    Continually leaving our midfield light and outfought and being slow to rectify that.


    Criticising the team in public when it should be kept in house.


    Criticising Commons for his red card but not saying not a word about Charlie Mulgrew’s red card at Ibrox.


    There’s more. But I’m not expecting perfection. I expect mistakes to be made. I also expect that they should not be made again and again.


    Maybe you don’t see any mistakes. But third place behind Motherwell would suggest they’re there.


    I only want success for Neil Lennon. But I’m not blind.

  19. I wouldn’t play Kayal again, he obviously can’t be trusted.



    I hope Lenny gives Zaluska the jersey on thursday as he deserves the chance to excel, or not.



    My team for thursday would be















    I hope James McFaddens fitness is sound and we sign him, as someone earlier said, he’s a Celtic man who knows what’s required.

  20. viewfaethewindae on

    We are in trouble.


    Celtic is populated with sand dancers, players who wouldn’t know the history if their over inflated salaries depended on it. Get rid of anyone who wants a move to any promised land and get me a handful of Johnny Doyle’s, Tommy Burns and Big Roy types, we need to put the Celtic and the hunger back in the Celtic.



    Go on Neil, tell the full story and we’ll back you.

  21. I’ve been watching Barca and I’m seriously thinking of turning it off because just watching them pass and move and finding a team mate is making me all the more anxious about Celtic and our complete lack of doing so. And it really is fundamental. The amount of times we squandered possession today was inexcusable.

  22. I haven’t yet read back.



    Honestly I don’t know how I feel.



    I’m proud of our fightback, but worried by my mental capitulation when we went a goal down.



    I used to have confidence in our ability to claw back goals.



    Then I lost it.



    Then we clawed back bloody three.



    What’s going on?

  23. TET



    Can we swap partners too lol :)



    Strokes,a guy that is off times left on the bench, kept Lenny in a job today.

  24. Veiwfae



    You hit the nail on the head!!!



    No more kayals



    Celtic men needed to put fire into this side

  25. Despite all other problems, (conjecture or not), we need a leader on the pitch. Chico Mulgrew has been building a case for taking that armband for some time, but today as Kayal didn’t turn up, it was not best game he’s had in some time, as he dealt with a panicky vulnerable defence who were found lacking with no protection from the midfield. Such are the subtleties of football. If Kayal had turned up, or Wanyama had been on from the start, Charlie would have taken to the roll very well, being one of the older heids in a young young team.



    He’ll get another chance and will do well, leading from the back.

  26. Paddy Gallagher on

    viewfaethewindae says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:10



    Well said mate, I would rather defeat with my kin folk than false homage from the mercenaries.

  27. Jinky was my hero on

    The exiled Tim



    Change can happen, if there is a will to examine the mechanics of the construction method nothing is impossible.



    We have many talented and wealthy people amongst the support world wide, I have stated on a previous post that if we take 100k of fans worldwide and ask for a fighting fund of £500 or £1,000 per share this can raise serious capital. I understand that the many people cannot look to offer this sum, but I believe many can and would do so.



    If there is a ground swell of support willing to examine the potential, it can be a serious option.



    never say never.

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  29. Houl yer wheest on

    I’ve just had a quick scan thru’ today’s posts. Seems to me we have more armchair experts than I imagined. I think I will save and file today’s offerings. Some of the authors will be contradicting themselves in the not too distant future.


    O’Brien J, I thought your post was interesting, not least that you were at the game and were part of the support who urged the fantastic comeback. Given that the first half was dire, 3 goals in 6 minutes is phenomenal. Hamiltontim likewise. BelfastCity Celt, we may not exactly agree politically but you are spot on re Celtic. Auldheid, If I were you I would take today’s attacks as a compliment. After all, there’s no substitute for intelligence!


    hail hail


    Thefatladyhasn’tsungyet CSC