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  1. Bjmac



    You’re a gentleman and I don’t say that about many people. I think I could like you :))



    Bloke. I thought the support were superb in the 2nd half once the half wits had gone.

  2. To see how far we have fallen from MON “whitewash” 11 – one has only to read the various opinions being expressed on here regarding Stokes



    For some he appears the way forward


    For others such as myself he is symptomatic of where we are going wrong



    This is a guy who knocked us back for Sunderland and failed to make the grade



    A guy who never made the grade at Arsenal before that



    He has talent but a terrible attitude


    – his two goals today were both decent strikes but that is all that he wants to do – for 80 minutes today he was as poor as Hooper and Kayal two decent shots shouldn’t obscure that



    The club has too many guys like Stokes, McCourt, Samaras etc – who are never going to be good enough



    The huns have a simpler system and a settled team and formation – individually they might not be great but they are an effective team – in Scottish terms at least.


    Anyone who thinks differently only has to look at who has won the league in the last 3 years



    Lenny has been unlucky to an extent with injuries but we still don’t really have an established first 11 or settled way of playing that works consistently



    There appears to be something wrong behind the scenes and we need real leadership both on and off the park



    Unfortunately we are unlikely to get it until we become a bigger priority for DD



    Does anyone really believe that if any other of his interests were performing so poorly – over such a long time – he wouldn’t have done more to sort it out?




  3. Donegal resident on

    Beal feirste


    Excuse the ignorance – but what bungalows lad? Ill probably kill myself laughing when you tell me.

  4. Steinreignedsupreme says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:51



    Couple of things, When he is our most expensive signing of the summer and signed for a position we need he IS the star signing, does not mean he is a star.


    If you were Neil and had the squad we have and were in need to strengthen the first 11 would you spend the very scarce £’s on someone not ready for the first team?, leaving besides that Neil actually said he needed quality and experience to complement his young team.


    I Don’t give a toss about how other teams do things, my focus is only on Celtic.



    To you its a rumour to me its fact, time will tell. As I said before, I’m not here to convince anyone.



    Our club is in a bad way, we’ve tried changing managers, we’ve tried changing players, there’s one consistent in the last 3 years.


    Who do you hold responsible?



    Hail Hail

  5. Donegal resident on



    Bit harsh there on Paddy. Our woeful form has coincided with Paddy being completely out of the picture. He needs mote than 6 minutes a game to influence the result. Messi would struggle with that ask.

  6. Bloke109



    Did the laughin out loud thing there..:) thanks for vollying back my sorry attempts at humour. As for your sincerity in asking me to lob another one back in, I just do not believe it.

  7. Paddy Gallagher on

    Q: What is the definition of endless love?


    A. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder playing tennis



    Definitely off for Guinness substance :-))

  8. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on

    I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster says:



    Pass my sympathies on to Mrs MWD – I’m sure she has a hard gig…



    Iwasn’t implying MWD is gay – wouldn’t bother me if he was – all the same surprised he is married. I’m merely drawing a parallel with his fascination with Hunnery – every post I make elicits accusations of being a Hun. It’s tiring and typically unwitty.



    I ask him to stroll on but he loves my posts..(actually I’m worried by that : ) )



    I don’t know the guy, He doesnt know me ..what I do know is he is intolerant and obsessed with Huns.



    I was just poking a bit of fun at him – actually would much rather just read his posts about Stokes predicament today and respond about CEltic and or football. I don’t need to agree with him but I can tolerate that. I can’t tolerate his inane and constant accusations of folk (me included) who hold different views to him being Huns – it’s inane at the best of times but when we are in such a mess, it beggars belief – He is obviously a good Tim but seems content to defend a system geared towards 2nd place. I find that odd but I tolerate it..without resorting to calling him a Hun!

  9. Sloleybhoy says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:50





    We should be asking why Sammi was not even considered for the bench today, another weak decision from a weak management “team”. Sammi has never disrespected our club in the manner of a number of our players toady’




    He’s injured.

  10. I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster on

    Paddy Gallagher says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:01



    give us a shout if you do and I will try and get a pass.







  11. Paddy Gallagher on

    I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:10



    Thanks mate – appreciated.

  12. Stokesy Stokesy Stokesy



    Puts it past the goalie….



    Great comeback from the bhoys in green today



    I thought we were dead and buried at halftime



    I’m so glad for Neil but most of all



    I am so glad for all the great fans that were in that cess pit today



    After all is said and done and after another dreadful performance (first 60 mins anyway)



    We are no further behind the hun



    Oh my how they must have spewed at both equalisers




  13. Have any of Strachan, Mowbray or Lennon complained that the signings brought in weren’t theirs and theirs alone?

  14. Just watching River City on catch up there. A burd gets drunk and it’s a catastrophe, queue end of programme.



    TV Drama is so quaint it drives me to the drink. Pen in hand for the BBC helpline number….



    Auld Rab C should be a daily prescription methinks.

  15. BelfastCityCelt on

    Ya know,when yer driving through Donegal? – Looking at some of the most beautiful scenery there is? – Then bang! One hits ye,then another,and another – they ruin the landscape completely.The infamous Donegal blight,those horrible bungalows.

  16. I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster on

    CultsBhoy hates being 2nd says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:09



    We all have our moments. Looks like you know him better than you think :-)



    I am sure you 2 will be pals, soon. Perhaps at our Championship winning party? Now there is a dream, I would not have thought even distinctly possible at H/T today!!







  17. notthebus says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:36





    No offence taken.



    Belive me i am not naive in wordy matters.



    However,what you and a string of other posters, is alleging would bring the club to its knees if it were true.I have asked all of those posters for evidence to support the claims.



    With respect, none have offered anything worthy of consideration.



    Based on no evidence being offered to the contrary,you cannot accept these stories as anything other than rumor mongering.






    You asked me a direct question , I replied to you, you obviously didn’t like the answer.


    You obviously believe I am telling lies.



    Fair enough.


    You have proved my guarded assertions, that you have not a clue about how a football club is run.


    I and others are NOT alleging anything that will bring the club to it’s knees, THEY HAVE BROUGHT THE CLUB TO IT’S KNEES ALREADY, can’t you see that, we are where are cos the CEO has been playing at football championship manager.



    What do you work at ?

  18. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    Been out..



    Today I was on Aberdeen Beach right in front of Fitty (Footdee) with my wife, sons, lab, my mate his wife and daughter the hour rolled on I got texts galore from Huns scoffing at Celtic….



    in case you want to know – I’m off to screwfix tomorrow morning to get some quick click hoses for the bathroom I’m fitting in my house..



    You a big pal of MWD ?

  19. Cultsbhoy and any other names you use on here



    I would bet a reasonable amount of my sixpence pocket money that MWD is as far away from you in football allegiance terms as is possible to get.



    He is a supporter of the Great Glasgow Celtic, you are not.



    You have been “caught out” on here as a blog bashing sad sack whose lies re: supporting our great team have been exposed for all to see.



    As the song says….We are Celtic supporters faithfull through and through…



    Your day will come.

  20. celtictom



    There is not only one consistent. There is at least two. One being the board and the other being the support.



    Who got rid of Gordon Strachan, who said that McManus and Caldwell weren’t good enough, who decried McGeady’s final ball, who said that Robson and McDonald weren’t Celtic class and who are the same ones who come on and shout loudly avbot how much bug Jan V H was a waster… you remember that night? Well I do and here is what I remember and wrote at the time to a great friend of this blog regarding Aiden





    It appears that Aiden is for the off I thought I have a look at the reaction and have spent the morning reading through this thread.


    I went back and found a long-ago e-mail showing the date as 14th December 2008.



    As you can read below I received news on that morning of the dressing room bust up between Aiden and Gordon. The text message suggested that it might just be the end of the road for Aiden as a Celtic player.



    I got my head together and hurriedly replied with the following.



    Hi ????



    I surfaced this morning to the sound of ‘We are Celtic Supporters faithful through and through’ blaring out from my phone as your message arrived.



    I read it and put my head back under the quilt.



    If the worst happens, perhaps you might pass this message on to Aiden.



    For approaching half a century, I have been watching and playing football in places as diverse as Brighton and Boston, San Francisco and Swansea, Coatbridge and Canberra and Riyadh and Rutherglen.



    In all that time I can count on the fingers of a six-fingered hand, the number of players who have got me on the edge of my seat, not by their ability to go by the opposition, not by their sudden burst of pace and definitely not by their muscle-bound bodies that can run and run for forty eight hours a day, but instead by those few players who have the ability to do the totally unexpected, to surprise even the most cynical of observers, and to utterly clam up the mouth of the arsehole who sits in front of me in block 103.



    Charlie Tully, Jimmy Johnstone, George Connelly, Henrik Larsson, Shunsuke Nakamura, and without any shadow of doubt – Aiden McGeady!!



    In the last match against Villa Real, Naka had a smashing game as he brought the ball under control in an instant and distributed it across the field for other players to do their thing, but VR were ready for that and simply closed down the space that the Celtic Players were trying to move in to.



    But when Aiden got the ball, you could see the looks of concern, you could sense the apprehension and you could smell the confusion as he ran directly at them, twisting and turning, winning fouls, picking out unseen passes, and generally ensuring that firstly Villa Real did not get a look in and secondly generating in the crowd an atmosphere that perhaps a ‘dead rubber’ didn’t warrant.



    Aiden is the best player to come through the ranks at CP since George and Jinky.



    If he stayed, he would have become a legend and there would have been another pedestal required outside the front entrance.



    I will always be a season ticket holder, but Aiden like those others mentioned enabled me to hand over my cash with a smile, and like Charlie, George and Jinky he is even more special because he’s one of us.



    Pass on my best wishes to him.



    Hail hail



    My views still stand to this day and while others can and will disagree with me as to Aiden’s capability and skill, I find it astonishing that some feel it necessary to virtually deny his presence never-mind his contribution by simply drawing a line under his career and urging everyone to ‘forget him’.


    Somehow the concept of the common thread that enables Celtic supporters to share ‘the History’ and sees flourishing outposts in a green and white mosaic across the planet, seems to have escaped their notice.



    We have a CELTIC supporter going to ply their trade in a new culture where probably the only knowledge of Celtic is as a football club. Aiden, his family and friends will meet many new people from many places (have a look at the Spartak Squad) and I am sure that in off duty moments they will all have the chance to regale their new pals with tales of the initially tragic and poverty stricken seeds from which Celtic – the whole Celtic movement – grew and ultimately flourished. I am sure that like many people I have the pleasure to know across the globe, some of those will become enchanted by the history and pass that affection on through their own families and friends.



    If for no other reason, we should not only fervently and honestly wish Aiden all the best, we should keep a wee eye on how he gets on.


    We are more than a football club after all. Aren’t we?






    Eventually he went and guess what ……..If we sell the best, we will always be second best






    Hail Hail




  21. Thought I had posted last night then discovered I was no longer logged in (so many words of wisdom disappeared into the ether, oblige me, if I can’t delude you lot at least allow me to delude myself.)



    Won’t bore you or myself by repeating everything, but would like to bring up what was, I thougt at the time, my final point.



    Have harboured great belief in NL, but beginning to wonder if he is his own worst enemy. Passion, courage and shear willpower doesn’t make you a manager or coach – it just confirms your status as a Celtic supporter, just like the rest of us on here and none of us is up to the job despite our delusions.



    The point I tried to make last night was that I have seen a fair bit of Norwich this season. Not seen any individual player I would want to bring to CP, but I have seen a TEAM. Very well coached, very disciplined, very aware. They seem to understand what is asked of them within their abilities and. most importantly, buy into the message. They understand and believe what the coach tells them and play accordingly. What are we doing wrong?



    Everyone knows that NL likes to make changes after 60 mins earliest. Apart from his personal convictions (I know he made changes at half-time) but can anyone explain why Hooper and Kayal were not replaced after 15 mins.? How much time do you need to see what is not working?



    Neil – grow up fast. Learn how to get the squad singing from the same hymn sheet or step aside. The next time you feel the need to have a go at our players do it in house – not in public. I know you have your coaching badges – do you have a clue about management? Seems not.



    I still don’t believe it’s beyond you – make your choice, be as you are (dead in the water) or be as you can be – only you can decide.







  22. rileyskeepingthefaith on

    falkirk bhoy



    i wanted hoops off cause i could see that he wasnt moving to well and it didnt look like he could run it off and we had no room for passengers but people make mistakes thats life lenny maybe look bcak and think i should have taken him off or hoops maybe could have said look a cant play on. i think its way to early to be calling for lennys head though




  23. celtictom



    I am sorry to be pedantic, but again where is the proof of this?



    Has Gordon Strachan been quoted as saying this? if not,why not? he has no axe to grind, no allegiance to uphold.



    the only story i have heard of this nature was with the Robbie Keane signing , where at the 11th hour it became a possibility he would sign on loan.Even then TM had the veto on this this.If TM said no, he would not have signed. i can quote as fact as i was told this directly by Peter Grant, his then assistant.

  24. squire danaher on

    I have started this post five times and scrubbed what I want to say because I cannot express myself due to anger.



    For his unprofessional behaviour immediately before half-time, notwithstanding his virtual lack of application throughout the first half, Beram Kayal should be shown the door immediately, and should NEVER play for the first team again.



    Apart from the ball across the face of the goal for A Stokes’ miss of this and any number of seasons, could anyone tell me an occasion where Cha Du-Ri managed to successfully pass the ball to a team-mate.



    No matter what C Mulgrew may insist in the media, and disregarding the freak nature of today’s result, this is an emotionally fragile team who cannot cope with going behind.



    Had A Stokes buried the sitter of all sitters at 0-0 we would have won 4-0 today. He is a hero today because we have dropped 2 points at one of our traditionally easier away games and he has scored two in a 3-3 draw.



    Had Samaras missed that chance at 0-0 some on here would have been scouring the West of Scotland for him in lynch mobs .



    Never mind, Stokesie’s da hates the Queen.



    And NL thinks GS will get him the sack……………….

  25. Working today, so had the match recorded and watched as “live”. Where to start???!!



    I remember reading WSC magazine pre-season, and they had a wee supplement where fans of every club gave their predictions for the upcoming season. The Celtic guy said something along the lines of “we’ll embrace mediocrity with gusto, while the cult of personality of Neil Lennon papers over the cracks”. My reaction…at least to the Neil Lennon bit, was to think that’s a bit unfair. We do after all have a proven track record of “embracing medriocrity with gusto”!!



    Now, I’ve never been one to cry “sack the board” or “that Dermott needs to splash the cash”, although here’s where I think him and especially Lawwell are culpable…Neil has been the sacrificial lamb in my opinion. I love the man to bits, although to see him hawked around the roadshows prior to his permanent appointment, while Lawwell was thinking “we might just get away with this”, was awful.



    “Let’s bring back the thunder” had the erstwhile CEO creaming his pants as he watched the support united like never before. The phrase was on the season book renewals in no time!! As a manager…especially a Celtic manager, I think the message needs to be “I do this my way or not at all”!



    Neil was 20 minutes away from the sack today (IMO), and not all of it is his fault (again IMO).



    Peace and Hail, Hail!

  26. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy.



    The three I was talking about are Hooper, Kayal and Ki. Although I would add Commons to that list.



    To be honest I have concerns about Izzy too. As you say – talking up Man Utd interest as well as his shambolic dispaly against ICT last May do not inspire confidence. But I’m prepared to wait and see what happens when he returns.



    I detest players who treat my club so disdainfully.


    Really detest them and I cannot fathom the adulation they receive for having delivered so little.



    Have to say – today is not the first I have posted such concerns. I have had them for a long long time.



    Also agree totally re MON. Tired reading about his return. He left and it suited him to do so.



    Wasn’t too long before he was back in management. And it wasn;t too long before he jumped ship again.







  27. My wife was in the bathroom for hours getting dressed to go out when finally she swung open the door and asked ‘Tell me honestly, do I look fat in this?’


    I replied ‘Yes love, but to be fair, it is a small bathroom

  28. strachan – not shy in coming forward, quite happy to have an argument – yet with years passed and nothing to lose has never suggested he didnt control transfers at CP.



    Mowbray, ditto. I think we’re looking for excuses.

  29. Stringer Bell says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:09



    The exact same question as I want an answer to.



    Hail Hail