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  1. rileyskeepingthefaith on

    Is there anyway we could get darren odea back from leeds? Hes no worse than any of our centre halfs and would run through a brick wall for celtic




  2. ht



    Two guys behind us left after their first goal. There was a moment early in the second half where a guy in the back of the Moffat shouted ‘CELTIC’, folk joined in. Moments later the Kilmarnock fans started the weakest possible rendition of JCGE, we reclaimed our song, belting it out, then the group bottom left found their voice and the support never looked back.



    They say that supporters can be the twelfth man. We weren’t today, we were the fifth or sixth.

  3. I still cringe at the memory of the injury prone, ego tripping soccer geriatric Roy Keane, being introduced over the Celtic Park tannoy as ‘Celtic’s biggest ever signing’.



    Nobody should take any comfort at what happened at Ibrox today.


    Celtic,s first half defensive performance, liable to be repeated at any time, was abysmal.


    As for Kayal. At least Lennon had the good sense to hook him at half time before he did any more damage.


    Like Broonie he is just another ‘haud me back’ hard man.


    As for yesterday’s agm. Anyone other than Lennon expressing surprise that Samaras, having conned Celtic into giving him another contract and then refusing to bale out, would have been jeered the length of the London Road.

  4. TET



    She’s my angel.



    I’m pished so its unusual for me to post in a slightly intoxicated state. I was there today and I’ll be there every week so long as I can afford it.



    Celtic isn’t just what happened today its a movement and a cause. Despite results we are all still part of a truly special thing that was passed down to us from people who knew real hardship.

  5. Fortunes Favour Mibbes



    I wondered if I was alone in thinking that there was a lack of commitment in going for a winner.

  6. Hooper should have been off after the kick he got. He was injured, playing with 10 men in the 1st half.


    Neil should have taken him off then. Managers mistake, not hoppers fault.

  7. Donegal resident on

    Jesus that was bad. As bad a first half display as I have seen from a Celtic team. Hate that f**n kit by the way!

  8. Moonbeams WD. \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. C’mon the hoops. says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:31



    Noticed that myself and posted it at the time. Contrast that incident with Killie’s first goal when they had at least 2 midfielders bursting a gut to get fo.ward

  9. Surely not having a “scubby” can’t be the end of the story!



    I want to hear more of that, surely-fascinating, story!

  10. notthebus says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:36



    Your 100% in saying no credible evidence has been presented, its all, I heard, I know, I seen……….



    But do you believe that Neil has the absolute say on who ultimately comes and goes at CP, and if you do can I ask where you get your belief from?



    I have watched the past 5 years as my team is ran into the ground whilst one individual has seen phenomenal riches put into their bank account. This individual sold Kenny Miller when GS wanted to keep him and bought Glen Loovens when GS never wanted him.



    If Mr Lawell was prepared to do this to a manager that had provided success on the field and sizeable checks from the success off it then I have no doubt he pull’s the strings.



    Hail Hail

  11. Quonno



    We should be asking why Sammi was not even considered for the bench today, another weak decision from a weak management “team”. Sammi has never disrespected our club in the manner of a number of our players toady

  12. rileyskeepingthefaith says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:41



    Agree, we really could have done with him being at CP instead of Loovens.




  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    celtictom: 15 October, 2011 at 20:33



    “A think we’ll agree to differ. Neil has been more than happy to split up Hooper and Stokes, to the detriment of Stokes but does not use Bangura.”



    Lenny is the manager and he will pick or drop players for any number of reasons – that is what football managers do.



    “We needed a striker, Neil new that, why would he spend north of £2mil then not do everything to get his star buy into the team asap?”



    Maybe Lenny didn’t think he was ready to go straight into the team. And I don’t know when Bangura was ever described as a ‘star’ by anyone. On the evidence so far I reckon Lenny called it right. If you take time to think about the possible scenarios you will see these things happen at every club, not just Celtic.



    But rumours always seem to be more exciting for some people. It always amazes me how many folk are ‘in the know’, but there are always several different versions of these stories doing the rounds at the same time.



    I think it is best to take them with a pinch of salt. At least the Etims Rumour Mill does it with a bit of humour.

  14. MWD:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:31



    Agree Stokes did very well to bring the ball under control – held off the defenders – looked left/ right to lay it off – nobody within 30-35m to help him.



    No supporting midfield in attack (don’t start me on their defencive roles)!

  15. hamiltontim says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:26



    The pleasure was all mine mate, my prediction didn’t quite come true (time for 2 more!)



    Email your mobile no. As you know I’m at all games (except snake mountain). Getting our banner at the end I forgot to get it off ye. email me details of your night as well.



    back to family movie…







  16. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    I’ve asked you to stroll on numpty boy but since you love reading my posts…I’ll share an observation with you (actually you’re last observational post re Stoke with no support was untypically good for you!) ..any how here’s my observation..



    In life I’ve known quite few guys who are kind of delusional – generally they think they are hard nuts and make out that they are attractive to women. In reality they never actually batter anybody and are usually single. The same guys often accuse other guys of being gay and purport have strong anti homosexual views. I always think these guys are repressed and are suppressing something…not saying that they are gay but I think they have a fascination with it that they dare not admit. I always think it is a shame they cant just be themselves and be a bit more tolerant.



    On CQN similar things happen – only this behaviour takes the form of posters accusing folk with views different to their own of being ‘Huns’…I’m not saying you are a hun but I think you have a wee fascination..?



    Ring any bells?



    So just be yourself..

  17. Paddy Gallagher on

    Just back from my mates funeral,


    He was killed when he was hit on the head with a tennis ball,


    What a service.





    Smashing post,absolutely briliant.



    The pleasure you got from that,and by extension the pleasure you have given us by telling that tale,almost makes up for everything else.



    We live to fight on,and we mus be united,mon the hoooooooooooops!

  19. Its all how you see things.


    Celtic official website is currently peddling the ‘spirited Celts claim a point’.


    Ach well ! Any port in a storm.

  20. rileyskeepingthefaith on

    Falkirk bhoy



    Thought that myself looked a right sore one but a was thinking lenny asked him how it was and he probably said i will give it to half time just my thinking of it




  21. I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster on

    CultsBhoy hates being 2nd says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:52



    Fraid I know Mrs MWD, so the bhoy has something going for him. I know you 2 dont get on, but dont think your post does yourself any justice.







  22. BelfastCityCelt on

    Donegal resident says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:50



    It doesn’t look as bad as those bungalows though,does it?

  23. I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster on

    Paddy Gallagher says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:52



    Soory to hear about your loss mate. Guessing it was game, set and match :-)



    Did I read right the other night and you coming up to CP soon?







  24. HT



    I know it is mi amigo.


    Distance dictates for me these days, when I was a young fella, 13 on I used to go to all the games with a club from Aberdeen, discoverd the opposite sex at about 18, I know, but spotty faced kids didn’t do too well in them days.


    The attendances dropped of for a few years, no money was a major reason.


    Living and working abroad for the next 20 odd years further reduced my going to games, but the 10 years I had in Ireland was good, made it over to lots of games.


    I miss it big time.


    But I still feel a part of the family, no matter where I am.


    You look after your angel mi amigo, they are precious.

  25. Paddy Gallagher



    Thoughts with you and your friend’s family. A silent funeral is more appeallinge than going out with a racket. Hopefully the service was within the bounds of decencty – did everyone wear white or black?



    (i’m pish at sport’s humour – except when watching the nashunal teem playing 9-1-0 formations, then the jokes come quick and fast).

  26. Rileys


    I hear you, but that’s why Neil has to go, he’s the manager, his decision to keep him on cost us. What did he think after, 1-0 down, then 2-0, 3-0……

  27. Paddy Gallagher on

    I am Neil Lennon on a celticrollercoaster says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:58



    Did I read right the other night and you coming up to CP soon?






    Yes bud, comming up around 11th Nov for a wee op. but not booked travel yet.

  28. quonno @ 20:48



    The never give up spirit has been one of the main ingredients missing – before now, we’d never have come back from 3 down, so even though it wasn’t as we’d hope, it may well still be a turning point for a young team to see they can conquer the odds.

  29. So thoughts of today….



    Naw hild them until later. Off for a bit of lubrication but just for a pal said to me to day “So go on ya feckin know it all” (he has got a very sharp mind) “what is a wog”



    I looked at him in some disgusted surprise and obnoxious shock…



    ” What a disgustingly surprisingly obnoxious shocking term for another human being…..OK so what is a wog.?” I relented



    “A wump of wood.” he said



    Hail hail




  30. Logged on not long ago and trying to get a sense of the mood of the support. Watched the game on ESPN today and was not impressed by what I saw.



    Lurgan 53 – you mentioned three players whom you’ve identified this season as not having the right attitude. I didn’t see your previous post where you might have named them but I’m guessing that you have Kayal, Hooper and Commons in mind. I would totally agree with you if it’s these three. They give the impression that they have their exit strategy planned and are in the process of executing it. I’m bitterly disappointed with these three. At least it can be said for Gary Hooper that he is not running around trying to get himself sent off as Commons did in Edinburgh and as Kayal was trying to do today. In fact I did feel sorry for Hooper today. He got injured hrough no fault of his own. I believe the perpetrator who had about three kicks at Gary’s Achilles tendon and calf was Purshouse who then fouled Mathews and shortly afterwards took out Anthony Stokes after AS skinned him on the touchline…. without impunity from the referee. Had he been booked for his kicking of Hooper, he surely would have been sent off for his foul on Stokes but the referee granted him immunity from punishment today.



    Celtic today are a puzzle, wrapped up in an enigma inside a conundrum. The team who appeared to be well coached last season, don’t appear to be well coached this season ……by the same coaching team. Where there was solidarity in the second half of last season amongst the players, management and supporters there appears to be division this season …… why? Is it that some players have fastened on to the adualtion of the supporters ( see the 3 I mentioned above). To them we can add Izzaguirre – let’s not forget his comments about Man Utd being interested in him. Then we have Mohammed Bloody Bangura who tells us that he plans to play in the EPL ( POSSIBLY AT THE END OF THIS SEASON!) before he has made an appearance on the field of play for Celtic Football Club. Excuse the language but he needs to be made to apologise to the Celtic support for those comments. As for the other 3/4 amigos mentioned previously they need to be told to shape up or ship out. The Board and Management need to impose some discipline on their present and future employees as to what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.



    I have posited on here before that I believe the future path should involve Celtic keepin 8-10 seasoned professionals and playing young players alongside them to gradually blood them. Today we saw Adam Matthews and James Forrest turning in the type of performance that we as Celtic supporters deserve to see. They tried for 90 minutes and they showed some skill. In addioion I would like to hail the performance of Anthony Stokes who played like a Celtic supporter. I have had my doubts about AS commitment as a professional and ws not overly pleased about his reasons for withdrawing from the ROI squad because he was ‘too tire’. However, from today I totally revise my opinion of Anthony and thak him from pulling us out of the mire with his two brilliant goals. He deserves to be in the team every week.



    There was a lot to worry about today but it has to be recognised that the team did not capitulate (read that last word with an Ian Paisley accent). They have to be given credit for taking a point when they had been 3 goals behind. Similarly Rangers blew it today. When I turned the telly on to see their score I was jubilant. However, for Lenny he needs to sort out the squad this week. He needs to identify who are for him and who are agin him and he then needs to banish those in the latter category from the first team forever. It’s time to get the kid gloves off.



    As for those who are hoping MON will ride in and rescue the situation. Forget it. MON left Villa in the lurch at the start of a season. He left because he did not get the money he wanted to buy players. When he came to Celtic he was given a lot to spend and made a success of it. When the transfer kitty dwindled in subsequent seasons he became disillusioned and left. I loved MON but let’s not let sentimentality get in the way of things. His last season 2004/05 was appalling. The play was turgid. He allowed Paul Lambert to go off to Germany and take his coaching certificate while we paid his wages. The onl game that we needed Paul Lambert to come on and close the play down in was the last game of the season at Fir Park – Black Sunday. Paul was on the bench. We were winning 1-0 until late in the game. We didn’t look as though we were going to add to Chris Sutton’s early goal so PL could have come on for the last 20-30 minutes and help us shut up shop but Martin didn’t do it. Martin (let’s not for get that he had had a difficult year with his wife’s life threatening illness) also admitted to the rags two days before the game that he would be leaving Celtic and taking time out with his wife. Very understandable but unprofessional. He was being paid a King’s Ransom by Celtic FC – Us – to manage the football team to the end of the season. He should have denied, denied, denied that he would be leaving (God knows what effect his announcement had on the morale of the players, it certainly didn’t do mine any good) until the season had ended and we had won the double.



    I for one do not expect to see Martin back at Celtic Park and to be honest I would have mixed feelings if he did come.