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  1. Stringer,



    Fair eeenuf.



    nae mair bad words, dig?



    How about i put Liam on the bench and draft in…..Jim Morrison??

  2. You have to win the battle first, in every game. It is hard enough to do that, but to be outnumbered in the most important area of the field, when trying to establish a platform, is something that should have recognised and changed accordingly.



    Granted it was changed, due to Kayal trying to get sent off and Hoopers injury.



    But I could see it coming 15 mins into the game,and, its not the first time this season that the mid-field has been swamped, as we do not have the correct formation on the park.



    When does the penny drop? por cierto.

  3. Stokes’s 2 goals today takes his Goals/Assists ratio to 1 per 69 minutes, way way out in front of his teammates.



    Behind him are Hooper – 1 per 132 mins – and Ki at 155 mins.

  4. wilson


    “How about i put Liam on the bench and draft in…..Jim Morrison??”



    Is he no died !! por cierto.

  5. notthebus says:


    15 October, 2011 at 18:51





    “Does anyone really believe Neil has the final say on who we sign ?”.This is something you have been muting for some time.



    is there a shred of evidence to support this claim?”



    Its hardly the type of thing that connected people go public with is it.



    I have been told by various sources who are in a position to know. You either believe they are credible sources or not. I believe they are. At least one of them is a hugely credible poster on here.



    I was also told that there is a particular agent who is hugely influential and has a very very close relationship with the CEO. To be specific i am NOT suggesting any financial impropriety, i am suggesting other agents are sometimes wary of bringing players to the club, and ending up losing them as clients

  6. I think this might work for the rest of the week.


    Quote of the Day from WebServices


    Today’s Quote is Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.


    BY W. C. Fields




  7. Lenny never knew Bangura had signed, he was told that Bangura had signed.



    Don’t have a clue about any other signings.


    The likes of Ki, Mizuno imo were not signed from a footballing angle, Juarez was a product of a deal between clubs, he’s gone for now.


    There are others, the jist of my point is there.



    Lenny is way, way below PL in the food chain, and he bears all the brunt, he gets it from us, the players, the media, the board, and the scum out there that send him bombs and bullits.

  8. Barcabhoy



    With respect that’s not evidence.



    You are making a very serious allegation.If the manager is not in charge of who is bought in , then who is? and if so what is the agenda?



    Can you name players have been bought that Neil has not had the final say on?

  9. TET



    I take issue with your last sentence. I don’t believe Neil would accept that position.



    If he is content with that then he’s not the man for the job.

  10. Nollaig a chara on

    I’ve said for a while something wrong in our dressing room…….my opinion on things for what its worth are as follows



    1. Sack the board


    2. Keep the faith with Lenny


    3. If a half decen’t bid comes in for Kayal in Jan…take it


    4. I still have faith in Hooper but something is up with him


    5 Will still never boo any one in a Hoops jersey…Am surprised no one has blamed Sammi for todays performance

  11. Dear Board



    Would you mind awfully if I had the tiniest of panics now?



    Much appreciated , ta ta !




    Neil Lennon is quoted as saying he had watched Bangura for over a year before he signed him.



    Is he telling lies?

  13. THE EXILED TIM says:


    15 October, 2011 at 19:02




    Couldnt agree more.



    If BP behaved the way we do, then when the gulf spill occured they would have hammered the guy leading the clean up, and given a pay rise and a bonus to the CEO



    Real leaders lead, they take charge and they take responsibility for their actions



    Our leaders just put their hands out for more money and let others carry the can

  14. BelfastCityCelt on

    It was a beautiful day in my opinion.






    The deflated tones on BBC Radio Rangers,after the dust had settled.The joy that was all around those studios when we were losing 3-nil,then 3-1 slightly deflated,but still more than confident they were – 3-2! they sounded worried – surely the tarriers won’t do it! 3-3 GIRUY Billy!



    Not to worry they thought – a 12 point lead is a mere formality,after they took care of the Buddies – 1-nil Billy,job not quite done,huns looking nervous – but still should grind out another win – looking good,but low and behold,3 minutes into injury time,and the unthinkable happens – take it outta that Billy! HOLD THE BACK PAGE! The joy soon turns to agony,and they get that sinking feeling – Jabba throws up all over the carpet,The script was already written,but now it is no more – the big debate on YourCall – Celtic in crises,Celtic concede 3 goals…blah,blah,blah!



    But what was the reality Jabba? Celtic drew,away from home and Billy drew,at home.Some may even argue that a draw away from home is a better result than a draw at home…who knows?



    They were laughing at the other side of their faces when those equalising goals went in.



    Good. :)

  15. Praeceta,



    There are no obvious solutions.


    No cast iron guaranteed changes.


    I say enough of the short termism.


    Give Neil Lennon four or five seasons.


    We cannot embark on a rip it up and start again mission for the umpteenth time.



    If we are on their coat tails or above and we win the league cup in the spring we will be in the driving seat.


    I share your fear anf frustration, we look awful at time just now.



    I just don’t think there is an obvious fix.


    I happen to believe the squad is good enough but they are not showing it.



    Hail Hail mate




  16. BT



    I find it amazing that some folk think the manager decides who comes and goes 100%, he gets his tuppenceworth, but that’s his lot, 2p, PL decides the rest



    In other clubs where they have a DOF, the dof buys the players, the coach coaches them.


    PL and his side kick think they are dof ‘s.

  17. Nollaig a chara says:


    15 October, 2011 at 19:06



    Sammi was irresponsible in picking up a supposed injury midweek.


    It left us short of potential strikers for the bench.






    ‘GG :-)

  18. notthebus says:


    15 October, 2011 at 19:09





    Neil Lennon is quoted as saying he had watched Bangura for over a year before he signed him.



    Is he telling lies?”



    No he never. He said the club had watched him for over a year. Nit the same thing at all

  19. just been on the cfc website looking for a gs ticket for the sheep next week, plenty of tickets available, can’t remember my password, can’t book yet , I reckon there’s no need to worry though, predict 35-40 k attendance. tickets in the block above gb still available, would love to hear junior capo in action, Gb can you put in requests.

  20. Mickybhoy1888 @ 17:09



    Cheers Mickybhoy



    Obviously 3 – 0 down to Kilmarnock at half time was very much worse off.



    At half time today I could see this team, the board, and Neil lennon far enough. At full time I was relieved that we had managed to get a draw when it looked like we were going to get pumped, not delighted really, but relieved, honest. Watching the first half, as Kilmarnock dominated us, I thought Celtic were playing poorly, lacking in spirit and fight and not working well as a team. The first half put me in mind of Tony Mowbray’s last game as manager against St Mirren, you know the details. Anyhow, 2nd half, after 20 minutes, we picked up, fought back and got an unlikely looking draw and I felt better. When I then watched Rangers, on a dodgy stream, conceding an equaliser to St Mirren, in the last minute of injury time, with almost the last kick of the ball, I was shouting and bawling like a mad yin, with delight, and truly felt much better.



    As far as the only thing the hun result changes tonight is that some connected with Celtic FC may just see it as ok to be going out for a pint after all. I don’t understand your point here.





    If you are being sincere, I am happy you feel delighted for me, if you are being sarcastic, fair do’s, each to their own and all that.



    Hail Hail

  21. We have the same squad that threw the league away last season, with a few added faces. Leaving out Bagura our recent signings seem like they will improve our side. Lets leave judgement on Lennon until he has a full squad to pick from. The players need to start respecting the shirts they are blessed to wear ! Then the league will be ours. keep the faith.

  22. Barcabhoy



    “Celtic manager Neil Lennon said: “We believe Mohamed is a player of real quality and someone who has the potential to make a big contribution to Celtic.


    “He comes highly recommended by people in the Swedish game. We have had him watched for a year or so, and all the reports have been very positive, and I know Mohamed is excited about joining the club.


    “He’s a young player and someone with great enthusiasm for Celtic and for the challenge ahead, and we’re really looking forward to welcoming him to the squad.”



    Could that “we” be Neil, Johan and Alan in conjunction with the coaching staff ?

  23. Nollaig a chara on

    ElDiegoBhoy says:


    15 October, 2011 at 19:08




    Ok I see what your saying but the board really have let Lenny down, Its very frustrating as I’m sure you’d agree we have some of the richest ppl in the footballing world on our board and they wouldn’t spend christmas….better watch what I say as Dermot might lose respect for me