Ladbrokes SPFL use Level5 to dig into Celtic


Level 5, the PR company born out of the need to convince Newco fans to back one specific camp, have been given the Ladbrokes SPFL contract. Promotion of the SPFL is the responsibility of sponsor, Ladbrokes, who also pay for PR, this was not a decision by the league or member clubs.

Their brief is to manage the news and keep the words Ladbrokes SPFL in the news. Recent coverage has been a case in point.

Yesterday’s newspapers gave an excellent example of how this is operating.  Ladbrokes wanted their app promoted for free in the newspapers. Their Level 5 performed to task, the Evening Times ran with:

“Murdo was promoting a new Ladbrokes ’Track Your Acca’ app which allows punters to track their bets and cash out on the go – for full details log on to thegrid.ladbrokes.com”

While the Daily Record ran with:

“MacLeod was promoting a new Ladbrokes ‘Track Your Acca’ app that allows punters to track bets on the go – for full details log on to thegrid.ladbrokes.com”

Both a copy and paste from the press release.

Here’s the rub, though. The bait for both Ladbrokes adverts was Murdo having a go at two different Celtic players. The League’s sponsor is employing a PR company, who could have chosen any subject at 42 clubs, but they chose to have a dig at Celtic players.  Digging at Celtic players is one of the most reliable ways to ensure your comment runs in the newspapers.

That PR company just happens to be staffed by a former employee of a club who can hardly make a public comment without proclaiming their desire to bring down Celtic.

Ladbrokes got their promotion and two Celtic players were used as fuel, this is unacceptable. The League sponsor cannot employ a PR company who have enjoyed such a close relationship with a PR-dependent club, while undermining Celtic.

It is a fundamental conflict of interest and has to stop, Celtic cannot be cannon-fodder for the SPFL sponsor. Ladbrokes are representing the League on PR matters and cannot undermine the Celtic in this way.  The SPFL cannot allow their competition to be undermined by partisan promotion.

Let @Ladbrokes know your thoughts.

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    Who’s gonna volunteer to trawl the rags to keep count of the anti-Celtic stories used to promote the Scottish game and its sponsor?



    I’m just gonna bhoycott them instead as a matter of principle. Use Betfred instead,better deals and odds most of the time anyway.



    And 100 yards nearer my local…

  2. And here was me thinking that Pat Bonner had his book launch at Celtic Park in early October





    It would seem that the same Mr Bonner is hosting an event at Walkabout at the top of Renfield tonight along with Frank McAvennie Joe Miller and Andy Walker. I am just wondering wether the £7.50 entry fee will go to Mr Bonner or will be shared out equally. No doubts that if you have a copy of his book to hand he may even sign it.

  3. Just watched LG goal last night….that bhoy is a good yin.


    Loved his celebration.


    GIRUY to the Wee Huns


    Ya beauty.





  4. The long journey in heavy traffic last night was well worth it to see us overcoming the “Minis” again.


    However the gloss was taken off the occasion a bit by our repertoire last night which was particularly distasteful in my view.


    I cannot decide whether Tynecastle brings out the worst in our support or the worst of our support either way it is not what Celtic is about for me, and having spoken to other fans during the game, I was not alone in this view.


    It seemed like we were well in to the second half before a real Celtic song was heard.


    Instead, our songs continuously featured references to the “IRA”, and “FTQ” and frankly I think we can do without the “Bonfire” song.


    I am well aware of the fact the Hertz fans are consistently obnoxious and overtly sectarian however it irks me when we stoop to the same level.



  5. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Happy Birthday Starry, have a great day. You got one of your presents last night :-)

  6. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Is Jabba the first one to gain the full set? – BBC, SFA, Huns and now SPFL contracts?



    Scottish fitba must seem like some kind of surreal merry-go-round if you are part of the Hun establishment – no sooner have you got your erchie kicked out one revolving door but one of your hun cronies is showing you to your next gig.



    Until that cosy arrangement ends, Scottish fitba administration is doomed to perpetual mediocrity.

  7. Just looked at the adverts when I opened up CQN,Melia Hotels and Resorts,Hard Rock Hotels,Wizz Airlines and an advert for a smartphone.


    I will really need to counsel my wife about trawling holiday related websites when she has use of my iPad

  8. CQN Corner Stats 2015/2016 (Domestic)


    Games: 13


    Corners Conceded: 46


    Goals Conceded: 1



    Corners Awarded: 103


    Goals Scored: 1

  9. Tgm,



    I was gonna ask that you forward the mail to me so I can lazily just add my name to your work.



    But on second thoughts I’m gonna go with Ernies suggestion and only place my winning bets with them :p




  10. Lp,



    Lots of talk today about wee Leighs goal but without Johansens intervention there would be no such goal.



    Ifsbutsandmaybes csc

  11. You have got to wonder at the thought processes going on in some heads.



    It is clearly a conflict of interest for level 5 to get the contract to “promote!” the Ladbrokes SPFL. Paul tells us that the promotion of the SPFL is down to Ladbrokes. While that is undoubtedly true I would be pretty astonished if the SPFL do not have the right to veto/agee campaigns/agree media partners. I could be wrong on that (given how amaturish scottish football is). But even if I am wrong calling on celtic fans to approach Ladbrokes in this is once again getting the support to do the dirty work for the board.



    That level 5 are appointed should be tackled directly by PL and co. If they dont then we must assume they are happy with the arrangement and all this “angst” is at the very least cognitive dissonance.



    You and I know Celtic will do and say nothing.



    So Paul gets you all excited and we all blame Ladbrokes (who probably dont know any better) – while our board are party to it all. Doesnt that sound familiar (res 12 anyone)? Those ladbrokes shops at CP feel very safe to me.



    Add to that board members of the, ahem, most ethical club in the world, voting to take tax credits from poor families, failing to implement the living wage, illegally passing details to the police (lying about it too).



    Wow – what a board.



    If Celtic are so worried about the level 5 appointment then they should say so publicly. I am pretty sure Ladbrokes would respond to that by dropping them (they dont need the hassle). What have Celtic got to lose by doing so?



    They still wont mind.



    Cognitive dissonace seems to be alive and well at CQN too. many on the site are uneasy about Bonners rather uncle tim like approach to celtic performances etc. But CQN are very keen to promote mr Bonners book. Perhaps commercial interests overall any quesy sense of unease about Bonnar’s utterences.



    Finances over ethics eh? Havent we heard that somewhere else?



    As a celtic fan I do wonder who is the most deluded support at times. Those who support the zombie club or ourselves. We certainly seem to be surrounded by people keen to promote their own interests disguised as something else.



    Makes you wonder…….




    Ladbrokes wont be happy when Big Peter padlocks their stall and throws them out into the street.


    C,mon Peter…show them who is boss:)





  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Would I be overly cynical in thinking this tie-up might be connected to events over Ibrox way?


    Might we be hearing more about the need for a 16-team league….?

  14. I doubt if I would be far off in saying that the said bookie has a contract with Celtic and that’s that, so it’s up to the Celtic fans/punters to avoid the shops and bet elsewhere, not that I bet with them in general, but I defenatly won’t know.


    It’s a strange one, if business was bad and they hired a PR team for here in Scotland, well I’m afraid they are going to find out how really bad it is, why oh why did the do this?


    Duped? It’s a cluster …. For sure, heads will roll me thinks.

  15. If I was BETFRED, id be on the phone to Pedro right now…there is a stall up for grabs at CP:)


    Tell ye…the Shawfield bookies will be raging.





  16. Neganon



    If you read back a page or two you will see that I comment on Bonner’s book.



    Where has CQN ‘promoted’ his book? Paul gave it a one line mention on its release a month or so ago and even that line was factual.



    Has it been reviewed on here? Look back at the weekend and you will see CQN (without being asked do so) promoted John Fallon’s book and his book signing event at the Celtic Supporters Club.



    What you are saying here isn’t correct and I would hope you accept what I am saying.

  17. B Marjoriebanks in Daily Mail with a telling insight into Leigh Griffiths. Another booking in semi and he misses final. No?




    In one of Scottish football’s tightest venues, the 25-year-old knew his momentum and his celebrations would take him off the pitch. So the decision he faced after his 14th of the season was to celebrate with his own fans in one half of the Roseburn Stand or goad the enemy sat in the other.



    Given three sides of the Gorgie ground had berated Griffiths mercilessly all evening, it was an easy choice for the former Hibs striker as he celebrated the strike that put Celtic on course for the League Cup semi finals.



    And with that, the man Hearts fans love to hate, was off to enjoy payback time against his maroon tormentors — albeit at the cost of a yellow card.



    ‘I knew that if I go to the Celtic fans then I’m going to get booked. And I know that if I’m heading towards the Hearts fans then I’m going to get booked as well,’ beamed the Scotland international forward.



    ‘So if you give me the option then there’s only one place I’m going! I did the very same when I scored my first-ever Celtic goal here! I get abuse everywhere I go but here you always get added stick as an ex-Hibee. And the only way to shut them up is to score a goal.



    ‘I can’t remember who played the ball in to me, but I did the same thing at Parkhead by drifting wide and then cutting in on my left foot. I nutmegged Jordan McGhee and then the only place I can put it is across the goalkeeper and into the corner. I’m happy with the finish.



    ‘Was my booking harsh? You’d had to ask the referee, John Beaton, about that. I thought that it was a bit harsh but if you give me a goal like that and a yellow card to go along with it then I will take that every day of the week.’

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    SuperSutton on 29th October 2015 12:40 pm



    Those stats on Corners Awarded: 103 Goals Scored: 1 are shocking, what do they do at training……

  19. Andrew Kerins Green and White Army on

    Have to agree on the comments re michael stewart ,easily the best pundit out there


    Surprised he’s still on the beeb tbh

  20. Well done Ronny – 2 difficult tests have been passed since Molde.



    I wasn’t too convinced by Jozo last night, he looks comfortable with the ball but was out muscled by Sow all night. Far too often he would attack the ball but Sow would hold him off and Boyata would have to cover.



    He’s young but will need to become stronger.



    We still miss VVD. With him, the whole team knew he would attack any ball into our box. Now, nobody takes the initiative.



    Wee James was a passenger last night. Plenty of ability but i got the impression he didn’t fancy it at all and we can’t carry passengers.



    Another thought i had last night is whether the pressure is greater being in the Europa League?



    We are going to be expected to win every game between now and Christmas.



    However, when in the CL, you allow for a defeat in Europe and indeed you allow for dropped points in the domestic league or the exit from the cups whilst you compete in the CL group stages.



    Ronny has no breathing space. He’s played a load of games (with a weaker squad than previous managers) and lost 3 aways games in Malmo, Molde and Aberdeen.



    I’ve seen our previous managers struggle in similar games.



    Our away record in Europe has been honking for as long as i can remember!

  21. Paul67



    Not at all surprised to read the content of your lead article.



    When Rangers went into liquidation, SMSM had it’s R.I.P. headlines, in newspapers, TV, and any other media portal, it sold good copy, but just for a day.



    When Charles Green arrived on the scene there was rebuilding and the resurrection of a deceased club to be done, SMSM championed ‘Sevco’ and even instantly smoothly without transition gave them by their predecessor’s name, they liked them so much, they bought the history.



    “The very fabric of Scottish Society” © Alex Salmond had to be literally reincarnated , and just like they played a hand in killing the old club, it was all old, some new hands on deck, and even some new agencies to keep the myth loose, aboot the big hoose.



    It’s been a three 3½ year battle, and you bet your life if Rangers were going to die Celtic are going to suffer, at their hands, and then some.



    Celtic baiting is still the favourite national media pass time, only now ‘the people’ think they have a grievance, the’ bias’ has gotten worse, the media have been hard at work restoring an ‘old firm’ whilst continuing to bash the minority.

  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I.E is a Ford Zephyr



    Mozilla firefox is a Ford Cortina



    Google Chrome is Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach.



    You know it makes sense.




  23. lennon’s passion on 29th October 2015 1:00 pm



    I’ll leave the “war songs” to you.


    I am proud to be a Celtic supporter.


    Roseburn Stand – Block M Row 18 Seat 24 last night.


    Where were you?




  24. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Isn`t ladbrokes quarter owned By DD´s mates John Magnier, J.P Mc Manus and Joe Lewis.




  25. NegAnon2 on 29th October 2015 12:45 pm



    Breaches of the Data Protection Act give the victim really high compensation payouts. If anybody here feels that Celtic have illegally passed their details on to the Police I’d advise them to go to take legal action.

  26. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Cantillon:The dust may have settled somewhat around the sale of Betdaq to Ladbrokes but the structure of the deal raises as many questions as it answers.



    Betdaq has essentially been broken into two: Global Betting Exchange Alderney Limited (GBEA), which operates the betting exchange, and TBH Guernsey Limited (TBHG), the technology company that powers the exchange.



    Ladbrokes is buying the betting exchange for €30 million and has taken a 10 per cent stake in the technology business for €4million.



    It also has the option to buy the other 90 per cent of the technology business in four years, presumably for €36 million. Alternatively, it can sell the stake back to Dermot Desmond (pictured) for €4 million.



    It’s a surprising arrangement given that the technology platform is, presumably, at the core of the whole shebang.



    The first unanswered question is: did Ladbrokes not want to buy the technology business or did Desmond not want to sell it? Certainly the main rationale for the deal, according to Ladbrokes’ statement, is that it will allow it to offer customers a “high-quality, scalable betting exchange”.



    Growing “digital revenues through investment in proprietary technology” comes second on the list.



    This implies it wants the business more than the technology. Desmond’s thoughts on the matter remain a mystery, but technology has been central to several of his more successful public investments.



    If anything, it looks as though the two sides could not agree on the value of the tech business and have decided to see how things pan out over the next three years.



    Presumably Ladbrokes will spend that time trying to figure out whether it can develop or buy a cheaper platform on which to run Betdaq.



    Desmond is also presumably confident that he will have a use for TBHG in three years should Ladbrokes not proceed.



    One last question: what will Desmond charge Ladbrokes to provide technology maintenance and development to Betdaq?

  27. celtic complaining about Ladbrokes WHAT? they will just throw the tori infested board a few more quid is that not right lord Livingston?

  28. Oh look. All of a sudden Lord Livingston is not the hot tattie of yesterday.



    Get that self serving tory twat out our club before we focus on a stupipd is as stupid does PR scrotum and a sponsor.



    MWD said AYE

  29. Neganon2



    I see Winning Captains has refuted your charge of promoting Bonnar ‘s book.



    Having read WC’S earlier post I could predict his challenge of your version of events.



    In the absence of information we all tend to fill the vacuum with our own ideas but best not present them as fact but as opinion because after a while everything you post gets tarred with the same “he is making it up brush.”



    Since you mention Res12 what is it you are making up about that or do you have information as opposed to suspicion that would help take matters forward?



    For the record I am growing increasingly unhappy at how long it’s taking to force the issue, but it is following a particular process and the Celtic Board are not involved in it for the same reason they don’t want to charge in on other issues.



    You post on length on how it is in Scotland , cognitive dissonance is to think that somehow Celtic and the Celtic Board are immune to that environment, that somehow PL is the Wizard of Oz as the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man saw him, i.e all powerful. He and Celtic are not; the truth is more like the movie.



    There are 41 other clubs who have to be persuaded, not bludgeoned, into doing the right thing and few like us.



    That it is so difficult to do the right thing only reinforces your opinion of the nature of Scottish society and Celtic are as much part/victims of that society as the support.

  30. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    That last link was meant to point out that DD has a stake in Ladbrokes.




  31. nothing will be done regarding res 12 Scottish football does not want to do anything Scottish football is morally corrupt and will not change for us

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