League reconstruction will soon look like a fantasy


The bun fight in Scottish football, where Partick Thistle have taken counsel opinion and, along with other bottom of the table clubs, threaten legal action if the season is brought to a halt without them being saved from the drop, looks impossible to settle soon.

Hearts and Thistle hope for more than a commitment to discuss the league reconstruction change that will save them from the consequences of being so poor this season.  Both are set to go to court, if necessary, which, I suppose, is an alternative to using your superior financial muscle to outperform smaller clubs.  As things stand, the league will wait until it is safe, then resume, which may delay the start of next season.

There are various event horizons between now and then.  Without football, a cash crunch lies ahead for every club.  For some, that is likely to be a matter of weeks.  Most Scottish clubs will run out of money and available funding by summer.  Celtic can afford to sit tight, as can Partick Thistle – if Christine Weir is prepared to make good any shortfall.

Whatever prize money or loans the SPFL can issue is important but it will not change the bigger picture for the majority of clubs in the top flight.  There, only Celtic have the reserves or funders on the board, to see this crisis out.  The immediate worry for most is to survive three or four months without income, before they can issue season ticket renewals.

Clubs have yet to receive guidance on when attendance at sporting events will be permitted.  When that arrives, talk about league reconstruction, with more mouths to feed in the top flight and throughout, will seem like a fantasy.

There will be significantly less money in Scottish football going forward, we will be able to support fewer full time clubs and if resources are not concentrated within a smaller pool, their dilution through an expanded league will lead to many clubs withering on the vine.

We should sit tight and let the various losers squabble.

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  1. Happy Wednesday from a frost covered Kentucky. 



    82 degrees here last week, frost today. Had to cover up the vegetables last night. 



    Speaking of covering up vegetables, any more press releases from the other side of the city? 




  2. Suppose the question is whether the SPFL could withstand the pressure that will come when clubs start dropping into administration. Rightly or wrongly, if they are holding onto cash in the amount of £9m, clubs will lay the blame at the door of the League, aided and abetted by the media.

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    Paul, by the time Football is permitted to start playing matches, a 16 team league might comprise every remaining club in the country.

  4. THE SPFL have reportedly told clubs there will be no football played until mid-August.



    A statement from the joint response group last week revealed all levels of the game in Scotland were postponed until 10 June

  5. No Prizes. No prize money or loans.



    If clubs go to the wall then we re construct league structures, there are far to many clubs in Scotland as it stands. Giving loans to clubs that will not see this through is financial suicide.



    D. :)

  6. I don’t think there will be spectators at games until after the new year.



    Events, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, Sporting events will be the last out of any lockdown and not until it is safe in other words we have a vaccine and everyone on the planet has it.



    They will get us back to work sooner (thank god) to try and kick start the economy but large consumer events- no chance. So why stick a sticking plaster over a broken leg, clubs will go to the wall and a loan of a few thousand pounds will not stop that and will be cash wasted.



    D. :)

  7. So why should FtSPFL issue loans to clubs, that will never be repaid ??


    Unless league is finished and payments final



    Did FtSPFL, not already payout a holding payment a few weeks ago ?


    Shows how desperate some clubs are



    Wonder if UEFA are offering loans on potential European payments due ???

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    Suggestion that once lockdown is partially lifted (and before it’s reimposed) the leagues can be finished on the pitch using a penalty kicks format.



    Players and officials are kept safe by distancing



    The TV guys can schedule some viewing



    We get a bit of entertainment



    And the whole matter isn’t decided by Dundee

  9. Radical change to the Scottish football landscape is needed



    Numerous clubs need to drop back to Junior ranks at best


    Other look at amalgamating or groundsharing to survive



    Too many clubs playing in Glasgow, can’t believe FtSFA let another join the set up directly into league, back in 2012 🤔😂😂

  10. Reconstruct to a 42 team division, or to 2 x 21 team divisions.



    Play each other once home or away, or play each other twice home and away. No LC.



    In a 42 team division balance the home v away based on current standings, e.g. 1v2, 3v1, 1v4, 5v1.. ;1v2, 2v3, 4v2, 2v5.. ;3v1, 2v3, 3v4, 5v3.. ; ..; 21v1, 2v21, 21v3 ..; 1v42, 42v2, 3v42, 42v4 ..



    I suppose a 42 team division plan is most stable, if teams go to the wall the plan remains the same, just reduce the number of teams by one each time.



    After that season rearrange back into 4 divisions (or fewer, depending on how many teams make it) based on their standing at the end of season 20/21. Its as easy as drawing 3 red lines horizontally across a list. If all 42 teams make it through then we’re back to the same league and division set-up for season 21/22 and maybe with a few surprises.

  11. There are some strange sports getting TV coverage just now. Unless I had heavy drink taken, I swear I saw 5 minutes of a sport which involved 2 teams, each with a juggler at the back of the court . This juggler was defended by a girl sitting atop a tall man’s shoulders whose job it was to fend off thrown objects at the juggler.



    The other 3 or 4 players in the team ran around to fire off, what looked like bean bags, to try to put the juggler off his stroke.



    It truly was the seminal work of competitive sport as derived for the Acid Generation.

  12. Sitting tight and letting the cards fall into place is our only option but I’ll admit I’m finding this incredibly irritating.



    Right now I’m hoping UEFA can issue clear guidance next week but I’m not holding my breath.



    Weeks of stagnation lie ahead and null and void coupled with an equal split of prize money may seem suicidal for Scottish football but it would be in keeping with the conduct of some of these clubs.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Could be the end of September before the new season starts,probably need to be a 14/16 team league, and play less games

  14. Haw Shortie,…….No urgent concerned stories aboooot The Edmiston Financial Facade…?



    No Chick or Awwy doin’ a worried but investigative stakeoooot or gettin’ a Skype call to the usuallly talkative, talkin’ heids! Naw???



    C’mon………tick tok

  15. DAVID66 on 15TH APRIL 2020 12:46 PM




    I agree 100% on the point of putting a sticking plaster on a broken leg etc. But I do wonder if The SFA/SPFL etc would STILL be willing to give clubs loans for a short term fix…knowing that in the LONG term, some clubs will go to the wall anyway, despite getting loans/ prize money etc ?


    It could be viewed as throwing good money after “Bad”?


    Likewise your other point about Pubs NOT reopening as they have went bust……I know that it is very probable, as with other forms of business.


    I do know however that the Owner of my local Pub IS receiving Government Business Help, loss of business etc, as he told me himself in a phone call a few days ago……but again IF this Virus continues towards the New Year and beyond……will financial help from the Government also dry up ?



    DAVID, As for the “Free Food” etc, I have been in touch with my Housing Assoc a couple of weeks ago before you offered your help, and the Assoc Welfare Officer made NO mention of any such arrangement, as I had contacted her to ask about getting help with food being delivered etc…which obviously I would be paying for.



    As things stand, I am happy enough and lucky enough to be able to pay for my own food etc and not to place even more pressure on any organisation for any possible free food at this moment in time…I dont think that would be very fair of me…in any case…can you see any Organisation agreeing to give me the AMOUNT of CHOCOLATE that I like to eat each week ?




    Cheers mate,


    stay safe.



  16. !BADA BING!! on 15TH APRIL 2020 1:03 PM


    Floodlit Dominoes live on Sky Sports 1 tonight




    FANTASTIC…will this Live Transmission only be available in Black and White TV’s ?



  17. A few years ago, a Guy would come into my old local Pub every Friday evening selling copied DVD’s of movies etc to the punters…


    Each one cost £5.00..


    One evening he came in as usual and offered me and my mates a recent new movie on DVD….but I only offred to pay him £2.50 ?


    He had a very puzzled look about him as to why I was only offering £2.50….until I pointed out that as the DVD Movie was “Kung Fu Panda”….it would only be in Black and White ?



    I didnt buy it.



  18. FAVOURITE UNCLE on 15TH APRIL 2020 9:12 AM


    BIG JIMMY on 15TH APRIL 2020 8:55 AM







    Hi pal I think with your health issues you are entitled to free food from the government.A relative of mine has already had 2 deliveries.they got it out the blue without applying due to HEALTH ISSUES.







    Perhaps you should ask one of your nurses about it.GOOD LUCK AND HAIL HAIL.




    Cheers mate for your advice, but as I posted at 1.21pm Today…I dont think it would be very fair of me to get shopping etc free of charge at this moment in time, especially as it would put extra pressure on Organisations that provide such a service…and given that already many Food Banks are struggling to meet the needs from Folk who are really struggling woith a lack of money etc.


    I just think it would be morally wrong of me to apply/expect free food…at this time, when I can afford to pay for it ?


    HH Mate,


    Stay Safe.

  19. Big Jimmy – like me you do like your chocolate.



    Just text or mail if you need anything.👍






    D. :)

  20. Beautiful day here in North Staffordshire – another statement from Dundee – 15 minutes of fame or what – just vote and get on with it.

  21. Whitedoghunch – they do look amazing, but I am a simple man (steady bhoys) with simple tastes, good ole Cadbury’s Chocolate for me.


    Of course I am partial to a wee Jelly and ice cream when the moment calls for it.😂



    Anyway I have to pocket munch or hide from the Mrs as she goes mental with me eating chocolate and drinking Lager and talking too much and…… Come to think of it she just goes mental with me in general😂😂😂






    D. :)

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Statement o’clock, Park wants maclennan to deny he hates the Huns, where are the SFA😵

  23. whitedoghunch on




    frozen snickers man myself but Bubo is truly outstanding


    They do franchiches- one in the new hotel ?

  24. Melbourne Mick on

    Just jumping through things on utube in between posts and spotted a


    wee covid 19 time passer with Rod and his daughter Ruby in lockdown


    singing some oldies.


    Now, like most on here, but not all, and thats their perogative i’m not


    about to criticise anybody for their politics, but i was really enjoying it


    until he mentioned Boris the buffoon.


    The off button was just about to be pressed when his young bhoy came


    into view proudly wearing the hoops.


    What to do eh?


    Well, i still love Rod, and i’m a very forgiving person.


    H.H . Mick

  25. Jaysus Dundee are having a ball. I hope they manage to get themselves into the top Division so we can bate the shite out of them.

  26. Tobago Street on




    Thank you! Sanity during an ‘insane’ time. A little learning and all that…




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