Leaving out the loaners paying dividends


It was a performance of unfettered gallus-ness from Celtic at Pittodrie yesterday as the champions finished off a perfect week by extending their lead at the top of the table, albeit by goal difference.

Derek McInnes must have pondered his wisdom in rejecting offers for Scott McKenna when Odsonne Edouard turned him left and right before sweeping a shot out of the reach of Joe Lewis to open the scoring.  We have come to expect the exceptional from Edouard and this effort did not disappoint.

Within five minutes, the advantage was doubled.  18-year-old right back Jeremie Frimpong, on his third senior outing, played a give-and-go with Edouard before knocking the ball over the line for his first goal, amid a crowd of opponents inside the six-yard box.

Hatem Elhamed was unsurprisingly missing from the starting line-up, after leaving the field on Thursday with a knock, but I expected Moritz Bauer to get the nod for a game that, on paper, looked more challenging than Frompong’s previous outings against Partick Thistle and Ross County.

Just as he did last season, when on-loan Filip Benkovic was left on the bench, Neil Lennon is giving priority to permanently signed Celtic players.  The decision to start Jeremie paid off in spades.  There will be tougher defensive shifts ahead, and at 5’ 7”, there could be games he is omitted from due to his height, but he is as exciting an 18-year-old full back prospect as we have known – and we have known some special players in this area.  This one will make you forget Mikael Lustig.

James Forrest’s goal was both a joy for Celtic supporters and a concern for Aberdeen, who were statuesque as Celtic passed and moved around them.  Mohamed Elyounoussi added the fourth just before the break, another exquisite effort.

I was just as pleased to see Celtic take the foot off the pedal in the second half.  These players have a lot of football to play in the next two months.  They are not machines; despite all those trebles!


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  1. Lee O’Conner, Barry Coffey, Armstrong Oko-Flex, Jonathan Afolabi, Luca Connell, Karamoko Dembele, Jack Aitchison, Ewan Henderson, Conor Hazard, Anthony Ralston , exciting players with real potential throw in the 2 yanks Gutman & Perez and you have a full team plus a sub that have Kouassi, Shved, The Griff, Arzani, Hendry, Mikey Johnston, Bauer, Taylor, Simonovic, Morgan, Sinclair, Bain another full team plus a sub between them and the 18 ghuys who are currently in the mix for a starting place


    , Gordon, Forster, Elhamed, Frimpong, Julien, Ajer, Bitton Boli, Hayes Brown, Christie, McGregor, N’tcham Rogic, Eleyounoussi, Forrest Bayo, Edouard,


    It’s scary stuff.

  2. 2 games in a row now Stevie and his superstars have had the chance to go top of the league and blew it…. just in case you missed it in the media.



    Interesting to read there that James Forrest with 84 assists is now 2 clear of Alan Thomson as Celtic’s top goalmaker since records began (2000).



    Some player.

  3. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019-20 ***




    Apologies for the slightly delayed results.


    Before kick off on Sunday I know quite a few of us were wondering whether we would still be top of the league later that day. Given that we were on the same goal difference as our nearest, newest rivals then on paper, a trip to Pittodrie looked more difficult than a home game against Motherwell. But fortunately, it was us who fired the Big Guns with an outstanding first half demolition of the Dandy Dons. Half an hour into the game and you could hear a deafening chorus of “baaaaaa’s” from the home support.


    By 5pm we were still top of the table. Not joint top, just top.


    Yet again, thanks for the excellent support in emailing your opinions of our top players. For this game 70 emails were received including another few first-time contributors – the more the better. The votes (my own choices are asterisked) were as follows –


    Forster: 0


    Frimpong: 47


    Jullien: 2


    Ajer: 30


    Bolingoli-Mbombo: 1


    Brown*: 33


    McGregor: 7


    Forrest*: 11


    Rogic: 8


    Elyounoussi: 10


    Edouard*: 50


    Bitton: 0


    Bayo: 0


    Hayes: 1


    Unused subs – Gordon, Bauer, Elhamed, Sinclair.


    So, the players receiving points for the Aberdeen game are –


    Edouard – 5 points


    Frimpong – 4 points


    Brown – 3 points


    Ajer – 2 points


    Forrest – 1 point



    This means that the aggregate total points are now as follows –


    Edouard – 26 points


    Christie – 22 points


    Brown – 21 points


    Jullien – 16 points


    Forrest – 16 points


    Bolingoli-Mbombo – 13 points


    Frimpong – 12 points


    McGregor – 12 points


    Bauer – 11 points


    Elyounoussi – 9 points


    Elhamed – 8 points


    Ntcham – 5 points


    Forster – 4 points


    Ajer – 3 points


    Bitton – 3 points


    Bayo – 3 points


    Hayes – 2 points


    Rogic – 1 point


    One more game left for the month of October when St Mirren come round to our place on Wednesday night. Voting will reopen just after 9.30pm and run through to 10pm on Thursday evening.


    When the results come out, I’ll also reveal October’s Player Of The Month (September’s was James Forrest, with 15 points).


    Hail Hail!

  4. NALLY81 on 28TH OCTOBER 2019 @ 10:35 PM



    You are right James is some player.



    I had to look back at the highlights to see where he got his 84th assist. I thought it had to be Eddy’s goal, but personally I think that is a stretch of the definition. Sure he passed the ball to eddy but in my mind that was a solo goal.



    Anyway I agree James is some player.

  5. Turkeybhoy Thanks, we should always remember what our parents had to go through.



    My mother was told she wasn’t tall enough to work in Templeton’s, lived long enough to see them and Rangers go out of business

  6. It seems to me that TRFC suggested that the case should be moved to CAS in the sure and certain knowledge that the SFA would be frozen by fear.



    Regardless, it suits us.

  7. So, we’re now waiting on the FTSFA doing the right thing, for the whole of Scottish football going forward, to voluntarily refer the matter to the CAS, and waking UEFA up to the fact that the FTSFA, as an Association member, are not fit for purpose…




  8. Good morning CQN from a dark, dry but very cold Garngad



    Bring on the Buddies.



    I think Lenny will make a good few changes for this one, but as long as we win.



    In Lenny we trust.



    D. :)

  9. Good morning, friends, from a clear skied, dry and frosty East Kilbride. A very pleasant looking morning.


    TheLurkinTim – the aggregate points shown in the post above are for the season to date. October’s Player Of The Month will be known after Wednesday’s game.





    Precisely — and welcome to the cynics club!



    Hence the current resolution.



    Celtic still seem to have faith that they will refer the matter to CAS – as that is what the SFA originally said that they would do.



    Now, of course if the SFA were more afraid of not referring the matter to CAS ……………


    HOT SMOKED on 29TH OCTOBER 2019 8:07 AM



    Well the continuous inactivity is telling isn’t it, and Celtic seem to be saying they are helpless when it comes to forcing the matter as no other club will support them.



    However, the SFA can’t do nothing forever and they must make a decision one way or another at some point.



    Whatever that decision may be, we don’t believe that would be the end of the matter as at that stage Celtic would have to decide whether or not they are willing to take steps of their own.



    Irrespective of what Celtic do, it may well be the case that the legal status of individual shareholders in a member club would be something to consider.

  12. J


    Thanks for that…..although I might disagree the `the SFA can’t do nothing forever` !!!!

  13. BRTH


    I know that Celtic were not a signatory to the agreement, I would be astonished and very angry if our board didn’t know what the agreement said word for word, it’s obvious they were aware and approved hence their silence on an agreement that I have a gut feeling could be deemed illegal. I doubt very much that our board would have stood by and allowed the agreement to see the light of day if they weren’t in agreement with it, it would have been their duty to know.


    To think otherwise is head in the sand stuff.

  14. Brth



    So sfa to report to cas by Dec



    Maybeez nae point if the company gets it’s wish and votes res12 into history at agm



    Am a cynic? Lol




  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Do you think the Celtic Board will expand on their reasons to oppose the latest resolution, prior to the AGM? If not, are they likely to expand on the issue actually at the AGM? I was pleased (relieved?) to read in your recent outline, that Celtic still feel that via the SFA is the way to proceed this issue. Reading the Board’s voting advice, it is so stark, it seems that they are abandoning the issue all together. Can you be sure that this is not the case?



  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting stuff.



    Am enjoying life. After a difficult early October the Bhoys are 10-0 in last two league games and have defeated a top Italian team.



    I genuinely get, and respect, the Res12 frustration but, increasingly find myself asking the “So What?” question.



    The SFA and Sevco are not my mortal enemies but I don’t like either very much.



    If they are both busy imploding, who am I to interfere?



    Leaves us to focus on trifles such as winning treble trebles.



    One can still enjoy watching a Punch & Judy show without feeling the need to direct it or rewrite the dialogue?



    Hail hail

  17. The problem with that is if we turn a blind eye to their cheating now it will only get worse in the future. #



    I have the utmost respect for all the RES12 guys and wish them all the best.

  18. Sometimes we have players on our hands that are so good they have a destiny to play on a higher level.


    Think Kenny Dalglish,Virgil van dyke.


    Sometimes we have players on our hand that are all the above but have an equal destiny to almost self harm their potential on the highest stage to become iconic figures in our history with the genuine loyalty they have for our club


    Think Paul McStay , Henrik Larsson.



    Then we have other great players who are not quite as good as the four names mentioned above but could not wait to get out of Celtic Park and have lucrative and good careers elsewhere.


    Think Brian McClair , John Collins.


    And then we have good players who are not quite as great as they think they are and leaving Celtic will forever haunt them as they ‘could’ have been club legends.


    Think Charlie Nicholas,Aiden McGeedy.



    I believe James Forrest has made all the correct choices and is set to become a genuine club legend .


    No doubt he could have got a decent move somewhere and made more dosh for a couple of years.


    However he perhaps does lack that 10-20% that turns a great player into and exceptional one.


    For Celtic and Scottish football he is a perfect fit.


    Why hamper that by trolling round the bottom half of the premier league in england and possibly the championship for a 20 k a week more?


    Wise lad who is clearly getting good advice unlike a few of his predecessors

  19. Just want to wish one of our former comrades here The Starry Plough a very Happy Birthday.


    Starry is a very talented Bhoy and 100% Tim, maybe if he is Lurking & gets a few Happy Birthday Wishes it may tempt him out of retirement.

  20. No idea what kind of team we put out against St Mirren. On one hand, we could bring Christie back in as he’s been our player of the season. On the other hand, who do you drop?


    Happy Birthday Starry Plough



    If anyone wants to vote on any issue at the AGM they can do so remotely by checking out the club website herehttp://www.celticfc.net/pages/manage_your_shareholding?fbclid=IwAR1x9SNtb8P6Cd590Wb-_po3DDuhGhuPdjZdMzSDVDTuJa9JztIYx4KIzmQ

  22. “Do not resent growing old, as many are denied that privilege”,



    Happy Birthday Starry…🍀

  23. I would hope Rogic gets another full game on Wednesday.We know it takesbthe big man a few games to get up to full speed.He is too valuable a player when fit.Rest Calmac.Ryan,Broony,Rogic,should be too much for Saints.


    Rogic pass through the eye of a needle for the 4th goal was sublime on Sunday.

  24. CORKCELT on 28TH OCTOBER 2019 10:26 PM



    That list of youngsters is really impressive. Happy to see Aitchison & Henderson get minutes on loan.



    I would like to see more of that next season. Micky Johnston & Lewis Morgan will be candidates to go out on loan.

  25. Surprised to see no mention of the proposed dutch/belgian league merger from Paul. Is the Atlantic League back on the cards?

  26. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    As one who wears a starry plough cap to every game attended, I’m happy to offer birthday wishes to CQN’s Starry Plough in Switzerland, Japan and all parts in between.



    Playing St Mirren tomorrow brings to mind a perfect demonstration of a professional footballer laying down to the opposition, which lamentable effort remains available to view through youtube.



    Google search – steven thomson penalty miss versus rangers. At the Broomloan end 2015 in front of the Saints fans and in full view of his team-mates Thomson disgraces himself. Lest me forget.

  27. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    TIMALOY29 on 29TH OCTOBER 2019 9:55 AM


    No idea what kind of team we put out against St Mirren. On one hand, we could bring Christie back in as he’s been our player of the season. On the other hand, who do you drop?




    Hi TIMALOY29



    I’d be tempted to leave Ryan on the bench on Wednesday and continue with big Tam Rogic just off the front-line, where he can pick out passes like that peach for our fourth on Sunday.



    Tam usually takes a few games to get full back into his stride after a lay-off, so maybe good to get more time into his legs – won’t to Ryan any harm, and will help Tam.



    Plus – leaves Ryan fresh for the cup semi on Saturday evening.



    Might be tempted to give Bauer a game too – he looked good in the short glimpses we have had – great to have three right back options.



    If – and it is always a big IF – we manage to get ahead by a couple – hook Eddie and get more time into Bayo.



    Finally – might be the chance to see Taylor in action. Although, from what I’ve read, he seems more of a defensive left back than Boli Bolingoli – I’m hoping defense isn’t the No. 1 priority on Wednesday.



    Oanywho – good decisions to have ;-)))






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