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    HOT SMOKED on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 5:34 PM


    That first post is very worthy of the podium.







    Tonight? Even though Neil has ignored the CQN experts, I fancy a draw.





  2. Good morning friend and a Big Happy Friday from a dry and fairly bright East Kilbride.


    As my thoughts drift towards Sunday’s semi final there are 2 wee niggling questions that I hope some clever clogs on here can answer – given that this will be the season 2019-20 cup semi final (a) can both teams play players that weren’t actually on the books last season (yes, surely?) and (b) what’s the rule on substitutes, i.e. how many on the bench and how many can be brought on.


    And, yes, I AM looking for reassurance that the SFA aren’t going to announce that Barkas, Duffy, Laxalt and Ajer are ineligible! ;-)

  3. Ive had a wee read back, and several Posters have already echoed my thoughts on the game, so I dont have too much too add.



    For me…Diego Laxalt was EXCELLENT and My MOTM.


    Apart from the obvious change with Ajer being injured, i would imagine Nir Bitton will start on Sunday. I also think that Neil will freshen up the starting eleven for Sunday IF he also believes that a couple of our Bhoys were running on empty for the last 20 minutes or so last night ?



    Like last Saturday, I would start with Big Tam Rogic this Sunday and maybe The Griff up front ? those Two can really terrorise the Dons defence.


    Lastly, against Lille last night…we did really well for 60 minutes or so at closing them down high up the Pitch. We were up against a fairly decent team, who threw everything at us in the last 20/25 minutes or so, and its very difficult to maintain the energy and drive that we showed in the 1st half….although I agree that maybe we should have used our subs bench sooner ?


    Lilles 2nd goal was just lucky etc, but they were coming more and more into the game, so draw was probably a fair result ?



    IMHO…., Ajeti seems to let his head go down, when decisions go against him, and for those few moments he loses any concentration/focus on the game. maybe that is something our Coachers and/or his fellow strikers can work on with him ? Ajeti did very well at our 1st goal, as did Moi for his Two goals.



    I really hope that we play with TWO Strikers on Sunday and with Big Tommy Bhoy on from the start.


    I had Two Correct score bets on last night…2-1 and 3-2 to Celtic…likewise I had Celtic to win 3-2 v The Dons last Saturday…but my Bets aint important, as its all about Celtic winning by any score !




    Lets try and put the game beyond Aberdeen as early as possible on Sunday, and then we can also use our Subs to give some of the regular Bhoys a wee rest ?


    Lastly…Why oh why….. didnt you SHOOT Moi LOL ?


    Overall, Im a happy Bhoy this morning as that was much better Celts !



  4. Neil Lennon and the Scottish media.







    When I think back to the period when Lenny, along with other Celtic employee’s and prominent fans, were receiving death threats and bullets in the post, it still leaves me with an uneasy feeling.







    There’s no doubt Lenny was the Loyalist Hun supporting bastards main target, and that opinion was confirmed when Celtic had to actually hire a bodyguard to protect him. Even worse, was when the Police had to move his family from their home because they considered there was a definite and viable threat against Lenny’s life.







    If further confirmation was needed it was certainly confirmed when he was actually assaulted at the side pitch during a game at Tynecastle.







    Again thinking back to those dark times, memories come flooding back like, do you remember the tone of the media reports regarding these incidents at the time? Do you remember some reporters/pundits from TV/radio and print wanted Lenny done for supposedly retaliating when the nutter at Tynecastle attacked him from behind?







    Do you remember the collective media narrative of “He brings it on himself”?







    Do you remember the print media and official web sites constantly using photographs of a snarling Neil Lennon for virtually every story regarding Celtic?







    Do you remember the Clyde SSB, the Real Radio phone in’s, and Jabba’s “Your call” slot on BBC radio Scotland, all allowing Hun callers a free reign to spit vile abuse in Lenny’s direction, whilst trying to sell the agenda that the uppity Fenian bastard brought it all on himself?







    Do you remember when Lenny was lied to by a referee, and when the club rightfully complained to the SFA Lenny was blamed as main villain when Referee’s and officials went on strike







    Worst of all, do you remember when ex players and supposed Celtic fans in print, on the radio, and on TV agreeing with the campaign narrative that ” Yes, Neil brings it on himself”?







    Lenny didn’t do the easy thing by turning tail and running back then, and I don’t expect him to do it now.







    So instead of focusing on our fear of not doing the 10, it’s time to get right behind both him and the players. We need to try and find ways to send all of them our messages of support. We need to stop doing our enemies work for them and try to promote an air of positivity.







    We can’t afford to be fractured this season more than any other.








  5. incredibly mild in Corcaigh this mornin’, my commute may even be done in shorts…………




    Good to see you posting.



    Sorry to read you have health issues so will remember you in my prayers.



    Get well soon and take care.

  7. A decent result overall, although we could have won it perhaps if Elyounoussi had taken the shot in the 2nd half instead of delaying a fraction too long. I thought there were many good performances throughout the team and maybe Bain could have saved the goal at his near post, but it wasn’t to be. That does not reflect badly on him as he played very well, especially the (non) penalty save. Subs might have been made slightly earlier to shore up the defence, but on the whole more encouraging across the piece. Should provide a confidence boost for Sunday hopefully, and provide a platform to push on 🤞🍀




  8. Didn’t hang around to long last night for the post match debate so apologies for not saying –



    Thanks for the updates!

  9. Very good performance last night. If we reach those levels consistently in the league then we’ll have a celebration to look forward to in May.



    Moi was brilliant – finding a way of getting him, Eddie and Ajeti in the side is a must.



    That was a very good result against a top side. We’re still well in the group, 6 points from the next two games and we’ll be in a very strong position for second.



    Start strong against Aberdeen and let’s look to put the game to bed before HT – rest players then if needs be.



    The players have a brutal schedule for the next three months, our squad strength should see us kick on.

  10. FAVOURITE UNCLE on 30TH OCTOBER 2020 6:59 AM



    I don`t know whether your comment is praise or criticism !


    Anyway, Mr Kipling advises that I treat those two impostors juust the same :-))

  11. AN DUN



    Agree about our tough schedule.



    I hope NFL will give Soro and Turnbull a chance sometime soon.



    Otherwise what’s the point.

  12. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Didn’t think a quick exit from the blog constituted a flounce but


    as I’ve seen it all since it started, so I’ll take it, lol.


    I’m of the opinion that some Bhoys need to calm down and realise


    their opinion is as valid as anybody else’s and it doesn’t matter how


    many times they post it, people will take it or disregard it, posting


    the same narrative won’t convince anybody who disagrees with it


    one iota.


    There’s no doubt we’re going through a hard time, for the life of me


    I can’t imagine why we would hand the HUN, MSM, SFA, more


    ammunition to berate us with ? think about it ghuys.


    Went out today to meet up with some local Tims, because our 25 kms


    rule is still in place I couldn’t go down to meet the peninsula rebels.


    Wee pub in a quiet village, first one I seen a Celtic top up in the wall.


    My new away top on, other Bhoys turn up with their new kit and


    everyone different lol, a bit like this blog.


    The pub is probably more Aussie rules inclined, with the Richmond tigers


    the main focus for the clients, but they’ve just won the big prize so just


    like cream it gathers on the top.


    Suppose it’s just like the jungle, tigers and lions, works for me 8-))


    Another wee surprise coming out from the pub, well! dragged out? some


    young Bhoys, school uniform, from our academy, Sudanese, ” Hey Mick


    when are we back training?


    Head back, looking skywards at these huge athletes, ” when you sing me


    the Celtic song.


    H.H. Mick.

  13. Morning all For once and for the moment, the sun is shining here.



    I have long given up on Radio Scotland’s sports department. They don’t even pretend to be even-handed. I had thought better of their ordinary journalism. This morning that notion was shattered. One of their “journalists” was interviewing their new Director, a Carson from the North by accent. The journalist was supposed to be asking about the Director’s vision for BBC Scotland. He ended up demanding that the Director mend their rift with the deid team. No sign of any solidarity with his fellow journalist who has been black-balled by his team.

  14. MM


    I agree with the general sentiment of your post but do you really think all opinions ar equally valid?


    I think you are just being polite :-)


    Anyway, golf for me and I am cycling out to Arbroath Links in my shorts !!!


    Cheerio for now and get you votes in for Jobo.

  15. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    What a great game!


    Wonderful result.


    Scott Bain saved us on more than a few occasions ~ well done son. He should definitely start on Sunday



  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Hot Smoked



    Yes, if they’re from Celtic supporters, obviously some on here are not


    the aforementioned.


    Me being polite lol. that’s a first.


    Enjoy your ride 8-))))))))))))


    H.H. Mick

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SFTB @ 11:24pm last night



    As always …



    Reasoned, measured and intelligent.




  18. BIG WAVY on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 1:20 PM





    He can contact the ghost of Terence McSwiney for all I care. People are entitled to scratch their heads at tactics we have seen, for example at the end of our last game, the Hun fiasco or the Ferencvaros debacle, etc etc etc….this season.


    Lots of talk from Neil in the last few days. Let’s be having you now Neil. On the pitch.



    Just copying & pasting a post made by Big Wavy pm from previous thread, I missed it first time around but St. Stivs drew my attention to it last night.



    Are St. Stivs & myself the only ones to find this an extremely strange and indeed offensive post from a Celtic Supporter.









  19. Corky,



    I find Stivs very strange indeed mate. Best avoided frankly. I find your repeated analysis of my prose a bit strange but it’s lockdown and people need to fill the day I guess doing something. Whatever you’re looking for, beyond a need to be offfended it appears, I hope you find it and it comforts you but to say you’re barking up the wrong tree would be an understatement. Perhaps my Duffy view grates with you and you need an outlet for that. Knock yourself out.



    Off out with the kids so not looking to crank up the noise and nonsense with those wishing nothing but discord or starting fights in an empty house.



    Genuinely hope you have a good one.




  20. Big Wavy,



    I have no issue with your Duffy view, you are not alone there.


    Neither am I analyzing your Prose.



    Up to this I found you an interesting readable Poster but I cannot for the life of me understand why you would use a phrase like that.



    To me it’s beyond strange and yes I do think it’s offensive & should have been deleted.,

  21. Corky



    I think we should leave it there fella and clearly I never set out to offend Celtic fans with my prose. Unlike your bedfellow I’ve no real interest in spending my day finding ways to argue unnecessarily with Celtic fans but as I say I hope you have a good one.




  22. DAVID66…


    I am waiting for the Vet to call me with the results of wee Rockys Urine sample that I handed in to the surgery on Wednesday. i was supposed to be called back yesterday, but I will see if the Vet calls Today ?


    Thanks for asking.


    Wee Rocky is my best Pal…I will do whatever I can for him.






    I enjoyed your Quip about Jonny Hayes and him playing for the Celts this Sunday…it was very good.


    HH Bhoys.

  23. I quite enjoyed the game last night, especially the 1st half obviously. I hope that we can come flying ” Oot of the Traps” on Sunday against Aberdeen, and make the game a comfortable watch for ALL Celtic supporters…I know that I am stating the obvious…but I dont care…so there !





  24. A ” QUADRUPLE TREBLE” this Sunday would be very nice…very nice indeed…and then I can think about hitting the Non Alcoholic Beers in celebration ?






    So instead of focusing on our fear of not doing the 10, it’s time to get right behind both him and the players. We need to try and find ways to send all of them our messages of support. We need to stop doing our enemies work for them and try to promote an air of positivity.




    Absolutely spot on. We’re fighting a progpoganda machine this year, more so than ever. We’ve not won a roller coaster season for a long time and they’re so much better to win. Just make sure we’re all up for the fight and in it together.


    An immidiate concern for me is the upcoming internationals. There are three scotland games in a week, plus the other countries. We can’t allow our players to be affected again by these.

  26. Laxalt looks a top player, hope it’s a decent fee to keep him, Frimpong much better last night, looked like his concentration was on the full game.

  27. Bada



    Totally agree


    When watching him playing in a pishin gale in Aberdeen last week, I wondered….would he want to come?



    HH jg