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  1. For a team thats top of the French league,we did’nt half rip some holes in them.Obviously,no one studied them, no one thought out any tactics to beat them.

  2. Yet after all that studying the team that was put out was not to you’re liking.🤷‍♀️


    Does Peter have your number 😉

  3. Fairhill Bhoy.,



    All gash.He has no chance with me from the start with that fekin disgraceful blog name.


    If you think he is ok,no problem.

  4. FAIRHILL BHOY on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 10:28 PM


    Me next






    Fella. Scroll on by him. An absolutely toxic zoomer famous for hounding folk (recently some poor fella for forgetting Liam Miller’s name).



    Decent cut and paster granted.




  5. Much better team performance tonight. Could pick holes in individual decision making but better to focus on the many positives.



    Both full backs were excellent, Calmac back in business and Moi reminded us of his quality. Eddy looked much brighter in his cameo role.



    Fitness from 70 minutes was a concern but I thought triple substitution settled us down & we were rarely troubled in last 10.



    We will need to use squad fully again on Sunday



    Well down to both Management team and players for the turnaround in performance over last 4 games.

  6. TURKEYBHOY-regarding madie,I was being a smart arse.I honestly like reading you’re comments on here. I agree with most of them even the team selection tonight 😉🤷‍♀️


    BIG WAVY-My bad mucker 👍

  7. Hello again all you young rebels.



    And cheerio again all you young rebels.


    Even when we get a good result, maybe even season defining


    and you come on to the blog, it’s the same old shit being stirred.


    Aff oot.


    H.H. Mick

  8. maybe he didn’t watch the game in fact he probably watches those american


    wrestling shows instead of celtic





  9. McInnes will go for extra time on Sun…. If he watched that tonight it will have frightened him a bit….. What you won’t read in the SMSM….. Rangers beat lech poznan who are a lowly 10th in the Polish league…. And a struggle at that……. Maybe super Micheal Beale didn’t make it?!!

  10. BANKIEBHOY1 on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 10:44 PM


    somethin’ stinks………….



    TURKEYBHOY on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 10:46 PM







    Who are you talking about there.






    it is me stincky higgins.

  11. Saint Stivs, Didn’t see the post about Terence McSwiney,


    Tried scrolling back to no avail, could you tell me who & when,


    If you prefer not to, that is OK too.

  12. We’ve played 18 games already to their 10, and they played a striating 11 that hadn’t played all of them, so a difference in fitness is no surprise but, saying that, we finished as strong as them. I’m not sure Laxalt and Frimpong being in their box in the last 5 minutes is the best way of closing out an away game run Europe but what do I know



    You can also understand Lenny holding off as long as he could on making his substitutions when his options were soro and welsh. no disrespect if you’re looking in lads but you’ve got about 5 games experience between you.

  13. Feeling better about all things Celtic tonight. As with the AC Milan game, we gave them a few things to think about and showed signs of attacking organisation.



    After the generally 3 or 4 out of 10 performances that we have had at the start of the league campaign, I don’t have as much appetite as some for scapegoat sniffing after a match.



    Anybody who wants to state that Ntcham should have been subbed earlier has a strong argument for saying so.



    Anybody who says that Scott Brown needed subbed earlier has a harder argument to make because he was still making telling defensive contributions and covering Frimpong’s erse right up to the 80th minute, allowing the wee right back some much needed recovery time in his bombing up the park.



    Anybody who says that Duffy was one of our more average performers has a case too. He was outshone by many team mates but, he was also much better than he has been and that is the start of a resurrection programme for him.



    He has not played well but we cannot afford to do without him.



    With Ajer injured and two Covid recoverers needing playing time, a French CB with undiagnosable back problems, plus a 20 year old, we have to value Duffy as being injury free. We don’t have to talk up his capabilities to recognise his value. He will come good for us and will win us a few games before this season is much older. Then, someone else can replace him n the scapegoat de jour category. We know what we were getting with Shane – a tough brave CB wiling to put his body on the line for Celtic. He will not do what Ajer does for the team but then Ajer does not do all that Duffy can.



    Just like the prognostications that our intense and irretrevable rut was going to lose us 10iar and only the return of Duffy to Brighton and the sacking of NFL would be considered as appropriate responses to those prognostications, we have neither turned a corner nor stayed in the rut tonight.



    We HAVE played well in a tough away tie in Europe. Our dinosaur manager HAS managed to fluke together a team organisation, shape and tactics, despite not believing in the existence of any of the 3 things he fluked.



    But we are no further forward (or behind) in our league race after tonight.



    We are still not in a great position in our Europa League and only the unlikely combination of home and away wins vs Sparta will put us there.



    And we are no further forward in our quest for last year’s SC. Arguably we are worse off if Ajer is now missing and those tired regulars have to go again on the side open spaces of Hampden on Sunday.



    But we did recover some form.



    And we did get a good result.



    So there’s plenty of justification for having a wee smile and enjoying the thrill of the ride this season.

  14. OK Ghuys, It’s a good night from me, will catch up in the morning.


    When Melbourne Mick gets the Hump with this place then its time to sit up and take notice,

  15. Anyway my team for Sunday






    Frimpong Bitton Duffy Laxalt



    Brown McGregor



    Christie Turnbull Elyounoussi






    Bring on Soro, Rogic and Edouard or Ajeti.



    Hope the defence stays injury free and that Welsh, Taylor and a returning Elhamed will not need to be used for too long.



    After the game – withdraw everyone from their respective International squads.

  16. Corkcelt



    The big wavy persona



    Made a comment in the previous blog around could not give a fig whether it was mcswinneys ghost or whatever.



    I read it. Had a sharp intake if breath.



    Time for whoever he is to be banned.

  17. 4 home wins out of 12 in the Europa League tonight.



    tomorrow I will report back with some incredibly perceptive insight into what that means. or maybe not

  18. St Stivs



    We were 2-0 up in the 60th minute. At that point you are looking for your manager to make tactical changes to see it out. Lenny failed abysmally and it was 2-2 by 75 mins. Have a look at our bench options tonight



    You are clearly happy with that – I’m not!



    And I was in the stadium in Seville in 2003 so naw – Jose -no way!



    But we need a coach.

  19. BILLYBHOY1967 on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 11:51 PM


    St Stivs




    We were 2-0 up in the 60th minute. At that point you are looking for your manager to make tactical changes to see it out. Lenny failed abysmally and it was 2-2 by 75 mins. Have a look at our bench options tonight






    Neil lost one of our centre halves just before the 60th minute. Stop talking garbage.

  20. Deflated yet delighted – that was ours for the taking but defensive klutziness was our undoing.


    I said we shoulda had our tails up, and yep our bhoys did brilliant by springing a 2-goal lead.


    Agree w many, it was clear our mid was being outgunned; Oli and Broony were running on fumes from 65.


    Still; how good to see Soro and Rogic getting some good game time (coulda been 15mins earlier IMO).


    Our vital signs look much improved: Bainy gets to keep the jersey for me on Sun. HH

  21. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 29TH OCTOBER 2020 9:38 PM


    That was more like it. Yeh we lost 2 silly goals and yes Moi should have hit it But we looked awake. Big improvement. I enjoyed watching us And that’s not happened very often this season









    I enjoyed it too and I’m pleased. Celtic took to the park tonight. They played well and got a good result.

  22. I think Ncham is a great player, too many times he “runs oot a steam” walking up the tunnel,just dosnt turn up. wouldn’t get a gurnsney in my team ipso facto – nae heart.




  23. FairhillBhoy



    Take Big Wavy’s advice. Mr. Angry from Istanbul has nothing civil to say. He’s a heckler. Contributes very little that’s informed or constructive. Instead of talking about Celtic he talks about posters and always on a negative way. He’ll be back on tomorrow doing his thing. You know how it goes.

  24. Don’t post much on here now, maybe due to my current state of health or even a desire to debate at all.


    Shame that really as i used to be up for it on here, politics, team performance even the odd disagreement.


    Tonight was a better effort. excellent goals, RC knows he was culpable for their first and the second had a


    few culprits. Lest l forget the MIB was indeed a graduate from the Dallas Euro academy.


    3 or 4 of our players were running on empty circa 70 minutes, yet we did not make the required changes.


    Keep safe and well my friends in CQN


    Dominus Vobiscum

  25. Good morning cqn from a dark, cold but happy Garngad



    Happy as we showed last night that the auld fitbaw is still there, must improve at the back but I felt with better choices in final third we could have scored 1 or 2 more. Then again so could they, so close the back door bhoys. Looking forward to Sunday even more now.



    MM – nae flouncing come on fella, it’s your job to keep us all sane from afar.


    You are our number 1 international Handsome Hun finder.



    I was wondering Mick has your football team started back???



    Big Jimmy – how is wee Rocky oh and you, how are you big mhan?



    TOS – I would withdraw every international player as well but I fear the cabal that is the SFA would throw the book at us.


    Get a legal eagle on it and find a loophole.



    Thank crunchie its Friday.



    D :)

  26. By the way I though Ajeti, Laxalt, Moi and wee Frimpors had great games.



    Ajeti – does a thankless task holding up the ball and holding defenders off it’s a hard shift.



    Laxalt – well where do you start another solid shift with a wee bit of football thrown in with the “thou shalt not pass” attitude.



    Moi – I thought worked a lot harder tonight than of late.



    Frimpors – He actually took people on more tonight than of late and worked back consistently



    For me I think Ntcham should get a rest for a few games he was a passenger after 60 mins and everything broke down at him.



    Bring on the sheep



    D :)