Lions, first treble after 50 years of darkness


With the Lisbon Lions ‘acting in concert’, as is often the case in Glasgow football circles these days, I hope Celtic plan to mark the 50th anniversary of another of their achievements this Saturday. The St Johnstone game marks 50 years to the day the Lions won Celtic’s very first treble.

A Bobby Lennox goal won the League Cup against Rangers on 29 October 1966, before two Willie Wallace goals took the Scottish Cup on 29 April 1967. The treble was completed at Ibrox, when Jimmy Johnstone scored twice to secure the point Celtic required.

Given the 50 years that we have enjoyed since that season, it is unimaginable to believe that this was the first occasion Celtic retained the league title for exactly 50 years. Last doing so with a win at Dumbarton on 7 April 1917.

It has been said here often before, but it cannot be overestimated what Jock Stein and the Lions did for Celtic. The European Cup and nine-in-a-row are merely the headlines. The titles are trophies you have enjoyed since are the substance. The story would more resemble that dark half century without retaining a league, without them.  When the club and New Balance launch next season’s strips later today, they homage they will pay to the men of ’67 is fully merited.

Thank you to all who have sponsored me for the Celtic Foundation. I’m running the Stirling Marathon on 21 May. I know there are a million demands on you but all support is appreciated.


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  1. I know I’ll be seen as part-pooper of the day but I checked into the shirt palaver online earlier and couldn’t work out what everybody was getting worked up about. For a new shirt design? Having said that, my only ever Celtic top was a Christmas present when I was about 7 or 8. I just don’t get the whole shirt thing. There must be better ways of supporting our club and showing pride which aren’t so corporate. Why do we need the middlemen like New Balance, Nike, Umbro, etc. Could we not licence a design to be made in Scotland where a large percentage of the price goes straight to the Club? With discounted prices for junior versions and for people on benefits/allowances.



    I was also glad to see that someone else on CQN today highlighted the £90 price for an “elite” version, very slightly different from the standard version. What’s that about? How does that chime with the Celtic philosophy? Like many others, I support the Club in various other ways and I am very well rewarded, especially this year. But the idea of auld, fat baldy guys like me appearing to want to, or feel the need to, wear £50 taps designed for athletes as a way of showing commitment is just plain daft.



    Carry on – rant over!



    I flew out of glasgow airport about a year or 2 ago and was able to buy the new top the day before it was available in the other Celtic shops just needed to show my boarding pass.


    Might be worth a phone call to the shop at the airport

  3. Like Willie Fernie the other day, I’m heading off to Lisbon without knowing too many CQNers other by their monikers, leanings, wit and wisdom. As way of introducing myself to those I hold in high regard – which is 95% 0f you guys – I’ll begin by explaining my own moniker.


    After lurking for many a year I dipped my toe in this time last year. The biggest decision was what to call myself. I favoured “For Not For Long” or “ A Rusty Tin Can” but the rest of my long-suffering family wanted “Scaniel”.This was a word invented by my then 3 year old grandson which if VFR included it in his Word of the Day would be defined as both a term of affection or a form of chastisement depending on his mood. (Grandson, not VFR!)


    Anyway…my first realisation that I was destined to be a Celt For Life was when, as a 6 year old, I was standing at the top of the Watergate in Rothesay after the ferry had deposited a few delirious Celtic fans who had just returned from the 7-1 mauling of thems at Hampden In The Sun. There was always much fewer of us than them, but that made the joy so much sweeter.


    It was to be another 4 years before I made my first visit to Paradise for a match, a 2-0 victory over Kilmarnock, which i vividly remember…or so I thought. I do vividly remember Bobby Carrol scoring the first and Stevie Chalmers getting the second – one in each half. When Bobby scored a wee choo-choo train ( I was only 10) passed over above the Celtic End where we were standing. The same thing happened when Stevie scored. I spent the rest of the game with one eye on that train track waiting for another wee goods train to come chuntering along to add to the score. The only thing was when I looked up the record books the other week I discovered it was a 2-2 draw. Doubled checked, and yes a 2-2 draw. Never mind, I still tell people it was a 2-0 victory to the good ghuys. I suppose this explains my blinkered outlook and denial of anything anti-Celtic such as flicking the channel when some team has scored against us.


    We were still pretty much in the doldrums then, but Mr Stein was only 3 years away and the wait was very, very well worth waiting for as everyone well knows.


    Great news from BRTH this afternoon re. stadium visit.


    Check-in complete. Daughter number 3 and I are in seats 12E & 12F on Edinburgh flight. 19 more sleeps as Jobo would say.

  4. On another note I have a bottle of Bombay sapphire gin that has been recalled at the LCBO ( liquor control board òf Ontario)


    It seems it is 77% proof and not the 40% proof as advertised.


    Don’t know if I should return it or thank my lucky stars.

  5. 50 shades of green on

    Is it awrite for us old fat Hairy guys to wear the hoops:-)




  6. SCANIEL on 4TH MAY 2017 7:23 PM



    Nice story pal, thanks for sharing. My first game was in 1963. 1-1 against Queens Park. Or was it Queen of the South? Shoulda hammered them whoever it was! 2nd game 9-0 up against Airdrie when we got a penalty and Frank Haffey (keeper) came up to take it. Hit it with the power of gnat into the keeper’s arms!

  7. Mats Nilloc on

    We rightly remember John Fallon this month – a Lion and a great Celtic man.



    All keepers have their ‘off’ days and ‘on’ days – when John had an ‘on’ day, and there many, he was world class.



    One other thing, I know it sounds daft, but he looked like the kind of goalkeeper Celtic should always have!

  8. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Timgreen, don’t spend £90 on a shirt. Spend it on 18 tickets in BRTH’s raffle and you could win a top class bottle of Glenfarclas……:-)

  9. Ron Bacardi on

    I will be there on the day. Booked holiday in Cascais. Next door to Estoril where the Lions stayed before the final. Will be my fourth visit to the Estadio Nacional since our victory.

  10. Greenpinata on




    Athletes come in all shapes and sizes.


    Take William Perry ( The Refrigerator) for example. Playing weight around 22 to 24 stone.



    So , feel free to don the hoops with pride, if you wish.






    Ps : Can’t remember him being bald though, although I bet there will be a old, fat and baldy athletic about.

  11. AURORABOREALIS79 on 4TH MAY 2017 6:57 PM



    can I ask..



    1) If you are accused by your manager for calling the other “two” Cowardly C**** or whatever, I take it your manager was present and witnessed what you are “supposed” to have said ?


    2) If you DID use such language ( not implying that you did !)…then why did the “other two” not make complaint official about you , as you could possibly argue that the manager has misheard what was said ( if anything ?)…or has simply chosen to wrongly accuse you of what he/she wants, to suit their own agenda ?


    3) Are you able to SHOW/PROVE that you were assured that you did NOT need any witness/representation with you at meeting….did any colleagues overhear you being ” persuaded” ?, who will support the fact that management could be deemed to have DELIBERATELY “MISLED” you into attending that meeting alone ?


    POSSIBLY, if you were MISLED in any way as to the nature of the meeting, then it’s a very possible route for your union Ref to take ?


    If SHOWN/PROVED that was the case…then it’s very possible you and your union ( Thank God your not with UNITE )…could have whatever was stated, and whatever so called documents that were produced rendered as ” INVALID”and/or viewed as ” UNREASONABLE BEHAVIOUR” by your employer ….and also if the employer was already aware that you had some stress issues PRIOR to this meeting, AND AGAIN if it took place within the Workplace, especially when you would normally be on duty…then my friend that another argument for you to claim……..” PRESSURISED ENVOIRNMENT” ( Sorry for the spelling).


    In other words, the employer should NOT have allowed that meeting to go ahead at that time, for differing reasons.


    IF I were you or your union Rep…….” Go for the Jugular”….IF you accuse your employer of using ” PRESSURE TACTICS” to have you attend this meeting, whilst deliberately misleading you as to the nature of it especially the possible seriousness of it, then put the employer on the BACK FOOT straight away, by levelling THOSE ACCUSATIONS AT THEM from the off !



    Hope the above may help ?



    keep your chin up mate.





    Hope this helps a wee bit ?

  12. Park Road 67 on

    BATEENBHOY 6-28 pm


    I used to be able to get a Red pudding supper down here but the chippy that sold it closed , so black & white versions only in the other chippies , calling it a Joe Harper supper sounds better !


    BIG JIMMY I’ll need to try that Merchant chippy !

  13. An Tearmann on

    If McInnes wins the Scottish cup he should get manager of the year.


    Graeme Spiers





    Good news on access to Estadio.


    Well done and thanks.





    Just an observation on betrayal of working class by the morgan stanley employee and how individualism(thatcherism) became a cancer within what was once a great community movement(labour).


    Nowt to do wi snp mate.



    Auraura Borialis


    I wish you well my friend.The best of luck.




  14. Hun cars is it.. and nobody came up with ….



    Pontiac…….. Phoenix… ;-)

  15. We still have 3 XXL Jock Stein Lisbon 67 t-shirts remaining for anyone larger Bhoys heading to Lisbon. Or you could shrink down a size in the ole tumble drier!





    On the same club mince – why did the Rangers fans stage a Give Liquidation the Red Card day?



    Why did Charles Green himself plus James Traynor, Walter, Gough and the rest all state that liquidation was the end of the club and its history?



    Because that all happened before the Five Way Agreement where it was agreed that the new co could claim to be the old Club.



    That’s why the Kelty Hearts cancellation is vital. It kills the myth of continuity as there was no club to play that Wednesday night in July 2012.



    I updated Auldheid, BRTH and Paul on all of this and hopefully it will help.



    Remember Persistence Beats Resistance – now that was another cracking t-shirt!

  16. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    TIMBHOY1 on 4TH MAY 2017 3:15 PM



    It closed in 1990.





  17. Watching the build up to the Celta Vigo game,the commentator just informed us that John Guidetti once played for Man City and Stoke !!!!!!!!!!.


    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Anyone remember any big Euro goals he scored for them?.



  18. AUROR,


    I meant to ask this …….



    Were you suspended from work DURING or at the Conclusion of a “Back to Work Meeting” ?


    If so, under UK Employment Law, that MAY NOT be legal ?



    I would need to check that Law out, get your union to do likewise.


    Sorry but my computer is playing up again, and it’s difficult for me to post.







  19. re Lisbon Lions,



    Wullie O’Neill ( God rest him), used to always say to me….” Jimmy when you pull those Hoops o’er yer heid…it was The Greatest Feeling in the World” !








    Think your original post has (sensibly) been removed.



    There was mention of return to work after an issue (I’ll not repeat) caused absence.



    That’s something that should be a major (ie responsibility) factor to an employer and of significant interest to your T.U. Rep.

  21. BECELTIC on 4th May 2017 7:20 pm






    I flew out of glasgow airport about a year or 2 ago and was able to buy the new top the day before it was available in the other Celtic shops just needed to show my boarding pass.



    Might be worth a phone call to the shop at the airport









    I’ll give it a shot.



    But we’re in there around 4.30am. Can’t see anyone getitng out there kip to open up for three happy idiots off on a jaunt.




  22. mike in toronto on

    Hello lads



    Just checking in … a few things..



    Aurora … a bit of advice if you dont mind …. I usually tell my clients that the less you say publicly about the issues in your case, the better…. what you say outside of court usually wont help you, but, often times, can be used against you …. all joking aside, the best advice is to go speak to a lawyer to assist you (who, may direct you to your union, but can assist you if the union isn’t helping).



    Timgreen ….. 90 pounds for a jersey?! that is pretty steep … even for a good looking one like that.



    BeCeltic … dont return it … knowing the LCBO, since it has double the alcohol, they will probably try to charge you twice what you originally paid!

  23. What’s the premium top at £90? See a commerative top on Superstore £79, is this the premium top?


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  24. LEFTCLICKTIC on 4TH MAY 2017 8:18 PM


    Good evening my friend, lol no tim no see.


    Been working since 6:30, Polling Station not far from Sipsini. Here until 22:00…:(


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  25. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Whilst impressed by the new strip and not by the price I am of the ‘old school’ supporters who would never wear a ‘replica’ strip but I have many supporters’ tops and ‘hunners’ of green and white golf tops for Mondays and Wednesdays! Obviously an age thing:).

  26. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    i’d love to see ss getting a goal in the cl – oh and we’ve got tr to come back – what a season!

  27. SFTB,



    If you read back,no one came on supporting the SNP,or advocating voting for them.Ernie came on with his usual anti SNP,pro Labour rant.No one mentioned a preference for SNP.They were only pulling up Ernie for his mince.No offence Ernie.


    SFTB,you are not too shy yourself with the politics.

  28. MIT


    just checked the recall notice


    Seems they will refund unopened or open botless with a full refund


    The scottish in me thinks I’ll be cracking it open and giving them a 1/4 bottle back :)

  29. Just saw the video for the new strip.


    Just class!


    In fact, a work of art.


    Wish I was 20 years younger and the right shape to fit in it!!


    What’s the chances of me dropping a couple or 3 stone before the Cup Final?