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  1. prince of keepers on

    Defending is hopeless, as has been the case all season. the 1st attempts on goal in each half the only 2 on target the whole game are goals.


    I still have no idea if GK is any good because I have never seen him make a save in 6 months as every ball into our box ends up in the goal.


    Brown stupid + unnecessary gives Collum the chance to do what he likes doing. Subs baffling and dont even start on Christie, an absolute imposter. Need a change now!

  2. 7 wins in 22.



    I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see a Celtic manager with a worse record.

  3. Credit to Livingston by the way. They have a plan and they stick to it. They defend as a unit.



    A good team will always do well against a less well drilled opponent without good structure.



    We did it in Europe to teams with better players in the past. Maybe even including last seasons group stages.



    But we have been arrogant this season. And we are paying the price.



    One of the co commentators said we were ensuring a marathon of suffering. Feels like it but really it is a relatively short period. If we are still there in 9 years then I’ll consider it a marathon.



    But the immediate challenge is get winning again. Get the structures right. Start the transition. Why wait now.



    I’m done for a while. See you all in better times.

  4. CaddingtonCommon on

    Broony decision a yellow at best, at worst he threw him a dirty look.


    Anjer and Sorro both carrying injuries, no option but to go off.


    Turnbull was shot in my opinion and I am not surprised considering the shift he put in and his Covid problem.


    Griff was his usual self for the time he was on. Not many on his wavelength.


    Overall assessment a draw was a fair result since we had 10 men And they had 12.



    Stay Safe



    Hail Hail

  5. End of an era…yep…but it’s been one hell of a ride. If this is Lenny’s last match…thank you for all you’ve done for us as player and manager but all good things come to an end

  6. nick 100%


    it has been a great few years and all good things must come to an end


    but we cant look forward until this season is finished


    looks like we’ve got tons of dire displays still to come

  7. Morelos gets away with worse every week, he would never have been sent off for that tonight, that’s the difference & until we call this out it’ll never change.

  8. Hard to know where to start with that.



    We are physically not up to the challenge and that is down to recruitment.



    We are not that clever personified by Scott Brown and we have a goalie who never stops a goal. Not that he had any chance but their keeper stopped goals.



    It is excruciating to watch and it is not going to get any better.



    A rebuild job needed top to bottom.



    Saw a nice line that describes us,, we are a football business and not a football club.




  9. glendalystonsils on

    LUBO WE NEED YOU on 20TH JANUARY 2021 10:21 PM


    Ryan Christie , this lad is mince, he cant track ,tackle ,pass or take a corner .



    I would certainly agree about the tackling after watching that second Livi goal again .

  10. Jobo


    Good luck with the Competition tonight !!



    I`ll look at the extended highlights tomorrow and e-mail my selection. Mind you, if the posts tonight are a fair reflection of the performance, I might be hard pressed to find THREE players !


    Goodnight all.

  11. This is end of days stuff remember Paul’s “there is worse to come”



    Ffsake can’t beat livi with our reserves and can’t beat livi reserves with out near enough full team less FE .



    Think that’s it I have took some blows over the years


    But as was said somewhere earlier it’s death by a thousand cuts .



    I don’t care what anybody says regardless of any circumstances a Celtic team that can’t beat Livingston with 2 goes … Tells us all the humiliation it is to watch this dross .

  12. We were always going to need to be two ahead. Ajer our best man yet he gets subbed!! Lennon’s substitutions killed the game for us.


    Lost all impetus thereafter. Hasn’t a clue. New manager has one heck of a job. Two CBs and full backs at least.

  13. Watching Brown incident again , total madness from him . he should know that we don’t get away with raised hands right in front collum . Brutal

  14. Well said @celticresearch



    That Lawwell/Bankier have hid through this shambles for months and not taken one direct question makes them even more culpable.



    The buck stops there.

  15. glendalystonsils on




    DT — Was the class player on the park but he was surrounded by lethargy and sloth.



    Lethargy and sloth? Didn’t see their names on the team sheet but I recognise them from your description.

  16. Does the Official Spfl ball not have a dinky orange number ?



    I remember orange balls being used during whiteouts.



    This is a serious post. 🤔




  17. Greenpinta


    Should have an orange ball and the lines should have been cleared in the second half

  18. The board need to make this decision not Neil.



    I am truly saddened how some of our support is turning on him, some of the comments are horrific towards a man who has given everything to our club.



    It’s so sad what has unfolded.



    He is our Neil and always will be

  19. Oh dear what a mess. However at the end of the day the Board should resign to a man. They have presided over this dreadful state of affairs. Not one of them will come out and tell us what is going to happen if this goes on any longer we can write off next season as well. The way back will be long and painful KTF

  20. Soft red card or not. What was Scott Brown thinking. ?



    He deliberately waited for the man then raised his arms. It wasn’t a spur of the moment incident.



    Stupidity personified.

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    Champions league spot under severe threat as well. Total embarrassment from the top to the bottom.

  22. Guys nobody has been a bigger critic of Lenny than me but even I don’t expect him to resign. He has a contract. Celtic need to sack him and pay out his contract. If I was him I’d do exactly the same thing.



    Fed up saying this , there is only one thing this board understands, money, starve them.