Longmuir and the Newco job


Scottish Football League chief executive, David Longmuir, emerged from the shambles that the game’s administrators got themselves into last year with a remarkably solid relationship with the SFL’s member clubs, indeed, he has been singled out for high praise from the Newco-club.

The flow of sentiment reversed after he wrote to member clubs suggesting Celtic and Newco-Rangers enter ‘colt’ clubs in the Third Division.  This bizarre suggestion was justified on the basis that if Celtic and Rangers join another league, while leaving the rest of the leading clubs behind, their colt teams would continue to bring interest and revenue to the game.

Mr Longmuir seems to have missed the fact that in the event any of the above comes to pass, the departure of Celtic and Newco-Rangers would then create an opportunity for colt clubs to be considered.  Their inclusion now is unnecessary, especially when Newco could potentially enter administration next season, lose players, suffer the mandatory 25 point penalty and be relegated into the bottom division with their colt players, who presumably would also suffer administration-related penalties.

Speculation that Mr Longmuir is taking care of current business until he is ready to move to Newco is becoming hard to ignore.  Newco need to get themselves out of the bottom league first, though.  The colts team idea is certain to be rejected, the question will not even reach the SPL or Celtic.  The 12-12-10-10 idea favoured by Newco is looking an increasingly hard sell, with 12-12-18 more likely.  Mr Longmuir better look after the interests of all his member clubs if he wants to hang on long enough to move straight to Newco. If he loses his ability to be a dealmaker I’m not sure what he can offer an aspiring £100m company.

Football is seldom played on a higher plane than we witnessed from the Camp Nou last night.  Barcelona, until recently undisputedly regarded as the best team in the world, were up against it.  With a league win assured their form stuttered and they had to become the first team in Champions League history to overcome a 2-0 first leg defeat.

They delivered, as did their most precocious talent, but there was a hugely important lesson to be learned from the game.

Milan are out of Europe because they made preventable mistakes which Celtic didn’t make, home or away, against Barcelona.  Even at this level, the team which makes fewest preventable mistakes progresses.

Milan and, after Juventus, Celtic, can spend the remainder of the season pondering the value of putting laces through the ball.  Barcelona, of course, are fabulous, but the question remains, can they do it at home against Annan Athletic?  I’m not so sure.
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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ASonOfDan-You would be surprised how much/little our deal is,though bonuses are good CL etc.

  2. ASonOfDan



    I don’t think our sponsorship with Magners would be worth £20m.



    Not a fair comparison with EPL sides as the exposure they get through the TV deals will generate a lot more sponsorship income.




  3. proudbhoy



    Doubt we will be going far seeing how early the CL qualifiers start. We might have another one off game like the Madrid one.

  4. Asonofdan



    Trick question I see ………



    The party line is that, The rangers are bigger than everyone !

  5. ASonOfDan



    I’d say is Sevco are getting £400k per annum in shirt sponsorship, that would be the second biggest amount in Scotland.




  6. Mort


    13:26 on


    13 March, 2013





    If Sevco win Division 3 it will be a division title, not a league title. Only League winners in Scotland are those who win the SPL and the SFL.








    Point noted Mort, cheers.



    I see “Rangers FC” still appear on the UEFA co-efficient webpage, having gained the standard points for a Scottish team this season (0.860). By continuing to add points to the co-efficient they must be recognising them as the same entity.



    Of course Mr Taylor is in situ at UEFA to bat off any troublemakers that may try and point out or correct this anomaly. As you were.

  7. johann murdoch on

    Scottish football needs a strong Annan Athletic.




    Right off oot..final cycle training HH

  8. !!Bada Bing!!




    In typical Sevco fashion £400,000 will probably be the amount paid if they win the Quadruple. I bet the basic is alot less.



    They sold the name of their stadium FOREVER for a down payment of £1 Million.

  9. Paul67,



    Couldn’t agree more with you. It has been suggested over the years that we enter our young bhoys into the lower leagues for them to gain experience. I have been all for it. But, I don’t think this is Longmuir’s reason at this time. In fact, we don’t really enter the equation. He is trying to get his team, who have died but some are still pretending to be alive, into the higher leagues, because it would not be right for them to be in the same league as their colts. This team of his are the very same lot who destroyed the existing reserve league by withdrawing their lot because they couldn’t afford to put an 11 out on the park. We must not be party to helping the deid team in any shape or form. Let them die and the sooner the better.

  10. Sad to hear of the death of Kano’s Dad Matt I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Golf lounge meet and found him to be just a simple unassuming man who was in awe at the support that was shown for his son Kano, my condolences go out to the Kane family

  11. I must have been asleep.


    …………..the whole Blackthorn Cider thing escaped my view.




    Just a thought tho’………



    surely for them “White Lightning” would have been more ‘on-brand’?

  12. philvisreturns on

    Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie – Wonky Shonky Honky Donkeys?



    :) (thumbsup)




    ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 – Thumbs up to you sir. (thumbsup)




    The Battered Bunnet – I think their senior team play more like geldings than donkeys. (thumbsup)



    jungle jam67 – It would be quicker to count the number of senior people in the Scottish game not on, formerly on, or looking to get on the Rangers/Sevco payroll. (thumbsup)



    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ – So Liam the Fox wants to stop the heating allowance and bus passes for pensioners to help fund more tax cuts for stinking rich Torys.



    My first thought was: ha ha a ha! More money for me. Take that, one footers!



    Sadly, it seems my dreams of getting slightly richer and stinkier at the expense of poor starving coffin-dodgers is not to be, for those well known Conservative stooges at the BBC explain:



    Mr Fox suggested the government could scrap taxation on cash savings in banks, which would “directly benefit pensioners… paving the way for the means testing of the winter fuel allowance and other benefits enjoyed by pensioners who have personal wealth that should leave them well clear of the safety net of the welfare state”.



    So it seems Mr Fox is merely floating a suggestion that we don’t pay unnecessary benefits to wealthy pensioners.



    I haven’t been this disappointed since I found out Max Headroom isn’t actually an artificial intelligence. If this is the height of Tory eeeeevilness it’s high time I took charge. I’d start by forcing EU migrants to do national service in coal mines on the Falklands, make fox hunting compulsory in our nation’s playgrounds, and then force the poor to watch the 1981 TV version “Brideshead Revisited” before beating them around the thighs and buttocks with freshly picked rhubarb stalks.



    You’ve never had it so good. (thumbsup)

  13. Shamelessly lifted from the comments on the Scotsman –



    Rangers financial director Brian Stockbridge is pressing forward with plans to put the first player on Mars.



    The ambitious scheme will see Lee McCulloch, and a select group of supporters who will pay £1m each to accompany him, land on the red planet ahead of winning the SPL title.



    With Rangers now involved in multi-million pound deals with Puma, Blackthorn Cider and Mike Ashley there is scope to develop the space travel side of the business which Stockbridge describes as “lucrative and cosmic”.



    Once the first landing on Mars has been confirmed the club are looking at similar projects on the Moon and Venus.



    Mr Stockbridge also revealed that a new partnership could be struck with any aliens that inhabit Mars to exchange players.



    “This is an exciting new revenue stream which was scandalously ignored by the previous regime.



    “We plan to put Lee McCulloch on Mars by summer 2016. What is so hard about that?



    “He will promote the Rangers universe wide brand and who better that Lee for that. Once we make new friends on Mars we will look at the Moon as well. Rangers are too big to merely exist on the planet Earth.



    “Who knows, we may construct a space station which will hover over the world as well.”



    Mr Stockbridge is keenly aware that his plans may be open to ridicule but he insists that they are workable.



    “Let’s say we sell 20 tickets for the trip to supporters at £1m each. That’s £20m straight to the manager for strengthening, or to build another spaceship.



    “And all the Martians will buy replica strips from Lee as well. We will then establish a megastore on every planet in the solar system.”

  14. Phil – a sharp, tangy and refreshing pre-prandial……..similar in bouquet to Toilet Duck,



  15. Max Headroom isn’t artificial intelligence!


    Absolutely dumbfounded by that statement, is it true, cant be, can it.


    Been nice lurking, back to work.



    Condolences to the Kane family.

  16. MHARK67 – 13:31 on 13 March, 2013



    I can’t help you unfortunately, but I can tell you that that this is not a case of the ASA shirking responsibilities. It’s what they have to do given the volume of complaints they receive, especially from those that get enraged having not seen an ad but read or heard about it (not that I put you into this bracket). I worked there for 3 years, at the start of the 00s, it was a nightmare then, and that was before they started doing radio and tv.



    Somewhere like the Mitchell might be the best place to get a hard copy.

  17. JJP-ON


    Re UEFA coefficient.


    I’m not sure how it works, but a lot of bhuns are clinging to the fact that UEFA still think they are the same club because of this.


    The only thing I would say is that GretnaFC still had a coefficient a couple of years after their liquidation.


    I think it’s a case of ‘watch this space’ in the next few years.




  18. Superlative stuff Paul 67



    Another liquidation event a possibility and I thought Armageddon only happens the once.



    And the mighty giant killers Annan get a mention too, so much to consider in a few words



    Hail Hail

  19. Many decades ago the advert for Harpic was: “Harpic – Cleans round the bend”. Rather fitting for Leggatt.

  20. philvisreturns on

    bankiebhoy1 – Leggo approves of the royal blue Ocean Fresh Toilet Duck, but won’t touch the nasty green Pine Fresh Thoilet Dhuck. (thumbsup)



    Doc is Neil Lennon – I’m afraid so. Also, Mark Knofler doesn’t really own a glow-in-the-dark pink headband. (thumbsup)

  21. starry plough



    14:14 on


    13 March, 2013


    Is there Gregg’s on Mars??








    No but there plenty of Bars.



    Ok getting my coat. Taxi

  22. ScotPatsFan


    14:15 on


    13 March, 2013






    Thanks for your reassurance! Am I right in saying Sevco are not eligible for European competition yet as need to have 3 years of audited accounts for a new company/new team? That to me confirms a new entity.

  23. JJP-ON



    I asked this question last week I think, When was the last time anyone at orc central actually deigned to produce accounts how can they possibly have a license to play football??

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    Not content with filling their Italian pasta dishes with horsemeat, it seems Tesco have bought the Giraffe Restaurants chain.



    What next? Sponsoring Colt Teams?



    A new range of microwave ready mules?

  25. Bada……..



    on-message, on-brand……..



    I like it!




    ………….or, how about the common name for Stella Artois….



    ………again, very apt




  26. Off topic ghuys


    Heading for Krakow the morra


    Group of 8 of us. 4 x couples.


    Would really appreciate any tips or recommendations on bars or restuarants.


    Thanks in advance.


    Off oot



  27. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Dont drink Warka Strong Lager 7%



    The Auschwitz tour is mind-blowing but maybe not ideal for a couple weekend.



    And wrap up but the pubs are warm




  28. SonsOfErin






    I do hope Elbows Mc Culloch and the other cosmical (comical) Sevconians land on Venus first as its ground temp is 500c which is enough to melt lead.

  29. Regarding last nights result………I bet you Celtic wouldn’t have gone to the Camp Nou and thrown away away a two goal advantage

  30. Thindimebhoy at 14:46



    500c on Venus may melt lead but will it effect the ubiquitous sevconian brass neck?

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