Loving an ugly win


I love an ugly win, especially at this time of the season.  Steven Gerrard said Celtic are “relentless”, it is ugly wins, when you can scarcely string two passes together away to the team third top of the table, that convinces the manager of another team you are uncatchable.

Despite some generous reports, yesterday’s win at Pittodrie was not achieved against the better team, Aberdeen scored with their only genuine chance of the game, at no other time were Celtic in danger of conceding.  It is a feature of this Celtic team that even when it is not performing well, you know they will defend solidly and Fraser Forster is a formidable last line.

Winning nine games since the break, seven of them away from home, is astonishing consistency.  You almost feel sorry for the others.  Almost.

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  1. The Hands


    These games are always a bit of a mystery.


    I just hope Neil has a complete dossier on them.


    I’ve no doubt we will be up for it.

  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on



    @ ‘GG on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 3:47 PM



    They are 2nd in the league to Erik’s team who Sevco humped 7-3 on aggregate. We really should be knocking them out.





    Spot on.



    Copenhagen – 37 goals in 21 league games. 1.76 goals per game.



    Celtic – 79 goals in 27 league games. 2.92 goals per game.



    We will be hot favourites to progress and I think we will.



    But with Celtic away from home in Europe you can never really relax!



    Yet…fancy a win by 2 clear goals on Thursday night.




  3. The Battered Bunnet



    I was the Emirates yesterday and watched him up close and personal. Big brute with an excellent touch, strength, pace and very unselfish in his work. Didn’t look like a CF though and Newcastle 2nd half were abysmal.



    Transfer fees are bonkers though. In the home team was an absolute donkey in Xhaka, who cost Arsenal £35m, also from the Bundesliga. Transfer fees out of that league are clearly inflated due to the percpetion of the league.



    Won’t come as a consolation for us when Eddie departs for a figure south of that due to the ‘standard of the SPFL’ card being played.

  4. It’s remarkable how Calm McGregor who covers so much mileage on a football pitch is seldom injured in comparison to some others. I would like to see Celtic make a big effort to get Frazer Forster on a permanent deal as priority. Elyounouissi is a good player but seems to be injury prone. For 9 mil, Celtic beware.

  5. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    Christie or Forrest for hat trick?




    This injury apart, Elyounoussi has an excellent fitness record.



    Transfer market has him missing four games in his entire senior career prior to this season

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The winning goal



    Don`t ball watch .


    Watch Ajer who runs from the edge of his own penalty box to hit the winning strike .


    No wonder he wasn`t marked .


    Dedication or what.


    A winner is Kris.

  8. Hankray – Moi has had 1 bad injury in his career to date. The one he suffered with us, exacerbated by bringing him back too soon.



    No real evidence of ‘injury prone’ to be honest..

  9. I saw an interesting stat in yesterday’s papers. Apparently Copenhagen have set a new European record. They have gone 26 Euro games without conceding more than one goal per game. Previous record holders were AC Milan. So, as noted above, they don’t score many but neither do the concede many.

  10. Celtic40me



    Big Wavy………Thanks lads for setting me right re Ely’s injury record. Good stats for the lad has changed my mind. Yes try and get him if the price is right.

  11. An Tearmann


    I got logged in at an unusual time so had to change greeting, having said that……



    Evenin all




    Sad man that I am I looked into his injury record a couple of weeks ago because I’m such a fan.



    He’s a very good footballer, signing him and Forster in the Summer would be outstanding business

  13. Copenhagen will be desperate to win their league so I can’t see them easing off before a Europa game. It was also their first game back after a 2 month break so we won’t have a better time to play them



    Unlike the other team who play the Portuguese firm team who beat the league leaders at their bit at the weekend







    When the split was first introduced, the rules included Celtic and Rangers playing each other home and away twice.




    Presumably this is still the case unless Rangers no longer exists.




    I think the rules will be applied 🤣

  15. BIG WAVY on 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:20 PM


    Hankray – Moi has had 1 bad injury in his career to date. The one he suffered with us, exacerbated by bringing him back too soon.




    No real evidence of ‘injury prone’ to be honest..





    I think he suffered it while on duty with Norway.

  16. Bhoyjoebelfast – relieved that my own stats are correct. Only difference is that I’ve given ‘Bayo’ the 2 he scored against Hearts but which some records show as 2 own goals. That would mean that he too has also scored in the 3 domestic competitions.


    Possibly surprising that there’s only been one hat trick, in all games this season. A number of players have scored doubles (Eddie has done that 5 times).

  17. We should beat Copenhagen. Doesn’t mean we will.



    But we shouldn’t pretend this is a 50/50 tie. The draw was kind to us.



    Looking forward to beating Braga

  18. if KT goes to Leicester I wish him the best….



    smiley the snake is looking for a defensive skin thing




  19. THE BBC have said Michael Stewart WON’T be back until they are certain the pundit’s row over Rangers PR chief Jim Traynor won’t be repeated.


    The former Hearts and Hibs man has been off air for a fortnight after taking aim at Traynor on the Beeb’s radio show Sportsound.A BBC spokesperson said: “Our editorial guidelines were not adhered to on Sportsound and we’re still in discussions to ensure there’s no repeat of that in future.



    “While those discussions continue, Michael Stewart will not appear on any of our sports programmes.”

  20. northeast ghirl on

    Absolutely, well said Gene. Tax dodgers seem to be welcomed with open arms by the been. Corrupt to the core the lot of them

  21. And do their editorial guidelines allow them to spout the continuation myth.


    They wouldn’t know truth and justice if it slapped them.

  22. Theoriginalsadiesbhoy



    From Moi’s mouth:



    Speaking in the Scotsman, Elyounoussi cleared up exactly when he picked up the knock.



    “I actually picked up the injury a couple of weeks ago against Hibs in the League Cup semi-final. Then I had to go with the national team and it didn’t really have enough time to heal.



    “So we had a look at it and it was decided I needed a rest. But I think it will be alright.”



    Our bad….

  23. I was thinking a banner in support of Michael Stewart next Sunday would be worthwhile but the chances of it being mentioned on Sporscene are zero.


    Incidentaly, I used to view Steven Thompson as being a fairly decent guy but with pro-Hun tendencies. Now, I consider him as being morally bankrupt in showing no support for his suspended/sacked colleague.


    Morally bankrupt is one description. Scab is another.

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