Magic from Madrid, share scams in 2012


Atletico Madrid, happy for them?  Not an easy one.  I remember listening to the radio commentary the night we lost to them in the European Cup semi-final of 1974.  They, and Rapid Vienna a decade later, represented very unworthy competitors in European competition.

Both teams returned to Celtic Park in recent seasons.  Rapid picked up pretty much where we left them, an odious lot, but Atletico and their fans didn’t seem to bother about the past, they came and left wanting to play football.

As a boy I remember chastising old soldiers who fought the Germans during the war for their persistent aversion to modern Germans and Germany.  “They are a new people, nothing to do with the 30s and 40s”, I said.

It feels a bit ridiculous holding a grudge against Atletico.  Their achievement last night, and this season so far, has been fantastic.  Against the most powerful foes, they might just win the hardest league in the world and the Champions League.  This late in the season, that is a stunning prospect to still be on the table. They should be an inspiration to us all.

I see the media is (responsibly) alerting Celtic shareholders to the threat of a share scam apparently being perpetrated against unsuspecting fans by spivs and criminals.  Where were they in December 2012?

Seville – The Celtic Movement

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I hear Jackie McNamara and Tommy Wright are both going to be banned from the touchline for the Scottish Cup semi-finals.

  2. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on

    Bad timing, as usual……..





    We were threatened with ARMAGEDDON if we did not accept the cheating of the now dead club.


    We knew that the threats were empty.


    Time has shown that we were right.



    We are theatened with CATACLYSM if we reject being controlled by our consistently cheating neighbours.


    We know those threats are empty.


    I am confident that time will show that we are right.

  3. 50 shades of green supports wee oscar and his family.h.h.wee mhan on

    I know what you mean Paul . I was at that game and the treatment given out


    to our players and jinky in particular means i could never really want wish them well .


    My hope is they get to the final and get stuffed by their city rivals then lose out on the final league game to barca .



    But thats just me .

  4. TinfoilHeid’s twitter account has just been hacked and his profile picture is now a picture of Lenny with the Leauge trophy!!! Haha. Sevco official site has also been hacked and is down. They will be blaming Timmy for not selling any season tickets.

  5. afternoon champions …a changeable Lower Saxony …



    you shall not ,you can not …..you will not … The Knots prayer…what I can remember ….braw ………



    “I ask that you remove from my mind ,my heart and my life all of the am nots that I have allowed to hold me back,especially the thought that I am not good enough”



    braw again…

  6. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on




    That is what makes the world go round.


    Youpay your money & take your chance.



    Good Luck.

  7. snake plissken



    11:18 on 10 April, 2014


    Ok Neg anon2



    You asked so shall you receive.



    Here are some real questions about this union of equals –



    A truly excellent and comprehensive list of reasons for voting Yes. Definitely one of the best posts for the Yes vote there has been on this blog.



    Neganon’s response to your blog fails to answer in detail any points raised, but is large in bluster. It is obvious there is no point in debating the referendum with him, but there is always fitba to chat about.



    Margo said: ‘ if we convince one voter to change from no to yes we then we will be a free and independent people.’



    Keep going and KTF

  8. The Comfortable Collective on




    12:07 on 10 April, 2014



    “Two days in a row i’ve had the last post on a thread………..beat that!!!”



    No you don’t! !!!!

  9. I was at Celtic Park as a 17 year old that night. The feelings I had from that night remain with me.


    I was shocked that this could be allowed.


    I was worried there would be a pitch invasion to ‘sort’ the problem.


    I was scared for what was happening to our players, wee Jimmy in particular.


    I was amazed they finished the game with ANYONE left on the pitch.


    Raging at the impotence I felt.


    Athletico???? Not for me thanks.

  10. Ah billy bhoy you haven answered ANY of my questions and I covered snakes to the same level of depth as he did.



    Away and shout freedom to someone else. You can’t be taken seriously when you deal in FACTS.

  11. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Atletico Madrid robbed us. I hope they get robbed themselves



    Does that make me a bad person?


    Even if it does i dont give a four x

  12. 50 shades of green supports wee oscar and his family.h.h.wee mhan on

    Another thing also . When we did play them in europe again Celtic fans were denied the chance to “let them know our feelings ” as our home game was behind closed doors .



    Think i would even support chelski against them (maybe ).

  13. Bawsman



    12:18 on 10 April, 2014




    I was there that night as well – as a 10 year old


    sitting down the front of the main stand.



    As you say, the restraint of the crowd that night


    is something that should be talked about more.





    Ah mean, can you imagine the huns watching their team


    being subjected to the same sort of treatment ?



  14. Neganon



    You never answered one of Snake’s questions. This is not excuse but a fact, I have been really ill over the past few days with a chest infection and no doubt I have missed things.

  15. Paul, football in the 70s and before was a MAN’s game. If you really wanted to mix it with the very best it was almost a case of street-fighting your way to victory, as evidenced by Atletico and, a few years earlier, by Racing Club.



    At least the game wasn’t marred by modern day histrionics, as practiced so adeptly by the likes of Fabregas, Neymar, and many others at today’s so called top teams. You only have to have the slightest insignificant contact with these guys for them to be throwing themselves to the ground trying to con the officials. I’ll bet boxers soil themselves laughing at how easy it is to knock down a highly toned, fit and muscular athlete.

  16. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    I was at that Athletico game at Celtic Park and remember them as being the dirtiest team I had ever seen against us apart from Racing Club.



    Some of the “tackles” in that game particularly on Jinky, amounted to nothing more than deliberate assaults, which included spitting and hair pulling.



    The referee eventually took action but by then it was far too late.



    The worst offenders were the Argentinians in the Athletico team, particularly a thug called Ayala, who was eventually sent off, but it appeared clear that they had been acting on instructions.



    I remember being incensed at the time, and later getting into an argument about it a year later with some Athletico fans in a boozer in Toledo, although we all ended up buying each other drink and having a good time.



    I watched the game last night and have to admit I ended up cheering on Athletico simply because of the way they played and of course their supporters. The culture at that club now seems different to when they played us.



    Time appears to be a great healer, and a good thing too.

  17. Neganon … Ernie



    What prompts such hatred of people, just because they want to be like the rest of the world? Independent

  18. As someone who asked that we lighten the load on making CQN a wall-to-wall Independence debate, I appreciated the gesture from MWD to take it off line, this morning.



    I feared when Neg Anon started trumpeting about the intellectual superiority of the NO argument, before it had been advanced, that we were about to set the train wreck in motion again. However, credit where it is due, the posts from both Snake Plissken and the reply from Neg Anon were of pretty good quality. Kudos to both.



    But let’s keep it light on here. The topic need not be banned but be aware that patience with it is limited in others.



    Thank you.

  19. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Tom Molach




    10:10 on 10 April, 2014




    The other strange claim about the sevco accounts is that they are supposed to have just been made visible.



    I downloaded them on 27th March and pointed another contributor to them on Sunday or Monday who was wanting to compare Raith Rovers numbers to Sevco’s.




    Seen this on deluded media the other day :)))



    Queen of the south 2012/13 financial report






    Their turnover was £1m for the financial year. They won the same league we’re in by 28 points, losing just two games all season, and won the Ramsdens Cup.



    That is an acheievement.



    Spending 6, 7 or 8 times that on wages alone and getting pumped out of every competition we’ve been in, is not an acheivement, it’s a f*&*%”g disaster.



    Made me smile anyway:)))

  20. Paul67 –



    “I see the media is (responsibly) alerting Celtic shareholders to the threat of a share scam apparently being perpetrated against unsuspecting fans by spivs and criminals. Where were they in December 2012?”



    Oh you are awful, but I like you!




  21. Athletico Madrid



    David Hay says that Big Jock told the team to expect rough treatment and WARNED them not to retaliate. Lesson learned from Montevideo.


    There was quite a bit of retaliation in the tunnel post match, led by D Hay and J Stein.


    They are the “rebel” team in Madrid and are playing good stuff, but it is hard to forget that night in 1974.

  22. I remember the pics in the paper the day after the Athletico game in 1974 of a bruised and battered Jinky



    Only one word to describe them is scum

  23. Harmless old men. The 1974 scum age gracefully




    Billy McNeill’s description of the 1974 Atletico Madrid side that kicked Celtic out of the European Cup semi-finals as “Scum” has provoked a mixed reaction in Madrid. The official response of the Spanish club has been injured innocence and comments like “We do not understand why they are harping on about a match played 37 years ago. We would rather concentrate on the present.”




    Panadero Diaz and a defensive colleague from 1974


    But one of the players from that towsy first leg match in Glasgow in the 10th April 1974 has come out with a more spirited direct response. Panadero Diaz, the giant Argentinean centre half was one of the three Atletico defenders sent off during the game, after a particularly atrocious tackle on Jimmy Johnstone, who as Panadero honestly admits “was leading me a merry dance and driving me mad”. Panadero describes his offence as kicking Jinky in the ribs and accepts he deserved to be sent off. But he defends the overall conduct of his team. “In that era teams played much harder and more physically than they do nowadays” He accepts Atletico were a hard team but emphasised that Celtic were no saints. And as one tough centre half to another he said “McNeil might not have forgotten what we did to them, but we have not forgotten what he did to us.”



    Panadero made it clear he resented the title of ‘scum’ and claimed that Atletico Madrid of that era were one of the finest teams in the world, on a par with Barcelona and Real Madrid. And in one sense what he says is correct. In the European Cup Final against a Bayern Munich side, containing world class stars like Beckenbauer, Brietner, Hoeness, Maier and Muller, Atletico were one minute away from winning the European Cup. And in Bayern’s absence they represented Europe in the Intercontinental Trophy beating Copa Libertadores champions Independiente over two legs to be crowned as “World Club Champions”



    So how justified is Billy McNeil’s use of the strong phrase “scum”.




    Panadero Diaz now. Ready to admit his errors and call Lorenzo a monster


    I am aware that few if any Celtic supporters under the age of 50 will have any direct memory of that torrid encounter from 37 years ago but there must be still many of the 70,000 plus spectators other than myself who have vivid memories of an unforgettable evening. 2 years previously Celtic had lost at the same semi-final stage to Inter Milan, on penalty kicks and most of the enormous crowd were confident that this time, against Atletico they would go a stage further and reach their third European Cup Final. As I took my place in the jungle, I knew Atletico would be no push-overs. I also knew that the Atletico Manager Juan Carlos Lorenzo, El Toto, was a ferociously competitive Argentinean, the manager from the 1966 World Cup team that had been called ‘animals’ by Alf Ramsey, and that he was famous for using psychological pressures on his players to ensure they stayed winners, at any cost.



    37 years on Panadero Diaz describes Lorenzo as “a monster” and remembers Lorenzo telling him well before the game to let his beard grow long and to show his teeth, the better to frighten the Celtic players



    Even so, along with the rest of the capacity Celtic Park crowd I was amazed at the degree of ferocity unleashed by Atletico throughout the 90 minutes. I have never before or since seen such sustained brutality practised by a whole team for a whole game. The Turkish referee booked 7 of the Atletico players and sent 3 of them off, including Panadero Diaz. All for tackles that would have been criminal assault in any other context. The Celtic players were not physically intimidated and while they responded physically they did not lose the place. But incredibly it was their rhythm and concentration rather than Atletico’s that suffered most from the constant stoppages, and even the ever increasing numerical superriority could not be turned to their advantage. The game ended goal-less, the restrained Celtic crowd booed the Atletico team off the pitch, and mayhem broke out in the tunnel as a score or two was settled, reputedly with the help of the Glasgow police.




    Juan Carlos Lorenzo The manager that created scum out of good Atletico players


    Thanks to the wonders of You Tube the worst highlights can be seen by googling Celtic v Atletico Madrid 1974 so if you weren’t there, take a look and marvel. Three of the tackles on Jimmy Johnstone will horrify any sensitive soul, and remind everyone that the wee man was not only highly skilled but extremely brave, to carry on taking such abuse without ceasing to run at them. While universal outrage at the degree of cynical violence practiced by Atletico swept the whole continent, UEFA took no other action bar banning the three players sent off from the second leg and fining Atletico a derisory amount. Some people urged Celtic to pull out of the second leg but I think the decision to play was the right one, even if the outcome was a tame defeat.

  24. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    I only stopped bearing grudges about the first Atletico Madrid match after we played them in the Europa League a few seasons ago at Celtic Park.



    They were a pretty tidy team, and pleasing on the eye. Unlike the scum of ’74 who made no attempt to play football and are still the dirtiest team I have ever watched.



    Justice was served to them in the final. Leading 1-0 until the dying minutes when Bayern Munich equalised, and then humped them 4-0 in the replay the next night.

  25. Athletico are right in the mix with Real and Barcelona this season in the league and have no reason to fear either of them in one-off games be it in the CL or La Liga. The only thing they migh lack is depth of squad when injuries take their toll. Oh, and having their team stripped of its best players as happened to Valencia 3-4 years ago and Dortmund last year.


    I’d love to see a Madrid final – what an atmoshpere that would be. Bayern not looking quite as good since they secured the league – gone off the boil, question is for how long?


    Hopefully any and all of them are capable of stuffing Chelski.

  26. I was a tad annoyed that the commentator on Sky last night mentioned that it was 40 years since Atletico had last appeared in the semi finals of the European Cup, but stopped short of mentioning the fact that they beat (up) Celtic to go on to the final.



    I thought it would have been nice just to have had a mention of Celtic during such a high profile game in the latter stages of Europe’s premier competition. After all, any mention of our team in such circles, watched by so many, has to be good publicity.

  27. I have often owned up to being financially illiterate but I would make a cheeky wee point about TRFCL accounts.



    They state boldly that the ratio of wages to turnover is 99%, which in engineering terms is a pretty high level of efficiency.



    It reminds me of all those critical comments about Celtic not investing all of their profits “on the pitch”, as was promised. TRFCL have just achieved that nirvana like state and yet we are laughing at them.



    Sack Our Board! Surely??? :-)

  28. Livibhoy – If your about, I was talking to my big


    sheepie/hun work mate last night about, his


    claims about the broken seats at Easter Road


    on Sunday.



    He was the subject of a grilling by several tims


    and, some M/well fans were giving him it tight


    as well.



    The general gist was – why he didn’t put pictures


    of the broken seats that he, and his fellow sheepie


    pals witnessed on Monday night v’s Hibs – onto the


    internet or, to the media as evidence of the huns


    vandalism ?



    My sheepie/hun work mate’s stance was – he is not


    a grass !



    His stance is admired by me as – I hate grasses !



    But, his stance was a source of frustration for the tims


    and, M/well fans who badgered him to go public with


    the evidence which – so far – remains under wraps.



    However, I admire him for not being a – grass – frustrating


    as it is.



    He said that the damaged areas were sealed-off with red &


    white tape.



    The fact that, big Bily the Sheep, as he’s known, is not a grass


    will probably mean that he’ll not feature in any of yon cliques on


    here, eh ? :)



    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful – Hail Hail.

  29. SFTB ………………….”talking aboot oor generation! ” ….. braw …



    .It is beer oclock….why when I see a particular moniker on here ,am I reminded of what the dj in Vietnam remarked as to a certain person requiring …..hahahahaha work that one oot …..braw



    “Trigger ….and he pulled the fastest Milk cart in the West “……hahahahaha braw

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