Words are easy, so are actions


After yesterday’s discussion on values, what we’re all about and where we’re going, today’s announcement by the Foundation that they will have a badge day at the Dundee United game on 11 May is something that requires us to step forward and do something about.

“Volunteers will be in place at all turnstile areas and supporters will be asked to make a donation of minimum £1 in return for a badge, which illustrates the new Celtic FC Foundation crest.  All monies raised on the day will support our work challenging homelessness in the Glasgow area.”

I’m going to volunteer.  You should too.  It will mean getting to the game a wee bit earlier but it will also mean you can look those values we all preach in the eye.  Words are easy but on this occasion, so are actions.  Let’s do it.

I’ll find out how you volunteer and report back soon.

Seville – The Celtic Movement

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  1. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    A great initiative Paul.



    Ps I take it from the previous article that our season ticket renewal forms will be hitting the doormat pretty soon :-)

  2. From previous:



    I should have added that the club really need to get a grip on stewarding and the role of the police within our stadium. If what I’ve witnessed this season continues there will be more empty seats as fans are driven away by over exuberant stewards and agenda driven police.

  3. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Roy C



    I believe that all stewards were issued with a letter recently outlining how they should be dealing with the customer.



    I think also that there are other issues regarding search procedures which are currently being looked at by the CT.

  4. Paul you keep doing that! Just when I’m at my most verbose and self righteous lol



    So…here’s one to Auldheid from a bit earlier…





    Agree with much of the aspirational comments on your post.



    Couple of things tho… The ‘acceptance’ stage will never be reached by either the authorities, the media, sevco or fans of sevco…never!


    While lobbying is fine the big markets would only agree to a new distribution model IF the sponsors money dried up and/or people stopped attending in big numbers.






    Summer football, match day experience and new pricing models are no brainers.



    I’m a great believer in a 14 team league, with:



    A 6/8 split ensuring even number of games



    The top six then play a mini league of 10 games where the maximum points gap carried over from 26 game initial league is 9 points.



    The bottom 8 play their mini league of 14 games where the Max points gap is 6 points and there is a trophy for the winners of that mini league.



    Retain a relegation play off.



    If a club qualifies for CL group stages, that club waives its entitlement to domestic league TV and other sponsor income.



    If a club qualifies for EL group stages, that club waives 50% of domestic league sponsor money.



    The monies waived are then distributed to the other clubs on the basis of league positions earned.



    Off my soapbox I have duly climbed.




  5. From previous article….




    LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar



    09:27 on 9 April, 2014




    If yer still about – I’m sorry for delay in response(tied up elswhere)


    I’ll see my big sheepie/hun(he’s half hun / something in the water oot here :)


    the night at work. Some folk were asking him why he didn’t do as you suggest,


    last night at work ?


    I’ll find out more tonight and get back to ye in the morn – Hail Hail

  6. Sipsini


    And slow, I haven’t been on to much this week, I fell in the house on Monday changing my bed sheets, I thought I would be ok but I had a rough night with the pain and didn’t sleep at all Monday night, I went to the Vic. Inf. they x-rayed me seems I’ve broken my sternum, I’ve to go back next week to see the specialist to make up his mind what to do, so a podium was nice but it was just pure luck ;) hence the time it took to post this answer left handed as my right one is in a sling, getting old is not for wimps, trust me ;) so many will be pleased that I will be lurking for the next few weeks, happy days, lurking Huns GIRUYs HH

  7. Richie #TeamOscar on

    tosb, neganon2, ernie…match made in heaven :-0



    Snake, good post. I await funboy3’s critique with interest.





    I hope you feel better soon,bud.

  9. sipsini



    11:26 on 9 April, 2014





    11:16 on 9 April, 2014.



    I reckon Auldheid would like the armchair fans to get off their a***s and go to support the hoops.






    I was wondering if Auldheid, or anyone else had an idea what individual supporters could do to affect changed from UEFA. I thought that was worth exploring, for instance, contacting sponsors, money talks after all, or directly contacting UEFA, but specifically who, or the SFA to make representations on our behalf( stop laughing at the back). Just wondering.

  10. Auldheid,



    As ever, well worth the read. I hope some of the spirit of your article can be taken on board.



    My only quibble is that I doubt the Establishment in Scotland, far less the average follow follower will accept their team’s demise. When will we ever hear the word “liquidation” used regularly in connection with the deid team??

  11. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on




    take it slow and easy , get well soon




  12. TonyD



    Feet up, bottle of beer in your left hand, nae bother!



    Get well soon!

  13. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    That’s Mickey Rooney, Peaches Geldof and The Ultimate Warrior in the space of a few days.



    The press are having a field day this week.

  14. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    TD67 – Well done mate.



    Ye deserved that podium.




  15. theoriginalsadiesbhoy –



    I have always enjoyed your contributions to CQN and I never miss what you have to say, but with all due respect, you are letting yourself down with your constant villifying of one poster because he happens to have a different view to your own. Honestly mate, you have absolutely no right to demand that he stop posting on his chosen theme.



    The independence vote will be the most momentous occasion in Scottish political history, so of course it will dominate cyberspace wherever people share opinions. It is not for you to call a halt to the debate, and you do yourself no favours by so doing. If you are bored with it, scroll on by and leave it to others.



    That you pursue BB05 so diligently suggests that he is doing an excellent job, and you don’t like it and want to silence him.



    As I have said. You are one of my favourite posters on CQN and I respect you greatly. Either debate the issue or leave it be. Don’t tell the guy to withdraw.

  16. Paul67,



    Am I mis-reading your tone? You seem to be pre-emptively deligitimising those who call for heavy sanction on Leigh Griffiths if they don’t buy a foundation badge. That’s a bit of a non-seuqitir for me.

  17. Doc



    The most important thing is to believe that each of us can make a difference in our own way according to our God given gifts.



    If you believe nothing will change, even when it happens you will not believe it.



    Be the change you want to see in the world. If you see fear do not criticise it but encourage others to overcome it.



    When others try to make a difference do what you can to help.



    I’m thinking of making public a letter I have sent to SFA sponsor’s William Hill if I do not get a reply.



    I’m then thinking I could publish the e mail address my original letter elicited to push for a response.



    I’m thinking of providing a template for the e mail to make a large response more likely.



    I’ll post on here if it comes to pass I need help.



    The main thing is our thinking, change that and we change our world.

  18. My boss is Peter Principle on

    tonydonnelly67, does that mean you will get a home help in and meals on wheels? Feck it go the full hog and hire a secretary to do you posting.



    Get well soon

  19. Yet another ‘investigative’ post from the brilliant Neganon2 slung a CQN deafie ?


    Hmmmm ?



    CQN plants and sychophants – CSC







    11:24 on 9 April, 2014



    Auldheid I am not so optimistic as you regarding the Hun. This country will do anything to restore them and their sectarian superiority complex. Anything. That includes celtic it seems to me. How is res 12 coming on?



    You say stop using falling attendances to beat up Celtic. I completely disagree. Celtic have been scoring massive own goals by alienating the support and allowing external and political campaigns motivated by sectarianism and bigotry to thrive.



    So what do I think we should do to help with the resurrection? How about force Celtic to confront the corruption and apologise for the way on which the have joined in on our criminalisation?




    Cap duly doffed you cage-rattling rebel :)


    Hail Hail





    Working through them,mate. Apart from a major cock-up-and grovelling apologies-to one batch,there’s some disapproval of the idea of a departure from the norm of football and drinking!



    Not so straightforward this planning by committee stuff. Heyho,I’ll go wi the flow.

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