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Middlesbrough finished a point off the play-offs in the English Championship last season, which was not enough to save manager, Tony Pulis, from the sack.  Pulis is an experienced hand with teams fighting relegation from the Premiership or looking for promotion to it, having worked at Stoke, Crystal Palace and West Brom.

A month after the sacking, Middlesbrough gave rookie, Jonathan Woodgate, the job, with former Celtic striker, Robbie Keane his assistant.

Football teams have a tendency to overcompensate for their last perceived mistakes when appointing a manager.  Pulis was taken from a regular, if uninspiring, stock.  They have not made that ‘mistake’ with Woodgate.

The former Real Madrid defender will bring colour and excitement to the Riverside, at least in the short-term, but his chances of out-performing Pulis next season are open to debate.  Middlesbrough have the resources to attract managerial talent from most leagues in Europe or South America.  While these territories have worked well for others seeking improvement in England, there are significant risks.

Like Sunderland, who appointed St Mirren manager, Jack Ross, a year ago, they could have looked to less-risky Scotland, but can you name an appropriate candidate who would be up for this one?

Appointing a rookie is a big roll of the dice, to be avoided if possible.  But anyone who tells you appointing a sure-fire success is easy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  All you can hope to do is avoid sure-fire failures.

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  1. Sons and grandchildren saw me proud today.



    Cards were as Celtic related as could be.



    Treated to a Sunday lunch in a local hostelry.

  2. Fairhill Bhoy 7.47pm



    It’s a date :-)



    I have met many Cqnrs and not a bad yin yet (they might not say the same about me :-)



    One of my very good pals was at a funeral yesterday … I got a phone call from a prominent Cqner … my mate recognised him from CQN11… it’s a small Celtic world we live in

  3. Go Tell The Spartim 7.49pn



    Spot on … we should always disagree I enjoy others opinions… even though I value my own more :-)



    Turnbull is a player … and I will be gutted if we don’t get him

  4. Last of the family just gone home – lovely Father’s Day – now for a few sherbets


    The old saying of don’t cut off your nose to spite your face


    If Celtic’s overall valuation of Turnbull is met then despite the antics of the negotiations it’s the end result that matters.


    Can’t blame anyone for trying to get as much as they can.

  5. fairhill bhoy on

    Well I’ve had a great wee day,nice fry up then a visit to my dad then my oldest granddaughter was dancing at Hamilton races then a big gang of us went to hup lee in Motherwell for dinner wife away to bingo and watching golf mon rose which is said granddaughters middle name ?

  6. Fairhill Bhoy 8.09pm



    Also had a beautiful day would have loved to visit my old man …



    Will be watching the US Open maself once the bosses are sleeping … Chris Reavie ? Will have my ten bob on



    Enjoy the golf ?️‍♂️



    Surely as national champions we’re not involved – must be all those third and fourth placed teams ?

  8. fairhill bhoy on

    Gftb-good stuff,I probably won’t even see rose tee of ?


    Will wake up at 2:30am and watch the final few holes ?

  9. Fairhill Bhoy … 8.36pm



    I love my American golf on the final day … I find it therapeutic :-)

  10. fairhill bhoy on

    Gftb-i love America full stop,if I won the lottery I would take my dad to play Augusta

  11. AULDHEID @ 1:37 PM,



    Yes, maybe Petrie did not want the RFC 2011 licence issue to overshadow his bid for the Presidency for which he was a shoo-in.



    He may feel that now he’s in the position he’s fire proof alla CO. And the process can continue.



    The CAS thing has puzzled me from the start, not only the ridiculous notion that the SFA can’t adjudicate on a process they themselves administer.



    It is the arbitation. It suggests a decision was reached that has been challenged and there is a clause in the 5 way agreement that states all disputes will go to CAS.



    But what is being disputed. The ligitamacy of the granting of the licence or the responsible party, Oldco pre CW, Oldco with CW or Newco.



    As you say, at the end of the day it is the SFA implementing an UEFA process, if the SFA can’t resolve it and obviously they can’t, it should have been escalated to UEFA.



    Regarding Maxwell, we once again find ourselves in a position where we need to trust an SFA official to do the right thing.



    Despite all his fine words (and to be fair some actions) it comes down to his integrity. If he is the football administrator that is going to do the right thing in this regard, he’s going to be the first.



    We’ll see…



    Hail Hail

  12. Hrvatski Jim on




    sorry but 1st qualifying round is where we start.



    We are the top seeds at this stage if that’s any comfort.

  13. Regarding Turnbull signing. Might have already been written:


    (1) amazed if Celtic met Motherwell valuation without knowing what the player’s contract requirements were;


    (2) if Celtic met the valuation without knowing the player’s contract requirements then they have made a mistake by not ensuring Motherwell were bound by a confidentiality clause until the deal was concluded;


    (3) if Motherwell announced the deal without permission of Celtic then we must never again deal with Motherwell;


    (4) we shouldn’t sign the guy. He is never going to be guaranteed first team football, whether it is Celtic, Barnsley or Sheffield United. He would only be “guaranteed” first team football (until injured in training) as part of a loan deal.

  14. weebobbycollins on

    If I wore a cap I would doff it to the Hong Kong protesters…incredible stuff…

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Let’s assume for a moment Ntcham is leaving and Turnbull is coming.



    Is replacing a French U21 midfielder (15 caps) with a Scottish U21 midfielder (2 caps) an upgrade or a downsize?



    Chairbhoy / Auldheid – read your discussion with interest and enjoyment.



    To be clear, I have no “in” at the SFA so am going largely with my gut and previous experience of the current SFA CEO.



    Read carefully his quoted words about the next steps for the licence issue – they are equivocal.



    Now read his quoted words praising Petrie – they are unequivocal.






    Hail hail

  16. So a wee update from I hear. Turnbull deal could be concluded tomorrow or Tuesday. Next priorities RB and CH but no names. Keen to get business done early. Talk of Taylor from Kilmarnock, LB as my namesake believes KT can play further forward.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  17. Fairhill Bhoy 8.55pn



    Give me the Ponsa every day of every week but sadly I would miss my scheme …. take the bhoy out of the scheme but you will never take the the scheme out of this bhoy :-)

  18. CHAIRBHOY on 16TH JUNE 2019 9:03 PM


    Regarding Maxwell, we once again find ourselves in a position where we need to trust an SFA official to do the right thing.



    ENE on 16TH JUNE 2019 9:07 PM


    I see the words trust and SFA in the same sentence – now that would be a first





    To be clear, I have no “in” at the SFA so am going largely with my gut and previous experience of the current SFA CEO.


    Read carefully his quoted words about the next steps for the licence issue – they are equivocal.


    Now read his quoted words praising Petrie – they are unequivocal.



    Well lhads, it seems that a few people on here harbour some doubts about Maxwell/the SFA/trust all being in the same group of concepts. Despite his most recent decision regarding the bigot Ref Brown, I have long felt that a guy appointed by those in the SFA with much to lose if they appointed a free-thinking, fair-minded, open-minded professional individual would be a person who would be most likely to fit in snugly with the common purpose of the SFA as WE KNOW IT, and have known it for decades.



    Would just love to be proved wrong!

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Thanks as always Lennbhoy



    Wouldn’t touch Taylor as a starter back up probably

  20. Fellow Celts good night n god bless



    As your eyes close tonight just think



    You could have been born a Hun :-)



    Unhappy Celts ….



    What’s the point you will always be unhappy ;-)



    Scott Brown CSC …. ?

  21. ST TAMS on 16TH JUNE 2019 9:55 PM


    From what I hear it will depend on how Bayo and LG show up in preseason…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  22. weebobbycollins on

    Go Tell The Spartim…the problem there is, at some point, through injury or loss of form to the No1, he will become the starter you wouldn’t touch :-)

  23. Go tell the Spartim on




    That’s what back ups are for, if fit KT would always start in the bigger games

  24. weebobbycollins on

    Go Tell The Spartim…I understand…however, if I wouldn’t touch him as a starter then I wouldn’t want him as a back up either…maybe it’s just me…


    been a long day…

  25. Hi all, went to my nieces holy communinion


    Party today in England. Tunes started getting played and Grace by Rodgers Stewart gets belted our. My 5 year old then proceeds to tell the waiting audience about the story of Grace and how someone gets married then shot the following day, about the Easter rising and the GPO in Dublin, all from a five year old with an English accent, by god I was proud of my boy, best Father’s Day present I could have asked for, should have seen the look on some of he adults faces. Proud dad CSC

  26. Cambhoy 10.55pm



    Grace Gifford is a beautiful story Clogher Celt who once posted on these pages is a bit of an expert on the story …



    MissGFTB is Emily Grace after the story … it was her Sevconian mums choice as she both loved the song & the story back in 2008… well before that Green Brigade stuff :-)

  27. couple of weeks ago, the greenock celtic club hosted paddy mccourt with paul john dykes as host, it was very very good.



    paddy told a good story from the end of season with martin compston hosting him in a box with his mental mates from greenock. then a shout went out from the hall of the bhoys who were there.



    anyways, this is a magic inteview. great players from those terrible schemes in greenock.




    Si Ferry Meets… Martin Compston | Morton Days, Celtic & Scotland, Switch to Acting & Line of Duty




  28. A little add on to the Grace story that really upset me. After the marriage they were given 2 minutes together before Joseph Plunkett was marched off to his death cell.


    Two prison guards stood a foot away from them for the two minutes and one of the guards counted down the 120 seconds out loud.

  29. Corkcelt 11.20pm



    They weren’t child hood sweethearts either but Grace did go on to do great things … pretty sure it was love