More worrying than the result


I know we had nothing up front, but Odsonne Edouard has looked more of a passenger in some games this season than Patryk Klimala and Moi Elyounoussi this afternoon.  The game was lost elsewhere.

Newco’s shape allowed them to dominate space whenever we had possession.  They were able to swiftly double up on Jeremie Frimpong and Diego Laxalt when the ball went wide, while they were compact enough in the middle of the field to keep Celtic from penetrating their final third.

Games are won and lost on mistakes and yet again we are talking about the defensive line at set pieces.  Connor Goldson’s ploy of standing offsite in the hope that a defender would break the line and play him on, was not subtle, but it was effective.  It was an excellent cross from the free kick (which wasn’t a free kick, but no excuses), Duffy was an enabler and Valarie Barkas could have done better.  Questions remain for both.

Culpability was less clear at the second goal, which was well worked.  With so many Celtic players in the box, you would expect one to get in the way of the drilled cross, but it fell to Goldson; teams who create chances get these breaks.  It was a deserved goal (again, no excuses, but the handball!).

The last time we dominated Newco was two years ago in a 1-0 win at Celtic Park when Olivier Ntcham controlled the game and scored the winner.  Stephen Gerrard learned from that day as Olivier has not had a sniff against them since.

Being ineffective up front and shaky at the back are worries enough, but the biggest concern is that we were unable to do anything to change the flow of the game.  An inability to control the any part of the game is more worrying than poor defending or not attacking.  It is more worrying than the result.

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  1. That’s as bad a performance as I’ve seen for a while . But in all honestly we haven’t been playing well apart from the hibs and that was with some of our players who were missing today . They sad to say have our measure , although very disappointed with our performance , I was even more disappointed by our dugout , had that been Martin O’Neil . Or Brendan Rodgers they would have been out on the track encouraging the players , didn’t happen today , in comparison the other lot were in full voice calling for every decision , our coaching staff IMHO leave a lot to be desire , they hadn’t a clue how to change things . Lenny has been a legend at celtic , he has stood strong against the most horrific threats ,and we do have a lot to thank him for , but unfortunately his time may be up , there is something not quite right at the moment , a couple of seasons ago we were thumping that mob , whatever it is It needs sorted ASAP .

  2. read back,



    world class supporers.



    when we win the league with this management team i will repost your comments from tonight.



    pick up yir wet pants from the disco floor.

  3. Hebcelt. Follow follow apparently follows the head in the sand thinking



    Off you go. No loss mate

  4. JIMTIM on 18TH OCTOBER 2020 1:09 AM




    Martin O’Neill and Black Sunday…. the years under his auspices some Celtic supporters celebrated whilst der hun won the treble or the league?

  5. ST I bow to your intimate knowledge of Follow Follow not a site I use, no answer to my question? – MATE

  6. Skwelching Jungle Wellies on

    New poster, long time reader of CQN. And no, I’m not a h**. I know that is question to be asked on here, I don’t know if it’s still the same question, the answer is the same. My blog name came from a recent conversation with my cousin, she and I were regular attendee’s at the famous Jungle, boy could we be doing with some of that spirit in the game. My cousin and I were having a Celtic chat recently and she just came away with “we used to dance with each other in our, skwelching jungle wellies, and noo you need stick’s as well!” That was in reference to me and, being given a pounding for needing crutches to walk now. It was all in jest but, for some reason – skwelching jungle wellies – just stuck in my mind, like a song that you hear in the morning, and you can still hear it in your head at night as well. I have become a supporter with little trust for people in the game these day’s, especially after our PLC’s dismal performance in terms of the legal side of things for most of this decade, the trophy haul has been outstanding, and when you weigh things up properly, a bad feeling takes over. Yesterday’s performance, was a wake up call, but when our resources are probably more than the rest of the league put together, our DNA doesn’t feel the same. With hindsight, maybe we shouldn’t have pushed for RFC to be banned from our league in 2012. We should’ve kept them in the league with fixed penalties, trophies removed, HMRC paid back, and let the huns remain the same club. As it has turned out, no trophies stripped, no HMRC pay back, and only Celtic fan’s, and maybe a handful of other SPFL team’s fan’s call the huns a new club! It looks like they’ve pulled off a Houdini trick, and got away with it, which adds to the feeling that fan’s are paying into a bent game, as evidence has proved. Scottish football feels like a fake league now. The taste is not very nice. God bless. 💚 🍀 👏

  7. Henry Joy, I’m not having a go at NFL, having an acquaintance that suffers fae depression I know it can be all consuming and feel he mibbees needs some help right now.

  8. I think it is very important to see yesterday’s performance and result in the proper light.



    It was not a fluke, a one off, at outlier.



    That result has been coming for a long time.



    If you were surprised, you haven’t been paying attention.



    Unlike St Stivs, I do not believe we will win the league with our current set up.



    Something has to change. We need to see an improvement. I do not see that coming from our current dug out. I’m not even certain our shortcomings are acknowledged therein.



    Hopefully, we can move on from local and national party politics and get back to arguing about the fitba again. Make no mistake, the challenge this season is substantial.

  9. And I’m not even offended that Tontine Tim attributed my ‘something is rotten in the State of Dennistoun’ phrase to Big Jimmy!



    There can never be enough Jimmys

  10. Good morning from a grey and overcast ( matching my mood) North Staffs.


    Off to Mass then going to watch my grandsons play football which is always a pleasure.

  11. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Amidst the wailing and gnashing of teeth, we need to sort this out, and quickly,


    As much as it pains me to say so, but we need a quick fix.


    I give you SCOTT BROWN as interim manager until the end of season, whenever that may be

  12. Welcome SJW but are you really a Hun? 🤭



    Got to say I agree with a lot of your post but don’t agree we should have let Sevco carry on in our league or indeed any league.We should have called for them to be treated like any new club and we should have demanded a review of LNS decision and UEFA licence award accordingly re RFC 1872. Our plc’s chosen business model requires them to be competing with us, it sickens me to the core. PL is a very big part of the problem and while I love Lenny to bits he would never have got the job at a club of our stature in any other league. We were operating like a top EPL club underBrendan in terms of professional standards and now we are not. I believe that many of the players know this and are therefore not playing to their optimum or in some cases giving their all. Our coaches lack tactical nous.and by the looks of it so far this season, motivational skills. We are a very successful business off the park but hugely underperforming on it and imho poorly led/managed in that regard. Our quest for the 10 (we should have been screaming from the rooftops after the BTC that we did the 10 in 2010 but no that would take balls!) is in the balance and unless something changes dramatically then it’s going to be a long and tortuous season. I don’t see DD or PL getting rid of Lenny at this stage so I genuinely fear that our low energy, predictable performances will continue as we hope that our “better players” can repeatedly get us over the line. It’s a big ask!



    Finally, if at the AGM the majority shareholders and PL continue to stonewall the Res. 12’ers then I will have to conclude that the game is a bogey, that it’s bent and we are complicit in it. God forbid if we then fail to do the 10 as I think many will walk away feeling totally and utterly cheated by our own people. That will not play out well for anyone concerned.



    Anyway, that’s enough negativity for any morning, God bless you Tim’s wherever you may be.




  13. McGregor quoted in an article on this website saying that internally we need to sort a few things then kick on, who will do the sorting and why is that needed this season of all seasons.


    He also forgets they were atrocious after the shutdown as well as Celtic playing with 2 up.


    Then he wants fans back in, aye right maybe next season.

  14. NL & M -it would be a huge burden to put on SB. If we lose 10iar it could kill his managerial future stone dead. This is most likely his last season on the park. Would think he will be on the coaching path straight after.

  15. Been mulling over our present situation.


    For me it started getting worse when Damien Duff decided to leave siting personal reasons.


    Then we got the situation when a couple of weeks into our season when the players are meant to be getting up to full fitness the manager decides to give them a few days off, well we all know what happened next, a young footballer with no common sense decides to take himself off to Spain for a quick jolly.


    He was obviously totally wrong in what he done…but ….for the manager then to take no responsibility and totally through him under the bus was wrong!


    Over the last few weeks the football has been turgid and we seem to lack any guidance.


    Any well run football team or business should have forward planning have a proper structure that everyone should adhere to.


    We at the moment …don’t even know what our best central defence is and seem to have players playing out of position regularly.


    In contrast look at Sevco yesterday, every one of them knew what their role was and carried it out simply but effectively.


    We in the other hand were like a bunch of players thrown onto the park with as I say no guidance.


    I love Neil and have met him a few times, but for me he has lost his mojo and looks totally void of ideas.


    I have followed Celtic for 64 years, in my opinion if we continue along this road we will not win the 10.


    Had to say it as it is I’m afraid.

  16. Yesterday was in the post all season and you’d have to to be blind not to see it.



    It starts with attitude and commitment and it has been missing all season- there seems no spirit no togetherness they don’t look like they believe in each other or what they are doing. It is a mess and ability matters not one jot of the application is missing and it clearly is.



    The management team currently look lost and uninspired and the players reflect that. There may also be a few bad eggs in the squad too that need jettisoned immediately as it drags others down.



    On the basis of what we have seen this season I simply cannot see us winning this league with the current set up. Legend or not NL appears to have lost his way and should recognise this and do the right thing before the bigger picture disappears over the horizon.


    A major reboot is required and it should start today.

  17. Good morning everyone from a very downhearted Garngad



    I’m not even surprised at the result, more annoyed in the manner if defeat.



    I am not a man of fancy words, so I will keep it simple.



    We were Rank Rotten AGAIN, every performance this season we have been Rank and as much as I love Lenny at this moment Gerrard has the better of him, sitting with your arms folded does nothing for players on the park let alone supporters watching on.


    Also sitting picking tobacco pouches out of your mouth ffs Lenny can your need for a tobacco Hit not wait 90 mins.



    Our system is pish.



    We should go a flat 4 – 4 – 2- get our mojo back and push on from there.



    Only my humble opinion of course, I could go on, but cannot be arsed to tell you the truth.



    D :)

  18. Not that it matters in the great scheme of things, but was there any word on why John Kennedy wasn’t in the duggout?






  19. Wee Bfg. He was in dugout. Just sat at back with zero interaction with team or NL



    Was prob pondering how he would layout cones for training on Monday. His only input to club apart from being PL eyes and ears on


    Training ground

  20. By the way watch for the push to get the League called now.



    That’s how bad that defeat could damage our chances of winning the League.



    D :)

  21. A settled look to the Team will help loads and may overcome any shortcomings elsewhere………..


    A strong spine is required…………. and the spineless released into the wilderness.



    In a season like no other, there’s no alternatives.



    God help us if we gamble with the 10.



    I care nothing for Europe or indeed title “11”




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