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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Forget the huns , take care of our own business Celtic! Then we can see where full time leaves us.


    We have to be better in the second half . I agree Griff still looks far from his old self.

  2. Correct Bhoyfeomsky,


    We need to get a grip here, Far too many misplaced passes, being overrun in midfield.


    Started well got the early goal we all crave but since then Motherwell are arguably the better team.


    Definitely think we need to change formation.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Does Robertson have a yellow card in his pocket? Or is he saving it for a Celtic player?

  4. ayer’s problem is that he is not a natural defender who is right footed and playing on the left side of a back 3

  5. The same team struggled for 70 minutes against Accies.



    The 3 subs changed the game.



    Don’t understand why TR and TC are on the bench?




  6. aye Griff is rubbish.



    steals the ball to set up the goal.



    2 clearances in our our own box.



    working hard.



    the real problem is he is having to do the work of invisible forrest.

  7. We need to be more dominant in possession.


    Our ball retention is poor.


    I’ll leave Neil to fix it up at the half

  8. Ncham has not done enough…very easy to stick christie or rogic on to see if they can do better.


    Ayer again has had a succession of poor passes…luckily for him they all lead to nothing.


    Julien or indeed boli would be getting slaughtered for the same mistakes.


    Griff not been good but man he is working hard.

  9. right the real thing that is vexing me.



    why are people called brown given the nickname skoosh.



    and why is griff called sparky ?

  10. Saint Stivs, I’ll not sleep tonight now wondering about those questions, I don’t know the answers!!

  11. Not the defence that’s shaky,the midfield have totally lost it.Well,pushing on to a Celtic back 3.Jamsey,Ollie,Mc Gregor,not on it tonight,well apart from the first 15 mins.Griff is working hard,but has to realise,he does not always have to look for Eddy.Have to put them under more pressure at the back.Maybe Kimala with pace.Christie welcome.Lets see what Lenny does.Its not comfortable,but a second goal changes it.

  12. The way the Mothers are pressing us through midfield has shades of Hun match, Forrest doesn’t look on his game, Ajer very shaky, Christie needed now, not when we concede and have to start chasing the game,


    The way Mothers are getting forward they look vulnerable to a quick counter. Looks like i’ts set up for Polish Paddy but I reckon Lenny would see that as too risky.

  13. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Back 3 ain’t working at all. Things need changing, hopefully long before 60 minutes. Completely disagree with Sutton, the stamp on brown was deliberate. Since when did you have to look at someone to assault them?