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  1. FESS 19


    I thought exactly the same thing when I heard him call him Hugh , his old man will be cursing him for that decision, the spawn of Dallas really doesn’t like us very much !



    If it’s right enough about Dallas jr why don’t we question it ? His handling of our games is bad enough but even worse if he’s not qualified to be doing it !

  3. Turkeybhoy


    Looking back to last night’s posts you can’t use ‘loyal’ on this site – ‘faithful’ is fine 🤔

  4. Weird game yesterday. Lots to be pleased about (Moi, getting to the byeline, good press by Ajeti, Rogic, Christie) and a win against poor opposition is better than a defeat against poor opposition. For those interested beyond the ‘only the result matters and anything deeper means you’re a hun’ brigade and I still view the game in the context of how a better team than Motherwell would have fared, which is the judge for our ‘turning the corner’ answer for this worrier.



    Patterns to worry about still persist in my opinion:



    – “I don’t think I’ve ever had as many chances against Celtic” said Robinson. Defensively we will be punished if we don’t correct the fact that we have a non-RB at RB, a midfielder at CH (beaten for pace on Thursday and in the air yesterday) and a DM (thought Scott was ok yesterday) who can perform at a limited level. However, he got away with poor passes in possession yesterday that a decent team won’t be as generous.



    – Lennyball takes 2 wing backs that expose 2 (slow and very very slow when we have Duffy and Bitton) CHs, leaving a big focus on DM that is now equally slow in response.



    – Our chance conversion was very high (some great goals) as Robinson went for it against us again but we have a challenge at home against the low press that we have yet to see in true ‘turning the corner’ style.



    Do we know our first eleven yet? Are we learning from mistakes? What is our system to help us go on a run? What do you think Neil would do if he played the Huns again next week to course correct these issues domestically? I fear, with all personnel available, he’d go for a a spine of Bain, Duffy, Brown and Ajeti again.




  5. Gene



    Thats really ballsed up the Kusadasi Loyal CFC.Tee shirts made and everything.Ah well,back to Mehmets genuine fakes,strips shop.

  6. Looking at the dates for The League Cup ties,there is an opportunity there to play one of our games.Depending on the draw.We seem to have a big gap between games.

  7. We need to just keep winning our domestic games.January,a really big month for the Huns.They play us,Don’s,Hibs,Motherwell,away.



    Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been lurking for ages but just realized you had to subscribe to post. Definitely –


    regarding your back 4. Hope NL sees the light.





    Brilliant comment, NOT.


    FYI I’ve been supporting Celtic since I was a schoolboy. I actually watched Wee Jinky, Big Yogi et al from the Jungle. Your apologies accepted.





    No worries



    FESS 19


    Frimpong defends corners too.


    If he’s to be an outlet for counter attacks it would be from the right flank. That’s what I saw. He sometimes just wanders to the left.




    Never having been a tacticle genius like some on here, imho I think Frimpong, who normally stands around the centre circle for corners moves around to keep defenders on their toes. Our manager, who allegedly does not do tactics, maybe tell him if the corners on our right.you wander out to the left and vice versa. I am willing to be informed otherwise by our EUFA coaches on here.




  10. ILJASB



    ” are you a hun? ” is the standard greeting all newbies are asked


    when joining this blog.


    It started way back, at the start I suppose?


    So no insult intended.


    Interesting nom de blog, care to explain?


    H.H. Mick

  11. ST TAMS on 9TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:55 AM





    Tell it as it is and your labelled a hun.



    You are deliberately misinterpreting my/the blogs traditional greeting?


    nothing to giirrnn about here timmy




  12. Bliddy log in system — fine with yesterday’s news but not todays.


    If all else fails blame IT — DT will soon be onto it.

  13. PAPAJOE55 on 9TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:14 PM


    ST STIVS 7.43





    Thank you for the fantastic photos and clips you post , I really enjoy them. Like you I enjoy looking at old history and recently watched a you tube called Our Donegal Roots by O’Donnell family from the USA about 4 families from the Rosses it features Kincasslagh chapel and graveyard a few times where both sets of my mothers family are buried.HH



    papa joe.hope all is well bout the island.



    A friend of my cousins was over from Birmingham and we took him to were a few o donnell leaders were inaugurated at Doon Rock.a facinating history is The O’Donnell and one intertwined with my own(o frighil)(friel) family.i wish you success with your research.