“Mr Flanagan” has his court name reprised


I read Newco’s statement last night with a meme, “She’s turned the SFA Review Panel against me” buzzing around my head.  Jon Flanagan was offered a retrospective two match ban for elbowing Scott Brown in the face.  The panel reviewed video involving Jozo Simunovic and Jermaine Defoe and found there to be no case to answer.

The resulting Newco statement referred to Flanagan as “Mr Flanagan”, his court name (yes, he has form), as the club promised to “vigorously defend” their client, sorry, player.

All of this is calculated to inhibit the SFA Review Panel from curtailing future transgressions by Newco players.  The club have a dreadful disciplinary record this season, and instead of reflective consideration, they clearly have no intentions of curtailing physical assaults on opponents and would prefer to attack those who hold them to account.

All a bit sinister, but when you have nothing but bluster and indignation in your trophy cabinet, it is better to have a jaked up loon leading the charge.

The hospitality auction for Celtic FC Foundation, courtesy of Intelligent Car Leasing, closes shortly after noon today (Wednesday).  You can keep an eye on it here.

On behalf of the many recipients of the work of the Foundation, thank you!


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  1. fieldofdrams on

    ‘Jaked-up loon’ – excellent, added to my personal lexicon.



    Rang#rs referring to ‘Mr Flanagan’ is supposed to confer gravitas and is meant to intimidate the reader into thinking uh-oh, these guys are serious. Dignified, even, What this reader thought was oh FFS, here they go again.



    Then I thought, what you have to remember is, these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know…morons.



    Which got me watching Blazing Saddles again, so all good.



    Gene Wilder CSC

  2. CbyNo @ 12:08 PM,



    Great bit of analysis again and yes, uncomfortable reading.



    I’m never sure why Sinclair gets such a hard time, maybe the perception that he’s a “lazy” player, I don’t know but with Celtic’s goal drought, why wouldn’t you play one of our key players when it comes to creating and scoring goals.



    Still, it is very much a one off game and we will improve, we just need to.



    That said, the next time we play a Rangers side they will be better than the team we faced at Ibrox on Sunday, that’s for sure.



    Hail Hail





    Hail Hail

  3. The Glasgow Rangers FC got a wee EBT mention on BBC Politics Live.



    Nice one!







  4. quadrophenian on



    Re MOTM, to casual eye it seemed that Broony put in his customary shift and never hid and was less careless.

  5. Any news on the old Mike Ashley compensation claim?



    What are we looking at this time? Multimillions?

  6. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    How many of the Cup Final team do we play this weekend against Hearts?



    Do we go strong, give them a doing and let them know they’ll get the same next week or is it a “reserve” team this week leaving Cup Final players to not kick a ball in anger until Hampden?

  7. This weekend should be a SoccerAid invite for 14 season ticket holders or the following:



    De Vries, Ralston, Toljian, Comperr, Izzaguirre, Henderson, Bitton, Johnstone, Allan, Griffiths, Dembele,



    It’s meaningless. The hard work has been done and only 1 game of competitive importance left.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Jimbob- given Levein’s previous, i wouldn’t risk a single player, he would get a youth player, who has no chance of playing in the cup final, carte blanche to take players out.

  9. Stephen Gerrard recently mentioned he could no longer condone a players stupidity and outright thuggery, after he had received yet another red card.



    I suspect he wished to come across as strict and disciplined.



    There is an open goal for the next press conference.



    “Stephen, given your recent comments and having had a chance to view the incident involving John Flanagan, do you…….?”



    Does anyone in the sports press corp have the wherewithal to ask?

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    If that’s true about Phillip Cocu going to Betis, that’s a bummer. Would have been a good option for us. He was actually my choice after Ronny Deila left.


    He has been available since around November? – if it was known Rodgers was leaving why not sound him out and see if he is interested?


    Do we not do any planning? The football manager is the key employee of the company – we should always have a list of suitable potential candidates who could take over. If nobody at the club has these skills they should engage the services of someone who has.


    There are so many good coaches out there. Why are we always caught on the hop?

  11. overseasbhoy on

    great article celtic by numbers – good to see some analysis on here at last of sunday’s woeful performance instead of the usual newco squirrels.

  12. Belfastbhoy0 on

    BADA BING – i agree but the problem with that is you are really talking about proper reserve team then given the squad makeup and even they dont seem to have any forwards….



    Who could play….



    Goalie Im guessing A bYE bye game for Dorus






    Bye Bye game for Gamboa Hendry (thought he was loaned out honestly) but after that it gets dicey which other CB do you risk who plays at lb (iza/ralston/hayes) all might be needed for the final squad


    What ate the chances KT will be fit….



    Midfield/attack are oddly dodgy with weah away and edouard not being risked/availa for this one



    Kouassi Allan (is he even available) Ntcham in the middle


    Then with forrest out (correct?) who do you risk for the 3 attacking roles… burke johnston bayo(who apparently is very raw?) its very tricky…..

  13. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on



    I know what you mean, Levein cares not a jot about anyone but himself.


    He’d love to cause controversy on the day we lift the league trophy. He’d be delighted to walk off the pitch with his players at the end and have us in the stands screaming at him, he’d be thinking he had managed to take the shine off our trophy celebrations.

  14. Celtic By Numbers



    Your work is class mate, and much appreciated…perhaps it so often backs up what I think I’ve watched!


    Certainly rallied closely on this occasion.



    Ref Jonny Hayes. If he makes a positive run to the byeline and crosses to an empty six yard box, whose fault is that by your calculations?



    Cos I don’t think it’s Hayes’!



    HH jg

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Uncle Jimmy- the statements from Poundland, is Jabby with the crayons,Gerrard contradicted one earlier in the season, i doubt he has anything to do with them,Jabba trying to curry favour with the hun hordes,and justify the thousands he’s reaming them for every month.

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    ive a horrible feeling about the managerial appointment………………………………….

  17. Belfastbhoy0 on

    jamesgang, seeing as I can presume he can see that is the case and choose to cut in – also if his cross actually laned in the 18 yard box more than half the time it’d help…….

  18. !!BadaBing!! @ 12:57 being a bit disingenuous BB the charge is set by Royal Mail and is the same for 7, 70, or 700 miles H H Hebcelt

  19. McPhail Bhoy on



    If that’s true about Phillip Cocu going to Betis, that’s a bummer. Would have been a good option for us. He was actually my choice after Ronny Deila left.



    He has been available since around November? – if it was known Rodgers was leaving why not sound him out and see if he is interested?


    Do we not do any planning? The football manager is the key employee of the company – we should always have a list of suitable potential candidates who could take over. If nobody at the club has these skills they should engage the services of someone who has.


    There are so many good coaches out there. Why are we always caught on the hop?






    There is a possibility that Celtic did indeed ‘sound him out to see if he is interested’ and he said no thanks, it’s the La Liga for me etc. On the other hand the reality is as you outlined which would be shocking, I don’t suppose we’ll ever know either way!

  20. Belfastbhoy0



    For me, any winger/wing back who’s hitting the line and putting a good cross in is ‘doing their bit’.



    And I sense Hayes has done that more and better than SS (sadly). Lies, damn lies, stats and impressions, eh!! What they like???‍♂️



    HH jg




    Agree 100% re: Philip Cocu.


    A successful, young, well respected coach that we could and should of been initiating contact with as of February.





    Your point re : Hayes, delivery in to the box, and no one there is interesting.


    In terms of fault, trust me when I say this, it lies with the manager.



    And you’ll be thinking how the fcks that.


    Unfortunately with the personnel we have (Eddy up top) Rogic as No.10… these players are programmed / coached to create goals in a certain way. Rodgers, played the same 4-2-3-1 system as Lennon is currently playing.


    But the current manager has only achieved in isolating Edouard. Under Brendan, the emphasis on Sinclair and Forrest was to drift inside / centrally to support Eddie in numbers and goals.


    Lennon, by playing Hayes and putting the emphasis on his wide players to stay wide, and cross more often, is generating the end result we are seeing. Edouard cut adrift. Lack of numbers / support in the box.

  22. BB apologies Royal Mail charge £6:60, Celtic mark up 40p not excessive I think you’ll agree. H H Hebcelt

  23. Go tell the Spartim on




    Can he play right back though?



    wouldnt surprise me if we have some further Liberian connections

  24. Belfastbhoy0 on

    jamesgang, sortoff agree but its either he’s not following instructions / the striker isnt follwing insts or the manager isnt giving the correct insts



    I do remember at least some of his crosses lacking clinical accuracy shall we say – but id say its a bit off all of the above – if we still had dembele id understand at least one of the wide men being a run the line and cross types – ad id tend to think of ss as more of a direct attack / cutting in type but yeah its fair to say it wasnt effective at teh weekend – not playing high percentages with those balls in for that one player…

  25. Under Lennon’s current tactics… and the lack of support in numbers to Edouard… we are doing the guy (Edouard) a massive dis-service.



    He needs better link up, and fundamentally better service.

  26. Bb0



    Another good point, well made.



    Aff oot. I’m way to polite for this place!




  27. Anyone know if Bayo is fit, and back in training. I know he had a hamstring injury a couple of months ago.



    Surely back in full-training…No ?



    If so, lets see the guy at the weekend.

  28. traditionalist88 on

    RUGGYGMAN on 15TH MAY 2019 2:04 PM


    Anyone know if Bayo is fit, …



    If so, lets see the guy at the weekend.





    I’m not sure they want us to see him…




  29. Belfastbhoy0 on

    Heres my tupence on the NL situation – before we had our Et tu Brende situation I actually thought NL would make a better fit for Celtic after BR left after delivering the 10 IAR – i always felt BR was too much off an idealist and we couldnt afford the players to play like that in UCL , I thought NL was more pragmatic / used to cutting cloth accordingly etc



    But a recent article on Cqn BY Paul got me thinking – it was about MON and RK and how things had moved and their way no longer worked etc etc, So I started thinking surely MON was NL’s main influence… is he an effective Win7 computer trying to run a win10 program?… the fire doesnt seem to be there recently , will the board trust him necessary finance when they didnt before? its not striking me that the situation looks like he’ll get the offer soon, and I dont think the audition has helped, he could very well limp to the treble treble but I dont see the impotous there for beyond that…

  30. Monaghan1900 on

    “Petition Requesting Clare Whyte Resign From Her Role As Compliance Officer



    The compliance officer in scottish football is incompetent at her job and she is not impartial..


    As has been seen in recent weeks she has continuously making incorrect desicions in her job… she was a season ticket holder at a club in the top flight of scottish football.. where is justice in that.. this role is meant to be impartial but it is far from it…


    The decision the other day regarding a kilmarnock f.c player not to ban him for a dangerous tackle… a tackle that had the potential to be life threatening… whilst banning another for a tackle that wasnt nearly as bad the week previous was nothing short of disgracful…


    So this petition is to the scottish football authorities to either sack clare whyte or ask her to offer her resignation.. and employ a more competent and impartial complaince officer .”



    These Bears are FFin’ up for it:



    “Just under 13,000 signatures already.”




    “Signed. No integrity”




    “For the good of the game, this cannot be allowed to continue. Ms Whyte should resign immediately and the role either disbanded or completely reconfigured, with an ex-referee who will show neutrality being put in place, preferably from outside Scotland.”




    “As proven in all walks of life, yahoos in the workplace often put their allegiances before their professional duties, and this one is no exception.


    Three compliance officers since it’s inception, all three yahoos. That is blatantly corrupt. Not only has that boot got to go, the position itself, the whole trial by TV sham …. they need to be eradicated from the game if we’ve any chance of competing on a level playing field.”




    “She is totally unfit to do the job and the undue influence being brought to bear on her by the serial and acknowledged Rangers haters, BBC Scotland, would be an untenable position in any walk of life.”



    ‘[U]ndue influence’ you say, Sammy? Aaaye.




    “Even Alfie’s transfer value has been affected.”




    “its like the Knights of St Columba weekly meeting where they watch the highlights packages each week.”

  31. Go tell the Spartim on

    Monaghan 1900



    They’re too stupid to realise that if they go down that route the SFA and the referees will all have to step down

  32. glendalystonsils on

    RUGGYGMAN on 15TH MAY 2019 1:58 PM



    I could quite understand a valuable player like Edouard getting pissed off with not being able to use his talents to affect a game due to being played in the wrong position or tactical set up.


    The Lions were so successful because Jock Stein never asked them to do something they were not capable of.


    How long before Eddy gets fed up being asked to play the Dembele role and casts his eyes elsewhere?

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