Neil and the players deserve our support this week


I know the huge questions over what happens next season weighs heavy on all our minds, but Neil Lennon and the players deserve all our support and focus this week, as we head to Hampden.

The most important win in Neil’s second tenure at Celtic was the Scottish Cup quarter-final victory at Easter Road.  That came in the week Brendan Rodgers left the building and could have caused our first trophy loss in three years.  That was as big a win as we have had this season.

Sunday is the next huge test of Celtic’s ability to continually raise themselves above all others, in all competitions.  We are on the verge of achieving something that we only achieved three times before 2017 and we face a team who have won and drawn at Celtic Park in the last year.

Go to Hampden with any complacency and your treble treble dream will become a lost fantasy.  Next season will take care of itself, but only Neil and the players can deliver another slice of history.

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  1. SOT


    You were bang on the money (sic) re Philip May yesterday. Fifty reasons for (Tory) Brexit in a nutshell.



  2. What me ??



    I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes getting a label off a non stick pan. ??



    How’s your day going ?

  3. South Of Tunis on

    FRIESDORFER @ 12 34 .



    Treated myself to reading Liam Fox’s letter to the 1922 Committee. Pour soul is threatening to resign if he and his Ayn Rand dreamland chums are prevented from ” free trading ” the likes of the NHS in exchange for chlorinated chicken at a dollar a pop.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Neil will have to get the team playing at a higher consistent tempo than of late,and a plan for substitutions,given some returning players from injuries, in a game that could go to extra time.

  5. I cannot wait till Sunday, this is the game when after we win will result in Bookies taking no more bets on a Celtic treble. Closing the book.



    Cheering on the bhoys to victory



    Hail Hail

  6. weebobbycollins on

    “Neil and the players deserve our support this week.”


    …This week and every week…

  7. Really nervous for Sunday but also can’t wait !



    Team for the LC final was: Bain, Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic, Tierney, McGregor, Christie, Forrest, Rogic, Sinclair, Edouard



    I felt this team dominated other than struggling to deal with Cosgrove physically and on occasion being skinned by McGinn and GMS.



    As Boyata is out, i think Ajer would do a great job vs Cosgrove so that is a plus. Benkovic rather than Simunovic for the same reason



    I think Lustig plays due to experience and height



    Big questions are CM/No .10 and left wing.



    I would go as we did in LC with McG/Christie/Rogic and keep SB and ON in reserve to close out. I would also have SS on the wing and close out with JH. Only one change from the LC final for me.



    However, i believe NL will do the opposite and stay tight in 1H and go for it 2H



    e.g. Bain, Lustig, Ajer, Benkovic, Tierney, Brown, Ntcham, Forrest, Christie, Hayes, Edouard


    Sinclair, Rogic, Burke as the cavalry if we need it



    i prefer to get ahead in a final and then hold it, especially against a team who play for set pieces where they can take the lead no matter who is in ascendance



    anyway you look at it, we have way more options so not going behind is paramount



    Hail Hail

  8. weebobbycollins on

    SOT…Chicken and supermarket salads too…soon all raw food will be chlorinated…


    They’re killing the planet and don’t care a jot about it…



  9. S.O.T


    Might the record guy you were talking about earlier be Terri Hooley. Better known for the Good Vibrations label and movie

  10. Paul67 et al



    With two trophies still to be won the idea that what happens next season weighs heavy on my mind is a bit fanciful although I realise that may not be the case for everyone else on here. A full preparation, less the days Lenny has given the Bhoys off, should be enough to get the squad shipshape for the game but memories linger of the last time he did something similar, just after a POTY award and nobody at Lennoxtown a day before a trip to Inverness. No autographs for OldTim that day, or anybody else. Think Izzy might have been there, on his Tod Sloan. Apart from Dedryck, Lenny has pretty much a full squad to choose from, which should avoid having Rogic, Brown, Christie, and McGregor in the midfield all at the same time. Again!

  11. Sometimes when a Celtic player has had a rotten game he is somewhat cruelly deemed to have had


    a ‘ Regi Blinker ‘



    IblameCockneyRyhminSlang CSC

  12. SOT


    My siblings are embarrassed that the eejit Fox went to the same school as them: St Bride’s in EK. I was the only one who escaped to Holy Cross, the year before St Bride’s went Comprehensive, otherwise I would have went there too! HH

  13. Alan McRae SFA last season



    Discussing the notion that he wants a bigger challenge for Celtic, but controversially he singled out Rangers as the club he wants to provide it.



    He said: “They have done it once [gone unbeaten], hopefully it won’t happen again next season, because we’ve got to have challengers.



    “They know you need to have people challenging, otherwise it will get very boring and dreary.



    “We definitely need a good, strong Rangers, they are back, but they still have a bit to go. I’m sure they will eventually.”



    See you Sunday Alan

  14. South Of Tunis on

    CLINK\O/ @1 51



    Not Terri Hooley .



    Curiosity saw me asking Google . Man’s name was Billy McBurney . (RIP )



    My research also got this from a BBC Site –


    “He was shot by Loyalists, he was blown up by the Provos and he was put in Long Kesh by the British.. His nickname was Lucky ”



    The mighty Teenage Kicks –





    Terri Hooley –



  15. Timbhoy2



    I dont think playing Forrest, Christie, Rogic , Tierney and McGregor in midfield is boring



    Could maybe have done with dropping Brown tho as i felt he slowed the play down a bit too much

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Roberto Martinez name doing the rounds again, favourite with one of the bookies to be our new boss.




  17. we are a more direct , pacy and quicker tempo team without SB in the team , a sub at best for sun alongside ON .

  18. Any of you elder celts done tbe magnifi ent7


    Asks @mattcorr


    Celtics 7 semi finals



    Any celt?




  19. Full list for ease of reference: MTK Budapest (64), Liverpool (66), Dukla Prague (67), Leeds United (70), Inter Milan (72), Atlético Madrid (74) and Boavista (03).




  20. South Of Tunis on




    6 of the 7.Went to the away game in Madrid,not the home game


    Missed Boavista but watching Porto practicing their diving/game management v Lazio in a bar in Roma got me 4 tickets for Sevilla from a Lazio supporter.

  21. Did 6 out of the 7 As had left the country by the time of Boavista, didnae even see it on the big screen as I was in senior management in an operational position by this time and couldnae justify the time off.

  22. I said after Saturday’s game that we ought to rest our captain for Hampden, as we played our best football when he was injured. Calum McGregor really came into his own, although he was ably assisted by a fully fit Ryan Christie (and to a lesser extent, Tom Rogic).



    If we establish a 2 goal lead, it might be well worth bringing on our captain to control things.



    As for our next manager, while I have no names to provide, I would like to think we could attract a good yin from the Continent.

  23. Sadly only made 3 of those semi-finals: Leeds Utd, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid. Too young for those prior, and working abroad for Boavista. HH

  24. We own Neil Lennon. Whether he is manager next season or not.



    To a certain extent we are now victims of our own success.


    BR has now set the standards. We must do whatever it takes to keep our profile high, provide a welcoming and trusting platform for global giant fringe players and most importantly, keep our ground full.



    My personal opinion is that; winning games and trophies is not enough to keep our ground full. We must continually evolve and enhance the match day experience.



    Winning trophies in front of poor attendances is a scinerio we must avoid at all cost.




  25. Scott Brown will be leading the team out on Sunday and rightly so. There will come a time when it’s up for discussion but not this year.

  26. Just reading back , we owe Neil Lennon. Totally different to own, which of course has a totally different meaning.



    I am very appreciative of what Neil is doing for us, but predictive text would get me hung.

  27. weebobbycollins on

    …See the Celtic play the game, see them swell the roll of fame,


    Bearing Johnny Thomson’s name, Divers and McGrory…



  28. Another fan getting done for an incident involving a sevco player, the authorities are extracting the urine fae us now.

  29. Maybe just me


    If new manager is Martinez, I hôpe he comes without Maloney


    Shaun Maloney has had enough chances at Celtic, and walked out 3 times already

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