Neil Lennon’s next decision, marquees and sunshine


I hope Neil Lennon takes the Hibs job. He’s a talented coach who has achieved far beyond the expected mark of a 44-year-old. After leaving Celtic two years ago he gave Bolton a temporary respite, rescuing them from immediate relegation before the inevitable happened a year later.

Bolton were on the slide and needed a miracle worker. Hibs, on the other hand, can surely only go one way. Managing a second successive failing club would be difficult to recover from. Easter Road has also allowed Alan Stubbs to enhance his managerial stock, despite not reaching the play-off final in either of his two seasons in charge.

Right now Hibs are a great opportunity for Neil.

No harm meant to Colin Kazim-Richards but the sight of him going through a medical in Brazil was welcome. He was one of a large number of players acquired over the last two seasons who never looked like a Celtic player, on paper, or on the field. It’s best for player and club he moves on.

What kind of times are these? Marquees deployed to protect scores of Celtic season ticket applicants from sunburn. Surely some parallel universe.


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  1. To many do-gooders on here,is living wage,of course everybody wants a good rate of pay,but if you are talking about people working on match days,and not getting the minimum wage,my answer to that is they know how much they are getting per hour,so if you think its not worth it,tell them to stick it,simple ,as,And this Res 12 thing,starting to thing,a lot seem to think they are politicians,want to change everything for there own agenda,they just like to stir it all the time,same on here this morning ,somebody saying that Lawell didn’t fancy Rodgers for the head coach,how do they know that,and lawell look uncomfortable, at the Media conference, away goes piece,





    It will be a very difficult course to follow. The number of shares held by those inclined to follow a legal route to recompense is likely to be small overall.



    No company can operate where tiny percentages of their shareholders are allowed to drive policy.



    It might appeal to your sense of fair play-and mine!-but it is almost certainly not going to make it as far as a court.








    I’ve changed yer moniker for the day,bud. Hope it’s a grand old day to get blooootered.





    Your comment last night about Neil Lennon,909 was it?



    I’ll add my name to the list of people who backed your opinion on him.








    Around 5am last Friday,leaving the wee isolated village beside Lyneham Airfield in Wiltshire where I had just made a delivery,I saw a women walking up the road.



    When I say isolated,I mean it. About 2km to the nearest bus stop. I offered her a lift to it,or Wooton Bassett,or Swindon.



    Swindon would be great,she told me. I can start an hour earlier and save the bus-fare!



    She was late forties. Worked in McDonalds as that’s all she could get in the area since she arrived three years ago.



    For far too many people,a pittance is better than nothing. A pittance comes before principles.



    People like her are why we should all be fighting for a proper living wage everywhere,not just Celtic,McDonalds,Sports Direct or whoever is the latest hot topic.



    It’s a fight for self-respect,and that’s a fight everyone should be proud to be involved in.




    As a business (and I’m being devil’s advocate here) I can see a problem with being a signatory to the living wage. It’s an arbitary amount decided by the organisation, and they can raise it whenever they like to whatever they like. If you’re a small business and that happens it’s unlikely to be too difficult to absorb. When you’re employing hundreds of people and you have a relatively fixed income cycle I can see that being problematic.



    Do you think it’s a better idea to match the living wage – when you do your pay review – without signing up, or to face the possibility of having to withdraw from being a signatory and all the bad publicity that entails?

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Cheers. I have always had the outlook on life that if I can make one person laugh, than I have justified that days’ existence.






    Yes I think you are correct. For Pension fund, read outstanding taxes, and the similarities are stark. Pity there is not the same appetite to try and redress a wrong doing in Scotland as there is in England.

  8. Bobby


    Fella delivered my new car. It was peeing down so heavily I decided not to inspect it. The chap asks me where the nearest train station was? I told him 6 miles away in Telford. Which direction he asks?


    I tell him and also inform him there are no bus stops where I live in the sticks.


    It’s ok he says, he’s going to walk. He was making his way back to Widnes!


    I told him I’d give him a lift to the station.


    On the way he was telling me he can’t get work, except the zero contract hours he had delivering cars.


    Waits to see if he has any work each evening. Gets a phone call if he’s needed.


    Minimum wage.


    Has to try to save as much as can on travelling.


    Fella was clearly trying his best. Tragic to see his struggle. Humbling to observe his attitude.

  9. TIMBHOY3 ………………..Wi attitudes like yours mate, we’d still have the Kelly’s, White’s and Grant’s running the show.



    YOU might be happy to be spoonfed crooked football, a lot of us prefer sport to WWF

  10. Auldheid



    Personally my frustration is not just solely with the boards inaction but with the boards, in my view, failure to backup you guys after all the effort, time and dedication you have put into this. I can only imagine how it has consumed your lives over this last 3 years. If the PLC does not act how you guys hope and your faith in them is not backed up by their actions then it will in my view be the single biggest failure to firstly you guys, secondly every shareholder and thirdly every fan who has spent a single penny supporting the club over the period of 20 years (if not longer). If it turns out that the Old Firm branding is more important to the business than the shareholders (who in the main are fans of the club first and foremost holding emotional shareholding over financial sharholdings) then to a man each and every one of them should be forced over the coming months or year to resign and sell their shareholdings in our club by legal means through company law. I am pretty sure that funds could and would be raised in order for shareholders to take legal action against those who are unwilling to take the necessary steps if it so proves to be the case.



    I do sincerely hope the club stands up and backs you guys and actions are taken.



    But the silence is becoming so deafening that it is becoming more apparent by the day that they never wished to take any action on this.




  11. People queueing for Celtic season tickets getting catcalled as glory hunters and board acolytes by people who have never queued for a Celtic ticket in their lives.



    Ah, the ironic among us; they don’t really do it, do they…

  12. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Looks like one of our potential CL opponents banned already …






    Klubi Futbollistik (KF) Skënderbeu, a professional football club from Albania who won their sixth national title in succession earlier this year, have confirmed that they have been banned from UEFA competitions for a year following charges of match-fixing.



    In May the club confirmed that they were being investigated by UEFA following information received from betting companies as well as allegations on social media and in the written press.

  13. SANDMAN on 8TH JUNE 2016 12:02 PM



    I think most on here will at one time or another have queued for Celtic tickets, though maybe not in these circumstances (return of The Old Firm/marquee manager signed).

  14. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Noticed a Celtic NewsNow headline about Celtic’s first game to be against Celje. Google tells me it’s a Slovenian team but the club web pages have nothing about this. I trust Daily Mail scoops won’t be a recurring feature of Brendan’s reign.



    Can someone queueing for a season ticket rattle the window of our IT Department to waken them up? Wouldn’t want them to sleep through their lunch-break.





    I usually stop for these guys. And take a significant detour if time allows too.



    I picked one up at Bristol a few years back,he was going to Southampton.



    I wasn’t,I was going back to Swindon,but it’s only about 25 miles to Newbury Sevices on the A34 from there. Maybe 40,50 minutes extra round trip. But a total Godsend for him as a guaranteed lift from there.



    Aye,there’s some people having to tough it out,for sure. We can’t be all things to all men,but sometimes we get an opportunity to do the right thing.

  16. lex thomson ‏@alextomo 2m2 minutes ago


    Supreme Court proceedings are on camera



    alex thomson ‏@alextomo 2m2 minutes ago


    Court decision then comes 2 to 3 months later and that is the end of it – no perceived human rights issue so no further appeal to Europe…



    alex thomson ‏@alextomo 4m4 minutes ago


    Then it is a question of allotting requisite court time so hearing likely in first half of 2017. Likely to talk a few days, not weeks…



    alex thomson ‏@alextomo 5m5 minutes ago


    Rangers Big Tax – Supreme Court update: court currently receiving papers and soon preferred counsel will be identified…

  17. the board want Res12 to go away. always have and are playing the guys like fiddles…. anyone who has seen Bankier at th3e AGM will know what sort of person they are deailing with – he despises Celtic fans





    That is a figment of Tory propaganda.



    It’s an upgrade of the National Minimum Wage. It bears little resemblance to the original.



    A bit like our politicians nowadays…

  19. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    oh the holy goalie


    he hates…….



    great song that


    how on earth does a song like that come about

  20. Posters who believe that the incredible struggles to make ends meet faced by so many across the uk live either not in the real world or indeed the uk.






    Celtic paying the living wage would send out a clear message about how we value all those who work for the Club (directly or via contractors) at little financial cost.



    HH jamesgang

  21. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    ERNIE LYNCH – What’s the matter you aren’t trolling the comments pages of The Guardian online today?





    I appreciate your point,but they are hardly likely to demand a National Living Wage of treble the NMW,are they?



    It is a premium on top of the latter,but usually around 25% or so. It would lose all credibility were it otherwise.



    If we assume the problem is in the temporary match-day sector of our employees,we are talking maybe 200 people for say six hours,25 times a year.



    Give them a £2 an hour increase. Do the maths involved.



    I make it £60,000. Hardly a deal-breaker,is it?

  23. Pre season training camp in Slovenia from 27th June to 9th July. Games v Celja (30th), Sturm Graz (3rd), Maribor (6th) and Olimpic Ljublana (9th)

  24. LIONROARS67 on 8TH JUNE 2016 12:09 PM



    ‘Then it is a question of allotting requisite court time so hearing likely in first half of 2017.’






    Presumably Celtic won’t be able to comment on anything at all until then. At the earliest. Just in case. well, you never know, can’t be too careful. Maybe best just keep quiet.




    I agree with you overall, hence the DA side to it. I can also see why we’d (the club) be cautious though with most of our income weighted to certain periods of the year.



    Essentially if we pay a decent wage, I don’t see that being badged is that important.

  26. thetimreaper on

    Wonder how much Douglas Park’s companies spend on advertising in the Guardian and if this was behind the ‘high level’ decision not to publish the advert.

  27. whitedoghunch on




    excuse my ignorance I thought all companies were required to make changes,


    currently rummaging around a friends wine cellar trying to identify his stock…..





    Don’t mention the war!!!!



    I think you have a point here. Celtic are being constrained by perceived rules on subjudice on the one hand,while up against a deadline for time barring on the other.



    It should not be too difficult to formulate a response which meets both requirements.



    First step-grow a pair.



    Second step-ask a lawyer.



    The club is no stranger to the latter,at least…





    What did you think of my wine puzzle the other night?



    I reckon the foil is 100% intact. Shame to throw out a 89 Sancerre without giving it a go at least!





    It’s £60k pa,ffs. It doesn’t matter whether our income is skewed toward certain parts of the year.



    We are talking 0.1% of our income to make a statement which the fans could feel proud of.



    And btw,if I recall correctly,Bankier called it as £500k pa.



    He should be sacked for that. Canny tell lies at an AGM,not when yer Company Chairman.

  31. BABASONICOS71 on




    Hoopy birthday young mhan…and many,many more.





    Pay people a decent wage.If society can afford to have billionaires it can afford to pay workers a truly fair rate.

  32. LIONROARS67 on 8TH JUNE 2016 11:12 AM


    WEEMINGER on 8TH JUNE 2016 11:01 AM




    I’m aware of the stand alone quote, but just what exactly it means ? or just our CEO playing to the galleries as IMO is his want, was those comments by PL, his own personal views ?




    Actions are what i judge, Celtic FC have not officially commented in media or indeed protested/requested to the SFA or UEFA to investigate on any of the matters concerning triggers broom fc, and IMO they are not going to




    Unlike the bunnet who as well as being business orientated had some other values which sets him apart from our current custodians





    You’re right he shouldn’t have upset the Sleekit One. As my pupils in Baillieston would have put it, he should have “hooked the mooth aff him.”




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