Newco goes into full regressive mode


Football clubs find it difficult to maintain a positive brand image that not only helps its commercial imperative, but binds fans ever-closer and attracts new supporters.  There is always some idiot doing something idiotic that neither the club, nor the support as a whole, would even remotely tolerate.

As a consequence, fans across the country sigh at news reports when someone punches a horse, throws a bottle or generally behaves in a manner that defies the struggles their genetic make-up went through to be here today.  Darwin suggested it should not be this way, but here we are.

When a club’s name is associated with some random act of idiocy, a well-known script is followed.  Suspend the culprit and hope it is glossed-over by many, if not, publicly state disapproval while giving the obligatory “tiny minority” sop to the rest of the support, to let them know you have their back, whether it is a tiny minority or not, or even a minority.

Employee-transgressors are almost universally and immediately sacked.  The chef who got drunk and wrote someone on social media that would never be said sober, has supreme-d his last chicken at the club restaurant.

This is harsh, but them’s the rules.  Clubs want to attract everyone in the family, hospitality business and commercial partner spheres.  Negative publicity, however tenuous, has to be curated through the ‘What would Walt (Disney) Do?’ prism.

So when a club diverges from this path, you’re left wondering why?  Why would a club appoint a DUP councillor and Orangeman, inevitably with all of the baggage that world brings, as their public relations manager?

Today’s revelation in the Daily Record, that Newco’s new PR man, David Graham, referring to Celtic Park as “the piggery”, a few days after his “No surrender” video emerged, will surprise no one.  Do not blame a duck for quaking, material like this is inevitably going to seep out.

But why do Newco want to be represented like this?  Why challenge the modern sports business orthodoxy of appealing to families, high-value corporate spend and big ticket commercial deals?  There is a constituency that will always stay loyal to those with values they share, irrespective of football success or general competency in any other area.

They are circling the wagons ahead of a ‘business interruption event’, either that, or they are the stupidest of stupid people who ever made it through 250k years of largely progressive genetic selection.  No one sailing home on HMS Beagle could predict such a regressive wonder as this lot.

Wash your hands, isolate the vulnerable. If you are vulnerable and need food, shop at quiet times and do not touch your face until you wash your hands at home.  Most of us will get through this, but all of us need to act for those who might not.

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    While I see the point in berating pub owners, like all self employed businesses they will suffer significant losses, most likely without compensation unlike the bigger businesses who will be supported from the taxpayers pocket. I’d even go further and predict the businesses who implement zero hour contracts will get the most support as reward for helping destroy unions.





    So I can’t blame landlords and shops who are trying to sell off their perishables before the lockdown is imposed, that some are doing it before a national lockdown is imposed in preparation for their own self imposed shutdowns is an initiative that should not be criticised too much, they are doing more than the govt.





    I strongly disagree with the above.


    People like me have taken the advice about self Isolation, why should Pub owners be exempt….just because they want to sell Beer and Spirits ( at a profit)…and subject their Staff and Customers to serious health issues…not forgetting those very same owners Pub staff and customers being in a Pub at this time and becoming infected and then passing it on to others on Buses/Trains/Taxis as they make their way home…not to forget their own families !



    I havent been in ANY pub for SIX Days, and I am literally stuck at home all alone 24/7, but you think Pubs should be allowed to sell their “perishables” no matter the cost to human life ?


    How many crowded Pubs have you been in since last week…how many do you intend to visit Today and the next day , as you appear to be saying that pubs staying OPEN is fine…or is that for others to become infected, as you will refrain from going to any pub at this time ?

  2. I have witnessed numerous manky guys in Pub toilets doing the toilet and NOT washing their hands afterwards for many years.


    In my last visit to my local Pub six days ago…I witnessed at least THREE mankie bastards again NOT Washing their hands after toilet use as usual, DESPITE All the warnings for weeks now about washing your hands numerous times a day during this Corona Virus, and yet there are some who wish to see Pubs etc still Open ?

  3. Anyone in a responsible position,IE,Euefa,who still churns out the nonsense,that all leagues should finish by June 30,should be sacked for gross stupidity.Same with the EPL who our spineless leaders are waiting for some sort of lead.The leagues should be awarded now as they stand.Football closed down until the time is right to start a new season.The nonsense we are listening to from supposed leaders has reached farcical levels.

  4. Saw a program last night which compared the infection rate of flu compared with coronavirus.


    Flu a person will infect 1.3 so after 10 layers of infection it’s 14


    Coronavirus a person will infect 3 so after 10 layers of infection it’s 59,000



    Figures came from a epidemiologist



    Bit of a difference

  5. If Pubs cant sell their perishables due to being closed…according to the govt, PM and his Ministers at Press Conferences in the last few days….ALL Business’s Large or Small will receive compensation for loss of earnings etc.


    So IF the above proves to be true, Pub owners etc will have little to greet about.


    With Pubs being closed…where will all those poor Junkie Shoplifters sell their “perishables and ill gotten goods”



  6. COVID 19



    I’ve got it!!! If you want to avoid it, it is really simple. Stay at home if you possibly can, simple really.






    Everyone , STAY SAFE



    Big Jimmy,





    Why was it ok last week and not ok this week?




    I didnt say that it was okay last week…I stupidly went to my local bar twice at the beginning of last week, but as the situation grew worse I took MY OWN decision to Self Isolate BEFORE the Govt told Pubs to close last Friday evening.


    Please feel free to visit as many Pubs as you like….You wont see me in any.

  8. If you went to a restaurant last week thinking all is okay, but later realised that the restaurant had given you food poisoning….it wouldnt be okay to go back there THIS WEEK would it ?

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Jimmy,


    You will be able to point out where I said I supported their action, my whole point was that I have sympathy with their plight and understand why they were trying to dispose of their perishables and recoup some of the prospective losses.


    As it stands there is no lockdown so they can behave as they want until there is an enforced lockdown. Because you don’t like it does not make you right.


    You can’t blame pubs for the filthy habits of customers, you raise it as if it’s the pubs fault for being open.


    The facts of the matter are if pubs want to remain open and people want to risk their and their and their close ones lives then that’s their prerogative in this “free society”.


    And for your info I’m on Kuwait who have taken drastic action introducing a curfew between 17:00pm and 04:00am as of yesterday, kuwait is dry so if they did decide to open a pub you can take it as read I would be willing to take the risk for a few beers, they have shut down all govt institutions and departments schools, mosques, pretty much everything except work, so if there was somewhere I could get a pint do you think it would be riskier than padding about a chocablock building site?

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    You are your own safety officer,


    I have to laugh at this after the shit I read on here when China were getting ahead of the game and providing a bit of time for the rest of the world to prepare. I supported the Chinese approach and still do but in a western “free society” individual rights Trump community rights, well unless the community is a cabal of corporations.

  11. Canamalar,



    Glad to see you are well.



    Do you think it was fortuitous for the Chinese government that the Honk Kong protests have finally ceased with many protesters now discredited?.



    A lucky consequence of a very nasty and horrible infection perhaps.



    Stay safe and HH.

  12. Safe distance? Reduced carriages on trains, means that they are absolutely mobbed…….how many surfaces do you touch on a train or a bus?

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The Hong Kong protests were an American and British attempt to destabilise the area, minimal research Ito the main protagonists and their funding all traced back to the aptly named NED.


    That the west tried to claim the protests were peaceful while the protestors activities were recorded on YouTube setting people on fire who dared question their motives demonstrated their methods were not peaceful. They ransacked Hong Kong and blamed everyone around them.

  14. From the John Hartson article on latest news.



    The Hoops have lost only two league outings from the 30 played – 2-0 at Livingston and 2-1 to the Govan club at Parkhead, their city rivals’ first win in the east end of Glasgow for nine years.



    The Hoops have lost only two league outings from the 30 played – 2-0 at Livingston and 2-1 to the Govan club at Parkhead, their city rivals’ first win in the east end of Glasgow.



    There, fixed that for you.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and you can be sure the American/British proxy’s will be back on the streets when they think it’s safe, I fully expect a Chinese crackdown with very long prison sentences for the protagonists. I also expect the Chinese to Implement jurisdiction compliance for Hong Kong in line with those that every other country in world has within its own borders. I’d say Hong Kong gave up its privileged position when they decided to support foreign governments attempts


    T destabilise their country. Had this happened in America the protagonists would be facing charges of treason.

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