Normal people do not celebrate racism in 12-year-old


Today a 12-year-old was charged for shouting a racist abuse at December’s Celtic v Newco game in December.  No normal human being celebrates the discovery of a 12-year-old shouting racist abuse.  This is not how a functional person, football club or society works.  The statement issued by Newco tonight sullies us all.  We share the same soil with people who think like this; how pitiful.

It is regretful that a 12-year-old Celtic supporter has (allegedly) behaved in this manner, but it was a season ticket holder sitting nearby who reported him – for this, we can be pleased.  That the act is so rare we report it, is a great thing.  We should continue to act in the right manner if something similar happens again.  Rise above those living in the gutter and continue to set standards as Celtic supporters.

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  1. From Paul67 article on 4th February…





    ‘On this occasion, two Celtic season ticket holders (quite rightly) reported to the police an incident, observed only by a handful of Celtic fans, by another fan at last month’s defeat.’



    ‘Others have exploited that police report shamelessly’

  2. After all we know, what we’ve been thru…what we’ve seen and heard from our opponents…………….to go via the plod?



    Does not make sense.

  3. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    It is regretful that a 12-year-old Celtic supporter has (allegedly) behaved in this manner, but it was a season ticket holder sitting nearby who reported him – for this, we can be pleased. That the act is so rare we report it, is a great thing.






    Paul67 That is the biggest load of utter garbage i have seen on a header.



    If it is expected of me as a ST holder to hand a child over to police, instead of telling him to “Shut up” While being subjected to racist chants from the visiting hordes, and threatening gestures from away team members….I may just be following the wrong team. And you may be too.

  4. AuroraBorealis79 on

    The biggest question (as one poster mentioned earlier) why was this boy charged at all. This should have been a police caution, considering this was a kid still in his pre-teen years, surely?



    Just aswell there are no public stonings in bonny scoddlund

  5. No No Thrice No Paul !


    Listen to what your saying here !


    Pay respects to a season ticket holder for reporting a child A CHILD ! to one of the most bigoted organisations in the UK !


    Who gains out this situation ?


    Not The Club Not the fans Not anti racist movements !


    Said before Racism is wrong wrong wrong but


    Addressing the problem has to be measured and in context.


    Why not verbal chastise him shock him with disapproval or utilise the security and eject him ! Bar him till he’s sixteen and remove season book but to put him in a position to be prosecuted with a criminal record dear o dear should not be applauded. Shame on you !


    Not a big fan of Shay Logan bit his approach to the young 15 Year old Sevco fan who abused him on line just a few days ago incidentally was classy and appropriate.


    Can’t believe any other Celtic fan would agree exposing a kid and his family to this situation is measured and justifiable.


    Education Condemnation NOT RETRIBUTION !!!


    This horrible situation is agenda driven wake up and smell the Colombian stuff .

  6. The more you think about this incident with the 12 year old boy , the more bizarre it is . Something is really not right here , something really stinks . Paul67 I know you are going for the moral high ground here , but Sevco have no morals , their statement tonight proves that . Putting a 12 year old kid in the firing line for this is all wrong . I was at the Celtic Rangers game just before they died , Joe Ledley scored the only goal with a header from a corner . All through the game there was 2 young lads , guessing about 14 – 15 years old kept shouting ” ya dirty orange b######s ” myself and about half a dozen other fans kept telling them to stop acting like thems and they stopped . That is self policing . Not reporting them to the police who will work alongside your Jim Traynors of the world to blacken our name and probably ruin that young boys life , Get real Paul

  7. The two that reported the wean need their “Toy Dolls”parted.


    Behave yourself, Paul 67.Idiotic header.

  8. Paul



    I detest racism so much. But if your leader is to be read at face value, you and I parent and ‘adult’ in very different ways.



    I smell 💩



    HH jg

  9. Paul 67..



    I know you have to take a moral stance as your blog is scrutinies by the morally correct!!!



    My feck, the timing on this is beyond a joke as is charging a twelve year old.



    If, big IF that it happened in the first place why now?



    Reckon we all know the answer… Deflection.



    Ffs, the songs they sing weekly, the gestures towards Sinky, this is their way and get a clear run at it. Sad.

  10. For a moment I thought I was living in a parallel universe. If an adult near me made some form of racist statement/abuse then I’d dig them up. Every time. And have done in the past. If a young boy (I probably wouldn’t know his right age) did same I would have a conversation and try to dig his adult people who should also be nearby. What I wouldn’t do is go to the people who smash up our toilets and point him out looking for ‘action’.



    Self-policing is exactly that. Now all we have done is place a child in a very vulnerable and manipulative position at the mercy of the media.



    I would label that as cowardly…



    The fact that you endorse this means that for me it’s time to check out and lurk no longer. These are not the values or standards I expect or want to be hanging around…




  11. PS having previously sat on the Children’s Panel in Stirling for several years, this type of incident would have been mid seriousness within that context.



    HH jg

  12. Paul… How do you know this boy was a Celtic fan?


    Could it have been a Celtic fan’s young cousin from Dingwall or Essex or Manchester at his 1st ever football match?


    Did the reporters sit and listen to the racist and neanderthal shite from the away fans all day but then decide to repirt him because they were scared to tell him to STFU?



    At 12 yo…. I was a wee dik and whilst never racist, I said, done and thought things that make me cringe today.



    This guy Traynor is getting beyond dangerous.



    He needs to be stopped before one story he plants does Celtic irreparable damage.



    Lastly, not a word against Davy Murray, the man who killed RFC, from Jackson today…. Tells us they still haven’t learned. their lesson.



    They died chasing Celtic and their new club is going the same way…. Celtic’s transfer creditors….. ZERO….. Sevco’s transfer creditor’s….. £29m…..



    Huns are mental.

  13. Maybe the young Celtic fan’s been charged because he wouldn’t apologise, maybe he didn’t do or say anything wrong. I think that there’s a lot more to come out about this, to me it smells of shoite.

  14. I don’t get it.



    12 year old Celtic fan is reported to the police by other Celtic fan, an incident observed only by and handful of fans.



    There is so much wrong in that sentence that I truly despair.



    Why would a 12 year old be shoutIng racial abuse? We would need to assume he or she needs educated and help. Not punishment. Not arrested. No charges by the police.



    Another Celtic fan, or two, reported the 12 year old to the police. Ok, let’s say they are like me and wouldn’t want to confront the child or guardian directly. Discretely find a steward, have them give official warning.



    Only a handful of fans heard it. So it wasn’t shouted? Or it was not loud enough to be heard over the sound of the other fans other than those directly in front?



    Did these 2 Celtic fans only hear the 12 year old and not the 800 fans of The Rangers who were up to their knees. Or did they not deem that necessary to report to the police.



    And on to the police. A word in the ear of the child and the guardian is surely sufficient. Escalate it to an official arrest and charge? Come on. How is that in the public interest. And why make it public?



    Something doesn’t add up. This looks like a squirrel of Rocky and Bullwinkle proportions.



    BTW: Story about Morelos that has been mentioned on here. When will that become public. Will it be the same time as the goings on in Dubai by some Rangers first team players are reported. Has anyone heard those stories?

  15. Whilst NOT condoning racist abuse to anyone from anyone,something does not ring true here.



    Firstly we had the Peter Smith ” I’ve heard it but its awful ” video, which has never been seen,then we have the report was made by Celtic ST holders to give it credence, then the boy cant be named for legal reasons.



    Like others on here,if a child was indulging in such behaviour the tendency would be to give him a telling off,not report him to Police,particularly if on his own?? and why would that be? If not was the minor accompanied by an adult,if arrested,or accompanied if subsequently identified.



    The seats all around the Tech.areas are much sought after and probably occupied by same people for years,it is highly unlikely these were occupied by a ” big game ” tourist,and most unlikely to be a 12 year old schoolboy unaccompanied.



    Assuming it all happened behind the visitors dugout or to left of tunnel,that area could be narrowed down quickly to establish accuracy of reporting,plus of course we have those who reported the event,would,I am sure help to clarify.




  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    It’s amazing what can happen when Sevco, the BBC and police Scotland can do in a week



    Quite startling but hardly surprising

  17. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Do we know all the facts? 2 season ticket holders are now getting the book thrown at them (on here) yet we don’t know what happened. For all you know the kid was standing there doing throatslitting gestures, waving imaginary guns in all directions while dancing up to his knees in fenian blood.



    It might even have been your brother that reported him

  18. Guys, maybe take a pause on reading between the lines on the 12 year old boy.



    We do not know if the 2 SB holders who reported the incident, chose to go directly to the police or whether they tried to handle it themselves and got met with abuse by the lad or whoever was with him.



    Whether they reported him or not, it was the police who decided , so many days later, to charge him. That is an exceptional step to take for someone of that age, even for something as serious as a racist comment or chant.



    If the guys went direct to the police and gave the boy and his companions or family no chance to back down, then we can fill our boots in denouncing them, but we do not know that for sure.



    I am reminded of an incident with Celtic fans away in Tannadice (might even have been the same game where Old Tim got abuse from young Celtic fans standing up and blocking his view).



    Anyway I heard one of our fans, a guy in his early to mid 20s, shouting out abuse about a “Ch*nky Bas****” to the Australian raised South Korean Ki Sung Yong, for a misplaced pass. I had just turned round and my facial expression of disapproval towards the comment was enough to see me subjected to threats and intimidation for the final 10 minutes of the match. The guy and his mates were patting their back pockets indicating that they had a wee surprise for me as we left the stadium into the crowded street. They did not follow up on the threat – maybe they were happy to see that I did not approach any steward or policeman to report it- but they intended to scare me and they seemed fairly coked up at the time.



    We have some rogues in our support. A 12 year old boy, in need of some education, should not be counted amongst them.



    We have fallen a long way from self policing our crowd, but a 12 year old boy being charged does not seem like an inicator of hope that we are improving.



    All racism needs to be called out but we should treat the misdemeanours of minors differently to those of fully responsible adults.

  19. Another concerted effort to cause division and attempt to disrupt our focus from the 9.


    Take it where it comes from – and if correct, boot the wee guy and the two rats on the arse.

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just to confirm, the report of the 12 year old wean, doesn’t seen to be reported on Newsnight. BBC missing a trick here😱

  21. At Celtic Park, I don’t want to sit next to pickpockets, serial killers or fandans who report wee uneducated arseholes for shouting shite at a footballer.




  22. Go tell the Spartim on

    Given that the police have managed to track down a single person for alleged racism surely it isn’t too much to ask for them to track down about another 800 or so as well, apparently it was all over the tv and radio waves.



    Modern day policing at its finest

  23. Incidentally I was one of the 60,000 fans who was calling Morelos after his threatening game over gesture that he was a Rotund Satsuma fatherless vagina ! Like most of the home support apart from the offended main stand two !


    The noise was quite deafening with everyone in unison !


    How they heard a young 12 year old whose voice hasn’t broken yet above all the din is extraordinary and deserves credit for their incredible superhuman selective hearing.


    If they fancy reporting me also you have my details and permission to forward my proposal to the plonkers !

  24. So how come Paul67 knows how this matter was brought to the attention of the police?



    Who told him? The people involved? Celtic? The Police?



    Did he witness it himself?

  25. Just re-read your older aricle about the kid again Paul and this jumped out at me ” observed only by a handful of Celtic fans “……………strange thing to say ? only a select few seen and heard the incident ?.did you by any chance witness this ………gets stranger by the minute

  26. Paul 67,



    Totally disagree with the sentiment in your article.



    This convenient scapegoat is a 12 year old child. If and it’s a very big if the events are as stated then the child needs help and support not prosecution.



    Two ST holders were offended by a child whose voice has probably not even broken, yet were not sufficiently offended by 800 Neathandrials spouting racist hatred from arrival to departure.


    The two ST holders were obviously also comfortable with the throat slitting gestures aimed at them.



    Nobody at Parkhead condones Racism but this is unbelievable in its current form.



    In the Scottish government’s failed named person scheme it states that a child needs help and support. How can anybody who promoted that scheme reckon that arrestiment and prosecution is the correct action.



    This is all about appeasement and is definitely not in the public interest. There is an agenda at play possibly assisted by a couple of gullible ST holders whose offendedness has a strange set of priorities.



    There is no moral high ground in this course of events.




  27. I know this will be lost in the bigger debate but a slight correction to my earlier ‘results’ post –


    “…..So, the players receiving points for the Clyde game are –


    Ntcham – 5 points


    Brown – 4 points


    Forrest – 3 points (not 2!)


    Elyounoussi – 2 points (Not 3!)


    Bauer – 1 point”


    The rest of my post, including the overall table, was correct.


    Thanks to David17 for pointing this out.


    2 more sleeps ;-)

  28. prestonpans bhoys on

    So let me be succinct about this. Buffalo walks off CP and is open to racist abuse from a 12 year old wean, that abuse was heard by buffalo and reported to the police by two shocked ST holders in the main stand.



    Correct? Really……..

  29. Horatio:


    He waxes desperate with imagination.





    Let’s follow. ‘Tis not fit thus to obey him.





    Have after. To what issue will this come?





    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.





    Heaven will direct it.





    Nay, let’s follow him



    smiley Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive thing




  30. At a Celtic Sevco game ( last season or before) a Black Sevco player was met with a round of jeers as he retrieved the ball for a throw-in. It was in front of our section.


    One lad about 15-16 yr old in row in front of me added the word ‘black to his insults hurled at the player.


    Within a second my eldest son had grabbed him, turned him round and gave a stern lecture , reminded him what we stand for and telling him “we are better than that” and to stop behaving “like a hun”.



    The lad not only apologised, he actually apologised to everyone else around. He the apologised again at half time.


    There has never been a repeat.



    I think that type of intervention is worth more than grassing to the cops.


    We as Celtic supporters should hold our fellow supporters to a higher standard. We should not be afraid to speak out.



    I have never waited to see if I will be backed up by other supporters, before jumping in to such arguments, and I have never been in the minority when i do.



    If Police Scotland and the PF proceed with this farce it brings ridicule on them.



    Another smoke screen to provide diversion away from The Bad News Bears.



    The Onlooker



    The Onlooker

  31. Is Paul a Hun Troll??



    He cannot be serious here, a child’s life could be ruined and Paul the troll thinks it great stuff.



    Hunbelievable, does anyone know what the child said??



    The superintendent should be charged for wasting my feckin tax.



    Better going after adults like people who make gestures to fans at a derby game, they should know better.



    It would suit you better Paul to have a leader condemning Strathclyde Police.



    D. :)

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