Rangers deferential media were necessary for liquidation


I see the “equalise before the other team score” strategy is being utilised ahead of the publication of Craig Whyte’s book, covering the account of his purchase of Rangers and the sordid details around their slip into liquidation.

The Daily Record tells us that in the book, “Whyte will claim that he had the power to control the editorial output of the Daily Record.”

They lead with an incredible [literally]“No one is in any position to question the quality and integrity of our journalism”, while throwing their former editor Bruce Waddell, and ex-head of sport James Traynor, under the brown brogues by saying “That one’s for Waddell’s conscience” and “we’ll leave it to [Traynor] to address Whyte’s claims.”  There is no awareness that the world outside the newspaper views it as a publication that was willingly complicit in pushing a narrative that was fatal to the football club.

Despite admissions like “it is to my own eternal shame” and “pride-swallowing lesson” – but don’t question our quality or integrity – no recognition was made of what the rest of us knew at the time, the Record was the chief cheer-leader for the owner of Rangers.

They failed to put sufficient analysis into the role they played in the Rangers narrative ahead of liquidation in 2012.  This had a material impact on events, while others inside the club were doing their best to stop Whyte gaining control, the Record did everything possible to ensure he got his hands on the Arsenal shares.

And still, STILL, no criticism of David Murray from Cognitive Dissonance Towers.  How deep the bonds go.

Without David Murray’s control of the print and broadcast media, Craig Whyte would have been exposed and run out of town months before taking control of Rangers in May 2011.  The subsequent events could not have happened without a deferential army of media accomplices.

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  1. HOT SMOKED @ 10:40 AM,



    ‘ ” It is written and produced by some of the best journalists in the country.



    No one is in any position to question the quality and 
integrity of our journalism.”



    Challenge of the Day:



    Written by whom and about what????? ‘



    Was it the Daily Record!?



    Hail Hail

  2. One of the most bizarre newspaper columns ever written. it should be his last.



    It starts



    “No one is in any position to question the quality and 
integrity of our journalism”



    …followed a few sentences later by



    …”having been instructed to write a puff piece by Waddell on the night we were breaking the news that Whyte was in talks to buy his big pal out.”



    So quality and integrity didnt last long.



    It gets worse…….How about a bit of basic research on the subject matter, surely P1 stuff for any journalist , not to mention an “award ” winning one



    “Hand on heart. It was the first time that I had heard 
his name.”



    Quite shocking admissions really.

  3. Absolute “Big Riddy”writing from Jacko today.Absolute buffoon.


    Belter from the VB today


    Man charged with throwing a Bovril,at Morelos,at Motherwell game,is an EX CELTIC FAN.


    I was stunned,Pat Nevin sprung to mind right away .


    Ex Celtic fan,deary me.

  4. Hi Paul 67,



    Parcel o’rogues…



    Except of course Keith Jackson who was duped I tell yea!! Duped…



    A decade ago, there are any number of Billionaires from Motherwell – it was equivalent of the Santa Clara Valley of the 90s – the odd billionaire popping up who you’ve never heard off, is totally convincing to your average award winning journalist who’s briming with quality and integrity.



    Hail Hail

  5. I like when Jacko calls us the “The Sevcopaths”.He goes on with about investigating deeper into Craigy,then has a Paul Of Tarsus moment,and discovers that Craigy is a liar,never to be trusted.This from the same guy who welcomed King to Ibrox,and hung on his every lie.This fact needed none of Jackos investigative skills,as King,as we all know,was called,A GASL,by none other than a Judge.Arse of a man.

  6. Paul67



    No Celtic fan should underestimate the role in Rainjurz suicide which was played out by SMSM.



    Nobody backing ‘the Motherwell born billionaire’ now, not guilty on all charges, unlike the press that backed ‘sugar Daddy’ David all the way from floating pitches, to being ‘too big to go under’



    We owe a lot to the ‘gentlemen’ of the press.

  7. The Bullshit writer of the year. That’s Modern Scotland for ye.



    Lmfao Jackson you poured accelerant onto now dead Rangers. Best wishes to the newco with this insidious Scottish press.




  8. We are all familiar with how the huns died.



    What is much more interesting, and relevant, is how the zombie version was conceived, spawned and nurtured.



    And the contribution made to the process by the Celtic Board.

  9. Celtic were comfortable winners yesterday. Bauer and Bayo are still getting pelters from some fans.



    They put in decent performances in testing conditions.



    Encourage them. They could be decent players with a bit of confidence.

  10. My Dad told me don’t believe what you read in the papers, particularly the sports section



    In later life when telling English friends of the Media reality in Scotland they didn’t believe me.



    I then remember when Dr Joe Venglos was our manager he said that Scotland was unique in that the local media was hostile to a local club.



    The Media behaviour of brown nosing of Rangers has resulted in the Gullibles being lied to and moonbeams reported and this has resulted in shock and horror and allegations of the unseen Fenian hand.



    Long way the liars continue and the shock when the shit hits the fan will be all the sweeter

  11. ERNIE LYNCH @ 1:28 PM



    We are all familiar with how the huns died.



    What is much more interesting, and relevant, is how the zombie version was conceived, spawned and nurtured.



    And the contribution made to the process by the Celtic Board.



    It’s interesting isn’t it, as the Bruce Waddell and SDM alliance is all but admitted and we consider if it wasn’t for the lies of the succulent lamb journalists would Rangers have gone bust?



    We must ask ourselves if Big Pedro and his Celtic lap dog opinion formers hadn’t done the smoke’n mirrors on us, would the continuity myth have been possible!?



    A’mean we still have those who fall for the…



    …every penny earned will be re-invested in the Club myth;)))))



    Hail Hail

  12. Gods story.



    There is no way Celtic can keep doing what its doing. No Way.



    There is no way we can get a quadruple treble, Can we?🇮🇪☺



    Europe is where its really at.



    I’m confident we can get to the semis at least.



    This Manager/Team is Special.

  13. SFTB earlier



    Aye wee Alex said he would have a word with HMRC


    He would have had to have had a word with Alistair or ooor Gordon first.They were in charge at treasury (well lol)


    I would suggest Salmonds suggestion would be like me advising which comb to use.


    Tax,and certainly cases like Sir Pockle of Huns were uk issue.



    If only we had a Meejah that reports.we don’t


    Hope your good :-)




  14. An embarrassment of riches.



    In midfield especially, with Christie, El Younoussi,Rogic and Soro trying to get a look in, expect NFL to revert to a 3-5-2 if Wednesday’s game goes ahead.



    Edouard and Griffiths as a two, Bayo’s goal might ensure his seat on the bench and at the back Simunovic Jullien and Ajer with Forrest and Boli firmly back in contention for left wing back.



    Tough game with Hertz desperate for points.




    Put your rod away.



    Neil Lennon has been back at Celtic for 59 games, the exact number of games Brendan Rodgers had during the Invincible season…








    P59 W48 D6 L5 GF144 GA39 +105




    Won: 81.4%




    Draw: 10.2%




    Loss: 8.5%








    P59 W46 D8 L5 GF150 GA46 +104




    Won: 77.9%




    Draw: 13.6%




    Loss: 8.5%



  16. An Tearmann on 10th February 2020 1:55 pm




    It’s a matter of public record that Salmond did speak to HMRC about the huns tax affairs.

  17. BSR, I think it will be a goalfest Wednesday.



    The new Hearts boss is adventurous.



    5-2 Celtic.



    I wish I wiz going.

  18. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    PETEC on 10TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:08 PM



    BSR, I think it will be a goalfest Wednesday.



    5-2 Celtic.





    I’ll go 5+2, Hearts cannae defend to save themselves! :)




  19. Siempre,



    If you are a betting dude double up corners and goals in this game.



    I reckon Celtic are gonnae be very good on the Night.

  20. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    PETEC on 10TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:18 PM



    only occasionally but a good shout!




  21. A 12-year-old boy has been charged with racially abusing Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos in a recent Old Firm game.



    The alleged incident happened during Rangers’ 2-1 Premiership win over their rivals at Celtic Park on Sunday, December 29.

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