Rangers deferential media were necessary for liquidation


I see the “equalise before the other team score” strategy is being utilised ahead of the publication of Craig Whyte’s book, covering the account of his purchase of Rangers and the sordid details around their slip into liquidation.

The Daily Record tells us that in the book, “Whyte will claim that he had the power to control the editorial output of the Daily Record.”

They lead with an incredible [literally]“No one is in any position to question the quality and integrity of our journalism”, while throwing their former editor Bruce Waddell, and ex-head of sport James Traynor, under the brown brogues by saying “That one’s for Waddell’s conscience” and “we’ll leave it to [Traynor] to address Whyte’s claims.”  There is no awareness that the world outside the newspaper views it as a publication that was willingly complicit in pushing a narrative that was fatal to the football club.

Despite admissions like “it is to my own eternal shame” and “pride-swallowing lesson” – but don’t question our quality or integrity – no recognition was made of what the rest of us knew at the time, the Record was the chief cheer-leader for the owner of Rangers.

They failed to put sufficient analysis into the role they played in the Rangers narrative ahead of liquidation in 2012.  This had a material impact on events, while others inside the club were doing their best to stop Whyte gaining control, the Record did everything possible to ensure he got his hands on the Arsenal shares.

And still, STILL, no criticism of David Murray from Cognitive Dissonance Towers.  How deep the bonds go.

Without David Murray’s control of the print and broadcast media, Craig Whyte would have been exposed and run out of town months before taking control of Rangers in May 2011.  The subsequent events could not have happened without a deferential army of media accomplices.

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  1. AN TEARMANN on 10TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:42 PM




    2.48- I accept petitions from all parties were put forward,Labour/Tory and the SNP.




    An, this is the first I’ve heard of an Labour petition to salvage the former RFC. Where did you get that? I’m interested.



    I do know that Salmond spoke of the club approvingly… ‘Part of the fabric of Scottish society.’ no less. If he did intervene with HMRC on their behalf it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

  2. Will take criticism for stating this




    Celtic signed up to this by agreeing to the 5 WA, and welcoming back a club called Sevco



    Wonder if Celtic will issue any statement on its players or own fans being abused – st every away game in Scotland


    And home games vs said Sevco

  3. It wasn’t only RFC deceased that the wee fat man spoke of approvingly.



    Or tried to interfere with.




  4. Many aspects of this latest anti-Celtic episode are quite sinister….including Paul`s article praising those who pointed out the 12 year old to the police.

  5. Jabba attacking the media,I wonder if they will publish the story about Morelos, that they have been sitting on? A couple of guys on here know the story seemingly….

  6. Norriem


    ` Wonder if Celtic will issue any statement on its players or own fans being abused `.



    The trouble with that is that Sevco can release as many statements as they want without comment from the MSSM but a soon as Celtic do the same, the likes of Tom English produce `articles`claiming that both sides are as bad etc.

  7. Good Evening, statement from poison FC which has now been deleted.



    Now that the Police have charged an individual with racially abusing Alfredo Morelos at the Old Firm game on 29 December, it is necessary to state yet again that racist abuse, indeed abuse of any form, must never be condoned or dismissed.


    The first thing to be made clear is that even though many others commented on the issue of abuse (racial and sectarian) directed towards Alfredo Morelos, Rangers had a duty of care not to say anything that might compromise a live Police Scotland investigation. What none of us should ever do, however, is dismiss, or trivialise abusive behaviour as too many media outlets, journalists, and pundits have done in this instance.


    Perhaps there might be a bout of contrition and one or two may feel a pang of guilt now that the evidence some of them so loudly demanded is there in the form of this charge.


    If enough of our media had been of a mind to treat the issue with the gravity required from the outset, as normally happens with these issues, there would have been none of the dismissive comments which have helped pollute social media, newspapers and broadcast platforms. Social media is, of course, largely lawless but some of the pieces written and broadcast around Alfredo Morelos in mainstream media were and remain disgraceful.


    He has been described as a waster, a cheat, an angry brat and one columnist/pundit actually wrote that if you can’t take the vitriol you are in the wrong city. The implication seems to be that the fault lies not with those who choose racism and abuse, but with a young immigrant who chose to come to our country. This is a deeply disturbing attitude and that it was actually expressed in a national newspaper defies belief.


    When a player is at the centre of an abuse claim he is treated with respect and sensitivity and given support. That is certainly the case in England, but not here and most certainly not with Alfredo Morelos, who is actually being demonised in many quarters of the media.


    A number of factually incorrect stories have been written and published about Alfredo recently causing a great deal of stress and anxiety within his family at a time when his heavily-pregnant wife should be calm and relaxed.


    A river of negative and hurtful attention has been flowing towards the Morelos family without thought or concern for the individuals involved and the way they have been treated is shameful. Especially vulgar is the manner in which claims of abuse, racist and sectarian, have been dismissed in some quarters – BBC Scotland in particular – where the overall situation has been mocked amid outrageous claims that Rangers were behind the leaking of certain stories. None of this shows our media and country in a good light.


    Perhaps now some people will take a long and honest look at themselves and who knows, they might even apologise, but all of this serves only to make Rangers even more committed to our Everyone Anyone campaign. We will not stop or slow our efforts to make Ibrox a place open and welcoming to all.


    Finally, Rangers would be more than happy to accommodate the young person involved in this latest incident on one of our courses designed to help people understand why racist and sectarian abuse is unacceptable. Indeed, if any of those journalists/pundits who got it so badly wrong would like to attend we’d also welcome and help them.

  8. Fuxake, dunno whether to laff or greet at big eat-the-breids latest statement. As to the “course” they are running the Hitler analogy from a few posts ago nails it.



    Is the bald , 50-year old , man caught very clearly on Sky after the new year game at Ipox last season mouthing “FTP and the Vatican” being invited along to their “course” ? Very easily traced if they are serious. But with nearly 50k regularly indulging in racist/sectarian singing this “course” will be the most over subscribed in living memory.

  9. Bada – is the story that he is a twat?


    Or a horrible Cnut?


    Or him having a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp?


    Or allegedly a marching pooder champion?


    Or a serial cheat?



    D. :)

  10. How did Jabba manage to divert the resources of Police Scotland into identifying and pursuing a 12 year old child? If the child did, in fact, utter racist epithets, surely the offence merits a stern warning and a spectator ban rather than the full weight of the criminal justice system.



    To put the matter in context: Scotland has the worst drugs problem in Europe. Are Scottish narcos pursued with similar vigour? I don’t know.

  11. It might be a 12 year old child but it just about fits their current narrative against the likes of Michael Stewart.



    And to be fair IF the said child was promoting racist abuse he needs to checked up on this as do his parent/parents.



    It stinks to the high heavens though.


    Rangers fc [or whatever they are these days] really had to keep quiet about this until the matter was resolved.


    They of all clubs could really do with incidents like this being dealt with in a low key manner.


    Indeed it was only because of this today did I become aware that a 15year old rangers fan was recently caught dishing out racist abuse to shay logan.


    The sheer hypocrisy of rangers fc is alarming.



    This all proves to me that the pressure is on them big style.


    They are hurting so bad.


    So so bad.



    As a previous poster said brilliantly…keep on winning celtic .Keep on winning everything.


    We cannot imagine the misery and hurt we are causing them.


    They are breaking.

  12. Nobody can condone the actions of the 12 year old but we can make excuses for him. Imagine this was your own child, an error allegedly made yes, but a football club throwing him to the wolves as per Newco statement is utterly repulsive baed on a kid who doesn’t know right from wrong. From a PR perspective they could not have sunken any lower. Undoubtedly Police Scotland have taken this forward for reasons not in the public interest. Shame on them too. I sincerely hope Celtic will reach out to the kids family and offer support.

  13. Shay Logan shows class and compassion to a 15 year old Uneducated Rangers fan for an online racist comment by accepting his apology face to face and listening to his experiences of Racism to rehabilitate a young life who made an error of judgement and help make him a better human being.


    Sky Police Scotland Sevco and ALL the main Uk news outlets quite prepared to give a 12 year old kid a criminal record and demonise him as a Racist effectively ruining a young kids life for the same uneducated verbal racist slur.


    You have to ask Why the Draconian difference in approach for the 12 Year old !


    Because someone Needs to drive this agenda and anyone who is associated with Celtic is fair game !








    Tonight’s a game changer big time !



    An Tearman (nnnnnn )







    Your subsequent conversations re Whyte’s allegations about Alex Salmond have gone down a surprising side road for me.




    – how so? Both have no integrity,would sell their mammy for gain,-



    First of all, I was open that Craig Whyte asserting an opinion similar to my own previously expressed suspicions, only serves to make me think twice about whether I was right. I don’t count his version as reliable corroboration- indeed he may have stated this just to implicate a constituency that is seen by the Sevcoites to be anti-Rangers.



    #He is selling a book is his m.o and with a few days to go we are getting it fed thro Scottish Meejah(either like the Scotsman piece or Keefs admissions in today’s #



    I was not suggesting that Alex Salmond DID influence HMRC to go easy on the old Rangers, merely that he tried to.



    # he tried ,,,,how? By having a word?


    He was impotent.tax is not a Scottish issue, but it is certainly open to be used as a cudgel it appears against him only.whereas Minty whole 1999-08 fraud was under a labour govt at westminster and for a time wee jack too.#



    As you indicated, the only ones that could influence the Tax Authorities, by law, were the UK government. However, there is no indication or, indeed, allegation that they did so, other than the fact that HMRC continued to battle Rangers for settlement and, at a UK level, gave them no deal or respite. Therefore, if Gordon Brown or Tony Blair acted at all, it can only have been to influence HNRC to carry on as they were doing.



    # I agree with etc blog here,HMRC were appealing til they got their way.Petitions were made by labour(Donohoe kil&Loudon mp) off top o my head.his too were as impotent as Alex Salmond.#



    Alex Salmond, on the other hand, may or may not have tried to use his political (not legal) clout to persuade HMRC . Whyte said he did (not convincing evidence) and Salmond has said nothing (which neither implicates or acquits him). Besides Alex may have other more serious matters on his mind.



    # That could be said for Labour politicians too.They are used to dishing the ‘scoddish’


    slander while forgetting the Labour party,like snp done nothing as the badge of unionism,the hun jogged along contentedly with their fascist anti catholic policy for over 100 years#




    I think, on balance, it may have served the interests of the Yes Vote in the due referendum, for Rangers not to go out of business. Neither Alex or the wider SNP movement would have felt they could win much in the way of votes from the Loyalist rump at Ibrox but it would still be a bad look for Scotland to be seeking Independence at a time when one of its major institutions was going bust. There was no such incentive or motivation for the UK Labour Party to do anything on their behalf. Their votes were already heavily committed to the No vote amd amny of them to the Tories.



    Sorry T am laughin here,that one defo for the coarna lol I disagree. rfc personify the union(still do)..


    There was no incentive,true of any politician,but labour politicians like their brithers in the snp petitioned ably.its what kept their rancid behaviour going for over a hundred years




    ,Whatever Alex did or did not do, it was clearly ineffectual. HMRC continued on track.








    However, the possibility that he may have sought to influence the outcome, without having any power to do so, remains a possibility. Unless HMRC come out and inform on the subject, which they won’t, or Alex makes a statement, we may never know the truth.



    #we can only keep digging#



    The timing of Whyte’s allegation fits. The “shame game” of 2011 which prompted moves towards the OBaF Act does fit with Sevco going bust, but, as always, we flounder on the rock that Craig Whyte is an unreliable purveyor of truth, right up there with Keef Jackson (Tea Boy with a typewriter).



    #we don’t need Craig’s book to confirm.


    Salmond served his own end,or his parties and it all made our club look stupid,(from summit to oba act ) we can see his sleekitry in full flow.jeez he could get a nice wee north Lanarkshire seat,or Livingstone seat he is that good:-))



    Hope yir good mate.




  15. Has the statement been pulled?



    If so perhaps someone at ibrox is left with at least a couple of brain-cells?



    We have seen some trash and mince in words from them down the years but tonight’s serving is no doubt the lowest of the low.


    Written by a bitter and twisted narcissist, completely out of his depth and clearly on the edge

  16. Michael Stewart said Traynor was a dangerous individual. He has been proven this evening to be absolutely correct.

  17. LAZYDYNAMITE on 10TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:33 PM


    Has the statement been pulled?







    No still up.

  18. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:00 PM


    Ernie- a 12 year old boy, who can’t be named? I smell shite…….total desperation.





    This was reported on BBC radio 2 news this afternoon.Couldn’t believe it.WTF!

  19. To be fair.


    Gerrard should speak to the powers at ibrox and get rid of this muppet [traynor]



    He is not doing them any favours at all.


    It actually benefits us and harms them that the ex bbc man is still running their public relations.


    If Gerrard is smart he will bring all this nonsense to an end .


    Hope he dosen’t though and we can all sit back and watch them all self combust.

  20. No responsible organisation would attempt to attack a 12 year old child who has been charged with racist abuse, not convicted. The pf wshould never progress that to the courts, likely referred to the children’s hearing at most. Trial by media is no trial at all. Perhaps the kid did not say anything and he/ she will want to defend self.



    Any kid showing signs of racism should be supported to learn not criminalised and demonized by the media. When kids become adults and show those same traits then by all means fill your boots. I suggest you start at ibrox, sure to get hold of 50000 racists every second week.



    Problem is people think of race in colour I.e. white, black, Asian when we are all the one race, human beings. Being racist against a scot of Irish descent is no different from being racist against a black person. However, the sectaria narrative is a good way to sweep, sweep away racist behaviour from the scumbags.



    No time for racists of any kind what so ever. 40 plus years of being subjected to racism has shaped my views. Funny enough no one has ever been charged for calling me a terrier, thaig, paddy, beedrattlers, fenian bastart in all my time on this earth.

  21. Oh how we will celebrate ghuys when we get 9 in the bag.



    Will this title be the sweetest of them all??? Damn tooting.






    D. :)

  22. glendalystonsils on

    If an individual was under the kind of pressure that suggested they were losing the plot , one might come to the conclusion that they were having a nervous breakdown.


    Rangers* and their cohorts are behaving like they are having some kind of corporate breakdown. Bizarre statements , ridiculous claims , lies inventions and fantasies ,desperate attacks on what threatens them.

  23. GREENPINATA on 10TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:38 PM


    AN TEARMANN on 10TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:03 PM



    Yes I’m sure certain Labour politicians in Scotland would have wanted to help the old huns, but in reality only the Scottish government would have had the inclination and power to action any help.






    So your certain Scoddish labour politicians would want to petition the UK government on behalf of their britherly club,(may I ask What probability %?)


    in reality



    Only the scoddish government would have the inclination or power to action any help.



    Am getting you a pint the next time I pass Mchuills.needless to say am smiling here,







  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So, has the boy been convicted ?


    I suspect a not guilty plea will be defended easily.


    I’d hope the proc fisc would dismiss or any judge would would dismiss and have a go at police for wasting tax payers money. However it’s job done regardless of the outcome.

  25. This Boys family should ,if they can afford it ,go and hire the best QC in Britain,if they can’t afford one,Then hopefully all Celtic Supporters should have a collection and hire one,Also Celtic don’t let up on Sky Traynor BBC, let’s nail this bunch off Cowards

  26. prestonpans bhoys on




    Getting more bizarre every week. One has to ask the question…….does the 12 year old child even exists😱😵

  27. They’re succeeding in taking every last drop of enjoyment and anything good out of football. Smashing Scottish football to bits.



    It’s not even about winning, it’s only about beating us. However they can. Pure hatred.

  28. AuroraBorealis79 on

    TIMBHOY2 on10TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:06 PM



    This Boys family should ,if they can afford it ,go and hire the best QC in Britain,if they can’t afford one,Then hopefully all Celtic Supporters should have a collection and hire one,Also Celtic don’t let up on Sky Traynor BBC, let’s nail this bunch off Cowards




    Thst Sir is exactly what they need, confirmation of our collective racism ))

  29. Craig Whyte’s Rangers power myth dispelled and the real facts behind his claims – Keith Jackson



    The hated former owner has a book out soon and Keith has explained why a lot of what Whyte says can’t be trusted.





    Keith Jackson ByKeith Jackson


    06:00, 10 FEB 2020UPDATED06:31, 10 FEB 2020



    There’s a fresh storm brewing somewhere on the horizon and unlike Ciara you’ll smell this one coming long before it hits.



    Because on Friday of this week, Scottish football will be showered in a great steaming pile of Craig Whyte and although the imminent release of his memoirs will be enough to trigger the gag reflex of the entire Rangers support, they are likely to make for some fascinating reading all 
the same.



    Of course, that Whyte has chosen Valentine’s Day to launch his book is indicative of a warped and seriously flawed character. How 
typically crass that, on the eighth anniversary of the day he dumped Rangers over a cliff-edge, Whyte should now seek to make financial gain, with sneering disregard for the pain and anguish he inflicted upon so many others.



    It’s little wonder that very few of these Rangers fans will pay any attention to his 
scribblings never mind stump up for a copy of the hard-back.



    After all, they of all people have learned, this is the account of a man who would struggle to lie straight in bed.



    If he’s hoping to turn a couple of quid from this latest venture then he’ll have to tap into the green pound and 
capitalise on the insatiable appetite of a hard core of Sevcopaths on the other side of the Glasgow divide.




    But just because we are dealing with a man who is not even on nodding terms with the truth doesn’t mean 
everything he says can be automatically dismissed.



    Whyte will make repeated references to the conduct 
of two ex-employees in 
particular, former Daily Record editor Bruce Waddell and one-time head of sport James Traynor.




    (Image: PA)


    The individuals named in the book no longer work for the Daily Record – Waddell left in December 2011 and Traynor one year later – and we’ll leave it to them to address Whyte’s claims.



    As he admits himself, any influence he might have had disappeared following their departure. The Daily Record has been named newspaper of the year four times in the past five years at the Scottish Press Awards.



    It is written and produced by some of the best journalists in the country.



    No one is in any position to question the quality and 
integrity of our journalism.



    But while the obvious 
temptation is to dismiss Whyte’s ramblings as the words of a crank, some of these claims are simply too serious to be brushed away.



    For example, he will allude to an unhealthy relationship between Waddell and Sir David Murray.



    That one’s for Waddell’s conscience.



    The truth of the matter was that Whyte was a small-time chancer who was carrying out this entire fake-over wearing suspiciously ill-fitting suits and pointy pleather shoes.



    Also, it is to my own eternal shame that I was dragged 
into this ‘wealth off the radar’ charade having been instructed to write a puff piece by Waddell on the night we were breaking the news that Whyte was in talks to buy his big pal out.



    Hand on heart. It was the first time that I had heard 
his name.



    Within an hour I had 
rattled up a 1000-words 
backgrounder on the basis that I trusted the information being handed down by my own superiors.



    If every day is a school day then this was the most 
difficult, pride-swallowing lesson learned in 25 years on this editorial floor.




    It soon became apparent that Whyte was not remotely what we had believed him to be. Paul Murray, who was on the Rangers board at the time, reached out to make contact with me through a third party to express his own deep rooted concerns about the ‘disastrous consequences’ of a successful Whyte takeover.



    From that moment on the two of us worked hand-in-hand in order to expose the real Craig Whyte.



    Paul did so for the love of his club. I sought to right a mortifying wrong.



    Whyte will claim that he had the power to control 
the editorial output of the Daily Record.



    He will make reference to one specific exclusive in which I revealed his ruinous plan to mortgage off future season- ticket sales in the kind of 
spectacularly high-risk 
financial model which led to the demise of Leeds United.



    Whyte will claim he successfully ordered Traynor to stop this story from being printed. And these claims 
are untrue.



    In fact, my story was splashed across the back 
page of the Daily Record on June 14, 2011. Only one month after his takeover had gone through.




    What Whyte did do was issue a furious denial which, of course, was completely false but perfectly true to form.



    He also contacted Traynor to threaten our paper with an Ibrox ban unless he received a personal apology from myself.




    It was given through gritted teeth along with the warning that I still believed my information was correct and would do everything in my power to provide the irrefutable proof.



    It took another six months of investigating – along with Paul Murray’s relentless pursuit of the truth – before we had uncovered that evidence.




    What we found out was far more serious than even we had first imagined. It was now clear that Whyte had 
effectively crippled Rangers before he had even bought them, by funding his takeover in a mortgaging deal with Ticketus.



    Within a fortnight of that story being published, 
Whyte had called in the administrators.



    That’s the truth of the matter. But Craig Whyte always had a problem with handling the truth.

  30. That Hun Statement defies belief, ffs as McEnroe might say, They can’t be serious.


    If and it is a huge IF, 2 Celtic Season Ticket Holders fingered a wee 12 yr old kid that too defies belief.


    God I wish there was a bit of football to watch this stuff would make you question your sanity.

  31. first time i got to read that,



    ok jacko, is this the real rangers, the second rangers, the loan rangers, a new rangers ……… or the same rangers ?



    you cant handle the truth,

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