Normal people do not celebrate racism in 12-year-old


Today a 12-year-old was charged for shouting a racist abuse at December’s Celtic v Newco game in December.  No normal human being celebrates the discovery of a 12-year-old shouting racist abuse.  This is not how a functional person, football club or society works.  The statement issued by Newco tonight sullies us all.  We share the same soil with people who think like this; how pitiful.

It is regretful that a 12-year-old Celtic supporter has (allegedly) behaved in this manner, but it was a season ticket holder sitting nearby who reported him – for this, we can be pleased.  That the act is so rare we report it, is a great thing.  We should continue to act in the right manner if something similar happens again.  Rise above those living in the gutter and continue to set standards as Celtic supporters.

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  1. In fact I dont expect that we will get a statement as it will be pissing in the wind



    But just to see that our club will take their dick out and piss in the wind so their supporters know that they care enough to do so will keep me happy



    thats why the support is pissed off

  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    No, I don’t accept a world where adults report children to the police. Be they ashamed.



  3. “Superintendent Mark Sutherland, of Greater Glasgow Division, said: “Abuse of any form is completely unacceptable and Police Scotland will continue to rigorously investigate any reports of abuse we receive and bring those responsible before the relevant authorities.”



    Vigorously would be mair appropriate.



    V and R.



    Wake up.

  4. Wednesday Celtic of Glasgow play. Magical.



    I wish I wiz there.



    This Team is hardcore.



    Absolutely hardcore because of Neil to get his Bhoys to KEEP GOING.




    I like SG but he knows he is up Against an opponent that Loves him first and foremost. Respect is always good. And this isnae Bren Rodgers he is up against now.

  5. DCSC



    I will be very surprised if this case goes anywhere near court. Will the ST holders be willing to give evidence?



    I think not particularly when they are made aware of the feelings of other supporters if this site is anything to go by.



    Having said that if they do take that course of action does contempt of court come into play?



    I am of the opinion the case will be quietly dropped and the bhoy given a warning.



    The job is done. Morelos is being run out of town.

  6. Good morning CQN from a very cold and still windy Garngad



    What has Scottish society come to?? Dreary me.



    A 12 year old child is thrown on the scrap heap by someone running a blog and who is willing to do Der Hun PR machine’s bidding. I don’t know which saddens me more, oh actually I do, the poor 12 year olds life will be made hell.


    Is it not our duty as caring adults to educate, encourage and develope the children of this country, whether that is in the home, the classroom or the streets/football stadiums.


    How could the ST holder not have had a stern (get a grip wee man) word and even reported the incident to Celtic a few days later.


    I also find it strange that a 12 year old in a multi cultural society that Scotland is now, felt the need to say something racist. My grandson is 7 and his class and football team is full of kids from different cultures and have different colour of skin to him, he just sees a kid to play with.



    This whole thing stinks, but again I feel so sorry for that child.



    Paul you should be ashamed.



    I know I do not contribute much to this blog but I was seriously thinking of flouncing over your lack of compassion nae, your triumphalism of a 12 year old child getting grassed by a ST holding adult, but I do like the blog and its posters.


    Maybe you will see the error of your ways or get a free transfer.



    D. :)

  7. The first of the NSPCC ‘s core values, based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states


    that children must be protected from all forms of violence and exploitation. This case is undoubtedly one of exploitation of a twelve year old boy by organisations and multiple individuals including yourself, Paul 67. Shame on you.

  8. The saddest thing about this whole affair, apart from the fact that Police Scotland are prepared to ruin a young boys life by charging him with racism, is that a child is being used as a pawn to score points.


    On one hand we have the huns making a despicable statement trying to justify themselves and on the other we have people on ‘our side’ saying “look we are better than you” because we are prepared to report a child for an offence that could have been sorted by chastisement.


    What an even sadder place Scottish football has become. 🙁🙁

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The glib assumptions.



    That the child is a Celtic supporter . Is that known ?


    That the ” season ticket holder ” who reported the ” child ” to the authorities knew the age of the alleged offender.


    Q. Is the alleged offender male or female ?


    Some 12 year olds look significantly older than they appear.


    Q. Was the ” child ” in the company of adults who failed to take any action while the ” alleged ” abuse was taking place ?



    Should we appreciate the fact that a season ticket holder reported alleged racist comment from ANY individual irrespective of their perceived loyalty ?


    From me , an unequivocal yes. It`s a matter of principle.



    The stinging criticism of our host from some , in all probability , is as much related to matters other than this one.


    The ” If we had a supporter on the Board ” bunch .

  10. When you let the enemy strike first you have options…






    Join in



    Ignore them



    Any more ?

  11. Ive just switched on my Computer since yesterday only to read about Jackie McNamara.


    My thoughts and prayers are with Jackie Bhoy and his family at this time.



    I am old enough to watched his father Jackie Snr play for the Celts, and what a tough tackling midfielder Jackie Snr was…and not without plenty of skill. The “stories” about why Jackie Snr left Celtic far too soon are out there, and I certainly have no idea if any of it is/was true ?


    Young Jackie in the Hoops quickly became one of my favourites, and I can state honestly that I got his name “McNamara”, and Number 4, on the back of a Celtic Shirt before he made his debut for the Hoops.



    I was sure that Jackie Jnr was going to be a Star with Celtic and for once I was proved correct LOL !



    This particular Celtic Shirt wasnt the Hoops, but a Replica shirt from the 1950’s and 60’s, which was mostly white with a Green Collar and Sleeves, and with the Shamrock on the front, so the back of this Shirt was just plain white, and his name and number was clear for all to see even from a distance. It was given to me by the owner of Bairds Bar, and I immediately took it to the Savoy Centre to have McNamara No.4 printed on the back. It was the only time that I had a players name on the back of a Celtic shirt BEFORE that player had even kicked a ball for Celtic.



    I wore that Celtic/McNamara shirt with great pride for years until it didnt fit me any longer , and on one occasion I took the “Piss” out of a Hearts player during the 2nd half of a game at Celtic Park. We were winning 2-0, and the Hearts player was trying to gathjer the ball to take a quick throw in, but sadly for him and in full view of thousands ( I was at the front of the North Stand walking along ), the Ball fell into my hands.


    Suffice to say, as the Hearts player tried to persuade me to give him the Ball, I held it out outstretched in my hands…and he did likewise to receive it ?


    As his hands almost grabbed the Ball…I deliberately dropped it…..and I grabbed my Shamrock on my Celtic/McNamara Shirt and shouted at him….”Get it right up Ye” !



    I was laughing at him along with many other celtic supporters nearby, and the look of anger that he had on his face was priceless…it still make me smile to this day.



    When I got back to the Pub after we had won the match ( 2-0 I think ?), a few other Celtic fans who I didnt know approached me to say ” Well Done Big Yin etc” as they had witnessed me taking the Pash outa that Jambo…and all thanks to that Celtic/McNamara Shirt they had immediately recognised me in the Pub as the ” Culprit” ………FAME at last ….LOL !



    Get well soon young Jackie Bhoy.



  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BOGNORBHOY on 11TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:08 AM



    Excellent question.



    Who is the enemy ?



    The Celtic Board ?


    Peter Lawwell ?


    Paul `67 ?





    The institutions railed against us .

  13. I have just read some of this “Story” about the 12 year old boy on here, as I gave up Sky over three years ago.



    I refuse to believe that any Adult Celtic supporter would go to the Cops over this…IF it ever happened ?


    Methinks Traynor and his Sky pals are at it…yet again.



  14. I find it disconcerting that there are adults among the Celtic support who, under the cloak of anonymity, think it is appropriate behaviour to report a 12 year old child to the police for shouting somethin at a football match, particularly a football match where the atmosphere is so heightened as this one (it’s what used to be called an Old Firm match, but we don’t call it that anymore, though it’s priced and marketed the same).



    I find it even more disconcerting that this blog, and by inference, the people who own and control the Club, not only endorse but laud such behaviour.

  15. I find disconcerting to be echoing every single word written by you Ernie!



    But right now, I am. 100%



    Paul, your words were shameful. Your motives and thinking impossible for most all of us to fathom.



    HH jg

  16. ST Holders get to `know` those in their area. Would they not either deal with this themselves or call on a steward?


    Something not right at all about this incident.

  17. Big .J,



    A really bad article. Everyone makes mistakes, ESPECIALLY me.



    The Time of this is a cl ue.



    I’d still Pull it.




    So many reasons why this did not need to happen.



    This stinks to high heaven.

  19. What is the Stars on

    I find it disconcerting to be using the phrase “i find it disconcerting ” in quick succession to Ernie and Jamesgang ,though not as disconcerting as the article ,but less disconcerting than agreeing with Ernie and Jamesgang but more disconcerting than the constant repeating of disconcerting

  20. As Sun Tau says “Even the finest sword, if left in salt water, will rust.”



    Now I’m not saying Paul’s blog is past it, but some of his leaders show signs of wear and tear. This one being the prime example.



    His judgement is now being questioned.



    Yes condemn racism in all forms but show compassion – which is a far better trait for a Celtic supporter – to the 12 year old and show him the error of his ways.



    But that’s assuming he is guilty, which we don’t know yet.

  21. The point isn’t just to release a statement when you aren’t happy about something.



    The Celtic statement was pointed and concise. Sky Sports still have a case to answer. It was meaningful.



    I’m sure it’s already been posted but the Sevco statement fools nobody. Its just plays to the gallery of gutter life in their support.

  22. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    The 3 stooges! The two pr&chs and Paul 67. What was wrong with telling him he was out of order or even giving him a wee shove,then tell him why.


    Celtic supporters my ar*e.


    Celtic blog! I despair 😩


    Thank God for contributors.

  23. The Battered Bunnet on

    You know things have come to a sad pass when a child in primary school in used to justify the abhorrent behaviour of adults acting in a professional capacity.

  24. JAMESGANG @8.41



    ” motives and thinking”



    It’s Old Firm guff in search of the higher moral ground and Brownie points from the establishment.Happy to do zilch re the behaviour of visiting paying guests (look at them !) while aiming to demonstrate moral superiority by making an example of a numbnut adolescent.(look at us!)


    Nauseating !

  25. Some of these squirrels from Jabba are becoming outright outrageous


    and bordering on dangerous



    Wonder what the next one is tomorrow



    I am wondering that maybe all these supposed incidents about Morelos is trying


    to give reasoning to the Ibrox hordes about his imminent departure

  26. Suggestions on KDS that the ‘adult’ who reported the child was an off duty plod.



    Might explain a lot.



    Weird behaviour whoever it was.

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