Not even close to top McGregor goal into that net


I know you have soft spot for Callum McGregor. He has been a rock for Celtic for so long that even last season’s disappointments were never regarded as a reflection on the man who Ange Postecoglou will almost certainly confirm as his first captain at Celtic.

Good players in poor teams look anything like good players, though, and Callum ended the domestic campaign with little to look back on with satisfaction. I’m not going to tell you the Scotland national team is any good, but they have the infrastructure of a functional team, which despite so many accomplished players, Celtic did not possess last season.

Fix the infrastructure and Callum McGregor is one of several who will flourish. Loved his goal last night, but it is not even in my top two of his into that net, not even close.

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  1. Rolling_Stone on

    THE_HUDDLE on 23RD JUNE 2021 2:21 PM



    I cant see how he won’t get a reduction. His last contract was signed at the end of BR’s 1st season I think (and it was not too far off LG’s 40 goals season). He hasn’t had a good season since he signed that contract.



    But for Celtic, his next team is probably Hibs, paying him £2k a week.



    I would let him go, but if we do sign him up, I hope it is on bargain basement terms. If anyone doesn’t deserve an extension, it’s wee, cheeky Leigh.

  2. I have written this before at the time of the Ivan Toney saga,every word was proved correct,so my source is impeccable.Strachan was a terrific coach at Peterboro.They did everything possible to keep hold off him,but his heart was set on Celtic.The meteoric rise of the younger players at the club,and guys like Toney who had a bit to go,being around a few clubs,they put down to him.He was the reason Toney was so keen on Celtic.


    To judge the guy playing 3rd string to a hapless Lenny,who we all now know was pig headed in his selections,tactics,is unfair,to say the least.Give the guy a chance under the new coach.

  3. ROLLING_STONE on 23RD JUNE 2021 3:06 PM



    ‘I would let him go, but if we do sign him up, I hope it is on bargain basement terms. If anyone doesn’t deserve an extension, it’s wee, cheeky Leigh.’






    It’s not about deserving. It’s whether he’s able to produce the goods.



    Maybe a (comparatively) low basic wage with performance bonus incentives is the way to go.

  4. Glasgow papers today- couldn’t make it up.



    Ange ‘arrived’



    Okoflex who’a leaving Celtic for West Ham ‘jets into’ London.



    They struggle to hide it 🤣😂

  5. That creepy anthem, could have been written by a poster on here.



    Jingoist doesnt do it justice, I bet the Onion Pears adopt it.

  6. TURKEYBHOY on 23RD JUNE 2021 2:54 PM



    I was badly injured when knocked down by a lorry, after running out of the swing park in Milnpark Street on my way to Our Lady and St Margarets in 1961aged 6yrs. We stayed, and I was born, in 28 Blackburn St. Moved to Arden in 1962. Still carry the effects of that injury almost 60 yrs later and waiting for an operation on my right leg, the main problem now is a deep-rooted infection in my right tibia, por cierto

  7. MYBOYSNOWATIM on 23RD JUNE 2021 2:55 PM


    Kennedy and Strachen will do as instructed. And if they don’t shape up …..




    Then the manager will go.




  8. My last words on Scotland now that the Ange has landed….



    Serial nobody Edinbugger Michael Stewart considers Steve Clarke to have been negative. We needed more energy, drive and to launch ourselves at them. What if Clarke did show too much respect for Croatia, they deserve respect and the scottish players are all saying Croatia were brilliant and we all saw it and they can learn from them. It’s not that difficult to understand Stewarty. Fellow Edinburger Sounees also critical. Lets not forget Steve Clarke went public and called out the bigots in Scotland when he was Kilmarnock manager so RESPECT for the man from Saltcoats.

  9. myboysnowatim on

    I understand the cynicism but IF this new regime is serous about modernisation and change then they will be judged on their actions not the actions of those before.



    Cue more cynicism 😁.



    I know the boards largely still intact but they must know the situation has to be improved – surely.

  10. Perhaps it is because I am 81 years old and my memory can play me tricks at times but I do not recall anyone one saying Big Jock was too heavy to a great manager. So why now as our new mhan? Hope that is all some will question if the Future.



    Welcome, Ange. I hope YNWA.



    St Stivs, you are not included because I know you Port guys are always taken the michael. Lived among you for too long.



    Just one other thing that irritates me. I have a great nephew whose first name is Callum, so I cannot get my head round those who constant refer to Calum Mc Gregor when it should be Callum…..

  11. Have bitten the bullet and renewed.



    I am concerned that Jason Leitch and co will severely limit the crowds at Celtic Park. As the infection numbers are increasing I expect at level 2 we will be allowed 500 fans. After August 9 at level 0 this will be increased only to 2000. If at a later date Scotland were to fall into line with England and to agree 1 metre separation then we can maybe get to 15,000.



    If we sell 30000 season tickets then we will get into 1 in 2 games, It therefore depends on Jason and co agreeing to the change then this could happen quite soon. I expect to get into no more than 6 games this season



    On Kennedy hostility then this is the result of when Lenny left and he was given full control. The team was set up the same with the same players and same tactics. After the title was lost he selected the same players and tactics with the same poor results. Now I appreciate he had the chance to change things and didn’t however, I feel the problems lay with the players who were disgruntled with Celtic and were wanting away to make more money. they wouldn’t play for Kennedy nor Lenny.



    These players weren’t just Eduoard and N’tcham Ajer and Christie but many more players. I think Julien and Boli were want aways. I also reckon McGregor Biton and Barkus were want aways. I would sell them all.



    Connell and O’Connor must be given chances. Montgomery Henderson and Robertson true.



    In addition we need 12 Scottish academy players at least 4 from Celtic. This is why Ralston and Griff are getting their year option activated. It is why we need more Scottish players. Nisbet, Ferguson Doig Porteous need to be all considered.

  12. Keeping Ralston & Griffiths could mean that we hold on to what we’ve got and keep the numbers up. Reshaping the squad will happen within our ‘habit & repute’ model. We won’t incur substantial debt and will invest only what we can bring in…… & afford.



    It is possible that most of our selling, buying & loans, will take place in August, maybe late August. Therefore we need cover in the squad until then.



    If we cast our minds back to Brendan’s first CL qualiifiier against Red Imps – he was forced to include the likes of Ambrose, Cifti & Janko in the squad. We may be in a similar position in July.



    Will the likes of Ajer, Christie & Edouard & any others with an eye on a move, buckle-down and contribute knowing that a big move is just around the corner?



    Realistically I have written-off any progress in CL qualifying – EL groups will be the height of our ambitions – and that won’t be a given either.

  13. Max 5000 at stadium next year… 10% of capacity of Ibrox.. they wont let us have any more than Ibrox

  14. “GALLAGHER on 23RD JUNE 2021 4:31 PM


    Welcome Ange Postecoglou I believe we’ve got ourselves a right good manager.”



    That`s the spirit.Positivity can be effective. Self-fulfilling prophecy and all that.

  15. What is the point of a successful vaccination programme where the vast majority of the population will be double vaccinated if we are still not opening up society. ?



    We need to live with this virus like we have done with Spanish flu etc.



    There will be no comprehensible reason not to let football grounds open to full capacity and remove the government control measures.



    Of course if individuals want to maintain personal lockdown then that will be their perogative.




  16. TIMMY7_NOTED on 23RD JUNE 2021 1:56 PM



    I think the Internet rumours were started by the bold Leigh himself. He was on that appalling BBC Scotland thing this morning and confirmed that although his contract is due up on 30 June he had spoken to the manager last week who was hopeful of being able to offer him a deal

  17. RC on 23RD JUNE 2021 2:50 PM



    I’m hoping that Ange will extract talent from Anthony Ralston and any other players that weren’t developing under NFLs tutelage (or lack of) how does the saying go , you can’t polish a ….and juliann for captain , shouldn’t even be in the team.



    *you spent the whole of last season demanding, aye demanding we go out and sign Eddie and his backroom staff even though some were still in their existing positions.



    So our senior management team complied only tae be let down similarly tae Crystal Palace was. The problem with the over rated Eddie is he seems tae have nae bottle.



    Now when we have recruited a manager that the likes of the fraud highly rate and he’s making decisions based on his own thoughts on the matter you are all over the club again.



    Does RC stand for Royal Calvinist, are you a hun in Tim clothing, you sound like one.

  18. Greenpinata


    Spot on – I’ve supported the need for lockdowns but there comes a point when we need to trust herd immunity to take over. As long as hospitalisation and deaths are low we need to open up.


    If they can have 60,000 at Wembley then 40,000 at Parkhead should be achievable.

  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    It disgusts me our Government has been watching videos of the Thai Tims only to think to themselves, our kids can do that.




    Saw the MoTD highlights from Hampden. Clearing crosses properly and guarding the edge of the box would’ve served us better but when you consider we were up against Croatia’s Billy Gilmour, what’s to be done?



    Callum’s ok by me.




    My sister taught at Our Lady & St Margaret’s in her early professional years before her marriage. Occasional highlight for us from her missionary work over the river were bags of broken biscuits from the factory across the street.



    Since Ange has landed, she and I are heading to the ground tomorrow to renew the books.



    Enough of the nonsense, Celtic.

  20. I’ve taken over as a senior manager and turned round the operation. Didn’t have to get rid of the existing management team. If I can do it then I’m sure Ange can.


    We’re talking about people’s livelihood and we should give them a chance. There may come a time to change them.

  21. GENE on 23RD JUNE 2021 4:59 PM


    ‘I’ve taken over as a senior manager and turned round the operation. Didn’t have to get rid of the existing management team. If I can do it then I’m sure Ange can.’







    Did you apply for the Celtic job?

  22. ST TAMS on 23RD JUNE 2021 11:27 AM



    Having watched Scotlands 3 games, we dodged a bullet with Steve Clarke.



    *said the same thing last night only tae be castigated and reminded how the “pretentious one” really rated him.



    As Rim Tim Tim, Gene and Big George’s Fan Club said Clarke is an assistant manager at heart. He has always been rated as an AM or Coach and when with the Hammers was the highest paid assistant manager in the league, when Gianfranco Zola was given the sugar lump he left by mutual consent.



    He then joined Kenny at Anfield as first team coach and seemingly done well so 4 month later both he and the King signed 3 year contracts and yet 12 months later Kenny is also given the tin tack to be replaced by the fraud who sacked Steve right away.



    The same manager who on getting the Celtic job kept JK and allegedly wanted tae take him tae the midlands when he did a midnight flit, in fact he has nothing but praise for him to this day.



    Like most coaches/AMs Steve had aspirations the be his own boss but other than the Killie job he has flopped elsewhere, his longest run being 18 months at WBA.



    Even at that he only stayed 19 months at Rugby Park, although he did leave of his own accord, and the national team position is probably the best he’ll get right now.

  23. We will experience an 18 month transition with Ange , we need a tactical change of approach, teams have wised up to us … even mediocre Scottish opposition… my biggest fear is that we end up Mowbray esq lots of running about haphazardly no focus on marking or getting the ball back …. I’ve convinced myself Ange will not fall into this trap …..



    We may need to step back before we step forward but last time I checked it is sport and there is the possibility of losing the odd game , so we can have some preliminary moaning in the close season , for now

  24. The Fat Gardner co-commentary is enough to make me stop watching fitba.



    Off out.

  25. TURKEYBHOY on 23RD JUNE 2021 3:14 PM



    Your “impeccable ” source got it totally wrong with Eddie Howe.


    It was obviously not a done deal no matter how many times he told you ( and you told us ) it was.




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