Nothing gained from playing Kyogo and McGregor


Bayer Leverkusen manager, Gerardo Seoane, summed the game up, “We also made some mistakes, but we had [goalkeeper]Lukas Hradecky saving us, it was a sensational game from him.

“The victory was earned. Maybe the scoreline was a little bit too high, but we deserved to win.”

Celtic were back to their flowing best in the opening 25 minutes but confidence, composure and any chance of competing in the knockout stages of the Europa League evaporated when Leverkusen took the lead.  The home side regrouped at halftime and again took the game to the Germans, but the unfortunate loss of a penalty brought that resurgence to a juddering halt.

It is a worry that the heads go down when a goal is lost; the same happened a week ago at Livingston.  As well as everything else, a resilience gene is missing from this Celtic team.

We will know by Sunday evening the wisdom of playing Kyogo Furuhashi and Callum McGregor last night.  Nothing was gained from their appearance.  Kyogo was thrice through with Leverkusen keeper Lukas Hradecky to beat but could not convert.  Still, his impact on Celtic remains transformational.

Leading up to his second great chance, he opened play up with a sublime touch that switched the ball to Liel Abada.  No striker in recent Celtic history could do things like that.  Jota continues to settle into his new surroundings.  Leverkusen defenders quickly learned to back off him and to send reinforcements when the ball went to Celtic’s left.  A front three of Jota, Kyogo and Abada has a great deal of promise.

Oh David, what happened?  Turnbull seemed caught in two minds, between clearing the ball out of his box and allowing it to run out of play.  Playground stuff that would have me overcome with paranoia if it happened in certain domains.  I don’t think I have seen as poor a goal against Celtic, Leverkusen must have wondered what happened as much as the rest of us.

From that moment, the collapse seemed inevitable.  Our full backs were well up field when 3 v 2 left Joe Hart exposed for the second; halftime could not come soon enough.  Hart played well throughout, without him, our season would look in far greater danger.

Expectations were so low I think we had all emotionally factored a result like that in.  Despite what in any language is a drubbing, we were able to create better chances (against a far better team) than we have in recent weeks.  With Kyogo and McGregor back, the worst of this slump will be behind us.  The return of Juranovic, Taylor, Forrest and Jullien will help, but central midfield will remain light until January.

The season could pivot one way or the other on Sunday, we will find out then if the corner has been turned.

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  1. “Are these the fans who wave the oppressed Palestinian flags and Japanese imperialist flags at the same time, but trash the Union Jack as the flag of their imaginary imperial oppressors?






    How many monikers do you have?



    For a club founded out of the horrors and genocide of 6,000,000 human beings lifes being ended with An Gorta your statement above is breathtaking in its error.Such nonsense and a poor attempt to layer and redact history.good ol brit amnesia no insight into their own tyranny exporting food as millions died.a tyranny the nazi used as a template a century later they followed 19th century genocide with their own.

  2. Philbhoy



    Interesting that we had madhun at at Hearts and Aberdeen. 2 of our potentially toughest away games.

  3. ÁRD MACHA on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 3:48 PM



    Good to hear from you mate…albeit under tragic circumstances .hh

  4. spikeysauldman on

    Sceptical Citizen



    loads of digs at the fans


    loads of digs at who the fans are



    do you really think that the fans support Japan or Kyogo himself ?


    were the fans big fans of the Swedish Monarchy ?


    the union jack should be cherished ?



    DT is not the first to suffer groans – NFL ?


    He was atrocious last night – but will agree with you on that 1 point – would have been great if the fans chanted his name in support.



    Paul Lambert ? a very mixed career whether born a Tim or not.


    The fans are pissed off with anyone who mentions the old-firm, even NFL.


    I’m pretty sure he’d still get the same support that Ange gets from some of the support if not you.



    Give us a wee clue as to what the football side/success on the pitch looks like over how many years if you manage to get your boycott ? make a good argument. Will you expect the GB to join you ?



    Oh and BTW, wouldnt it be good if some dumbf*** fan group could continually organise anti-board banners and demos ? If only ?



    Sceptical here too.

  5. ROBERT RESSELL @ 3:51



    “Despite the loss we should be confident about Pittodrie and I’m going to go as far as to say we may even be feeling differently about the league come Sunday evening. I’ve just got a feeling.”



    If we fall into the bottom six, I’m going to go as far as to say I will also be feeling differently about the league come Sunday evening.

  6. sceptical citizen on

    The club was once backed by a, radical regime changing supporter base.


    But look at us.


    We are all over the place.


    Where’s O’Rourke?


    The CST spend their time telling us that, we need to enlarge our shareholding base.


    Do the CST really think the PLC will just sit twiddling their thumbs, waiting to be bought out?


    What if PLC keep moving goalposts, how much shares need to be bought then?


    When does it stop? When fans only have a shirt left on their backs?


    Or even more dreams to enhance the share base to enable the CST to ask questions at the AGM?


    What for?


    Nobody gets an answer!


    Ask Auldheid and co.


    AGM’s are useless unless there are rebels like Dempsey & co in attendance.


    The CST, the GB, the defunct CSA, waddle onto the terrain of the PLC sharks, who by coincidence, hold ALL of the power, financially and otherwise.


    And the PLC have all of that power, because CST, GB, and CSA, strongly advise against waging a financial war against the PLC old firm double agents, as withdrawing your financial support will harm the club!!!


    No it effin won’t.


    It’ll harm the share price!


    Good! That’ll make the corrupt PLC leave, and take their masonic Tory apparatus toys with them!


    Tory toys = stock exchange shares season tickets. Get these instruments out of Celtic!


    These fan groups are harming the club, with their easily fobbed off guff!


    Tickets should be removed from these toothless no marks!


    Tickets cause cliques. Cliques are for masonic temple’s keep them there.


    What do they teach in these universities?


    A generation of university graduated snowflakes, are guiding leading Celtic fans groups!


    Leading who? And to where?


    The Celtic fans groups = The many faces of Fu Man Chu.


    Wake up for f sake.


    Don’t give the PLC your money – and you get Brendan.


    Give the PLC your money – and you get Ange, RD, or a done Neil Lennon.

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    SAINT STIVS on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 4:30 PM



    phrases you never thought would appear on CQN



    have the Japanese Imperialists been held to account ?







    Some of them, quite a few actually, were indeed held to account…





    In Tokyo, Japan, Hideki Tojo, former Japanese premier and chief of the Kwantung Army, is executed along with six other top Japanese leaders for their war crimes during World War II. Seven of the defendants were also found guilty of committing crimes against humanity, especially in regard to their systematic genocide of the Chinese people.



    On November 12, death sentences were imposed on Tojo and the six other principals, such as Iwane Matsui, who organized the Rape of Nanking, and Heitaro Kimura, who brutalized Allied prisoners of war. Sixteen others were sentenced to life imprisonment, and the remaining two of the original 25 defendants were sentenced to lesser terms in prison.



    Unlike the Nuremberg trial of German war criminals, where there were four chief prosecutors representing Great Britain, France, the United States, and the USSR, the Tokyo trial featured only one chief prosecutor–American Joseph B. Keenan, a former assistant to the U.S. attorney general. However, other nations, especially China, contributed to the proceedings, and Australian judge William Flood Webb presided. In addition to the central Tokyo trial, various tribunals sitting outside Japan judged some 5,000 Japanese guilty of war crimes, of whom more than 900 were executed.





  8. glendalystonsils on




    Don’t give the PLC your money – and you get Brendan.




    We got Brendan because DD was infuriated by abuse from Sevco ites after they beat us on penalties in the LC.

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Steven Gerrard complaining about the Sparta Fans booing Kamara, you have to wonder if maybe he’s half deaf and doesn’t hear the sevco supporters,



    btw, have to agree, the gers, who calls them that these days apart from their own…




  10. sceptical citizen on





    Last year these fans protested in the car park, for six months.


    These fans waved banners “Sack PLC Frauds” these fans declared.


    After six months of protests, season tickets renewal time arrived.


    These protesting fans then each handed £600 to the “PLC Frauds”.


    Then these fans released a “glib” statement saying that unbelievably


    “We support Ange – Not the PLC.”


    And then these fans expect to be taken seriously?


    I mean, these fans are as “glib’ as sevconians. Seriously!


    These fans can expertly keep a straight face.


    Whilst being “glib” just like sevconians.


    The old firm “glib” brigade.


    I’m going to be political and infer that, Celtic fans weren’t “glib” until they started voting for and supporting the anti-Celtic “glib” ScotsGov.


    Just imho.

  11. sceptical citizen on





    Do you believe in the tooth fairy?

  12. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Ange looking at the positives…



    “The pleasing thing is Kyogo and Cal got through it really well. That was really pleasing for us. We wanted to limit their time because they’ve been out, but they’ve pulled through really well.



    “Everyone else is obviously a bit tired, and a little battered and bruised, physically and emotionally, but they’re all ready to go for Sunday and we’ll have them all available.”



    Sky Sports

  13. I was in a boozer just off Covent Garden and a big Lahndun nugget spotted us watchin’ The Game and


    ( I kid you not) the phonetically challenged tumshie leaned over and thinking he was a bit of a card shouted………………



    “c’mon the Gurrrsss”………..


    ………hard “G”….


    …………………………………………………….we just aw pished ourselves as he sloped off to enjoy his half of Mild and a slim Panatella.



    A complete Sook Doogal.

  14. Kamara’s lawyer on TV just now calling for Sparta Prague to be thrown out of the competition. Ironic or what? While I agree, of course, that racial abuse is wrong, that abuse isn’t confined to black players. His team’s “supporters” hurl racial abuse at white players and have done for well over 100 years, as all Scotland know only too well.

  15. squire danaher on

    ROCK TREE BHOY on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 5:54 PM



    The thing the Huns don’t get, and never have got, is that if you claim to be anti racist that means you commit to opposing all forms of racism.



    You don’t get to pick and choose.



    You shouldn’t get an unchallenged claim to victimhood for your own staff while your followers pollute the streets of Glasgow with racist filth.

  16. sceptical citizen on

    BURNLEY78 on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 4:59 PM



    Sceptical Citizen


    You refer to Our Seville stars positively yet you refer to the guy who won 3 out of 4 leagues vs a financially doped rival whilst also getting Celtic to the knockout CL stage twice in 4 years as a board stooge. Interesting?




    He is a board stooge!


    In fact he’s worse that that, way worse.


    He, puppet-Strachan later in life became Scotland manager and he used that status to lobby the SPFL to reconstruct the leagues because Rangers failed to achieve promotion vs Motherwell.


    This Rangers who stole trophies, some off of puppet-Strachan version of Celtic, and puppet-Strachan wants to rig Scottish football to get Rangers promoted????


    Promoted and unpunished!


    Puppet-Strachan is a Celtic man in your world.


    Good luck

  17. thanks for your post An Tearmann



    Cé mhéid cinedhíothú a tharla sna hÉireann?



    Pogrom after pogrom but we can’t talk about it. Bacach ÉIlis a haon.

  18. sceptical citizen on

    Any manager worth his salt would represent a threat to a fragile PLC who are used to smugly laughing off, any marshmallow protests that achieve zero!


    How may serious clubs were after Ange?


    Or was it just Glib FC from the Scottish puddle who wanted Ange?


    Why? Why would they want Ange? Why?


    Ange ball vs the bottom six in SPFL is a rerr terr awe the same eh.


    56 title to the business partners courtesy of Ange ball.

  19. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    If he goes with Rogic and Turnbull again on Sunday and we drop more points I think the criticism will come in torrents.



    We need to clone McGregor so he can be the guy that picks it up deep AND be the penetrating offensive passer further up. In reality we need to sacrifice one or other of his attributes because the midfield options are so limited.



    I would be inclined to try Bitton in the deep lying role and push McGregor further forward, resting Turnbull of Rogic, subbing one for the other in the 2nd half.



    The only reason there hasn’t been more of an outcry is because the fans see how shite the huns are. Sadly, we’re worse. Maybe Hibs will achieve the improbable and win the league…

  20. Aberdeen F.C. v Celtic F.C.


    cinch Premiership


    03/10/2021 12:00pm Pittodrie Stadium


    Referee:Bobby Madden




    David McGeachie




    David Doig


    Fourth Official


    Gavin Duncan

  21. sceptical citizen on

    AN TEARMANN on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 5:01 PM




    What about 21st century genocide that “we” can do something about?


    Books, movies, documentaries, written, produced by whom?


    In a world full packed to the brim with liars and deceivers, who should we believe?


    How much were they paid etc where do we start?


    Helping our fellow humans now, or whining about humans who’ve sadly gone.


    How did they go?


    Who should we believe?


    Those who have the floor – a lot?


    Or those voices that are banned from the floor?


    Who were the “judges” that banned them?


    Who watches or appoints the judges?


    Where do we begin?

  22. Disappointed with the score last night, but some stuff looked great. A couple of individual mistakes cost us dear sadly. But, it kinda looks like to me that we have the sizzle, but not the steak.



    I’d like to add, in my opinion, we sold the wrong guy in Christie, we should have sold Turnbull. I do not think he offers anything like Christie, but as I say , my opinion only.


    Big win on Sunday, guaranteed





  23. If Turnbull and Rogic starting together is the answer, then the question is…..



    How best to cede control of midfield by playing two occasionally-deft ball players who fail to have the engines or inclination to get in and dirty to win the battle?



    HH jg

  24. glendalystonsils on

    JACKIEMAC on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 7:10 PM



    Fine by me – as long as it’s an O.G.

  25. sceptical citizen on

    JACKIEMAC on 1ST OCTOBER 2021 7:10 PM


    Any odds on broonie to score the winner (a header) on Sunday?




    Broony is the type who would stand on a Celtic players leg [sumdy he didn’t like?] and he’d look into that Celtic players eyes whilst doing so.


    He’d then turn round to Celtic fans with his hard man stare as much as “I’ve moved on. And you?”


    We missed Alan Campbell of Motherwell who went down south, whilst Celtic PLC were taking the piss out of fans, pretending to be after Eddie Howe.


    The FACt that fans expressed a huge desire for EH, told the PLC how easily played the fans are.


    Look where it’s got us.


    PLC will let Ange hang about long enough until their Ibrox business partners establish a good lead at the top.


    Broony? He helped the Ibrox “55” along with Lennon last year.


    I wonder if Broony, Lennon, probably others, got a Celtic PLC type of EBT golden envelope for their “efforts” hmmm?

  26. sceptical citizen on





    Bang on, apart from the Hibs bit. 😊


    In this corrupt environment who would rule out anything?

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