Our fulcrum within. Stopped in my tracks.


Before we get into anything less important, the Road to Seville cyclists arrive at their destination, 20 years after so many of us travelled to the city to watch Celtic in a European final.  It was a special time in all our lives and in the club’s history.  The cyclists wanted to mark that occasion and help us all contribute to the ethos that our club was founded on – helping others.  Be a part of this story by donating here to the Celtic FC Foundation in honour of so much of our common history.

I can see your anxiety from here.  Tomorrow, we play the only team in the country who managed to beat a full strength Celtic all season, but check yourself.  St Mirren’s point against Hearts last week came on the back of three straight defeats.  Their last win was also against Hearts, in early April.

Out three subsequent meetings have not been kind to tomorrow’s visitors: a 4-0 and 5-1 win at Celtic Park, and a 1-5 in Paisley.

St Mirren manager, Steven Robinson is never endearing, but in his defence, at least he tries to play football.  You would far rather he made it to the top six, than Livingston, who missed out at the split two weeks ago.

Ange Postecoglou needs to get the wheels back on the barrow after defeat last time out.  I don’t expect he will vary the line-up too much.  Kobayashi is likely to start again in defence and I would be in favour of giving Oh the nod again in attack.  He has shown encouraging signs but needs a run of games to relieve some of the evident pressure that lures him into rash challenges.

My big hope for tomorrow is a return of the Old Reo.  Our fulcrum has been within himself since returning from injury; so much of his game is about being everywhere, all at once.  Games under his belt is the only medicine.

Third choice keeper is a difficult gig to sell an aspiring young talent.  It either goes to an uninspiring talent, or in our case, it goes to Scott Bain.  Scott will not see a lot of action, but he meets Uefa home-gown, familiarity and budget requirements.

Occasionally, football stops you in your tracks.  A week ago, Sheffield Wednesday lost the first leg of their League One play-off semi-final to Peterborough 4-0.  Wednesday finished the regular season 19 points ahead of Peterborough.  Coming on the back of Sheffield United’s promotion to the Premier League, this capitulation hit hard.

The disgust and anger was clear, there’s even a YouTube video of a fan shredding his ticket for last night’s second leg.  But you know football.  Wednesday went 3-0 up with 20 minutes of regular time remaining and scored the equaliser with a 98th minute moment of heroism.  Sure, they went behind again by scoring an own goal in extra time, but equalised and won on penalties.

Nothing can work your emotions like your football team.  The game is a lifelong companion and torment.  Enjoy Celtic Park tomorrow.

Remember, Road to Seville.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Stephen Robinson says St. Mirren will not give Celtic a guard of honour, decision was made by the club’s hierarchy

  2. vinniethedog on

    Full strength celtic away to St Mirren?..not for me..3 of regular back 4 ..out ..Welsh and Jenz. Centre half’s…Mooy AND Turnbull together…in mid ..far from full strength.


    If Kobiashi thinks he got a hard time last two weeks ..wait till Curtis Main is bouncing him all over celtic Park!!!

  3. Melbourne Mick on




    HE..HE at least you responded, anyhows I’m not flouncing


    just practicing my salsa moves for our CSC meet up tomorrow 🤪


    Then it’s our big day on Sunday, singing our songs and hugging


    my family, the Celtic family 🇮🇪💚👍


    H H. Mick

  4. It wouldn’t make much sense to go full strength for St Mirren at home having played the team we did at Ibrox. Go again. Give them another 90 mins.

  5. Bain has been 2nd choice for quite some time, even with Siegrist now fit. He has been proven to be not good enough, so why the new contract? The homegrown rule is irrelevant if you’re not good enough in the first place.

  6. Park Road 67 on



    Surprised you can still salsa after a session on the Rid Biddy and Guinness 🥳🍷



  7. Park Road 67 on



    What fine establishment are you frequenting today ? 🍺🍺🥃🥃🍀🍀

  8. AN TEARMANN on 19TH MAY 2023 11:32 AM



    I would love to go to go on Sunday to experience my first Ladies game , the same as many thousands of other first timers.


    I think Celtic are really promoting the Ladies game. Free access to ST holders is a great idea.



    However pesky work prevents me going. Same as going tomorrow.



    As for the song book at the last Ladies game @ Parkhead, I was referring to comments from a Glasgow City website.



    I must agree,with the comments, the Ladies game does not need non football songs.



    But since you mention it. I To reiterate, I think non football songs are best left in pubs, clubs and busses.



    When I am able to attend I have my pre and post game drinks in Merchant City and the Gallowgate.


    I think the match day experience in these boozers are immensely enjoyable.



    However it is my opinion that non football songs are better left in these boozers.


    As for roaming etc, these religious songs are better condemned to the dustbin. They are not inclusive to the varied modern Celtic support.




  9. bournesouprecipe on




    Good signing Scott Bain, Joe Hart only 36 and better than keepers ten times his price currently playing elsewhere.



    Back up keeper is the unlikeliest to play and when we next sign a keeper he has to be an automatic choice.



    No guard of honour, is just another Scottish problem.

  10. TMWTL



    “Bain has been 2nd choice for quite some time, even with Siegrist now fit. He has been proven to be not good enough, so why the new contract? ”





    He was clearly a low cost but SPFL experienced 3rd choice goalkeeper and that was what has been renewed. Our young promising keepers, like Conor Hazard want to go to a club where they have a chance of playing more regularly so they won’t be happy with being 3rd choice, maybe not even with being 2nd choice.



    However, because of Siegrist’s injuries and some domestic private matters, Bain has had to step up to being 2nd choice. If Hart were injured, he would play for the first team.



    That is not a picture of Bain’s position for next season. Either we will play with Joe Hart for another season or we will say thanks very much and buy a younger first choice keeper. Siegrist will , hopefully, be uninjured and without the domestic worries he has had to face this season, and be ready to be back up keeper again. I know some on here have hopes for him to be number one but he has not……… yet……….. done anything with Celtic to justify those expectations.



    If Joe does stay on, we will still have a succession plan to enact at the end of next season as we have seen over in Govan, there are real dangers in flogging an old formerly star keeper beyond their years.



    Scott Bain is only 31 and has 3 Scotland caps. He is more than good enough to be 3rd choice at Celtic, where he is a great dressing room presence too. He is also good enough to be bench back up at SPFL level too but……….. I would not want to go more than one year with a keeper due to hit 37 next season unless we had a number 2 able to be given game time, even in Europe, if Joe is out injured.



    My question mark is over Ben Siegrist’s ability to fulfil the no.2 spot, not over the Mr. Irrelevant position of 3rd choice keeper- the equivalent of 3rd choice quarterback in the NFL.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Pretty sure we weren’t at full strength when St Mirren beat us.


    Always liked Bain – never understood why so many have such an issue with him.


    Can’t really get fussed about this whole guard of honour thing – maybe for a legend playing his last game or something. Other than that I just wouldn’t bother with them. Bigger things to get excited about.

  12. Greenpinata



    I sat next to the Glasgow City fans at CP. There must have been over 200 of them, including a lot of young girls in strips who sang songs in favour of their teams and who stayed to the end. They were happy enough, deservedly, with their team in the first half when they were winning and on top. They were less happy in the 2nd half when Celtic were on top and scored 3 good goals, but none of their fans booed or walked out.



    The distaste they are expressing towards the songbook is, possibly genuine, but it is also a displacement of their feelings at getting beat by a team they usually have beaten.



    Glasgow City are in the position of Queen’s Park in 19th century football. Their continued dominance will do nothing to aid or prevent the appearance of either sectarianism (and I saw and heard none at the match) or Republican songs.



    Refusing to offer a Celtic team to young girls who would prefer to play for Celtic rather than Glasgow City is not on and it would not stop sectarianism from rearing its head.



    Our lasses and Fran applauded the GB and others after the game. They appreciated the support and it helped to improve their play. They said nothing about the songbook, even those who understood it.



    But the fans of the team that lost did. I can handle their reaction without either rancour or shame.



    I wish them well in their next match.

  13. The team that started against saint mirren –





































    I watched the game again actually, not that long ago, I do these daft things while having to sit on calls that i am listening in rather that participating on. Celtic were poor by our standards.


    Team selection was a part to play,


    Defensive positioning for both their goals, one just before half time, one eight minutes after half time.



    Now, having said all that, CELTIC HAD 80% POSSESSION WITH 19 SHOTS AT GOAL, BUT ONLY 4 ON TARGET.



    We were frantic, but watching again, we were not totally rubbish. We had some good build up play before saint scored that should have created direct shots in goal or to play a player in (notably maeda not getting ball laid into him) ,


    After the 2nd goal our shots became erratic and easily blocked, all in the players made poor choices, and still could have got something.



    What else was noticeable, as we get 5 minutes injury time, it is saints who started to come forward to kill the game off.





    who cares now, will have no bearing on the game tomorrow at all.



    I would still play the team that appeared at ibrox, they need assessment time.



    back to scoring and winning ways, 5-0 the bhoys.

  14. SFTB,



    I do take your point about Fran et al really appreciating the support.


    I also think it’s fantastic and another record will be broken on Sunday.



    However it seems that the ultra support comes with the non inclusive song book.



    The point I was making , Why bring non football songs to the Ladies game which is populated by loads of families. ?



    As for the Ultras agenda in the lower Jock Stein. That is for another day.



    By the way, congratulations for attending the game. I am late to the party, but hopefully I will change that next season.




  15. things I did not know about the ladies team – One of the players is the great greaat grand daughter of Patsy Gallacher.



    That must be unique,


    I cant think of any of the recent (40 years or so) mens teams ever having a great great relative.



    The mcstays with the great uncles (jimmy not paul)



    John Kennedy with his granda






    North Curve Celtic






    10 May


    If you know your history…



    Amy Gallacher, great granddaughter of Celtic legend Patsy, is aiming to write her own name into the Celtic history books.




  16. Am I wrong or is CCV undefeated in league games with Celtic?



    Pretty sure he and Carl are undefeated domestically when playing together?



    So any defeat in Camerons time has been to an nder strength team because be hasn’t Ben in a losing team in the league and I think he us unbeaten in 90 minutes in Cup competitions too. The extra time defeat to the zombies may be the only blot on his copy book?



    Also thinking that if we had lost to any other team last weekend, post winning the league, unfamiliar back 4, experimental front three, tricky away venue, there’s no way we’d have sen as much hand wringing going on. If the buddies pull off a shock tomorrow it’ll hardly register. Context is everything.



    Can’t wait for the cup final and the return if competitive football.

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    Park Road 67 12.58


    Don’t know yet G. Are ye coming oot for a pint?

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Coybig on Saturday



    Coygig on Sunday



    Coycqn always.



    Still my go-to for Celtic (and non Celtic) facts, opinions, debates plus assorted heads ups on acts of human kindness.



    Would love to stay longer but …



    … work !




  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Re Scott Bain.



    Agree with others.



    Decent keeper.



    Served us well.



    Scottish homegrown.



    Not demanding financially.



    Ange likes him

  20. Tom McLaughlin on

    If and when asked, I will vote in favour of the GB/BHOYS proposal to take over the Jock Stein Lower and would be happy to move to another part of the stadium to make way for this exciting initiative.



    I think it is an excellent idea which will enhance the overall matchday atmosphere and show up the support in a bigger and more colourful way. A celtic team in full flow attacking the goal at THE CELTIC END will surely be ‘ultra’ inspired.



    Bring it on and Hail Hail.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    To RC’s point though



    Am still a bit unsighted on where we are going with goalkeeping position.



    Am just a fan so insider knowledge absolutely not mandatory.



    And I’ll cheer on whoever dons the gloves.



    Right now we seem to be in that “4 decent guys in one position, if you combined them into one unit you’d have a helluva player” space.

  22. Does anybody know who Man City’s ambitious 3rd choice keeper is?



    Real Madrid’s?







    Do we long for the days when we had big name keepers like Kharine and Herman hanging around on big bucks and contributing nothing.



    Or when we idolised 3rd choice keepers like Broto who played in 10 games in total losing 1;0 to ICT and drawing 1:1 with Dundee?

  23. glendalystonsils on

    I’m perfectly happy with no guard of honour. Outwith the Celtic family , there are few in Scotland who look on us fondly , so I can live without the hypocrisy .



    Regarding Scott Bain , I think he is a decent keeper to have on the bench but what I like about him is his attitude . He is not the huffy , sulky type and seems very much part of the team . When you see videos of him in the dressing room or on the pitch after a big win he is happy and celebrating just as jubilantly as the guys who have played .

  24. bigrailroadblues on



    Any truth in the rumour that Ivan Toney entered Superbru using Leggys name?🤔

  25. Guys,



    We will have a £4.5m goalkeeper back at Parkhead who will at best our 4th choice .



    I hope Vasilis Barkas gets a permanent move that suits the player and our club.



    Biscuit tin, what Biscuit tin ?




  26. bournesouprecipe on

    Ivan Toney has insisted he was only one of thousands that bet on TavPen every week.



    Allegedly CSC

  27. Park Road 67 on



    I’ll get up someday for a beer wae the Shipwreck society or if there’s a hoot somewhere else 🥳🍺🍺

  28. RC on 19TH MAY 2023 2:12 PM



    New contract for Scott Bain , lacks ambition



    *on whose part

  29. Paul67


    The surprise result in the Sheffield Wednesday v Peterborough was not last night it was the Peterborough 4-0 last week.

  30. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 19TH MAY 2023 2:17 PM



    I respectfully disagree that safe standing in the lower Jock Stein is a progressive step.



    We have the second most atmospheric stadium in Europe according to the recent football publication survey.



    Not a bad stastictic to have.



    We have transformed Paradise, it is a stadium that woman and children feel comfortable in and we have a family ethos.



    Predominantly standing areas have a pack mentality and are populated by mainly youngish men.



    Would woman and children feel comfortable in an area with guys dressed in the familiar all black gear or shirtless en mass ?



    We are now a diverse family club, I for one would not like to go back to the future .



    However I respect alternative opinion.




  31. Would rather we put the 3 goalkeeper wages into the no. 1 account and purchased a top keeper, no wonder 3 rd choice dances and celebrates when he is getting loads of money for doing very little

  32. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Vicky Bar. Busy today, anybody doing any work in old Glasgow Town?🤔 Bunch of malingerers. 😜

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