Our fulcrum within. Stopped in my tracks.


Before we get into anything less important, the Road to Seville cyclists arrive at their destination, 20 years after so many of us travelled to the city to watch Celtic in a European final.  It was a special time in all our lives and in the club’s history.  The cyclists wanted to mark that occasion and help us all contribute to the ethos that our club was founded on – helping others.  Be a part of this story by donating here to the Celtic FC Foundation in honour of so much of our common history.

I can see your anxiety from here.  Tomorrow, we play the only team in the country who managed to beat a full strength Celtic all season, but check yourself.  St Mirren’s point against Hearts last week came on the back of three straight defeats.  Their last win was also against Hearts, in early April.

Out three subsequent meetings have not been kind to tomorrow’s visitors: a 4-0 and 5-1 win at Celtic Park, and a 1-5 in Paisley.

St Mirren manager, Steven Robinson is never endearing, but in his defence, at least he tries to play football.  You would far rather he made it to the top six, than Livingston, who missed out at the split two weeks ago.

Ange Postecoglou needs to get the wheels back on the barrow after defeat last time out.  I don’t expect he will vary the line-up too much.  Kobayashi is likely to start again in defence and I would be in favour of giving Oh the nod again in attack.  He has shown encouraging signs but needs a run of games to relieve some of the evident pressure that lures him into rash challenges.

My big hope for tomorrow is a return of the Old Reo.  Our fulcrum has been within himself since returning from injury; so much of his game is about being everywhere, all at once.  Games under his belt is the only medicine.

Third choice keeper is a difficult gig to sell an aspiring young talent.  It either goes to an uninspiring talent, or in our case, it goes to Scott Bain.  Scott will not see a lot of action, but he meets Uefa home-gown, familiarity and budget requirements.

Occasionally, football stops you in your tracks.  A week ago, Sheffield Wednesday lost the first leg of their League One play-off semi-final to Peterborough 4-0.  Wednesday finished the regular season 19 points ahead of Peterborough.  Coming on the back of Sheffield United’s promotion to the Premier League, this capitulation hit hard.

The disgust and anger was clear, there’s even a YouTube video of a fan shredding his ticket for last night’s second leg.  But you know football.  Wednesday went 3-0 up with 20 minutes of regular time remaining and scored the equaliser with a 98th minute moment of heroism.  Sure, they went behind again by scoring an own goal in extra time, but equalised and won on penalties.

Nothing can work your emotions like your football team.  The game is a lifelong companion and torment.  Enjoy Celtic Park tomorrow.

Remember, Road to Seville.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    On our way to Paradise with the Leith CSC.



    Had to bypass Haymarket as roads closed due to a woman with a fat arse visiting on a white horse.




  2. tom, from a curiosity point of view, where does the leith csc park at celtic park ?



    if your seat was moved to accomodate the celtiend would a move round to the current standing section area benefit your matxh day experience ?

  3. Tom McLaughlin on




    We park at the bus park behind the Jock Stein Stand so it would mean a longer walk, but not too much to present a problem.

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    stuart pearce on the radio – “if spurs are going to win this game they are going to have to outscore brentford”



    no shit sherlock

  5. so if you were faced with the logistical seating problems of the future what would you do ? how would you handle it. ?



    It strikes me as a big puzzle, but what is needed is a plan, and a method.



    I moved my seat(s) 5 times over 30 years, only two of these were proper “relocations”.



    in general as family attendnace grew we ended up effectivelly with a pool of tickets , originally 144 x 3, adding 141 x 1, 115 x 2, 137 x 2, 122 x 1. 139 x 1 (the best of the seats and loved by any one who used it.



    as a ps, extended family has 4 in the standing section back rows, used by a 74 year old his 50 year old son and two gandweans.



    so we are allover the shop, and depending who is attending we go were suits us best on the day.



    for me, i get to see different views and different experiences, in delia day you culd literally pick a seat every week, so we would often end up together anyways.



    there are 6 other family in lower js, who would not give up their seat fro love or money.






    now to today.



    we must be representative of many a family or friends group, you woul like to be with each other during the game but you cant.



    why not start again ?



    a bigger relocation project.



    Today i sit in ?



    My preference would be to sit/stand in ?



    alongside, these season book holders,



    and get a big super computer to work it all out.



    its not rocket salad.

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    CELTIC: Hart, Ralston, Starfelt, Iwata, Taylor, McGregor, Hatate, O’Riley, Jota, Kyogo, Maeda.


    Subs: Bain, Haksabanovic, Abada, Turnbull, Kobayashi, Oh, Bernabei, Forrest, Summers

  7. Bizzare starting line ups the last two weekends. Is this game more important than Ibrox ?

  8. Pitch perfect for a game of football.


    Only thing that appears to be missing is the crowd.


    If I am watching in real time that is….

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