BIG-HEARTED Celtic superman and CQN’er Rod Stewart has donated cash to a fund set up after a Sevco Rangers fan died in a supporters’ coach crash at the weekend.

The rock star was one of the first to make a contribution to the fundraising drive in memory of Ryan Baird, 39, after getting in touch with Richard Gough.
The former Ibrox skipper said: “As soon as it happened, Rod got in touch with me and said as soon as a fund was set up I was to let him know. Which I did.
“He made a contribution, which is fantastic, and which I have thanked him for. He is a good man.”
In Rod’s message to Gough, he said: “At sad times like this we are one big football loving family. RS (Celtic).”
Supporters of the Ibrox club have been reacting to Rod’s gesture. Here are a selection of comments…
“Well done Rod Stewart. He loves his football and following his team so will have great empathy for Ryan Baird and his family. Tragic events such as this transcend football rivalry for the vast majority of people, whatever team they happen to support.”
“Fair play to the Celtic fans that have donated money, a really nice thing to do, decent people out there.”
“Credit where its due. Well done and thank you Rod.”
“A noble gesture.”
“Well done Rod…and genuine sentiment too.”
“Fair play, well done Rod!”
“Marvellous gesture cap doffed to Rod Stewart.”
“Well done Rod, a ray of sunshine for his family at this dark dark time.”
“Well done to Rod and also Richard Gough for contributing and also for highlighting the fundraising campaign
No matter how much is raised a Rangers Fan never made it home after leaving for the Game.”
“Nice touch from Rod Stewart and a few other Celtic fans looking at the page.”
The link to the fund, for anyone wishing to donate, can be found HERE.
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