Postecoglou only part of the solution


Memories of the “second worst thing to hit Hiroshima” attempt to undermine Wim Jansen on his arrival as Celtic manager from Japanese football in 1997 remain vivid.  With no internet, we knew little of Wim.  His short stints as assistant with the Saudi national team and as manager of Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the four years since leaving Feyenoord did nothing to enhance his reputation.

Ange Postecoglou is an easier man for the support to make their own minds up about.  He has a record of developing talent, improving teams and winning titles.  By any reasonable measure, his CV is spotless.  None of his success happened in Europe and there is nowhere as acutely intense in the football roster as Glasgow, so there are hurdles to overcome.

I like that he is an established winner and that he has not relied on the chequebook to become so.  I also hear great things about his strength of character, he has old school authority, as well as a technocrats brain.

Eddie Howe went to the top of the candidate list around two months ago.  The time since has been lost, although Postecoglou was not in serious contention that far back.  We are now three weeks from preseason training.  If Ange is to be appointed, he faces a two week isolation period before being able to visit Celtic Park or Lennoxtown.  He might just make it.

Before any of that, he needs to exit Japan and his contractual arrangements with City Football Group’s Yokohama F Marinos, pack his family and belongings up and fly to the opposite end of the globe.  There is a lot of work for him to just sit at the Celtic manager’s desk.

At Howe’s request, we were prepared to recruit his entire football infrastructure.  He would have endorsed the appointment of coaches, scouts and director of football.  Celtic signed up for this but when you let them bring their encourage with them, the successful ones inevitably take the same faces (and more) back out the door with them when they go.

With Ange it will be different, although he may be familiar with some of the faces from City Football Group.  This infrastructure is equally as important as the managerial appointment.  Celtic need to rebuild a team ahead of a season that offers automatic Champions League qualification for the Scottish Premiership winners.  Much of that burden will fall on the manager’s supporting cast.  Lots to do, not a lot of time to do it in……

A quick word on Newco’s £6.75m public share offering, announced this morning.  Newco have returned an operating loss every year of their existence and have been unable to trade players to meet the shortfall.  The burden has thus far fallen on directors.  Turning to the fans may indicate a possibility the directors’ largess has dried up.  It could also imply no fresh investor has been found.

Uefa’s Financial Fair Play rules mean any fresh equity investment cannot be spent on most operational costs, like football or support staff.  Competing against a team that runs a persistent eight figure annual deficit has its drawbacks, but we have seen this movie before.  We are back at the roulette table with all the chips on Champions League money.


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  1. Postecoglou, if he gets the job, will be another Dr.Jo.


    A cheap, short-term oppointment with the hope that sevco implode or Gerrard leaves.


    Wait and see for a couple of seasons and if we are lucky, things may turn back in our favour.


    That’s how not to run a football.


    Has lawwell left the building?

  2. Drew – nope, wasn’t having a go at you last night – rate you a lot. I was randomly posting favourite song lyrics !!!

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Just re-reading your article, Paul, and this bit stood out:


    “Celtic need to rebuild a team ahead of a season that offers automatic Champions League qualification”



    In your article Why Neil Lennon Got the Job, you said:


    “The major consideration, and why Neil got the job, is that Celtic have a major rebuilding exercise to undertake….. Not only do they need to spend money this summer, but they need a high success rate from the new arrivals…….one comment from Peter Lawwell immediately after the Cup Final gave insight into what the club seen in the manager, “he has a great eye for a player”


    Just wondering how you would assess Neil’s record in the area in which he was appointed on the basis of having great expertise in, being that you have said today that we need another rebuild only two years on?


    Or is it all just part of the “bad luck” that has blighted us?


    Also, do you know if Peter Lawwell has a key input into the current appointment?

  4. Recent managers



    MON – went for big lads , powerful quick mob didn’t leave the back door open too much


    WGS – Uber cautious , protected heid and Steve McM


    MOWBRAY – all out attack no thought about defending ruined Heid and McManus


    NL – more pragmatic than Mowbray , circulated front 3 to confuse the opposition, put all his cards and play through KC , stop KC and we were gubbed


    RONNIE – saw the KC problem, KC took the huff , still too open both full backs pushed well up with poor centre half’s and no cover


    BRENDAN sorted out domestic stuff , European nights embarrassing trying to out play PSG .. crazy


    NL2 – ticked along and gradually just ran out of ideas , complacency set in and we forgot where the goals where



    Is there any discernible pattern to previous appointments that would guide us to what is next?






    Will we appoint a manager who has no European club experience?






    Next steps



    Wait and pray common-sense prevails and we are in the middle of an smsm smoke screen

  5. Spidey101



    Howe would probably go to Rangers as they would be safe from the hordes in Glasgow as their manager ;-)

  6. Coneybhoy – didn’t think of that one! Can you imagine if that did happen? Good grief!!




    I was running out of steam , very good Plan A which worked in Scotland, Plan A bit of a nightmare in Europe, starting gobbing off in public before AEK game , morale plummeted and we got knocked out the champions league , left under a cloud

  8. On January 12th the Celtic Board agreed to try and secure the services of Jock Stein as manager. The current assistant manager Sean Fallon was to be offered an increased salary with increased status if Jock was secured while oul Jimmy the current manager was to continue as public relations officer.



    On January 14th at the weekly board meeting Sir Bob stated that he had interviewed Jock and he was willing to join the club as manager.



    He had asked however to be allowed to remain for a time with Hibs as they had a chance o winning the league, and that in any case he would require to give reasonable notice, this was agreed to.



    Due to the leakage of information the board announced at a press conference on January 31st that Jock Stein will assume the role of team manager on March 9th 1965.



    In February Bob Shankly resigned from his position as Dundee manager to take over from Jock once he moved tae Parkheid.



    On March 6th we beat the upcoming champions’ kilmasonic 3-2 in the quarter final of the SC while across the country Hibs, in the Big Mhan’s final game, beat deidco 2-1 due to a last minute goal.



    So 2 months after sounding out the Latter Day Christ he finally passed through the Parkheid gates.



    Although he got off with bang winning 6-0 at Broomfield the day after he took over further results were all over the place, in fact they were not very inspiring as the Big Mhan was trying, sometimes in vain, tae find the right formula, drawing 2 including a SC semi against Motherwell and losing at home tae St Johnstone and the Harry Wraggs while losing heavily away at Brockville and East End Park 2-6 and 1-5 respectively although he did finish the season with a 2=1 win over deidco in the GC.



    I don’t remember any weeping or gnashing of teeth back then we were just so glad tae have secured one of the most progressive managers in the game.

  9. WESTCRAIGS on 1ST JUNE 2021 4:29 PM



    Postecoglou, if he gets the job, will be another Dr.Jo.



    *I hope so, gave us Lubo and turned our wee talisman intae a world class striker.

  10. Go tell the Spartim on




    What does any of that do for us now? Something to be proud of ✅ something to aim for ✅ learn from history ❌

  11. Even if season wasn’t a disaster and we were only a few points behaind. And NL stayed it was an impossible task to get a new squad in on time for CL qualiifers. No planning. no youths.. Still cant nbelive money wasted on loan players who were so poor. Kenny playing when league was over. Why LAxalt hopeless.

  12. Oh dear


    Why not just appoint John Hughes – great motivator


    John Collins as coach, and a s Stevie Frail available after his DU stint ? He is known to the city group


    Better option than Postecoglou with John Kennedy & Gavin Strachan

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ah the angst.



    Realistically, it won’t go away before until we start playing matches in front of fans …



    … And win them !



    St Stivs recently posted a list of those who previously participated in the CQN predictor.



    Some names? memory lane stuff.




    A while back posters used to chat and debate.



    More and more now the chat has been replaced by rants, insults and uninformed opinion dressed as fact …



    … and some of it not even about football.



    Roll on August.

  14. John hughes would be preferable.. just till they can find a real manager. get kennedy away and strachan

  15. Our Manager signs all the good players and Peter Lawwell signs all the flops.



    Just like to address this widely held social media view regarding recruitment.



    I would rather not get bogged down in the debate about an individual player – e.g. John McGinn. Most of what is written is heresay and opinion is clouded by bias.



    Firstly it seems perfectly justified that a club such as Celtic, who need to sell periodically to survive, would have a two-tier recruitment strategy.



    RECRUITMENT 1 – The Sniper Approach


    This would have the explicit involvement of the manager and chiefly cover first-team ready players. This will involve areas that the manager feels need strengthening, or, to cover for injuries. These deals could permanent and/or temporary transfers, i.e. loans.



    Top Examples: Wanyama, Forster, Van Dyck, Sinclair, Dembele, Edouard, Bolingoli, Armstrong, Boyata, Julien, Barkas, Ajeti, Hendry, Ntcham, Taylor & Turnbull. Loans: Elyounoussi. Laxest, Kenny, Duffy, Roberts…etc



    RECRUITMENT 2 – The Scatter-Gun Approach


    The CEO would give licence to a Scouting & Acquisitions department to scour the football world and look for undiscovered talent – in essence good prospects that could in time make the first-team squad. Some might make it quickly by catching the manager and first-team’s coaches eye in training. Some may get a chance due to injury and suspension, and then only in lesser competitions – e.g. League Cup/Scottish Cup. There will be those who don’t break through at all – these individuals can be then loaned out with a view to a permanent sale.



    Top Examples; Ajer, Christie, Soro, Klimala, Bayo, Schved, Arzani…and many many more



    The first team manager will not have the time to scout every prospect and will rightly need to concentrate on first team matters.



    To suggest that Peter Lawwell scouts and assess players is, in my opinion, fanciful – to suggest that he does this and then forces them on the manager is mischief-making.

  16. in front of fans??? who says? figures doubling every 2 -3 weeks.. al we need is more holiday makers or John Fleck and its mayhem! Scotland squad should be quarantined. Why go to spain to acclimatise for games in UK? nevrmind the pandemic!

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on



    Interesting. Presumably we only get the new structure – if at all – when Lawwell leaves.



    Serious question – why is he still there? His continuing presence has ground everything to a halt when we can least afford it.



    Smartest guy in the room, totally suckered by Eddie Howe if P67’s account is accurate.

  18. UNCLE JIMMY on 1ST JUNE 2021 3:55 PM


    Phil MacG used to post a cartoon occasionally. It was aimed at sevco fans.



    2 booths were side by side.



    The first was headed up ‘comforting lies’ the other ‘unpleasant truths’. The former having a huge queue of people, the latter gathering dust.



    I never thought good CQN posters would be publicly calling for such an approach for Celtic news.



    We truly live in remarkable times





    Never a truer word spoken

  19. squire danaher on

    JHB on 1ST JUNE 2021 5:20 PM



    UNCLE JIMMY on 1ST JUNE 2021 3:55 PM



    Phil MacG used to post a cartoon occasionally. It was aimed at sevco fans.




    2 booths were side by side.




    The first was headed up ‘comforting lies’ the other ‘unpleasant truths’. The former having a huge queue of people, the latter gathering dust.



    I never thought good CQN posters would be publicly calling for such an approach for Celtic news.



    We truly live in remarkable times






    Never a truer word spoken






    And then you announce that anyone who says that Lawwell foisted unwanted players on managers was “mischief-making”.



    Maryan Shved??

  20. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Paul67 you are now selling the Greek/Aussie -shame on you


    Comparing him to Wim is a bit pathetic


    Suggesting we knew nothing about Wim because there was no internet is poor


    I know nothing about the Greek/Aussie and i’m all over the internet



    The thinking for any normal common sensed Celtic fan is simple


    How have we gone from a top notch option like Howe to an unknown



    There is an obvious difference in experience/knowledge/ability



    Celtic supporters are no mugs – but it seems our board are






    PS: Pathetic as it sounds I would rather have Ronny Deila back

  21. There are a few arguments of late i cannot agree with. One from each ‘side’ of the debate.



    1. Peter lawwell has done nothing right – utter nonsense, in my opinion. Fiscally, we have been very well run during his tenure. Footballing decisions are a different matter and we have regressed, in plain sight, over the last 24 months or so. The two opinions are not mutually exclusive.



    2. The ‘Larssons debut’ argument. Used to validate strange decisions or Hail Mary appointments. Wim Jansen is also referenced in similar vein. For every Larsson we have had a plethora of haddies. For every Wim, a Macari or a Barnes



    Agree with those hankering back to days of better debate. Verbal jousts, entrenched opinions, well researched posts. More power to those elbows.


    The lead articles have been poorer of late. Lots of squirrels and deflection. Almost reaching lazy journalism levels

  22. So after being told time after time that Ange would not be able to take the Celtic job, we are now being told, okay its not that bad but it is still bad all the same. Does anyone on here seriously believe that a Coach as experienced as he is, who managed his National team in a recent World Cup finals, and is wanted by Celtic Football Club, will not pass muster via a simple UEFA process? Anyone? Seriously?

  23. 67 European Cup Winners on

    JHB on 1ST JUNE 2021 5:15 PM


    You miss the point on PL


    And for the record I am not a PL hater



    But PL signed the contract


    PL would sanction a deal for £500k for Sheved – he could turn into a player


    But would not pay and extra £500k for McGinn



    PL is looking for a deal NOT a footballer – big difference







    Nice attempt to do backspin



    For the record, nobody said he wouldn’t be able to do the job. Celtic are gonna hire this guy whatever the obstacles are because, to be frank, we’ve no damned Plan C or D or E or wherever they are in the alphabet over there at the moment.



    The issue here is how long it takes to sort this stuff out and what happens – and who runs the team – in the interim period. I think we all know who’ that’s likely to be.



    I personally think the real issue is taht Celtic thinks this an acceptable appointment in the first place, but the point of highlighting the licensing issue was that these things take time to sort out … and we don’t have much of that left, and in many ways we’re already way, way over the line.

  25. SQUIRE DANAHER on 1ST JUNE 2021 5:24 PM



    The fact that Schved hardly got a look in is surely proof that he wasn’t foisted on anyone. He was brought in under RECRUITMENT 2 and never made the grade. Others secured under R2, like Ajer & Christie, of course did make it and will probably raise c£15m in fees to facilitate our rebuild. Incidentally both had to wait their turn and go out loan – no foisting there either.

  26. Genuine question


    Has David Moyes signed a contract extension with West Ham yet ?


    If not, get talking to him