Pot 4, decline of the Spanish empire


A cursory look at our fellow pot 4 Champions League teams shows the extent of the challenge.  Six of the eight teams lost: Steaua Bucharest (3-0), Austrian Vienna (0-1), Celtic (2-0), Real Sociedad (0-2), Plzen (0-3), Anderlecht (2-0).

Copenhagen got one of the better results of the night, a 1-1 draw at home to Italian champions, Juventus, while Napoli, who split Juve and Milan in the Italian league last season, but are still a pot 4 team, recorded the only bottom tier win, a 2-1 victory over last season’s finalists, Borussia Dortmund.

Napoli are in a different category than the rest but Celtic are in with a decent chance of out-performing others from pot 4.

Sociedad’s home reversal to Shakhter Donetsk, who are going through a rebuilding process was a shock, but Valencia’s 0-3 Europa League defeat to Swansea indicates a worrying scenario for Spanish football below the uber-indebted Barca and Real Madrid.  As a general rule, anything which undermines one of the economically powerful football nations should be welcomed by those disenfranchised by the size of their TV market (that’s us).

Shakhtar Karagandy put in a credible performance before going down 2-1 in Greece, a far better showing than Elfsborg’s 4-0 collapse in Salzburg.  Best of luck to the Kazaks.

I’ve been going to the football long enough to remember black players being booed whenever they touched the ball.  The phenomenon seemed to arrive here in the late 70s and faded around a decade later, although such is human nature I don’t think complacency is appropriate.  Homophobia is a different matter.

‘Out’ gay footballers are so rare I don’t know what the reaction would be at a match but the crowd-bullying phenomenon which can exist in the game makes any minority vulnerable.  The first step is to explain to the hard-of-thinking what they are doing, and the error of their ways.

Can rainbow coloured laces change the world?  Stonewall have distributed rainbow coloured laces to every player in the UK, asking them to wear them this weekend.  We’ll not see the WAGs acronym become WAGSABAH overnight but it feels like an appropriate, colourful, first step.

Keep reaching for that rainbow, Celtic.

1254125 at The Great Scottish Run.

On Sunday 6 October there is a 10k and Half Marathon.  If that is beyond you. There are family events taking place the day before. This is your club, remind the world of what really counts and get involved in 1254125.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the Great Scottish Run, or here for one of the family events.

Once you’ve done that, you can register for the 1254125 campaign here.

Then you can create a donations page here.  Click Start Fundraising, search for Celtic Charity, setup your My Donate account).

Email me and let me know if you are having trouble signing up or need any more help, celticquicknews@gmail.com.

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  1. Interesting read.



    Japan’s J-League will


    be returning a two-stage season in


    2015, according to an official


    statement, in a bid to increase interest


    from fans and sponsors which has


    been in decline since 2008. The move


    has met opposition from core


    supporters who have demonstrated


    outside the Japan Football


    Association’s Headquarters as well as


    at recent games.


    However, the J-League has operated


    with a two stage system before (up


    until 2004 when the team with the


    most points overall failed to make the


    championship final). The change has


    been forecast to boost income by


    around $10 million.


    The controversial new two-stage


    format was approved by the J-League’s


    board of directors on Tuesday. The


    league will be split into two stages of


    153 games each.


    The team which wins the most points


    in both stages combined will


    automatically go through to the


    championship final.


    Those teams who are first and second


    on points in each of the individual


    stages will go through to a four-team


    knockout super-stage where the


    winner will go through to the


    championship final. It appears no


    decision has been taken on what to do


    in the highly likely event the team


    with the most combined points in both


    stages is also among the top one or


    two in each individual stage.


    The format change comes as J-League


    average attendances have fallen to


    17,566 per match from their peak of


    19,202 in 2008.


    J-League chairman Kazumi Ohigashi


    said, “The growth in average


    attendance at J-League matches has


    stalled and the public interest in the


    league is on the decline. It is an urgent


    task for us to study and implement


    measures to further promote the J-


    League. We aim to have many people


    interested in the J-League and further


    expand its fan base.”

  2. My boss is Peter Principle on




    12:19 on 20 September, 2013


    Leggats blog this morning.HH



    Did you actually give him a hit on his blog to get that?

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Sad to report that the young boy, Conor Boyle, from Loughanure, lost his fight for life, following a road accident a couple of weeks ago.



    Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends.



    May he Rest in Peace.

  4. Rainbow laces? Really don’t see the point as there are no openly gay footballers being targeted for abuse.



    So who are we showing our support to?

  5. Hey chaps. Wonder if any one can help me a get a sausage to the video of Petrov scoring the header against the defunct ones, celbrating in front of them and then getting sconed by the coke cup!



    I managed to find the goal but not the aftermath.




  6. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to EL games and clubs from the bigger countries,they see the tournament as an inconvenience.They only get interested if they stumble through to the last 8.I think Fulham turned down an invitation this year through the Fair Play option.

  7. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    The guys that are too scared to come out the closet.


    Or if the song is true, Ian durant.

  8. ASonOfDan




    12:31 on 20 September, 2013




    Rainbow laces? Really don’t see the point as there are no openly gay footballers being targeted for abuse.



    So who are we showing our support to?





    Aberdeen doin the “cuddle” by the sound of things… got to be a bit dodgy!!

  9. Please scroll by. Not interested in ur head in sand views. Just like I was not interested in the white Kelly lovers


    Don’t comment on my posts

  10. tonydonnelly67.



    Ye it’s been a while since I’ve been in.



    It’s only five minutes walk for me.



    I knew a few folk in there and some of the bar staff through friends mostly.



    I’ll pop in some time, most likely will know you or some of your mates.HH

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    12:23 on


    20 September, 2013


    Wurzz Philvis?





    Your public “demand ” your return.


    Now,stop fannying about.

  12. .



    I Wore a Rainbow Patch on My Beloved 40th Anniversary top for the Cup Final..Later that Night Much Later..l in the Nightclub l remembered it was the Gay Pride Icon..



    Funny Night..;-)



    Since l have Rainbow Hat l might as well get the Laces..



    Summa of RainbowSerpentFestivalCSC

  13. Philvis reminds me of Noel90 – if they ain’t the same person then both add(ed) substantially to my and many others enjoyment of this place – so – yes – stop archying around and get back here – like nowish!!




  14. Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 33s


    Unauthorised return of share capital and other shenanigans inside RIFC. The cover up has gone on long enough. The Murrays are fully aware.

  15. glendalystonsils on

    A contact at Debrett’s peerage tells me that Philvis is currently halfway through the “grand tour”, heading for the pyramids at Gizeh, carried in a sedan chair by four of his most trusted footmen.

  16. GAP.



    The epitome of the agenda to normalise things that should not be done because they are sinful, It is a Mass FU to the Almighty Creator. I drink too much but I know it is wrong, I ask My Lord to forgive me, regularly.



    Let me be clear, for the benefit of the PC brigade, I totally believe in the Fundamentals of Christianity, unfortunately they are being eroded at an alarming rate now.



    I have no problem with anyone wearing the Rainbow Laces, none whatsoever, I’d like people to read Constance Cumbey’s Book frae Way Bach, titled, “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow” as she is so Fundamental it isnae True.



    Her stuff really was EnlighteninG a long Time ago, when the Maestro was taking stage.




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