Qarabag assistant suggests defensive tactics


Qarabag assistant manager, Avtandil Hajiyev, spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s game against Celtic. This is what he had to say:

“Celtic were strong favourites before the first leg but the 0-1 score suggests that nothing is over yet. The main struggle for both teams lies ahead.

“It’s a pity the game was not on TV as you would have seen that we had the advantage.

“We played well throughout the game, although you could not point to one single area where we were most dominant, but there were periods when Qarabag were on top. If you take the game as a whole, we performed better than Celtic.

“A small defeat away was a good result. Celtic are strong, they even managed to beat Barcelona at home. Eorpean clubs have difficulty at Celtic Park, but we provided decent resistance. 0-1 is not so depressing, we can achieve a result this week which will allow us to progress.

“Tactically, there is little difference between a 0-0 and a 0-1 defeat. We know we have to score one goal with either result to stay in the tie, so our approach will not change because of the goal.

“The return game will also be defensive but we will attack more. The Scots know and have probably already analysed our attacks, but I believe Gurban Gurbanov (Qarabeg manager) will have a few surprises in attack.

“The players have had time to analyse what happened in the first game. Our preparations are complete.

“Celtic can score in Baku but I believe the Qarabag defence will play safe and keep their goal intact.”

It’s a pity we all missed those periods when Qarabag were on top.

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  1. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    GG, I’m petty cool about tomorrow, like I said last week they should be fearing us. Plus, we’re one up.



    HH bruv

  2. 2) a celtic european winners rug



    the only thing that our father left in the hoose, that we knew was him, was the euro rug,



    it first was pinned on the wall of the hall on the landing between the flights of stairs.



    magnificent, when we didnt have curtains ,


    it was majestic.


    on the back of the rigs was the scores from each leg, i memorised thes from a very young age.



    i could say vojvodina , before i went to school.



    the rug lasted a long time in a chaotic life,



    when we lost it from my mums flat many years later i was gutted,



    looking at the rug from my bed, illuminated l from a setting sun, into the grampian road bedroom, well it let me dream.

  3. rudicantfail



    “Left/ right…..who gives a flying feck?



    Get off your high horse mate ….



    Less than 50 % of the electorate care enough to vote.”





    I think there’s still a few who can see a difference.



    Who’s on a horse? are you on one? What height is yours?



    The level of engagement and disillusionment has nothing to do with a lack of distinction between left and right positions.



    What are you? A radical centrist?

  4. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 5TH AUGUST 2015 12:23 AM


    ’65 SCF…..Nice clear picture from Pathe news.





    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/qarabag-assistant-suggests-defensive-tactics/comment-page-7/#comment-2644826



    quite brilliant,


    fallon good in goals.


    lennox faster than a speeding bullet.


    auld hard as nails


    gallacher crosses and mcneill wins it for celtic.




    quite brilliant.

  5. 3) a case of original celtic views from number 1 to …………………. maybe 500. –



    in one of the bhoys bedrooms in highholm street was a suitcase with celtic views.


    i was only 4, but reading already,


    lunchtime meant a run down from chapelton school to my grannies, flat, overlooking saint johns primary.


    a bowl of soup, or cheese on toast


    a flick through a celtic view, remember this was 1972,


    i could read them.



    great memories,



    i wish i had the original case.

  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    MACJAY: As someone who shared a few libations in Mick McGahey’s company he was most certainly a member of the Communist Party at one time. A better man you would find hard to beat .Incidentally,he disagreed with Arthur Scargill’s decision not to ballot the members re the strikes.

  7. and so the countdown begins


    Qarabag v Celtic



    Live to subscribers outside the UK, Ireland and Azerbaijan. KO 5:30pm. Full replay to UK and Ireland from 5:30pm on 06/08/15.



    Streaming starts in 15 hours, 28 minutes

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    COSY CORNER BHOY on 5TH AUGUST 2015 12:55 AM


    MACJAY: As someone who shared a few libations in Mick McGahey’s company he was most certainly a member of the Communist Party at one time. A better man you would find hard to beat .Incidentally,he disagreed with Arthur Scargill’s decision not to ballot the members re the strikes.


    —————————————————————————————————————————————————————-I wouldn`t doubt his sincerity for one moment.



    Scargill ? Last seen in court suing the N.U.M.

  9. Mick McGahey was a principled man…..




    Arthur Scargill……….couldn’t spell the word…..played into Thatcher’s horrible steely hands.




    Lots to come out about Scargill still…..



    Lots about to come out about Scottish politicians too….particularly one who was fast tracked to NATO, after the 100 year cover up from Dunblane….



    Left/ right……….who gives a feck?

  10. In their 6 games in the Europa League last season Qarabag managed only 3 goals, losing 5.


    Maybe we should be hitting them early, hard and often.

  11. Not a lot of people know this….






    The 1st oil well in history was drilled in Azerbaijan in 1848.






    They declared independence from the ole Soviet State in 1991.






    Peter Lawell did NOT receive a bonus in those years! :-)

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Left/ right……….who gives a feck?




    Exactly the way I see it.




  13. Nervous about tomorrow….




    But delighted that Celtic TV are bringing the game live to us Overseas souls…..




    Well done, folks.

  14. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    The creep who said .. ” Devolution will kill nationalism stone dead ” ..







  15. The countdown continues.




    Qarabag v Celtic




    Live to subscribers outside the UK, Ireland and Azerbaijan. KO 5:30pm.


    Full replay to UK and Ireland from 5:30pm on 06/08/15.




    Streaming starts in 14 hours, 35 minutes

  16. Back in after a great wee night and I’ve just read back over the last 7 and a bit pages of this article. It astounds me the number of intelligent posters who continue to reply to the obvious trolls and absolute rockets on here.





    Anyway, see the morra, just get a required result Cellic!!




    One of the biggest problems I have with Ronny was his naivety in Europe. See tomorrow, we’re leading 1-0, don’t throw that away, it really is that simple.




    If we’re shite and draw 0-0 I’ll be absolutely delighted.

  17. HAMILTONTIM on 5TH AUGUST 2015 2:27 AM


    You will be delighted then


    Especially when we play well and win.

  18. GG




    As much as anyone else I will be.




    I’m having the holiday of my life in Portugal just and when we were walking up the road from a fantastic meal and then drinks in the company of a fitba legend, the missus noticed the local school and made the point that she could work from here on her laptop and I could apply to teach in the local school.



    “Naw we couldnae!” Was my reply.





    “How no?” She asked.




    “Celtic ” I replied




    Thankfully, she got it.

  19. Can I also offer my congratulations to those who achieved what they achieved in exam results today.




    Thank your teachers but equally thank your parents.

  20. From the Scotsman. Ronnie Esplin filed this from a bar in Baku. Possibly.


    Ronny Deila last night declared himself unconcerned about the Tofiq Bahramov Stadium pitch ahead of the Champions League qualifier against Qarabag in Azerbaijan.



    The poor state of the scorched surface in sun-baked Baku has dominated the build-up to the second leg of the third qualification round, in which Celtic lead 1-0 against the Azerbaijan champions from the first game at Parkhead.



    However, after Deila had a quick look at the pitch before the pre-match press conference at the ground, he said: “It is not a perfect pitch of course. But it is a pitch and we are used to playing in those types of pitches in Scotland in the winter so we have to make the best of the situation.



    “Again, this is how it is in football. Sometimes you have different conditions and you have to handle that.



    “Since coming to Celtic I have been very impressed with the players and how they handle different situations and it will be no trouble tomorrow either.



    “Everything has been perfect, the plane journey was shorter than normal, the hotel is fantastic and it will be good that the sun will be away.



    “I think we have done everything we can to put in a good performance tomorrow.”



    The Norwegian is confident that midfielder Nir Bitton and striker Leigh Griffiths would shrug off respective ankle and calf problems in time for the match.




    However, Deila, right, returned with a weariness to the issue of Virgil van Dijk, linked to Southampton who have reportedly bid £7 million for the Dutch defender.



    The coach said: “It is the same things I say all the time. We don’t need to sell him and we want to have him here and it is a day before a very important game.



    “Virgil is very focused, happy and really wants to play Champions League with Celtic.



    “Seven million? You think we would say yes to that? They haven’t bid.




    “He is a top international player and everyone knows that.



    “We want to reach the Champions League. We want to make this big club be successful and we need the best players and he is one of them.”



    Skipper Scott Brown knows how important qualification for the Champions League is for Celtic, who passed up on two chances to get into the competition last season.



    “The Champions League is huge for this club, it’s where we belong,” he said



    “We are a big club and need to make sure we produce results now and it would be a big step for us if we could win this game. It would be great if we could score early, that would be lovely but we defend well as a team and we can keep a clean sheet and score.



    “You have to trust in your defence, midfield and strike force and let everyone do their job.



    “Overall, we are as good as anyone in this competition and this is where we need to show it.



    “We have been there in the past and we are going to do it again.”



    Qarabag coach Gurban Gurbanov was more concerned about Celtic scoring an away goal than the playing surface.



    “We can’t change the pitch but we will do our best to play at the highest level,” he said.



    “We can’t let Celtic score, that is very important.



    “It will be a hard game, the advantage is with Celtic but we have 90 minutes to change that.”

  21. From the Scotsman again. This time from Andrew Smith. It was Ronnie’s round.


    00:18Wednesday 05 August 2015


    IT SOUNDS deceptively simple. To book their place in the Champions League play-offs, all Celtic need to do tonight in Azerbaijan is keep a clean sheet against a Qarabag side that have failed to score in four of their previous five home European ties.



    There is only one problem with hoping for that route to success for Ronny Deila’s men in the second leg of their third round qualifier: seven away games have come and gone since Celtic last shut-out continental opponents when on the road in cross-border competition.



    Deila’s competitive debut, away to KR Reykjavik in the Champions League qualifiers 13 months ago, produced that rarity of a duck-egg in the scoring column for a team hosting Celtic in Europe. It would be brave to pin hopes on repelling all advances from the Azerbaijani title holders, even if, as Deila has acknowledged, they lacked any degree of penetration when ranged against a compact Celtic in Glasgow last Wednesday.



    There is a good reason why anyone from Celtic answers firmly in the affirmative when posed the question as to whether they believe that their team requires to bag a goal in Baku. There was almost a yes, yes and thrice yes response from Stefan Johansen at the weekend to such an enquiry. And his manager and club No 2 John Collins were equally emphatic when petitioned about the importance of scoring in this evening’s deciding leg.



    Encouragingly for those of a Celtic disposition, Deila’s team have been pretty adept at conjuring up scoring moments against the level of opponent that awaits them in the Tofiq Bahramov Stadium. The failure to score at the San Siro during their last-32 Europa League tie there in February can be forgiven owing to the fact that Celtic were down to ten men after 27 minutes after Virgil van Dijk was red-carded for two bookable 



    That 1-0 defeat ended a scoring run in away European encounters under Deila that then stretched to seven games. It is more than a decade since Celtic enjoyed a longer such scoring sequence



    With 11 men against Inter Milan in Italy, Celtic carved out good opportunities. Deila draws confidence his team can quash Qarabag tonight from the fact this has been true every time he has sent a Celtic side on to some foreign field. There is no reason to suspect the situation will be any different against a home side that must open up in search of a goal required to pull them back into the tie.



    With both sides favouring a 4-2-3-1, Christmas-tree style formation, there was a shadowing of Celtic’s attackers by their Azerbaijani visitors in that first leg that meant there wasn’t much in the way of sparkle across that 90 minutes. The rutted nature of the pitch might not be conducive to a glittering spectacle tonight, but former Celtic goalkeeper Pat Bonner has ruminated on the fact that the attackers in Deila’s side might have more opportunity to put their name in lights in the Baku leg of the tie.




    Bonner doesn’t see Qarabag taking one of their own players effectively out of the game through man-marking Johansen, as they did in Glasgow. Their reasons for resorting to such seemingly drastic measures reveal themselves without too much delving. The Norwegian midfielder, with five goals in 16 European games for the club, is by some distance the team’s top scorer in the continental arena.



    With Nadir Ciftci still to look truly at one with his Celtic surrounds, Leigh Griffiths could be asked to perform as the one-man central strikeforce. Deila’s handling of the 24-year-old Scot for cross border assignments – which amounts to him handing him a tracksuit to begin with – is becoming a vexing issue for a number of the club’s followers. Yet, defences so often dictate outcomes in Europe. The diligence and doggedness that Celtic demonstrated in posting a precious clean sheet a week ago suggests small improvements under Deila could eventually enhance the hitherto slim prospects of exporting a shut-out. How Celtic would love for Qarabag to take delivery of one tonight.

  22. Good morning CQNers,



    There a few imponderables with this evening’s game…



    Is Charlie Mulgrew fit to play at left back,



    Is Nir Bitton fit?



    Will Ronny play Gary MacKay-Steven on the left?



    If yes is the answer to all 3 then I think success is within our grasp.

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Charlie Mulgrew didn’t travel, Biton & Griifiths didn’t train befor they left but back room team were confident they should be fit for the game, not sure if they trained with the team last night on the park……..



    Still quietly confident tonight but a bit more nervous than last week, still struggling with Cqn on the iPhone but no problems with iPad…… Not a bad thing today as some posts make me even more nervous so try and enjoy the game fellow Celtic fans



    HT – glad you are enjoying your holiday if Roony keeps his 100% winning run while you are in Portugal we might have a whip round to get you that job in the Portugese school



    Hope the players (as well as Ronny) remember how disappointed they (& us) were after Legia & Maribor……. No excuses tonight get the job done bhoys

  24. Good morning friends from a lovely dry, bright and aptly optimistic East Kilbride.



    10 and a bit hours…..

  25. antipodean red on




    Never mind his contacts, take a read at the piece below, particularly the comments. Very depressing to understand that so many of the ‘peepul’ still have a mindset that is stuck in the 40’s and 50’s. It makes me feel very comfortable with my decision to take my family to a place where you can prosper on merit, for the most part.




  26. Hail Hail Celts….thanks for all yer good wishes the other day….please talk about the Celtic….dont worry about me….I’m no worrying about me so…leave it out…thanks….if, things go really bad….I’ll sneak in my final off-oot-of-CQN-post….anyway, Celts to get through tonight….the ‘key’ for the future prospects of the team is that….RD / JC / JK….have ‘connected’ in a way that will see the Celts sailing in ‘grand-waters’ for the fore-seeable future…imho




    Some folk think that Celtic played bad on Saturday but, I think that the players are still getting match-fit and, the team-gelling will click into place when the players are match fit….not excuses or, oblivious to what some folk saw with their own eyes but….’key’ to building a steady run of momentum is the ‘teams’ present ability to conjure up cleen-sheets….thats vital and I hope it continues.




    I’ve said from day one that, my befief in the Celtic playing side at the minute is based on my belief in Johnny Collins. I slated him on here in the build-up to last seasons LCSF when he said stuff about the size of O## F### games and, I said he had been drinking the boards soup….well, with the benefit of hindsight…John Collins wasn’t the first and, he certainly wont be the last person at the club who ‘conforms’ to company policy.




    I watched a couple of clips of JC on the tv-news as was leaving the airport with the team on their way to tonights game and, he confirmed what I have always suspected of him – he’s nobodies mug.




    To all Celts who have gone to Baku and, to those who’ll be watching tonight….I hope that ye all have a grand old time but….crucially….Scotland is a dangerous place to be in when the Celts get a good result so, stay safe and guid luck Tims….oot. YNWA.

  27. antipodean red & Gerryfaethebrig



    Thanks for the information on Charlie Mulgrew.



    Without Charlie it would be fair to assume Emilio Izagurrie will get the left back berth, if that is the case I hope his sole remit for tonight is defence and Gary MacKay Steven plays in front of him with a view to protecting him.

  28. WC




    Tried using Safari on iPad and still getting reload webpage problem.



    Apollo is the only browser which works on the iPad. And even that shuts down quite often.

  29. Morning all.



    Another winter’s day down here.



    Good luck to our team this evening. I am not too fussed who our manager picks, as long as we get the right result.

  30. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    antipodean red on 5th August 2015 7:07 am



    I read that ,my fellow Tim.


    Absolutely right about advancement on merit.For the large part,I have found that to be the case in Oz.


    I must say that I get the impression that the “peepul” are becoming an ever increasing minority in our homeland. Certainly they are feeling under threat in their assumption of natural selection ,hun style.Their comments on the article,as you suggest, reinforce that impression.


    I can see a similarity with the Southern U.S.A.bigots and the Afrikaaner.


    The writing is on the wall.”The end is nigh.”