Rangers in administration without tax case


There are not words powerful enough to describe today’s news.  The English language is insufficient and I have no Greek or Latin.  Rangers Football Club have today asked the Court of Session to appoint an administrator, unable to service their creditors.  The freight train of their tax tribunal has yet to hit, these events relate exclusively to how the club has operated in other areas.

Scottish Premier League rules state that clubs are deducted 10 points on going into administration, which will give Celtic a 14 point lead at the top of the table once in effect.

This is a day we have predicted will come for over three years.  It has been inevitable for that long.  Now the really interesting events will happen.

We don’t need no stinkin’ Rangers.

Up the Celts!

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  1. FFS Rangers, I was in the middle of work and going great guns when I saw 120 new twitter messages, had to have a nosy to see what it was and haven’t stopped smiling since. Productivity going way down for rest of the day.




  2. Oh yes Jim White. Its a tricky day.



    Is there a sweep , for the time of Jims tears?





    HH BB

  3. James Forrest



    I am so feckin happy James.



    It’s guys like you Paul and others who have made the world aware, take a bow my good Mhan.



    Tears of feckin joy :>)))))

  4. Is this some sort of pre-emptive move? Can someone tell me how this will affect the tax tribunal. Please tell me while I’m still sober.

  5. ASonOfDan says:


    13 February, 2012 at 15:42



    I am now taking membership applications for CRAIGWHYTECSC



    Please enroll me. :-)

  6. Brian Clough got it right all those years ago –



    ‘ You can take all your medals and all those titles and throw them in that bin. Because you won every one of them by cheating.’



    They say he was talking about Leeds but we know it was the huns he meant

  7. Well done to you Paul67, you have highlighted their stupidity and avarice for years. Take a bow.



    The world will be a better place without them.


    The day of reckoning has arrived…now, die you filthy bigoted rascist scumbags, just die.



    Proud to be a Celt!




  8. Boys I’m raging, i sit here every day browsing and the day i leave the phone in the house to play golf what happens lol.



    Yessssssssssss I’m sitting here buzzing bhoys, GIRUY Rankers.




  9. JohnnyClash says:


    13 February, 2012 at 15:32



    I love Marc Crosas on twitter, he comes around as a real Celtic fan! Class act!

  10. Paul67


    A very special day for us all,


    can’t thank you enough for this great blog.


    Id also like to thank you for being the bearer of such fantastic news.


    At last its here.


    ps can i open my champagne yet?

  11. 79caps – this is no pre-emptive move. The money ran out. The tax case has no bearing on this at all.






    Do not let anyone tell you otherwise

  12. PaulElliotsPerm on

    Wonder if the bears are “Ready” for administration.Now what flavour of ice-cream to have?

  13. Excuse me if I forgo the jelly and ice cream fest. I think this calls for a smooth cigar and large cognac.



    Jelly and ice cream is for the real party when they get liquidated.



    Administration is ok.



    Liquidation sounds so much better dontcha think!



    Ha hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha



    Greetin’ huns all over the place.






    rub it up them



    get it round them



    get it up them




  14. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on




    Take a bow…CQN really quite peerless in it’s reporting of this story.



    One of the best things emerging from this story is the total exposure of the ‘Establishment Media’..I used to hav a lot of respect for Traynor 25 years ago as a very decent journalist in The Herald – he sold out when he went to the record, sold out further when he took the Shortbread gig…but his last minute attempts to bite the hand that has fed him is pitiful..just Lazy journalism..really lazy!

  15. I’ve txt every hun pal on my phone. Now we’ll see just who reacts and in what way.



    Suggest you all do the same. could be enlightening. Can’t believe i’m singing to Take That.



    Oh mammy daddy, I think Jim White may be about to set aboot poor Kirsty Gallacher.



    Ruuuuuuuun Kirsty hen.







  16. oglach says:


    13 February, 2012 at 15:40


    Jelly and Ice cream all around. I have been called a fecking fenian c*nt twice in the last 5 minutes because every time i look at one of my Hun colleagues i burst out laughing. Being called a c*nt in an engineering office is not normal etiquette – do I care – do I hell – LET THEM BURN



    Peach lol

  17. Huns in the work” so what does that mean,were run by the bank?”


    Been telling them for years and now they’ve decided to talk about it.


    fekin unbelievable.



    Raman bawbag black tie tonight instead of the usual blue.

  18. Paul Brennan, take a bow, you told the world what the Scottish Media were afraid to say. You should be knighted (don’t think that would suit you, somehow!)

  19. Whoyouloovenat?? says:


    13 February, 2012 at 15:35


    ‘ernie lynch, thanks a bundle.. you have cleared that up no end :-)’




    I’m here to help.



    For the last few years there’s been a song out there anticipating Thatcher’s death ‘we’re having a party when Thatcher dies’.



    Here’s the Green Brigade singing it






    The song has recently been adapted to refer to the huns




  20. My hands were steady


    My eyes were clear and bright


    My walk had purpose


    My steps were quick and light


    And I held firmly


    To what I felt was right


    Like a rock


  21. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on




    To post or read – that is the question…



    Stream of deleriously happy consciousness preventing me from just reading…



    Any reports from Folly Folly?

  22. neveralone at 15:42



    You say ‘without the tax case’… would they get a private notice from HMRC regarding the decision? Might they have received the verdict resulting in the application for administration?



    HMRC would have nothing to gain by telling them the decision privately. That’s not to say someone didn’t leak it to them. For them to have gone into administration before the tax case just goes to show what a shambles they have been this season and for the past few years. they have run out of money, simple as that. Even if they win the tax case, they are in dire trouble.




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