Rangers, streetwalkers of football, face their deadline


There’s something undignified at the shenanigans at Ibrox right now.  Despite being under no pressure to pay the disputed tax demand, Rangers are tarting around their top player in a desperate attempt to raise money.

After the Plus Stock Exchange suspended dealing in their shares the club stated it would produce overdue accounts for season 2010-11 around the end of this month, which coincides with the end of the transfer window.  Any auditor needs to be in a position to state that the company has enough cash to be considered a going concern before he would be in a position to sign-off the accounts.  Rangers are now in a desperate bid for cash as their self-imposed (late) date to provide shareholders with statutory information has arrived.

Claims were made that a front-loaded war-chest was made available to Ex-Rangers manager, Ally McCoist (still too early?  Hmmmm) at the start of the season and it was subsequently suggested that a £9m bid was rejected for Nikica Jelavic, but now the same player is available for a fraction of that sum – available for cash, that is.

McCoist kept their season alive but as reality dawn and Neil Lennon’s Celtic turned up the heat, his challenge abated.

The trusty old media, for so long a crutch throughout Rangers rather unique history, are set to desert the White Star Line’s most famous vessel.  The day draws near.

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  1. LythamBhoy says:


    31 January, 2012 at 09:45



    The way I see it Jellylegs is being sold to pay Rapid Vienna what Rangers still owe and pay the money they are due for Wallace.


    Fire sale today. I would expect another of their players to be sold on. I’m sure Lafferty is out of contract at the end of the season. He may go. I would expect any other player out of contract at the end of the season to go.


    Any club who fancies buying a Rangers player should make their move now and offer buttons.








    I know it would probably be beneath you,and also very un-Christian,but I would just tell them to eff off.



    Sometimes my debating skills are a bit questionable……

  3. twists n turns on

    If Davie Moyes plays it clever he will sign Jelly and simply “delay” the payment.



    “Yeah yeah it’ll be in the post soon Craig, btw, why the rush?” :-))

  4. The Bhoy from the Village on

    hamiltontim says:


    31 January, 2012 at 09:41



    Thats because they have been conditioned by the Scottish Media



    My sister made a similar comment to me about Neil, I almost self combusted….. needless to say she has a different opinion when I explained the facts.



    New Media has had a phenomonal impact upon getting the truth out there, there is no going back thankfully

  5. Snake Plissken on




    Lafferty cannot go, he is injured and won’t pass a medical.



    Funny How quickly Jelavic recovered from his illness to pass his (or has he/) hee hee

  6. Lafferty would not pass a medical so there is no way he can move and get insured, it would have to be a loan.



    Davies is the only real opportunity to raise any cash but nobody seems interested surprisingly



    Oh and of course Healy who is about to score and then kick off on a spectacular run, according to the bampots on Clyde.


    TOOHEY’S NEW 0936



    Good line!



    How about the final two verses from Dylan,Masters of War?



    Let me ask you one question


    Is your money that good


    Will it buy you forgiveness


    Do you think that it could


    I think you will find


    When your death takes its toll


    All the money you made


    Will never buy back your soul.



    And I hope that you die


    And your death’ll come soon


    I will follow your casket


    In the pale afternoon


    And I’ll watch while you’re lowered


    Down to your deathbed


    And I’ll stand over your grave


    ‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead

  8. Monaghan1900 says:


    31 January, 2012 at 09:50


    Righteous indignation on FF:



    “When you think they can’t get any lower, the Scottish press proves you wrong.



    That’s not head-in-sand here, that is the sad truth. We all know that things are not grand right now, but the way they pick their articles and present them (and when) is solely aimed to besmirch our club to the fullest degree. If I were Whyte (or any other chairman), I would make sure to take the names and papers of these jouranlists and will stop them from talking to the club and its personal.”



    “It looks to me that members of the previous board are trying to put all the blame for the lack of funds on Whyte in an attempt to distance themselves from their previous failings and are using the Rhecord to voice their opinions. We, the fans, are not so stupid. We know the people who are responsible for this situation – and Craig Whyte is not one of them.” Of course he isn’t and nobody ever thought you could be “so stupid”.





    Hahaha, keep them coming. Some comedy gold yesterday, I’m thinking today will just be too much.




  9. Wonder if Dundee Utd will get half the gate money from the Scottish Cup tie this weekend at the soon to be Asda Govan??? If I were their chairman I’d be wanting some assurances NOW!!

  10. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    dirtymac says:


    31 January, 2012 at 09:42



    The problem with plan A and plan B was that Whyte had no control over the execution – that was in the lap of Coisty and the players.



    The problem with plan C was that Whyte had no control over the FTT (Tax) timings. Murray ensured he controlled that (privacy, adjourned from November to January etc) and so Whyte would run out of working capital before the tribunal issued the death blow.



    Whyte needed a plan D – pocketing of the VAT on the Ticketus deal. That is where he is at the moment.



    My guess plan E will involve a fast plane out of here to a place where there is no extradition treaty with the UK.







    The Ticketus business model is based on purchasing an allocation of tickets for an event, up to two years in advance. (An example of this will be season tickets for English Premiership Football Clubs.)



    Event organisers receive a discounted price versus face value for their tickets in return for an immediate level of ticket sales. Ticketus is then able to sell the tickets on to the general public at face value, to mitigate the potential distribution risk. The event organisers will distribute this portion of tickets first through their normal distribution channels, which allows Ticketus to recover its original investment, plus a margin.



    Get investment advice now or call us on 0800 678 5929






    Ticketus only buys tickets for well established, long running events that regularly sell out. It only buys a portion of the tickets available, and ensures its tickets are sold ahead of other stocks available. By buying in bulk and in advance, to the price at which it intends to sell the tickets.”



    This is from “principlefirst.com Financial Advisers commenting on Octopus Investments whose own site makes no mention of Ticketus. Note that the business model is based on purchasing tickets “up to 2 years in advance” (not 4) and “Ticketus is able to purchase at a discount”. I wonder how much a discount they got for 4 years’ worth of season tickets.



    Anyway, Celtic to keep their eyes on the prize. No slip ups and a more vital and energetic performance than Sunday with a much higher level of concentration please. (We’ve lost a couple of first game post Jan window in recent seasons.



    ICT 0 TIC 5 (maks sense tae me…. though mo’s puzzled)

  12. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on

    “This facility (selling on of season ticket monies) was in place at Ibrox long before the takeover.”



    This is the key phrase in all this.



    If true, it explains why, on a grossly reduced wage bill, they have been unable to correct the position and trade out of debt. Because whilst Minty Moonbeams was there, this ‘common practice’ (stop laughing at the back) was already undermining their working capital.



    Do do do do De dah dah dah…….. you’re up to your necks in it!

  13. This a basic stitch up job on Whyte so that Murray can start up a new Rangers and buy back the stadium. I think that will be fraught with difficulties since both Murrays and King were directors during the EBT years – I imagine HMRC would attempt to pursue them for that liability at least. King is still a director anyway so I’d rule him out as he has been party to both dodgy regimes. Ultimately Whyte is a daft chancer and shyster, but realistically all he has done is to restructure the debt from the previous regime.



    The money owed to HMRC is only NI and income tax on players’ wages.



    The lack of working capital is only as a result of having to pay players’ wages and exhausting bank debt through transfer fees.



    Who sanctioned the improper use of EBTs?


    Who sanctioned the purchase of Flo, Prso, Arveladze, Steven Davis, Jelavic, Lafferty, Whittaker, Papac, Bougherra, Diouf, Edu, Bocanegra and David Healy?



    That person is the person responsible for the demise of Rangers.