Record correct, SFA prepare to disband Appellate Panel


This morning’s article in the Daily Record is not a work of fiction.  They reported that SFA chief executive Stewart Regan’s “bid to deliver a broad consensus over the way forward also involved discussions over the appellate tribunal’s transfer embargo on Rangers.”

In short, the SFA discussed changing their rules to disband the Independent Appellate Panel process before instructing Lord Carloway to sit in response to the Court of Session’s rejection of his previous judgement.

With two further Independent Judicial Tribunals still to sit in judgement on the actions of Rangers, for the illegal registration of players and non-payment of social taxes during the EBT era, the SFA will also subvert these rules before ‘Rangers’ are expelled from the Association.

After the meeting Regan left for his summer vacation without instructing Lord Carloway to convene the Appellate Panel.

That’s not all.

The scam to establish an SLP 2 in order to allow the SFA and SPL to co-opt ‘Rangers’ into that league is what the governing bodies have planned for your game.

If rules are changed AFTER a club is found guilty and in receipt of a penalty in order to nullify that penalty the game in this country is broke, ethically and financially.  Having established independent judicial panels to deal with serious rule breaches the SFA cannot do Rangers bidding without removing all judicial oversight.

We’re back to the days of George Peat walking in and out of hearings for the Celtic manager.

Most disturbingly of all, YOU are the cash cow for this outrageous enterprise.  With Rangers gone from the SPL Celtic fans bring all the commercial and television income into the game, and are set to buy more away ground tickets than all other clubs put together.

You are expected to continue to cough up for tickets to Tynecastle, Rugby Park etc, and subscribe to ESPN and Sky Sports – money which will divvied up among SPL 1 and SPL 2 teams, as well as they rest of the Scottish Football League clubs, to compensate for them missing out on a ‘Rangers’ game.

You will also pay more money for those tickets than any other group of fans in the league.  Why don’t you just write a cheque to Kilmarnock, Falkirk or Cowdenbeath today?

This nonsense will not bring another £1 into the game, all it will do is redistribute money from your pocket to clubs who care nothing for you.  Partick Thistle yesterday released a statement on their site, “We believe Scottish football needs to be restructured, financial distribution needs to be fairer for all clubs”.

“Financial distribution needs to be fairer”!  Patrick Thistle get to keep all their ticket sales, commercial and other income.  By “fairer” they mean they want some of your money.  If you agree with them, write them a cheque, but if you disagree, you better figure out what to do next.

Thoughts that some great victory has been achieved are premature.   Prepare for the next instalment.

Our domestic competition is, at best, uninspiring.  This disgusting land-grab for your cash will destroy our ability to compete in Europe, and it’s not just the senior team who will suffer.  The Celtic youth system costs millions to operate each year, don’t fantasise that it will survive intact.

Celtic currently employ 27 Scotland youth internationals.  They are almost single-handedly carrying the future of our national team.  This attempt to bleed your club dry will devastate all areas, with subsequent consequences for the Scotland team.

It’s not often I’ve told you the Daily Record have nailed a story but this one is on the money (your money).  I’m at a loss as to what to do next.

We cannot accept this.

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    They are lashing out at everyone,and losing any potential allies in the process.



    They really don’t care,it seems,after all.

  2. BobbyMurdoch’s



    And needless to say their slow death won’t be pretty. That’s why I am not sure the tenet of Paul’s article will come to pass – there’s a) enough anger out there from fans of SPL clubs and b) there’s enough shooting in the foot by the Sevco hordes. Still convinced there won’t be a newco thems in any form next year.

  3. Steven Whitaker: “it’s purely a footballing decision. It’s a new company. There’s no history there.” boom!



    Och I’m enjoying my schadenfreude…

  4. Paul67 et al



    I know it has been quoted on here already, but worth another mention;



    “……I am disappointed and angry that Rangers Football Club no longer exists in its original form.”



    That’s funny, I’m not!

  5. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Emdae know who the guy is thats sits right of the dungout at ibroke is? He is just a mass of hair like Santa claws!!

  6. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on

    Angry, angry comments on RangersMedia about the departure of the players.



    The real anger has just exploded with the release of the statements.



    Some appalling posts. Some threatening violence. Really unsavoury stuff.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on

    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 24 June, 2012 at 14:22 said:



    60 mile round trip EVERY Sunday to see progress of our new stadium…… Will repeat that pilgirimage when they are demolishing castle grayskull…


    BLOKE 109



    Been convinced of it for a long time,but had a hard time persuading others of my opinions.




    If it turns out otherwise,it will be humble-pie time for me,something to which I have never been partial!

  9. jude2005



    I’ve clocked him for years also he and that horrible looking man on deceaseds bench Jimmy Bell now there’s a couple of ugly mugs.

  10. Margaret McGill on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 24 June, 2012 at 15:13 said:



    There’s a lot more than one to go





    Speaking of liquidation,I see AWE NAW hasn’t yet told us his address so we know where to go for the liquidation barbie.



    Telling me-regularly-where to go disnae count,IMO!

  12. At the Celtic Social Club in London


    Road this afternoon the Celtic




    Association unanimously voted in


    favour of a boycott any club that


    decided to vote in favour of the Newco


    admittance into the SPL, regardless of


    the outcome, successful or not.


    The North American Association of


    Celtic Supporters, The Irish Association


    of Celtic Supporters, the Green Brigade


    and the Celtic Trust have all backed the


    CSA stance today.


    During the meeting it was pointed out


    that outwith the ‘club formerly known


    as Rangers’, the total of away fans in


    attendance at Celtic Park for SPL


    matches last season was less than


    4,000. Hearts sold a total of 75 tickets


    for the final game of the season when


    we gubbed them 5-0.


    The collective will also keep a keen eye


    on what’s happening over at Hampden


    regarding changes in legislation and


    league structures.


    The gloves are off, the Celtic support


    will not be bullied into submission by


    anyone. Watch this space.

  13. Monaghan1900 on

    Some printable stuff from FF:



    “Re: Whitaker and Naismith Press Conference


    SW: it’s purely a footballing decision. It’s a new company. There’s no history there



    They’re raising their glasses to that ill informed remark in the slop-houses of the Gallowgate.



    Thanks Stevie Boy!





    Walter has mentioned new Rangers.


    Naismith said it’s not the same club.


    Now Whittaker is at it.



    Do they know something we don’t?




    I have a curiosity about this as well…




    He couldve chose his choice of words better but Walter said pretty much the same thing.



    Honestly feel like chucking it now, my lifes in tatters”

  14. Margaret McGill on

    Is it true that Dundee Utd and Hearts season tickets started moving after the public “no to newco” from their respective chairmen?

  15. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on

    Think the weather is a current bhun

  16. The Comfortable Collective on

    Sevco FC have shot down claims they will not be able to field a team next season, and this afternoon have taken the unusual step of releasing their line up for the first leaue game of next season.






    McGlumpher, J. Trialist McGlumpher, W. Trialist




    Trialist McGullichuddy Trialist Trialist



    McCulloch Trialist

  17. Margaret McGill on

    The bould bhoys….. Tá ár lá anois on 24 June, 2012 at 15:16 said:




    This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on




    That’s the word on their official sites ….FAN POWER

  19. Teuchter, 2pm mate, it should be a relatively quick affair. Game starts at 2:45.





  20. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    I think he’s a fire risk. Magine that goin on fire? But there again!!!

  21. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on

    The Comfortable Collective on 24 June, 2012 at 15:19 said:



    Some young lady posted a cracker earlier



    Elbows passes from defence, elbows picks it up in midfield, breaks defenders nose, lobs to elbows, who blasts it to row Z …..ref gives a penalty against the defender, for getting his nose in the way…….