Regan, asked to leave as a tainted failure


Let’s be clear, the job of chief executive of the SFA is thankless and destined for failure, of one variety or another. Even if you have the necessary skills to deliver commercial success (which the last two incumbents didn’t), if you appoint a national team manager who qualifies for a tournament, if your internal Data Protection systems are fit for purpose and you insist on doing the right thing, you are going to fail.

The SFA member clubs (there are over 90), it’s legions of utterly useless committee members, each without anything better to do than attend committee meetings, anchor the organisation in inept conservatism.

There was a gleam of light when Stewart Regan was appointed in 2010. They realised Gordon Smith, who did not meet the advertised criteria for the job, did not have the experience required to run an organisation of this size and profile. Regan, with enterprise-level commercial experience, as well as his gig at Yorkshire County Cricket, met all the criteria. He should have been a good appointment.

Instead, over 7 years later, his board made it clear his resignation was required.

Rejecting a request by the Scottish Professional League for a review of matters into the biggest club failure in the history of the game, one which tainted the immediate SFA past president and a current office holder, is a sack-able offence.

When the professional clubs ask the SFA to examine the conduct of its office holders, it has no choice but to do so. Those who attempt to cover up always fall on their swords.

I am led to believe there was an arrogance about Regan, who saw himself as an impenetrable big beast, who would seek shelter in the numbers of the Highland League, when the game’s other big beasts attempted to invoke corporate responsibility. He didn’t like dissent and could dismiss whatever he wanted as long as he held sway with those who populated the many and varied committees.

At the first sight of vulnerability, he was gone. Having asked for permission to speak to Michael O’Neill, only to be rejected was enough. He had burned all his bridges.

The SFA now need a competent administrator to downsize the organisation. The Association should be in the business of correctly registering players, training and appointing match officials, running the Scottish Cup and ensuring the various youth and other amateur elements of the game are properly resourced (which they are not currently).

Get out of Hampden, use Celtic Park, Ibrox, (new) Pittodrie, Easter Road or Tynecastle instead of pouring money into another sport’s coffers. Cull the useless committees, reign-in the gravy train and have clear and ethical rules of engagement.

Those hoping for change will do well to remember how we thought Gordon Smith’s replacement had to be better. Regan was, but he, and the next person, will be appointments of the system. Cultural change at the SFA will take years. But remember, at any point in time, a future SFA board can decide to review matters in the past, including the performance of Mr Regan.


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  1. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Pete C, I owe you an apology from last Sat. I logged on while in a taxi on my way back from a swally and ranted at your trump / abortion post, most likely moderated soon after, and had a wee bite at you. It might not have made much sense as its a bumpy road and I was a bit pished.



    Anyway, I meant you no harm.



    I disagree with everything you say about religion, trump, some of your abortion views but I know you and I know you love Celtic.














    I’m sorry.

  2. fergusslayedtheblues on



    How right you are


    Although there is nothing like the DEATH of a sectarian football club to bring the lot of them out from under their sashes and let the rest of civilisation see how much it hurt them ALL



  3. fergusslayedtheblues on



    So Millwall sang it tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    That explains a lot




    You see I believe that when you go anywhere to support GLASGOW CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB ,you are not only going to watch a game of football but are in fact an ambassador for the club we all love and as such should behave at all times with that in mind .


    Millwall you say ,i wonder what they were most famous for ,not honours ,I would guess



  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Weebawbabbity 12.15am



    Well moved on …..



    Typing arguenents are pure garbage



    Arguenents for and against are the way forward, stuff always agreeing, but on the Philbhoy factor, a bit like you know KevJs relations Philbhoy is just another poster like the rest of us but in real life a total gent as well as a good Celtic Bhoy, by the way at times I might not agree with Philbhoy and I know for a fact he never agrees with me either …. the blog is a blog and should never be taken too serious …. by the way Philbhoy is worse in real life :-) could argue with himself !

  5. GFTB , thanks hope to buy you a drink one day and shake your paw !! No doubt we will disagree in the future but it will be Civil mate , trust me bud KEVJ IS ALSO THE REAL DEAL , don’t doubt PHILBHOY also is , but Kev gets attacked all the time on this site PHILBHOY sticks up for Paul which is right, so it’s also mine whom I stick up for , but for ANY Celtic Man to Gloat for a fellow blogger being red carded ,, na not for me

  6. Blog has been a good read tonight. Especially so after this mornings bras and handbags at the KO Quran.



    Anyway, loving the posts about the old yins.



    Just a wee word to the wise.



    Keep enjoy your wiser old yins. When things take a slide for the worse it’s heartbreaking.



    Keeping the faith in my dads rehabilitation and hopefully one day soon my bro and me can take him along to Celtic park again with his grandsons and granddaughter.



    MWD choking them back

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I don’t disagree with “some” of Kevs points but growing up around the same time I can’t understand the need to not enjoy these good times,, the board issue is a joke as a wee Bhoy my father disliked every Celtic “suit” Tory’s now, his words back then “thieves” my father never trusted any board so I get that



    Might be over in the Tyre around the 11th March :-) would be delighted to but you a pint & Kev a fresh orange & lonade ,,,, the Priory ? or that Poncey Patkville ? Not got much choice over on the sticks :-)

  8. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Bada Bing, just a short visit and I hope you’re doing well bruv. Trust everything is hunky dory on the consulting front, and your NB certification is showering the Bing family with bounty.



    Your team prediction for tomorrow? I Hope to see our new No. 67 play as I missed the game on Wednesday.




    HH bruv and say hello to big G and that smooth cab man for me.

  9. I’m worried for one. Murtiniho has motivated the hell out of the squad. He’s been watching Vikings or something. They’re all tattooed up and ready to fire into Valhalla for the cause. Operation stop-the-ten is imperative. They’ve got… and …?

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I think our Mags choose to leave



    Are we going with Moussa & Edouard up front the morra ?

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on




    If from ML5 we put the breed in the bread bin and we live in Costbridge but from Coatbrig ????



    My moniker is because I was known as Gerry fae the Brig …. it was not my choosing but it has stick :-)

  12. Bada Bing



    I also went to St Thomas’s, you must remember Sister John.



    Long time lurker here, very seldom contributor. However some of the great stories about Fathers made me think of my own. He died almost 30 years ago and there’s seldom a day goes past without me thinking about him, good and bad times. My Dad was a Protestant. I never knew my grandmother but my Papa was a lovely guy who just got on with life. My Dad’s brother was a big Rangers man but never to the point that he would let it get in the way of family. Funnily enough my Dad’s two sisters were, let’s just say uncompromising, I think, because I actually never met them. You see my Dad married a Catholic from Carntyne and eventually entered the Catholic Church at St. Bernadette’s. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been for him but on the day of his funeral I remember taking a call from one of his sisters saying that neither of them would attend. Part of the reason for writing this long winded piece was that it was not just the love of a good woman that changed my Dad, but his great friend George Coyle, who I never met, but whom my Dad loved as a brother and who was a big Celtic supporter. It was George I believe that persuaded my Dad to follow Celtic, and my mother was the icing on the cake.



    I do remember being in the car with my parents and my brother when we were caught in the middle of an orange walk. My Dad told us just to look straight ahead and not look at any of them. A few minutes later there was banging at the driver’s side window which my Dad reluctantly wound down, only to see his nephew in orange braiding, who shouted out to his pals” hey it’s my uncle Jim, he’s now a fenian”. Needless to say the Polis got us out of there pretty quick.



    So big shout out to Father Tierney, Frank Fagan, Father Sweeney and my Dad for making me a Celtic supporter.

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Welcome to the blog



    Long time lurker…. very seldom contributor ?????



    Very seldom, if joining the blog surely first post ?

  14. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I was originally a Summerlee Bhoy I am now doing missionary work in Gartsherrie …. my family still live in Lomond Road …. and if you are originally fae Tonehead the Bammy is still the Bammy (it never changes)

  15. D9COMEDY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2018 2:03 AM


    Poignant and disturbing, the bit about the nephew,we really do need to move on.



    We lived on Lomond Rd. Dont expect the La Ronde will change any day soon. HH

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on




    We will know the same people



    The Bammy



    La Ronde



    Even Swings & Roundabouts :-)



    Barney67 done posters think CQN is bad I can walk into the Bammy and guys are a hundred times worse than on here :-)



    Never been in it. As I said left long time ago, too young to drink. Been back many times though, December was last one. I’ll try an get my big cuz to take me next time. HH

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Barney 67



    When I was going to the games I was on the Fountain Bus (now leaves from Columba club) my own family drink in the Banks club but I would regard the Georgian Hotel as my local, the Bammy is my childhood :-) if ever back in the vicinity would love to have a pint or two…. the Ego Ehiougu non-penalty 4 of us got banned fae the Bammy Bus for being too loud ??? (Going to the game)



    Changed days indeed :-)



    I wax the quietest of the quartet !

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on

    ACGR 3.00am



    My company enjoyed your company that night (as I did)



    Canny believe only whiskey drinker between the two tables was your good self



    Mick no probs here at all



    Ive stayed in the Georgian about 3 times, and the mondo. my beloved aunts wake was in the Banks last year.(St Augustine’s service). No doubt I’ll be up this year. HH.

  22. Gerryfaethebrig on




    St Augustine’s is my parish, I live minutes from the Geurgian which I consider my local, a great Celtic shop

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Alasdair MacLean



    I hope I don’t jinx Ngog but I think that boy will score goals for County



    I now cheer on County because of you and in spite of Coyle !

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