Regan, asked to leave as a tainted failure


Let’s be clear, the job of chief executive of the SFA is thankless and destined for failure, of one variety or another. Even if you have the necessary skills to deliver commercial success (which the last two incumbents didn’t), if you appoint a national team manager who qualifies for a tournament, if your internal Data Protection systems are fit for purpose and you insist on doing the right thing, you are going to fail.

The SFA member clubs (there are over 90), it’s legions of utterly useless committee members, each without anything better to do than attend committee meetings, anchor the organisation in inept conservatism.

There was a gleam of light when Stewart Regan was appointed in 2010. They realised Gordon Smith, who did not meet the advertised criteria for the job, did not have the experience required to run an organisation of this size and profile. Regan, with enterprise-level commercial experience, as well as his gig at Yorkshire County Cricket, met all the criteria. He should have been a good appointment.

Instead, over 7 years later, his board made it clear his resignation was required.

Rejecting a request by the Scottish Professional League for a review of matters into the biggest club failure in the history of the game, one which tainted the immediate SFA past president and a current office holder, is a sack-able offence.

When the professional clubs ask the SFA to examine the conduct of its office holders, it has no choice but to do so. Those who attempt to cover up always fall on their swords.

I am led to believe there was an arrogance about Regan, who saw himself as an impenetrable big beast, who would seek shelter in the numbers of the Highland League, when the game’s other big beasts attempted to invoke corporate responsibility. He didn’t like dissent and could dismiss whatever he wanted as long as he held sway with those who populated the many and varied committees.

At the first sight of vulnerability, he was gone. Having asked for permission to speak to Michael O’Neill, only to be rejected was enough. He had burned all his bridges.

The SFA now need a competent administrator to downsize the organisation. The Association should be in the business of correctly registering players, training and appointing match officials, running the Scottish Cup and ensuring the various youth and other amateur elements of the game are properly resourced (which they are not currently).

Get out of Hampden, use Celtic Park, Ibrox, (new) Pittodrie, Easter Road or Tynecastle instead of pouring money into another sport’s coffers. Cull the useless committees, reign-in the gravy train and have clear and ethical rules of engagement.

Those hoping for change will do well to remember how we thought Gordon Smith’s replacement had to be better. Regan was, but he, and the next person, will be appointments of the system. Cultural change at the SFA will take years. But remember, at any point in time, a future SFA board can decide to review matters in the past, including the performance of Mr Regan.


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  1. I think Levein’s been affected by the fumes from the brewery near Tynecastle. From someone who knocked out a fellow Heart’s centre-half Graeme Hogg, his comments lack credibility and stink of a loser desperately trying anything to influence our malleable referees.



    Scott Brown bossed Hearts. Hearts targeted Kieran for the second game in a row. We know you Levein.




  2. Luv Leveins attempt to play mind games with our Capitano. Broonie is going to chew Levein and his team up and spit them out. Btw no matter what Levein achieves in his football career he will forever be remembered as the Scotland manager that played the infamous 1 4 6 formation. Hh

  3. Philboy


    Your anger oozes out the blog you seem to be wanting to have a go at anyone


    Just an observation


    This blog deserves better than your anger

  4. BIG PACKY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 6:22 PM



    tontine tim,if your about, my mothers cousin was married to frank murphy who played for celtic, dont know much about him or what era he played.hh.



    *he was a member of my da’s favourite teams, the 1938 Empire Exhibition Cup side, he could recite it like a litany:



    Kennaway, Hogg and Morrison, Geatons, Lyon and Paterson, Delaney MacDonald Crum Divers and Murphy.



    BTW one of them was Canadian born who played for America, Canada and Scotland at international level (30 years before Alfredo DeStefano made his trio of international appearances)



    Another, English born who played for the Scottish League, was also a member of an SFA Touring XI squad, however, a serious leg wound during fighting in Normandy in 1944 prematurely ended his football career at the age of 32, nae shipyard loyal for him.



    And one more an officer in the BB who would later on become club captain.



    Celtic FC light years ahead of others, then, now and always will be.



    As Wullie Maley once said “It’s not the creed nor his nationality that counts. It’s the man himself.”

  5. Good night all!



    Bin a tough shift tonight defending my club, the board, her supporters, I could go on. And just about on my own.



    Still I’ve got broad shoulders and I love the Celtic!



    Hope you all sleep good.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. fergusslayedtheblues on

    PETEC on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 9:44 PM


    EK was indeed disciplined ,when I first saw him ,I thought he was rather reckless at times and could see him falling foul of the MIB ,I hope this is a sign that BR has worked with him and pointed out when to go and wheck to check .


    Regards the same team ,we were having the same discussion in the work at dinner break ,All were happy with the team on Tuesday and to be honest I think it would be harsh to not let the same team take the field .


    Only exception being Joso because of the kid on pitch



  7. ROY CROPPIE on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 10:23 PM





    CQN in Belfast was immense; is their talk of Derry?






    My friend Roy C ,I picked up a couple of fholks fae Derry last week,told them we were paying them a visit


    within the next ten years :O) hh

  8. With Reagan being sacrificed by the cabal, (Reagan will be grateful for being pushed), the mess he leaves behind is now someone else’s problems. There will be no spotlight on his replacement, there will be no views or opinions gathered or listened to, the bbc, daily record, sfa and sevco will see to that and take care of it with ease. The lodges will be sifting through suitable candidates now and wont fail to deliver a chief exec and a national team manager that will ‘restore the natural order’ (sorry for the pathetic paraphrase, but it was more poignant than we realised at the time). The broederbond, the brotherhood, the craft will circle the wagons, jettison whatever baggage is necessary, and rally the brothers and knuckle dragging supporters, as the need has never been greater.


    The recent lies and fabrications have exceeded and excelled all that has gone before. This is scotland in 2018.


    Its just my opinion.

  9. fergusslayedtheblues,



    I find it realy telling that Moussa never moved, and despite Kouassi touted for a Loan move (Madness IMO), Both are still here.



    Is it in France?









    Those French Laddies urnae half bad @ the game.

  10. Paddy Gallagher on

    Please be sure to check if a site promising massive investment from a Chinese investor is supported by cookies!




    What I have witnessed since 2011 has totally changed my whole perspective of so called football in this country



    IMO it was not just the MIB that were corrupt it was also the SFA, chairmen of clubs, lords, judges, politicians police, MSM, banks and administrators.



    *as I have said more than once it all goes back tae when primrose-ure pledged the deid team tae the goatshaggin cause and started tae recruit among the ranks of breest baring and tangerine ludges, not just players but fans, business associates, tradesmen, clerks, accountants, policemen, judicial officers of the court and most importantly the media who would champion the cause of the new establishment club.



    How we even managed to achieve what we have in this country is testimony to the people at Celtic fc and the backing of the fans. The death of ragers 1872 has really flushed out the whole cabal.



    *As big Billy once said we were formed for all the right reasons and sometimes it shines through in return, or words to that effect.



    Paranoid, my word, WE WERE NEVER PARANOID ENOUGH .



    *and yet it is they that sing “nobody likes us and we don’t care” when actually they do.

  12. Philbhoy


    It’s your right to say what you think. It’s not right or wrong – just what you think.


    Same as all other posters.


    When I’m discussing Celtic with non-Celtic supporting people I’m like you, defensive of everything, but on here I think it’s healthy to have lots of different views which can be discussed in an amicable fashion.

  13. Thank you Ray Croppie – so many childhood memories restored. A good transfer window and still only one domestic defeat in a year and a half. Good times that might never be seen again.

  14. PHILBHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 9:41 PM


    !!BADA BING!!




    Brendan has replied already!




    Not sure if the club will, or need to.




    The outpourings of Levine/McCann et al means to me they are REALLY HURTING.




    I love it.




    I contribute to Mary’s Meals regularly so a bet means nothing.




    However, why not ask every poster on here this week to donate a fiver.




    Much more meaningful!



    Thanks for reply mate, I think if you take Brendan’s comments re Levein are enough to address the slur on our captain , i disagree.The SFA should be pulling him up too.McCann is a wee fud who loves his self importance, the World and it’s wife knew Hendry was signing, he called us out last week on it, totally unprofessional.I am not asking CFC to comment on every issue, but defending our captain , and giving another Scottish club £1mil for a player, and being rubbished , is unacceptable in my book.We should be driving the bus, not sitting at the back and saying hee haw when the blatant lies come out.HH



    Please be sure to check if a site promising massive investment from a Chinese investor is supported by cookies!



    Welcome back Paddy :)

  16. Perhaps the Celtic Supporters swearing – “Oh the wee Huns are Sh!te” tipped Levein over the edge, never thought of him as a hun.



    His comment about Broonie was the nastiest comment possible.

  17. Philbhoy..


    How do we beat it?? The Res 12 Ghuys had a great way of putting it… ‘Persistance will beat Resistance’.


    Its more in hope than expectation I say that.


    As was famously said.. ‘our revenge will be the laughter of our Children’. but I don’t think in my time.


    HH, God Bless and KTF.

  18. Bass Bhoy 7.10pm & Rebus67 7.38pm. My late grandfather grew up on the island of Lewis. He supported Rangers (as they then actually were) just like all his friends did. On leaving school to serve his apprenticeship in Glasgow he was appalled by the bigotry spouted by the hoards in his workplace & at his one and only match at Ibrox. He vowed never to go back to that ground or follow the club anymore. He met my late gran, a Hibernian fan (God rest her). He still loved the footy & made ultimately his second mistake in team choice, Third Lanark. What was it with the old fella and clubs that would die !! He never did follow Celtic but told me l had made a fine choice of club & liked the beautiful ethos and values of Celtic. Although not directly affected by the bigots I’m proud that he did do walking away from something he couldn’t live with being part of. He passed away in 2007 just a few years before his original team died like The Thirds did. I wonder what he would’ve thought about the reincarnation of Rangers as Sevco / The Rangers. Hopefully ma wee gran’s Hi-Bees put Sevco in their place tomorrow. Talking of tomorrow, all lurking Sevconians and Media ‘peepil’ Sevco will be 5 years & 189 days old tomorrow !!!

  19. Paddy Gallagher on

    TONTINE TIM on 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 10:37 PM






    What I have witnessed since 2011 has totally changed my whole perspective of so called football in this country




    Corruption is not exclusive to football, but it is a good place to begin an investigation!