Remarkable distractions need to end


The worst way to end a bad week was for a loose-mouthed agent to pitch up at Lennoxtown on Friday before setting off on a rant because Brendan Rodgers was not available to him at a time he wanted.  We had a remarkable week of distractions in and around the dressing room.  These things often correlate with a poor result.

Brendan would be pleased to get his players out of the country yesterday, giving him two days to focus the squad on the matter in hand – tomorrow night’s Champions League qualifier against AEK Athens.  This is where the manager earns his money.

Only a unified squad will have a chance of getting the required result against AEK.  The better players in the first leg against AEK were these settled at Celtic for the long-term – McGregor, Brown, Tierney, Ntcham, Forrest.  Tactical conversations will be needed, but the first thing Brendan needs to infuse into the squad is a laser-like focus.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    Said it for a long time and have no reason to think differently now – Boyata is a dud anyway.



    Amazing the number of people who suddenly agree on here! A big clumsy CB who nobody trusted to provide leadership to the young guys in defence ie. Ajer and Tierney.



    The guy became a better player in peoples minds the longer he was out the team. Go figure.








    Those little devices look battery operated.



    I’d have plugged them into the mains.



    And turned them up to ELEVEN!



    Reading the comments,I’m not alone.

  3. mullet and co 2 on

    The Ntcham to Porto story-



    Porto have been limited to 22 players for this seasons Champions League instead of 25.



    They must also achieve sustainable loses over this and subsequent years. They have sold about £70m worth of players and spent in the region of £30m. They will of course earn more than the £50m we would from the champions league and this is guaranteed as direct entrants.



    Their squad size looks massive. Auntie Saidy Janko is also there btw.



    In terms of a list of players I would want to lose, Ntcham isn’t one and I can’t see Porto paying the asking price for Ntcham. I would rather see us sell on Dembele or Griffiths as a priority if we need to sell. Ntcham is not easy to replace.



    Griffiths won’t go anywhere as I can’t see him adjusting to the continental lifestyle.

  4. I popped in to see how people were feeling about what I thought was tonight`s game. I think I must have the date wrong.


    Cheerio for now.




  5. Massive game tonight.



    Very worrying to hear that several players may be struggling with injury.



    Being positive ‘tho!



    The Celtic U21s away to Annan Athletic in the first round of the Scottish Challenge Cup tonight as well.




  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Bobby and david66. I may end up in a Sierra when the missus finds out we’re not going out tonight. ?

  7. traditionalist88 on

    Hot Smoked on 14th August 2018 8:28 am



    You’d be better on one of the other forums where topics are strictly divided by subject area.



    Anything Celtic related(and a whole lot more) goes on here, you will find out soon enough.

  8. Greetings from Troon, does anybody know of a boozers that will be showing the game tonight in Troon or would I be safer heading to the Irvine CSC?





  9. Torontony



    Bruce’s Well will show the game if it’s on BT Sports. Good mixture in there and there will be a few Tim’s in.


    TORONTONY on 14TH AUGUST 2018 8:44 AM



    when the moon is fair n roon the fishies…………………..




    when the moon is roon n fair the fishies………



    dedicated to those who write



    imho ……tk sb cg ml jmcg kmcg smct wh do bo



    also that bevvy merchant from the hill o beith



    tresa corr’s father in law






    Plenty of pubs in Troon will be showing the game.



    Bruce’s Well is a good shout – there will be a good few Tims in – even ‘tho the owner is a hun!




  12. Good morning CQN from Forres a bit of a mixed bag weatherwise. I’m hoping for a result tonight but going by our previous away performances in Europe I am not hopeful. If we score an early goal then it really puts the pressure on AEK as the will have been thrown out of the driving seat.


    This is going to be a season of even more dirty tricks with the SMSM trying to unsettle our team before big matches.


    Anyhoos a bit of a mixed bag weekend. Had a great day/evening out on Saturday with CRC and his good mate Norman (a Mackem) and of course Andy F, another good Tim, at Ayr Races. However CRC, I don’t think I’ll watch any more games at the Admiral bar in Glasgow, that’s watched 2 lost 2, both to Edinburgh opposition. So a new venue next time please ?

  13. Big Erik was every inch a gentleman. Sadly he was also slightly too slow to be a top class defender. Fine margins. All imho.




  14. Worst case scenario tonight might mean us going with a starting 11 that doesn’t include Ajer, Simunovic, Boyata, Ntcham, Edouard or Dembele. If that’s the case, how about staring with –





    Gamboa, Lustig, Hendry, Tierney


    Forrest, Brown, Kouassi, McGregor, Hayes




    Impact sub being Rogic


    Simpleas ;-)

  15. Injured Celtic players with two domestic games played



    Simunovic ( same old )


    Boyata ( allegedly )




    Gamboa ( presently )






    Morgan ( surgery )


    Griffiths ( same old )


    Dembele (same old )




    Compper ( as ever )




    Treatment Table CSC

  16. CQN Saturday Naps Competition 2018-19 – just a wee heads-up



    Lads, is anyone interested in taking part in our CQN Naps competition this season?



    If so, please confirm your interest by posting on the previous article:





    Planning to start on Sat 25th August and continue until Saturday 25th May (40 weeks in total) – hopefully finish on the same day as an historic TREBLE-TREBLE






    Cheers, fleagle1888

  17. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    We have a challenge this year. It’ll be different. Keep the head : here we go 10iar.

  18. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well financialy tonights game is huge for Celtic if we are knocked out we lose the big money which comes from the Champions league.It means also we wont be as an attractive destination for players in the transfer market we appear to be all over the place with injuries and the Boyata situation and a lack of incoming transfers. AEK Athens can play a bit and look every bit a team while we often appear disjointed it will take a great performance from Celtic to win the tie however,our away European performances are not so great.So I wish Brendan and the Bhoys all the best for tonights game while not feeling overly confident. H.H.

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Tonight – I think 2-1 to the Hoops.



    Jimmy Forrest and Moussa (both second half)






  20. My friends in Celtic



    Difficult place, difficult game. Triumphing against adversity at this early stage can be season defining and character building.



    COYBIG ???

  21. I think our plan tonight must be to score an early goal. That way, AEK will need to open up a good bit leaving tonnes of space for our fantastic strike force to capitalise.




  22. My plan tonight is to take my wife out for a meal and a few drinks.



    Then check the score when I get home.




  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on





    “However, I wouldn’t put it down to complacency because we’re not and never have been a complacent club, and certainly not since 1994.



    Quite the opposite, we’ve never stopped ‘buying players’ since Fergus McCann arrived and saw off the charlatans that held the club back for years.



    Not only that we must remind ourselves at this juncture that since 1994 we’ve did it solo, and legitimately without tax evasion, EBT’s or any other chicanery, nothing nada zilch



    Players signed from every corner of the globe without side contracts? with money from ‘CELTIC SUPPORTERS’ and excellent business management, from our present custodians.”




    Firstly, I don’t agree with your assertion of Celtic’s history since 1994 that we have never stopped “buying players”. Many of our recent managers have been frustrated with our transfer policy.



    Secondly, your points are all whataboutery. I’m not sure how Celtic have acted or not acted since the 1990s is particularly relevant to the discussion as to whether our executives are being complacent in the summer of 2018 (given the particular facts of the matter). It’s an abstract, unrelated narration of events as you perceive them. How exactly is it of relevance to the discussion at present?



    As an aside, Celtic did utilise an EBT for Juninho but upon taking legal advice and guidance from HMRC, ceased utilising it and repaid the tax owed. Oldco of course persisted on this path to their peril. However, our own board’s silence on their use of EBTs and the cheating undertaken during that regime has been deafening (as many on here would agree).




    “Brendan Rodgers didn’t “turn the club round””.



    We lost to Sevco in the first game we faced them under Deila. They were weaker then than any time subsequently. Brendan has not lost in 10 against them. On every measure of success, Brendan has turned us around since Deila’s time. You seem unwilling to accept this prosaic fact. You also mention Gordon and Lennon, but you don’t seem to recognise that we were on a downward spiral as Deila’s rein was significantly poorer than theirs; of course, it’s impossible to argue otherwise, but you may try.


    I’m an optimist, but experience of our club tells me Celtic won’t win tonight.



    Some change will need to take place before we get back into the groove. A signing a transfer, maybe a Dembele goal tonight. This boil needs lanced.



    We’ve went from double treble winners to self-inflicted state of unpreparedness, at which lady luck has turned her back on.



    The Greeks will fancy this tonight big time. Their number 10 last week bossed our central defenders.


    Similarities abound to our last trip to Attica.



    Would love to eat my words.

  25. Typically tense Celtic game tonight punctuated by a last minute winner from Moussa, who springs from the bench with his leg in plaster to score.



    All the players run to the nearest pitchside camera and form letters using their bodies to spell out – GIRUY DERDRYK !



    Heard it here first.



    The victory is a catalyst for a £183m transfer splurge, rebuilding of Celtic Park to 190k capacity andf the development squad to win the Europa League whilst we collect big ears in May beating Real 9-0 in the process.



    Big Wavy

  26. Last summer we didn’t sell any players of note. This summer we’ve brought in £7m for Armstrong, the VVD money which is £6-7m, £1m for Sviatchenko and will punt Boyata for £8m or more (his agent is bluffing re signing a pre contract in January). So we will have brought in £20-25m and will still have Europa League should we go out tonight, which will be worth £10m. Take away the bonuses which would be due to other Clubs for Sinclair, Ntcham and Edouard plus the bonuses paid to players and staff if we qualify and we are status quo at worst.

  27. The hands cant hit,



    You do know that Celtic are playing their most important game of the season tonight.



    No really,you do know this,right?

  28. !!BADA BING!! on 14TH AUGUST 2018 10:37 AM


    Paddy to Girona on loan say the rags………





    Manchester City’s sister Club. They wanted to send him there last season and he said no. Good move form him, playing in La Liga and living in Barcelona. Good luck to him.

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