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  1. Really stupid from Ajer. He has a habit of doing this and needs to stop pdq. Shame, as we are well in the game, this may give Rennes confidence. C’mon big Kristoffer, get your head up. Agree re the Rennes diving.

  2. Jeez Bhoys, I take it none of you make mistakes at work?!!


    It’s what we do now that matters!!


    The big guy has been a stand out for ages.

  3. I’d imagine it will make him all the more determined to make up for it.


    My pick for first goalscorer ( for us ) tonight. Big Thor

  4. Agree Doc, but and there’s always a but, he holds and pulls back opponents all the time, including at Parkhead.

  5. Friesdorfer, he made a mistake, he has before and will again, it’s the response that matters now.


    He is also 21, so learning his trade still.


    A great prospect and performing very well on the whole.

  6. I see people looking for scapegoats on in a flash 😉


    Pen aside I thought we have played well and I think we have a goal in us 🍀

  7. We played well and contained a good team while making chances ourselves. One mistake from Ajer is the difference. We are well in this.



    Like I said, it’s how we respond to a setback that will matter tonight.



    Promising start to the campaign in what might be the hardest game.




  8. So our ability of playing well away from home and then undoing it all with the most elementary of mistakes continues unabashed.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Apart from the daft penalty, good performance, thought it would be a score draw and still believe so ⚽:⚽

  10. Half Time One nil.


    Celtic have played extremely well. No apparent gulf in class. A couple of supporters on here are more suited to Follow Follow.


    Gutted to be one down but proud of the way Celtic have played. We are still very much in this game.


    Ajer was indeed stupid in giving away penalty but he has been class for us.


    He will be gutted right now,

  11. So pleased with Julien and the team as a whole. If we get that final ball to feet I think we’ll get 2, but Boli’s defending and Ajers moment of madness has given them a lift.



    We’ve done well imo.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Good first half performance, only a couple of mistakes – daft one at a bad time from the big Heroic Norseman. Glad – in the circumstances – that we got in conceding only one.



    Give Wee Lenny the chance to get Kris’ head up and back in the game – use the anger productively.



    There is a goal in this for us – we have worked five or six reasonable positions, and were six inches away from a tap-in.



    A couple of the nice flicks just missing the target up front – one or two coming off will make the difference.



    They are scared of Big Eddie, and Ryan playing well.



    We are well in this!!








    BigKrisNorseGhod(stoap pulling jersies big man!!!)CSC

  13. Rennes are nothing special. Ajer showing his naivety twice pulling the centre forwards jersey in separate incidents and diving in with no reason. Not the long term solution at centre half for me. Looks slow tonight as well.



    Two of their players should have been booked for diving.



    Still on this, come on Celtic! All to play for in the second half.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    On the evidence of the first half we should not be leaving this stadium without at least a point . Ajer was goalside of his man at the pen and all he had to do was force him to the byline for a corner at worst . No more blunders please Celtic , especially Boli who looks like he has a blunder or two in him.


    Not quite clicking for us up front but a goal could change all that.

  15. Ajer once again trying to tackle with the right, when he should be using the left. Seeing this too often from him

  16. That was a great half for us ruined by a bhoy who is still much younger than we all give credit for. Disagree with a previous post. Not trying too many flicks up front – just not executed them well enough – YET!

  17. No way we deserve to be down,but,again,our free kicks and corners are deplorable.Some give the opposing team great chances to break away.No variation,no thought put into them.Going on for far too long.If Ryan is our best dead ball guy,then God knows what we do at training.Fed up screaming at the Telly every time we get one.


    Ach,why bother.

  18. Doc


    I have no issue with Ajer, what I am saying is that he does that all the time in the SPFL, but gets away with it. Hopefully he will score a hat trick to compensate.



  19. We just need to be more accurate with our passing. A decent delivery at a corner would also help. It has been a better performance than I was expecting. I feared this team but we have competed well so far.

  20. Seeing the replays of the Ajer foul, it was an absolute howler.



    Doc, you asked if none of us make mistakes at work, if I dropped a clanger that size at work, I would expect to be f*cking roasted..

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