Revolving door


Kris Ajer will succeed in England, well beyond the regain fodder he joined yesterday.  He was crucial for Celtic with an ability to break through the lines better than central defender we have seen in years, and that includes van Dijk.

If he can figure out how to complete in the air he will go right to the top.  Without wanting to sound churlish, his parting would be sweeter of he had been available for selection this preseason.

Within hours the revolving door bright Carl Starfelt to Celtic, or at least to a hotel where he can continue isolation.

After a traumatic season watching Celtic’s defence, Carl will be a success of he competes at set pieces and clears his lines.

Welcome to Celtic, Carl.

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  1. Going to be very ward tomorrow for the golfers! 28C forecast in Ayr, plenty of sunscreen and cover up!

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    i agree



    ajer was as good, and probably better, at breaking through the lines than vvd



    but vvd was better than him at every aspect of defending



    and thats quite important when he was playing as a defender

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Ajer will be at a much bigger club within two years.


    Hopefully Starfelt and Welsh can form a good partnership. Never been fully convinced by Jullien.

  4. ANGELGABRIEL on 22ND JULY 2021 12:16 PM.



    Just off the phone to BT (Stephen) re the golf tomorrow,I’m exited because it will the first I’ve been anywhere since the start of Covid, I will have to be introduced to everyone as I have big Problems (like putting names to faces) these days.If yougo to the golf I will see you there.

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    We still need another CB, we can’t get into a situation again with Bitton playing, at least four times in big games he’s been sent off and adversely affected the outcome. Murray and Hjelde are promising but another slightly more experienced defender, not as urgent as full backs though

  6. Being cheeky and asking for some holiday tips up north near Balngown, Cromarty, Dingwall area? Never been that far north have a cottage up there at the end of Aug , 2 children , 12&13 just wondering if the is anywhere any one can recommend whilst up there ( not going to a Ross County game :)) HH

  7. It’s a pity the rebuild started so late. Bitton, together with Rogic and Griffiths, should have been moved on two seasons ago.

  8. Ajer goes with my best wishes. A healthy profit and more importantly, lots of trophies won during his time here.



    Kris is the benchmark for our European signings.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    To borrow Paul’s revolving door analogy ..



    … I’m trying to remind myself of all ins and outs



    Could do with some help?





    – Shaw


    – Urhoghide


    – Abada


    – Furuhashi


    – Starfelt





    – Brown


    – Ajer


    – Laxalt


    – Duffy


    – Elyounnousi


    – Kenny

  10. An dun



    Agreed on wishing big Kris well.



    His Celtic story is a lesson for players and supporters alike. Loaned out to killie a midfielder. Returned to Paradise a centre half. Not a bad right back either.



    The lessons? Not every hopeless looking case is hopeless. Getting young players senior games in less attractive settings can work if the talent and application are there. And be a bit patient…….

  11. I’m liking big Anges dealings with the media. Focussing on football. Brief but not impolite. Focussing only on what he can control. No excuses despite the opportunity to make a few.



    All good so far.

  12. OFFER….!



    Approx 40 Celtic VHS Videos to be given away for FREE !


    If interested please just let me know asap on here, or by Text if you have my phone number ?


    My mate is happy for someone to go to his home in the North of Glasgow and COLLECT all the Videos, once I have arranged a Day and Time etc for collection to anyone who may be interested ?



    Also, there is a Shop near my local Pub which will transfer the VIDEOS onto DVDs….but ( I THINK), the shop charges £5 for each one…although maybe a lesser charge MAY apply, considering thats its approx 40 Videos ?


    Let me know IF you are interested in these FREE Celtic Videos asap ?


    HH Bhoys and Ghirls.

  13. KA — Better footballer than VVD even at this young age.


    Defensively he is still a work in progress but the basics / building blocks are all there.



    He will go far and we will weep at the way we have treated him over the past two years.



    If we had grown as we could have from June 2018 he would / could have stayed for another two or three years as captain.



    However according to far too many on here — the CL is not for the likes of us.


    If you aim low you crash eventually.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    “KA — Better footballer than VVD even at this young age”



    Mad Mitch; Mitch by name, Mad by nature.

  15. quadrophenian on

    Australia 2 Argies 0 – great result for the young Olyroos.


    Arzani did nothing; boy seems to be struggling.



    Ange; sign young Atkinson for RB – the kid’s a baller!



    All best to Kris; a model pro. HH

  16. Paul says:



    “Kris Ajer will succeed in England, well beyond the regain fodder he joined yesterday”.




    “Regain fodder” is an unusually harsh term for Paul to use.



    Of course in days pre-Sky we would have been aghast of any of our players were eager to join such an ‘inauspicious’ club as Brentford. In these days of £40k/week and upwards salaries in the EPL, we should not be so animated, or, downcast.



    Only a small number of clubs in the EPL can win competitions, but all can offer super-rich wages to varying degrees. Let’s not kid ourselves, progressing to these kind of wages is a massive step-up for any player targeted by an EPL club and is viewed as success in itself by players. Then there is the possibility of progressing even further up the ladder by getting head-hunted by one of the ‘big six’ due to your EPL performance level… VVD & Wanyama are prime examples.



    However it is not all doom & gloom for us because like the aforementioned two, coming to Celtic can be seen, by ambitious players from other leagues, as an important initial step on the EPL ladder.



    I am sure that Starfelt, Abada, Soro, Turnbull, Furuhashi and even Ange, are not not blind to this possibility.



    So with a constant throughput & shorter shelf-life for players, perhaps, as Ange said in his media conference, we need to be a bit “lighter on our feet’ and more decisive when it comes to player trading.



    Until & unless we can ply our trade in an EPL-like league set-up with the riches of a SKY-like TV contract, we will always be the poor relation to clubs like Brentford, Norwich, Burnley, Brighton and the like we manage to ‘climb the pyramid’ into the EPL.



    Celtic, yours is no disgrace, it’s just the time of the season……in this oft mad world if football.

  17. No Covid dressed dithering Celtic, get the right players in, you have six weeks plus to start to make amends, for mistakes.



    Since January ( and the highest season ticket sales in Scotland, as usual ) operating properly within FFP like most other clubs our money is there,



    Frimpong – £9.9m


    Klimala – £3.9m


    Elhamed – £810k


    Bayo – £1.44m


    Hendry – £1.35m


    Ajer – £14.13m



    RevolvingDoor CSC

  18. TBB @ 1.21



    KA is a more complete footballer than VVD as of today.


    He could play in MF for a very high quality team — VVD could not.


    He has a huge amount of learning ahead of him regarding defending.



    But is a more complete footballer — my opinion hopefully based on some sort of reality that you can buy into.



    No slight on VVD in any form.


    Similarly VVD is not as good as JF when it comes to wing play.


    One is a world class footballer the other is the Ayrshire Peter Pan.


    However that position — JF wins.



    Both players not carrying any injuries of course.


    Playing JF with a stress fracture in his foot was us at our worst.


    NL / SB — hang your heads in shame.

  19. BSR @ 1.56



    I would suggest that your numbers are not the full story.


    TFOD2.1 take in more money regarding stadium income due to their higher / better hospitality mix.



    The transfer you highlight — the first 5 were needed to balance the books.


    Or at the very least the JF transfer was needed to balance the books / get PL his bonus.



    My thoughts are that AP needs to sell / have a legal offer on the table before he can buy.


    He might get creative regarding the staging of payments — TFOD2.1 style.


    KA money up front while we pay in 3 instalments?



    However we are currently trying to push water up a hill.


    Could get messy.



    The FB x 2 situation is very worrying.


    Hopefully the Colts idea will keep the squad engaged.


    Lots of projects — some forgotten — what we need now is progress / delivery.

  20. Oldtim.


    Unfortunately I won’t be in Aberdour tomorrow. Enjoy, you’ll have a blast.



    Robinbhoy. Thanks, all good on the Ayrshire riviera, spending lots of time on the golf course now that the back is back in working order.


    Planning on being in HQ ( the Market) next Wednesday for the game. See you in there , if you fancy it . HH

  21. PK = keeps the lights on transfer.


    For that kind of money we must have thrown in CH for nothing.



    Scary buy.


    Scary sale.

  22. PK = keeps the lights on transfer.


    For that kind of money we must have thrown in CH for nothing.



    Scary buy.


    Scary sale.



    The wonderful transfer world of PL.



    The NB wage issue lies un-answered.


    The possible buying of AH — 12 months later / 4 times the price from outside the jurisdiction of the HMRC?

  23. Oldtim.


    Hardly ever post but see you are heading to Aberdour tomorrow. I was in Kinghorn a few weeks ago and went to Aberdour to watch a couple of the


    Euro games in the Foresters Arms which had a beer garden at the back of the pub as did the hotel. The Cedar bar just round the corner has closed down.


    Enjoy your day

  24. I wish Ajer every success, he was never a seconds bother for us and never


    phoned it in.


    I think Ange has done well in all his dealings so far and the team looked energised


    on Tuesday. I’ve said all i’m going to say about Bitton except that he appears to have


    been sent off 5 times, 4 in Europe and once against Sevco. Take what you want from that.


    But I would prefer to see anyone playing rather than him.


    We have some obvious issues, Barkas, Ajeti and Edouard. We are looking at around 25 million plus wages.


    Barkas was a sought after keeper so what has happened? I think the pandemic has had a lot to


    do with it and I still feel that we need to keep trying to get this sorted out.


    It falls on our coaching staff to get this player back or risk throwing away a huge sum of money.


    Put him out on loan or play in the under 21’s but goalkeeping is a confidence game and he has


    no confidence whatsoever. He pulled back from the freekick on Tuesday hoping it was going past.


    The confidence issue of the first also applies to Ajeti. But he looks like the wrong guy in the


    wrong movie. As optimistic as I try to be about everyone at the club I just don’t see how he fits in.


    I also feel that Ange was leant on to play Edouard on Tuesday to shop window him.


    It didn’t work and could have cost us a lot of money. His blot looks shot, again confidence gone.


    That is to say nothing of Griffiths, Ntcham and Bolingoli.


    But I am always optimistic and believe that we have a decent manager in charge. He will get my


    full support. I thought Welsh came of age on Tuesday, he was peerless in the game, hopefully


    Starfelt will develop a good partnership with the existing players. Still need cover at RB and LB


    Enough from me .

  25. At some point questions will have to be asked regarding why we kept NL in position as the season imploded all around us / him?



    AP has only taken a few steps down a very long road and yet we look like a new team / squad.



    If we stuck with NL so that we wouldn’t need to give him a pay-off then more fool us.



    At least PL is now off doing what he does best — sitting on committees.


    If we can keep him away from the decision making process then we may have a chance.

  26. CaddingtonCommon on

    Apologies if this has already been posted.


    Small article in Private Eye about Sevco’s current share issue. PE says it is risky and unlike normal share issues,


    Also wonders why it is not on the AIM like Celtic and even with yet another issue their capital value will still be less than ours.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  27. MICKTHEMICK on 22ND JULY 2021 2:38 PM.



    That information re Pub closure means we only have two Bars to go to, But we can add the bar in the golf course as one so we still have three bars to visit still.

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